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  290 individuals found for query Ten Eyck
Aafje Ten Eyck1718 1762 
Abraham Ten Eyck10 FEB 1834  
Abraham Ten EyckABT 1820 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ten Eyck16 SEP 1752  
Abraham Ten Eyck24 FEB 1819 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ten Eyck3 SEP 1850 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ten Eyck21 JUL 1793 21 JAN 1841 
Abraham Ten EyckMAY 1830  
Abraham Ten Eyck1699 Ulster Co, New York18 AUG 1747 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York
Abraham Ten EyckABT 1691  
Abraham Ten EyckABT 1793 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Ten Eyck21 DEC 1735 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey1817 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham Wilson Ten Eyck14 AUG 1835  
Adriaen Ten EyckJAN 1689/90 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1743 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Adrian Ten Eyck1750  
Adriantje Ten Eyck1739 Somerville, New Jersey 
Albert Ten EyckBEF 23 OCT 1680 Ulster Co, New York24 MAR 1710/11 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Albert Ten EyckBEF 25 APR 1711  
Aletta Ten Eyck20 DEC 1822  
Aletta V Ten EyckABT 1825  
Altje Ten EyckBEF 29 APR 1694 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York Somerset Co, New Jersey
Andrew Ten EyckBEF 28 NOV 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey5 DEC 1842 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Andrew Ten EyckABT 1815 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Andrew Ten Eyck4 JUL 1813 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey21 NOV 1896 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Andrew A Ten Eyck7 JUL 1818  
Andrew J Ten Eyck6 SEP 1758 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 APR 1842 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Andrew J Ten Eyck20 JUN 1849  
Andrew Tartitus Ten Eyck1743 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey18 MAY 1811 New Jersey
Andries Ten Eyck23 DEC 1743 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey18 MAY 1811 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Andries Ten EyckABT 1725  
Andries Ten Eyck15 JUL 1662 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Andries Ten Eyck1691 Ulster Co, New YorkABT 1769 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Andries Ten Eyck1688 Albany, Albany Co, New York27 FEB 1755 
Andries Ten Eyck1727 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey1798 Canada
Andries Ten Eyck1779 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey1784 
Andries Ten Eyck1787 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Andries Ten Eyck30 SEP 1750  
Ann Ten Eyck20 AUG 1792 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1875 
Ann Field Ten Eyck1820 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Anna Ten EyckBEF 3 MAR 1616/17 Moers, Rhineland, Germany21 JAN 1617/18 Moers, Rhineland, Germany
Anna Ten Eyck1846  
Anna Ten Eyck20 FEB 1780  
Anna Ten Eyck27 JAN 1749/50 26 MAR 1825 
Anna Maria Ten EyckABT 1797 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1850 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Annajte Ten EyckABT 1772 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Annatje Ten EyckBEF 20 DEC 1730 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Anne Ten EyckABT 1720  
Anneken Ten EyckAUG 1693 Albany, Albany Co, New York9 DEC 1738 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Annetje Ten EyckAFT 1746  
Annetje Ten EyckBEF 10 MAY 1685 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkABT 1744 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ariantje Ten Eyck21 SEP 1746 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey31 OCT 1826 
Arientje Ten Eyck31 MAY 1755  
Arientje Ten EyckABT 1775  
Arthur Ten Eyck9 OCT 1820 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Aultje Ten EyckABT 1745  
Barendina Ten Eyck1723  
Barent Ten Eyck9 APR 1679 Albany, Albany Co, New York20 JAN 1709/10 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Barent Ten Eyck30 OCT 1766  
Barent Ten Eyck1707 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Belejte Ten Eyck23 FEB 1686/87  
Belejte Ten EyckABT 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Blandina Ten Eyck1 MAY 1735 Ulster Co, New York2 JUN 1807 Marblestown, New York
Catherine Ten EyckBEF 10 JAN 1718/19 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Ten Eyck27 APR 1692 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York11 AUG 1772 
