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  66 individuals found for query Tallman
Anna TallmanJUL 1765 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Anna Tallman10 MAY 1761 Berks Co, PennsylvaniaBEF JUL 1765 Berks Co, Pennsylvania
Antje Tallman1689 Rockland Co, New York 
Belitje Tallman21 FEB 1751/52 1 AUG 1833 
Benjamin Tallman28 JAN 1683/84 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island20 MAY 1759 Warwick, Kent Co, Rhode Island
Benjamin Tallman19 JUN 1710 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Benjamin Tallman9 JAN 1744/45 Berks Co, Pennsylvania4 JUN 1820 Canal Winchester, Franklin Co, Ohio
Brechtje Tallman6 JUL 1710 Rockland Co, New York 
Cathalyntje Tallman1 APR 1754  
Clarissa Tallman21 FEB 1835 Clarkstown, New York 
Cornelius Tallman2 OCT 1718 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Deliverance Tallman4 FEB 1714/15 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Dina Tallman11 SEP 1747  
Dirck Tallman11 APR 1695 Rockland Co, New York 
Dirckje Tallman5 AUG 1687 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York4 OCT 1768 
Dirckje TallmanABT 13 APR 1700 Rockland Co, New York 
Dirkjin Tallman8 NOV 1726  
Douwe Tallman1689 Nyack, New York11 MAY 1779 New Jersey
Douwe TallmanABT 13 FEB 1702/03 Rockland Co, New York 
Elizabeth Tallman15 NOV 1756 New Jersey11 JAN 1824 
Fytje Tallman1737 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Hannah TallmanSEP 1763 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Hannah Tallman15 APR 1739 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island4 APR 1795 Morristown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Harmanus Tallman16 APR 1731 Tappan, Rockland Co, New York 
Harme Tallman25 NOV 1716 Rockland Co, New York 
Harmen TallmanABT 12 JAN 1708/09 Rockland Co, New York 
Harmen TallmanABT 1655 Freisland, The Netherlands Tappan, Rockland Co, New York
Henry TallmanABT 1710 DEC 1769 
Henry Tallman26 DEC 1739  
James TallmanABT 1675  
James Tallman1668 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
James Boone Tallman8 APR 1771 Augusta Co, Virgnia8 APR 1846 Lewis Co, West Virginia
Jan Tallman1709 Rockland Co, New York 
Jannejte Tallman30 AUG 1712 Rockland Co, New York 
Jeremiah Tallman25 SEP 1712  
John Tallman1672 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Jonathan Tallman1666 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Margrietje Tallman1697 Rockland Co, New York 
Margrietje Tallman13 JAN 1749/50  
Marguerite Juguenet TallmanABT 1625  
Maria Tallman24 APR 1745  
Maria Tallman1706 Rockland Co, New York 
Martha Tallman14 MAY 1738 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey14 JUL 1828 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Martha Tallman16 MAR 1732/33  
Mary Tallman1651  
Mary Tallman22 MAY 1747 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Tallman2 AUG 1712 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Mary Tallman11 FEB 1753 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Marya Tallman1741 New York 
Nathaniel Tallman1680 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Patience Tallman6 APR 1721 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Patience Tallman5 OCT 1743 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Patience Tallman2 OCT 1767 Berks Co, Pennsylvania21 JUL 1816 Rockingham Co, Virginia
Peter Tallman20 FEB 1622/23 Hamburg, Germany1 APR 1708 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island
Peter Tallman1708  
Pieter TallmanABT 1755  
Rebecca Tallman2 APR 1737  
Sarah Tallman19 DEC 1749 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Stephen Tallman1702 1774 New Jersey
Teunis Tallman16 SEP 1714 Rockland Co, New York 
Theunis Dowesen TallmanABT 8 FEB 1664/65 New Jersey17 JUL 1739 Nyack, Rockland Co, New York
Thomas Tallman12 MAY 1757 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 
Unk Tallman1674 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
Unk Tallman1670 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island 
William Tallman25 MAR 1720 Portsmouth, Newport Co, Rhode Island13 FEB 1791 Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co, Virginia
William TallmanSEP 1759 Berks Co, Pennsylvania 

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