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  36 individuals found for query Sprong
Abraham SprongBEF 18 JUL 1668  
Ade Sprong1702  
Annetje Sprong5 MAY 1695  
Antje SprongABT 1672  
Barbara SprongBEF 27 JUL 1661 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Catharina SprongABT 1715  
Catherine SprongABT 1670  
Catherine Sprong1709  
Catherine Sprong15 OCT 1713 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Christine Sprong26 OCT 1707 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Coert SprongABT 1670  
Cornelus Sprong1723 New York, New York14 JAN 1783 Rensselaer, Rensselaer Co, NewYork
David Sprong29 OCT 1700 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
David Sprong1669 Bushwick, Long Island, New YorkBEF 15 MAY 1739 
David Skilman Sprong13 APR 1762 Rensselaer, Rensselaer Co, NewYork22 APR 1842 Finneytown, Hamilton Co, Ohio
Edward Stewart Sprong9 OCT 1856 Versailles, Darke Co, Ohio24 MAY 1934 San Diego Co, California
Eightlje Sprong1696  
Gabriel Sprong21 AUG 1711 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Gabriel SprongABT 1665 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York4 SEP 1726 
Gabriel Sprong1707  
Gerret Sprong13 FEB 1704/05 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Gerret SprongBEF 8 APR 1663  
Jan Sprong1698  
Jan Johannes SprongABT 1640 Bonn, Drenthe, The NetherlandsBEF 15 SEP 1694 New York
Johanna Sprong29 MAR 1696 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Johannes SprongBEF 16 FEB 1666/67  
John Sprong6 FEB 1696/97 Bushwick, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1783 New York, New York
John Finney Sprong28 MAR 1818 Springfield, Hamilton Co, Ohio8 MAY 1898 Versailles, Darke Co, Ohio
Lucas Sprong1700  
Lucas SprongABT 1678  
Mary Sprong15 OCT 1713 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Marytje Sprong1704  
Phebe Sprong27 JUN 1746 Jamaica, Long Island, New York11 NOV 1822 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Rachel Sprong12 DEC 1702 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Virgie Sprong13 JAN 1893 Missouri9 AUG 1980 San Diego Co, California
Volkert Sprong18 JAN 1717/18 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 

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