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  38 individuals found for query Swartout
Antoni Swartout8 JAN 1661/62 Albany Co, New YorkBEF MAY 1663 
Antoni Swartout11 MAY 1664 New York 
Barent Swartout15 JUL 1638 Amsterdam, Nord Holland, The Netherlands 
Bernardus Swartout26 APR 1673 New York 
Catharina Swartout1732  
Cornelia SwartoutBEF 13 MAR 1666/67 New York7 JUL 1714 
Cornelius Swartout1722  
Daniel SwartoutABT 1835  
Elizabeth Swartout1726 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York 
Elizabeth SwartoutMAY 1717  
Ester SwartoutABT 1725  
Eva Swartout1671 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York1745 Maghagkemeck, Orange Co, New York
Eva Swartout1694  
Hendrickje Swartout8 JUN 1658 Albany Co, New York Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Jacobus Swartout13 FEB 1691/92 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York5 APR 1749 
Jacobus Swartout5 NOV 1734  
Jacomintje Swartout10 FEB 1645/46 Amsterdam, Nord Holland, The Netherlands 
James SwartoutABT 1835  
Jan Swartout3 JUN 1631 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Janntjen SwartoutBEF 11 OCT 1719 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jesyntje Swartout1699 Machackemack, Orange Co, New York 
Johannes SwartoutAFT 1700  
Josain Swartout1686  
Margaret Swartout19 DEC 1833 Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York7 OCT 1897 Plymouth Township, Richland Co, Ohio
Nellie SwartoutABT 1730  
Peter SwartoutABT 1835  
Rachel Swartout10 APR 1669 New York 
Roeloff Swartout1 JUN 1634 Amsterdam, Nord Holland, The Netherlands20 MAR 1713/14 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York
Roeloff Swartout1689  
Rudolphus Swartout1697  
Rudolphus Swartout1724  
Samuel Swartout1702  
Samuel Swartout1726  
Sarah SwartoutABT 1835  
Simon SwartoutABT 1800  Owasco, Cayuga Co, New York
Thomas Swartout1660 Albany Co, New York3 APR 1749 Port Jervis, Orange Co, New York
Thomas Swartout1715  
Tryntje Swartout15 DEC 1639 Amsterdam, Nord Holland, The Netherlands 

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