Catherine Ten Eyck27 OCT 1765 4 APR 1840 
Catherine Ten EyckABT 1755 Somerset Co, New Jersey7 FEB 1777 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine Ten Eyck1760 New Jersey1842 
Catherine Ten Eyck1792 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Ten Eyck8 JUL 1769 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey1848 
Catherine Maria Ten EyckJUL 1828  
Cathryntje Ten EyckABT 1722 New Jersey 
Charity Ten EyckABT 1756 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Charles W Ten Eyck1860 New York 
Coenraed Ten Eyck1748 New Jersey 
Coenraedt Ten Eyck1654 New Amsterdam (New York)15 NOV 1716 
Coenraedt Ten Eyck1617 Moers, Rhineland, Germany5 APR 1686 Manhattan, New York
Coenraedt Ten EyckBEF 13 DEC 1675  
Coenraedt Ten EyckABT 1687 Ulster Co, New York 
Coenraedt Ten EyckBEF 13 SEP 1680  
Coenraedt Ten EyckABT 1728 New Jersey1776 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Coenraedt Ten EyckBEF 6 MAR 1684/85 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkABT 1745 
Coenraedt Ten EyckBEF 20 NOV 1678 New York Died young
Coenraedt Ten EyckABT 1758 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Conraed Ten EyckBEF 26 SEP 1725 Shrewsbury, New Jersey 
Conraedt Ten Eyck9 APR 1678 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Cornelia Ten EyckABT 1775  
Cornelius Ten Eyck25 SEP 1786  
Cornelius Ten Eyck1748  
Cornelius Ten Eyck1754 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey1809 
Cornelius Ten Eyck25 SEP 1788 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Corneluis Ten Eyck1793 1856 
Debora Ten Eyck20 AUG 1782  
Dirck Ten Eyck27 OCT 1648 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherladns25 OCT 1711 New York
Dorothea Ten EyckABT 1750 10 AUG 1857 
Elizabeth Ten Eyck1781 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Ten EyckABT 1748  
Elizabeth Ten EyckABT 1725  
Elizabeth Ten Eyck26 AUG 1826  
Elizabeth Ten Eyck1846  
Elizabeth Ten EyckAFT 1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ella Cornelia Ten Eyck6 MAY 1856  
Ellen Ten Eyck3 MAY 1791  
Elsie Ten EyckDEC 1749 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elsie Sanders Ten Eyck9 SEP 1799  
Emily Louisa Ten Eyck14 SEP 1862 Whitehouse, Hunterdon, New Jersey24 SEP 1897 
Emily Teresa Ten Eyck23 JAN 1840 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey18 MAY 1929 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Eugene Ten Eyck15 FEB 1858  
Eva Ten EyckBEF FEB 1692/93  
Femmetje Ten Eyck1758 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ferdinand Ten Eyck1812 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Frederick Ten Eyck1754 Somerset Co, New Jersey1786 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Geertje Ten Eyck1702 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Geertje Ten EyckABT 1749  
George Ten Eyck1775 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey30 MAR 1844 Madison Lake, Madison Co, New York
George Ten Eyck11 MAY 1769  
Hannah Ten Eyck20 DEC 1730 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Hannah Mariah Ten Eyck24 MAR 1817  
Hendrick Ten EyckBEF 20 OCT 1697  
Hendrick Ten Eyck4 MAR 1759  
Hendrick Ten EyckBEF 30 APR 1656 New Amsterdam (New York)1 JUL 1721 
Hendrickje Ten EyckBEF JUL 1682 New York 
Henrick Ten Eyck22 DEC 1680 Albany, Albany Co, New York23 FEB 1772 
Henry Ten EyckABT 1770 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry Ten Eyck1755  
Ida Ten Eyck1781 Somerset Co, New Jersey1865 
infant Ten Eyck20 APR 1614 Moers, Rhineland, Germany 
J Harold Ten Eyck1896 Somserset Co, New Jersey1988 Somserset Co, New Jersey
Jacob Ten EyckBEF 3 JUL 1678 BEF 1690 
Jacob Ten EyckABT 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Ten Eyck1787 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Ten Eyck27 MAY 1693 Ulster Co, New York26 OCT 1753 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacob Ten EyckBEF 14 MAR 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Ten Eyck1703 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Jacob Ten Eyck29 APR 1759 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 MAY 1828 
Jacob Ten Eyck1704 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Jacob Ten EyckBEF 24 FEB 1688/89  
Jacob Ten Eyck25 AUG 1733 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey7 NOV 1794 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacob Ten Eyck1761  
Jacob Ten Eyck29 JUL 1759  
Jacob Ten EyckBEF 1 JUL 1696 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jacob C Ten EyckBEF 8 AUG 1647 Amsterdam, Holland, The NetherladnsAFT 1695 Ft Orange, Albany, New York
