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  55 individuals found for query Stalcop
Adreas Stalcop27 JAN 1736/37  
Amos R Stalcop14 FEB 1847 Greene Co, Indiania 
Anders StalcopBET 1650 AND 1660  
Andrew StalcopABT 1700  
Annika StalcopBET 1715 AND 1721  
Annika Stalcop12 APR 1729  
Brita Stalcop1688  
Carl Stalcop1658 New Castle Co, Delaware18 JUL 1692 
Carl Stalcop8 MAY 1721 21 MAY 1724 
Catharina Stalcop4 MAR 1717/18  
Catheina Stalcop28 MAR 1721  
Catherine StalcopABT 1688 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Christina Stalcop19 APR 1686  
Christina Stalcop20 OCT 1714  
Christina StalcopBET 1680 AND 1700 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Eli StalcopABT 1772 Orange Co, North Carolina 
Eliza StalcopABT 1815 Kentucky 
Elizabeth StalcopABT 1710  
Elizabeth StalcopBET 1710 AND 1730  
Emor StalcopABT 1790  
Ericus Stalcop15 AUG 1723 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Harriet StalcopABT 1841 Greene Co, Indiania 
Henry Schamp Stalcop4 APR 1836 Greene Co, Indiania 
Israel StalcopABT 1700 New Castle Co, Delaware11 NOV 1725 
Israel Stalcop24 DEC 1725  
Israel Stalcop1710  
Johan Stalcop19 DEC 1733  
Johan Stalcop3 JUL 1721 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Johan StalcopBET 1715 AND 1721  
John StalcopABT 1660 New Castle Co, DelawareJUL 1700 New Castle Co, Delaware
John Stalcop1692 Red Clay Creek, Christina Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware24 JUN 1751 New Castle Co, Delaware
John Andersson StalcopABT 1627 Sweden29 AUG 1679 Delaware
Jonas StalcopBET 1650 AND 1660 AFT 1693 
Jonas StalcopABT 1690 New Castle Co, Delaware15 APR 1730 
Jonas StalcopBET 1715 AND 1721  
Karin Tussey Stalcop1645 SwedenAFT 1703 
Margaret Stalcop1703  
Margareta Stalcop1657 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Maria StalcopBET 1680 AND 1700 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Maria StalcopBET 1710 AND 1730  
Maria Stalcop15 MAR 1696/97 Christina, New Castle Co, Delaware19 NOV 1750 Wilimington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Maria Stalcop20 APR 1723 New Castle Co, DelawareJAN 1725/26 New Castle Co, Delaware
Maria StalcopBET 1650 AND 1660  
Maria StalcopABT 1710  
Martha StalcopABT 1780  
Mary Elizabeth Stalcop1852 Texas1880 
Matthias Stalcop26 SEP 1716  
Peter Stalcop1663 New Castle Co, Delaware10 MAY 1710 New Castle Co, Delaware
Peter Stalcop1712 New Castle Co, Delaware19 JUL 1768 New Castle Co, Delaware
Sarah Stalcop1845 Greene Co, Indiania 
Stephen G Stalcop4 NOV 1839 Greene Co, Indiania 
Stephen W StalcopABT 1797 Sumner, Tennessee Greene Co, Indiania
Tobias Stalcop29 SEP 1718  
unk StalcopBET 1650 AND 1660  
William StalcopBEF 27 MAY 1741 New Castle Co, Delaware Tennessee

* Individual - family ties unknown

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