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  40 individuals found for query Storm
Abraham StormBEF 25 AUG 1822  
Aeltje Storm1701  
Alida StormBEF 31 OCT 1680 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Antje Storm24 APR 1699 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Arnold Storm1633 The Netherlands 
Catalyntje Storm1675  
Catherina Storm2 NOV 1758 Hopewell, Dutchess Co, New York1800 
Catherine Storm18 AUG 1702 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Catrina Storm1735 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
David Storm21 MAR 1709/10 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
David StormBEF 25 MAY 1661 The Netherlands 
Dirck Storm1599 Delph, The Netherlands 
Dirck Storm1695  
Dirck Storm1695 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Dirck Goriez Storm1630 North Brabant, The Netherlands6 JUN 1716 Tarrytown, New York
Elizabeth Storm1711  
Eva StormAFT 1625 The Netherlands 
Ewout StormABT 1550  
Gregorius Storm1656 The Netherlands 
Gregorus Storm24 MAR 1712/13 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Hendrick Storm1670  
Hendrick Storm1709 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York1 MAR 1793 Philipsburg, Westchester Co, New York
Isaac Storm1667  
Jan Storm1704  
Jan Storm1635 The Netherlands 
Johannis Storm28 MAR 1705 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Laurens StormAFT 1625 The Netherlands 
Margaret StormABT 1820  
Margrietje Storm21 AUG 1716 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Maria Storm1662 New York 
Maritje Storm1693  
Marritje Storm1698 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Marytje Storm20 AUG 1700 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Nicholas Storm1697  
Petronella Storm1673  
Petronella Storm1 JUN 1709 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Pieter Storm1658 The Netherlands Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York
Sarah Storm25 MAR 1706 Tarrytown, Westchester Co, New York 
Thomas Storm1697  
William StormABT 1800  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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