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  30 individuals found for query Stuyvesant
Ann Catherine StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Anna StuyvesantAFT 1681  
Anneke Marika StuyvesantABT 1610 Scherpenzeel, Friesland, The Netherlands1702 
Balthazer Johannes StuyvesantABT 1573 Scherpenzeel, Friesland, The Netherland26 MAY 1637 
Cartheine StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Cornelia Stuyvesant21 OCT 1768 New York 
Elizabeth Stuyvesant1 FEB 1775 New York6 SEP 1854 New York
Elizabeth StuyvesantAFT 1681  
Geradus Stuyvesant25 OCT 1691 New York, New York 
Gerald StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Gerard Stuyvesant4 MAR 1806  
Gerardus Stuyvesant28 JUN 1726  
Gilbert Livingston StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Johannes Stuyvesant19 OCT 1772  
Judith StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Margaret StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Margaret StuyvesantAFT 1795  
Maria Stuyvesant16 NOV 1780  
Nicholas William StuyvesantBEF 2 DEC 1648 New Amsterdam (New York)1698 New York, New York
Nicholas William Stuyvesant6 JUN 1724  
Nicholas William StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York 
Nicholas William StuyvesantAFT 1795  
Peter Stuyvesant1715  
Peter Stuyvesant13 OCT 1727  
Peter Stuyvesant4 MAR 1734/35  
Peter Stuyvesant20 SEP 1770  
Peter Gerard StuyvesantAFT 1764 New York16 AUG 1847 Niagara Fall, New York
Peter S Stuyvesant1727 Kingston, New York31 AUG 1805 
Petrus StuyvesantAFT 1681  
Pieter Stuyvesant13 OCT 1602 Scherpenzeel, Friesland, The NetherlandAUG 1682 New York, New York

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