Jacob Glen Ten Eyck14 FEB 1789  
Jacomyntje Ten Eyck1746 New Jersey 
Jacomyntje Ten EyckABT 1735 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
James Ten Eyck2 MAY 1773 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 JUL 1854 
James Ten Eyck2 MAY 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
James Vanderveer Ten Eyck1865 1957 Somserset Co, New Jersey
Jane Ten Eyck10 AUG 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jane Ten Eyck3 MAY 1757 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey8 FEB 1843 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jane Ten EyckABT 1740 BEF 1764 
Jane Ten Eyck4 FEB 1761 17 JAN 1847 Bedminster, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Janneke Ten Eyck6 OCT 1708  
Janneke Ten EyckBEF 28 JAN 1727/28 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jannetje Ten Eyck1705 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Jannetje Ten Eyck1701 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Jannetje Ten Eyck1752 New Jersey 
Jannetje Ten Eyck1722 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jasper Berger Ten Eyck7 JAN 1790  
Jemnia Ten Eyck1 APR 1784  
Jeremiah Ten Eyck3 APR 1790  
Jeremiah Field Ten Eyck3 DEC 1765 Flushing, Long Island, New York7 MAY 1841 Bound Brook, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jeremiah S Ten Eyck24 FEB 1834 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey16 MAR 1915 Bradley Beach, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jermina Ten Eyck14 NOV 1769  
Johanna Ten EyckBEF 23 MAY 1686  
Johanna Ten Eyck30 OCT 1750 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 JUL 1834 Ostego Co, New York
Johannes Ten Eyck1709 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Johannes Ten EyckBEF 20 SEP 1676  
Johannes Ten Eyck7 SEP 1732 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey1795 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Johannes Ten Eyck28 NOV 1690  
John Ten EyckABT 1825 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
John Ten Eyck20 SEP 1840  
John Ten Eyck30 SEP 1750 1811 
John Ten Eyck1760  
John Ten Eyck24 AUG 1831  
John A Ten Eyck25 DEC 1781  
John A Ten Eyck11 OCT 1825 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John De Peyster Ten Eyck1757  
John Demott Ten Eyck5 JAN 1866 Whitehouse, Hunterdon, New Jersey10 OCT 1942 Franklin Park, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Demott Ten Eyck5 JUL 1808 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey14 JAN 1895 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
John M Ten EyckABT 1840 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
John Sanders Ten Eyck3 SEP 1778  
John Vanderbeek Ten Eyck16 OCT 1848 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joseph S Ten Eyck12 FEB 1801  
Josephine Ten Eyck26 SEP 1843  
Judith Ten Eyck25 JUL 1790 Somerset Co, New Jersey15 SEP 1860 
Judith Ten Eyck27 JUL 1790  
Katrintje Ten Eyck29 JAN 1715/16 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Lansing V Ten Eyck16 AUG 1899 New Jersey1977 Albany Co, New York
Leah Elizabeth Ten Eyck1838 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1839 
Magdaline Ten Eyck1899 Somserset Co, New Jersey1987 Somserset Co, New Jersey
Margaret Ten Eyck1832 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1832 
Margaret Ten Eyck1785 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margarite Ten Eyck1689 Ulster Co, New York 
Margarite Ten EyckBEF 10 APR 1698 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Margarite Ten Eyck20 AUG 1651 New Amsterdam (New York)BEF 1660 Died young
Margriet Ten Eyck22 OCT 1659 New Amsterdam (New York) Died young
Marguerite Ten EyckABT 1720  
Maria Ten Eyck1708 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Maria Ten Eyck2 APR 1646 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands15 NOV 1694 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Maria Ten Eyck27 NOV 1763  
Maria Ten EyckABT 1840  
Maria Ten EyckBEF 18 FEB 1682/83 Kingston, Uster Co, New York 
Maria Ten EyckBEF 3 APR 1680 New York 
Maria Catrina Ten EyckBEF 27 JUL 1719 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maritje Ten Eyck1682 Ulster Co, New York6 APR 1760 
Marritje Ten EyckBEF 3 NOV 1680  
Martha Ten EyckBEF 1844 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Mary Ten Eyck14 SEP 1772 Somerset Co, New Jersey9 FEB 1826 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary Ten Eyck4 FEB 1788  
Mary Ten EyckABT 1745  
