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  69 individuals found for query Spencer
Abraham Spencer1602 England1657 Martin;s Hundred, James City Co, Virginia
Abraham Spencer1700 Virginia1762 Virginia
Albert Edward John Spencer23 MAY 1892 9 JUN 1975 
Alice Spencer30 AUG 1872 Kansas 
Amy Stillman Spencer20 MAR 1870 Kansas 
Anna Spencer1708 Lawrenceville, New Jersey 
Anne Spencer1715 Virginia 
Annie SpencerABT 1850  
Arthur Spencer6 MAR 1853 Greenwood, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Benjamin Spencer1682 Virginia 
Bertha Caroline Spencer13 MAR 1874 Kansas 
Betsey SpencerABT 1823 Rhode Island 
Blanch Spencer9 JAN 1863 Kansas 
Carl Raymond Spencer17 DEC 1893 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri 
Charity Davis Spencer17 JAN 1852 Bedford, Indiana13 JUL 1925 Stockton, Cedar Co, Missouri
Charles Spencer1 MAY 1722  
Charles Francis Spencer22 JUN 1854 Greenwood, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Charles Robert Spencer30 OCT 1857 Dallington, Northamptonshire, England 
Clarence Forbes Spencer7 FEB 1896 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Dolly Spencer  
Edgar Ephraim Spencer17 JUL 1865 Brown Co, Ohio16 MAR 1937 Los Angeles, California
Elizabeth Spencer1682 Virginia 
Elizabeth SpencerABT 1740  
Elizabeth SpencerABT 1563 London, England8 MAY 1632 Warwick, England
Elizabeth SpencerABT 1578 England 
Elizabeth McCord Spencer1763 Virginia1840 Gates, Warren Co, North Carolina
Ella Jane Spencer14 DEC 1856 Greenwood, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Fanny SpencerABT 1785  
Frederick Spencer14 APR 1798 London, England 
George John Spencer1 SEP 1758 Wimbledon, Surrey, England 
George W Spencer1860 1928 
George W Spencer3 JAN 1817 Livingston, New York 
Glenn Joseph Spencer16 AUG 1900 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Hannah Spencer1785 Loudoun Co, Virginia 
Harriet SpencerABT 1900  
Henry Spencer1620 1643 Battle of Newbury
James Harvey Spencer1835 Putnam Co, Indiana1921 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
John Spencer19 DEC 1734 Althorpe, Northamptonshire, England 
John SpencerABT 1538 Northampton, England 
John SpencerABT 1690 Virginia 
John Spencer13 MAY 1708 Althorpe, Northamptonshire, England 
Leodicia Spencer1826 1895 
Lizzie Spencer28 MAR 1882 Colorado15 MAR 1917 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Margaretta Spencer9 JUL 1868 Kansas 
Martha Mary Spencer1723 Rutherford, Rowan Co, North Carolina1800 North Carolina
Mary Spencer1588 Althrop, Northampton, EnglandBEF 1611 England
Mary Spencer1650  
Mary SpencerABT 1756 England 
Mary E Spencer1845 Fulton, Illinios 
Mary E Spencer26 JAN 1857 Columa, Berrien Co, Michigan27 APR 1942 Berrien Co, Michigan
Maude Spencer9 SEP 1859 Kansas 
May Spencer3 MAY 1861 Kansas 
Nancy Jane SpencerABT 1850  
Rebecca Spencer1666 1727 
Robert Spencer1640 Paris, France 
Robert Spencer1570 Wormleighton, Warwickshire, England 
Ruth Spencer12 AUG 1865 Kansas 
Samuel Spencer1668 Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut1748 Bolton, Tolland Co, Connecticut
Samuel Leo Spencer9 JUL 1898 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Sarah Spencer5 SEP 1686 Windham, Connecticut 
Sarah SpencerABT 1800  
Sarah Elizabeth Spencer11 JUL 1853 Hardin Co, Kentucky 
Sophia Mary SpencerABT 1815  
Susannah Spencer1686 VirginiaNOV 1686 St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co, Virginia
Thomas Spencer4 DEC 1636 James City Co, Virginia 
Thomas Spencer1652 Virginia20 JUL 1708 Virginia
Thomas Spencer5 SEP 1689 Virginia 
William Spencer1591 1636 
William SpencerABT 1800  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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