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  44 individuals found for query Steenbergen
Aletta SteenbergenBEF 1775 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
Almanzar Steenbergen10 MAR 1853  Hopkins Co, Texas
Andrew Jackson Steenbergen15 FEB 1815 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Asa Steenbergen1848  
Benjamin F SteenbergenAPR 1832 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1880 
Catherine SteenbergenABT 1823 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Charles Steenbergen14 MAR 1806 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Charles Steenbergen16 NOV 1770 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
Dirck Steenbergen30 MAR 1696 Westerkerk, The Netherlands16 AUG 1747 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dirck Steenbergen1667 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Elizabeth SteenbergenBEF 1775 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
Fitney Ann SteenbergenDEC 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Grant Steenbergen1868 Kentucky 
Hannah Steenbergen1777 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
Henry Clay Steenbergen18 MAY 1836 Barren Co, Kentucky 
Hugh McGary Steenbergen1797 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Isabell SteenbergenBEF 1775 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
James F Steenbergen1841 Barren Co, Kentucky 
Jefferson Davis Steenbergen22 NOV 1861 Hickman Co, Kentucky 
John L Steenbergen5 JUN 1811 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
John S Steenbergen15 JAN 1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky15 NOV 1914 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Joseph H SteenbergenAPR 1813 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Kertley Steenbergen1857 Kentucky 
Lee SteenbergenDEC 1887  
Malinda W SteenbergenFEB 1824 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Mamie Steenbergen2 JUL 1885  
Marcus De Lafayette Steenbergen1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky1852 
Marcus Hendley Steenbergen30 MAY 1894 Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co, Kentucky15 SEP 1969 South Bend, Indiana
Nancy SteenbergenABT 1818 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Narcissa Steenbergen1850 Kentucky 
Noel Steenbergen1849  
Ophelia Steenbergen12 AUG 1855 21 DEC 1911 
Peter Steenbergen14 JAN 1723/24 Amsterdam, The Netherlands1779 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia
Peter Higgans Steenbergen1805 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 
Robert Pendleton Steenbergen1775 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia1854 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky
Robert Pendleton Steenbergen26 JUN 1802 Mercer Co, Kentucky6 JUL 1873 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sarah Ann SteenbergenMAY 1834 Barren Co, Kentucky 
Sidney Steenbergen1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky28 MAY 1952 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sidney Ann Amelia Steenbergen30 APR 1773 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
Thomas W Steenbergen1838 Barren Co, Kentucky 
Unk SteenbergenABT 1850 BEF 1910 
Vitallis Steenbergen15 JUL 1855 Kentucky28 APR 1933 Taylor Co, Kentucky
William Steenbergen11 OCT 1766 Romney, Hampshire Co, Virginia 
William Steenbergen1808 Tracey, Barren Co, Kentucky 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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