Mary Ann Ten EyckABT 1820 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary Ann Ten Eyck28 NOV 1807 Fort Plain, Minden, Montgomery Co, New York26 JUL 1856 Rockville, Kankakee, Illinois
Mary Catherine Ten Eyck20 DEC 1838  
Marya Ten Eyck1764 Somerville, Somerset Co, New JerseyABT 1809 
Marytje Ten Eyck1725 Somerville, Somerset Co, New JerseyMAY 1760 
Marytje Ten Eyck1 SEP 1683 1 SEP 1732 
Mathew Ten Eyck1838  
Matthew Ten EyckBEF 28 MAY 1721 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Matthew Ten Eyck12 JAN 1796  
Matthew Ten Eyck25 FEB 1727/28 New York 
Matthew Ten Eyck4 MAY 1764  
Matthew Ten Eyck21 NOV 1720 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey23 APR 1784 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Matthias Ten Eyck20 MAR 1657/58 New Amsterdam (New York)6 JUL 1741 Hurley, Ulster Co, New York
Mayken Ten Eyck2 APR 1685 Albany, Albany Co, New York31 JAN 1777 
Metje Ten Eyck11 APR 1664 New Amsterdam (New York) Died young
Michael Ten Eyck1831 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1831 
Myndert Schuyler Ten Eyck1753  
Nathaniel Walter Ten Eyck5 MAY 1852  
Neeltje Ten Eyck15 OCT 1717 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1788 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Neeltje Ten Eyck1754  
Nelly Ten EyckABT 1763 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Nelly Ten EyckABT 1750  
Nelly Ten Eyck3 MAY 1791 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Olive V Ten Eyck1895 New Jersey 
Peter Ten Eyck1817 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Ten Eyck1724 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Ten EyckBEF 4 AUG 1723 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey Died young
Peter Ten EyckBEF 12 APR 1788  
Peter Ten Eyck7 JUL 1816 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Ten Eyck14 OCT 1779  
Peter Ten EyckABT 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter A Ten Eyck7 FEB 1828  
Petrus Ten Eyck29 JUL 1739 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 NOV 1828 
Phebe Ten Eyck16 APR 1783 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Phebe Ten Eyck1783 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Phebe Ten Eyck1770  
Phebe Ten Eyck14 MAR 1798  
Phebe Ten EyckABT 1790  
Phebe Ann Ten Eyck4 MAY 1816 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Ten Eyck31 OCT 1699 Ulster Co, New York15 AUG 1771 Salem Co, New Jersey
Rachel Ten Eyck22 AUG 1785  
Rachel Ten EyckBEF FEB 1690/91  
Rebecca Ten EyckABT 1747  
Rebecca Ten Eyck10 OCT 1741 Somerville, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT FEB 1772 
Richard Ten Eyck1712 Schoadak Landing, New York 
Richard Ten EyckAFT 1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 DEC 1864 
Richard Field Ten Eyck1822 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Richard J Ten Eyck29 MAR 1848  
Rodney French Ten Eyck1852  
Ruth M Ten Eyck1897 New Jersey 
Samuel Ten EyckBEF 24 JUL 1678  
Sarah Ten Eyck1801 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Ten Eyck1697 Ulster Co, New York 
Sarah Ten Eyck1814 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Ten Eyck1761 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey25 SEP 1841 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Sarah Ten EyckABT 1795 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Ann Ten EyckAUG 1833  
Sarah S Ten Eyck3 MAR 1823  
Sarah Vanderveer Ten Eyck19 MAR 1822 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Susanna Dumont Ten Eyck1795 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Teunis Ten EyckBEF 26 MAR 1786  
Tobias Ten Eyck1755  
Tobias Ten Eyck1776  
Tobias Ten Eyck15 AUG 1717 Albany, Albany Co, New York9 FEB 1785 Caughnawaga, New York
Tobias Ten Eyck1763  
Tobias Ten Eyck26 JAN 1652/53 New Amsterdam (New York)29 NOV 1699 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Tobias Ten EyckABT 1725  
Tobias Ten Eyck6 MAY 1787  
Tryntje Ten Eyck1754 New Jersey 
Tunis Ten EyckABT 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Tunis Ten Eyck1768  
Tunis Van Nest Ten Eyck9 JUN 1816 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 NOV 1895 
unk Ten EyckABT 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
unk Ten EyckABT 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
unk Ten EyckABT 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
unk Ten EyckABT 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William Ten Eyck21 JAN 1816 Hillsboro, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William Henry Ten Eyck8 DEC 1853  
Wyntje Ten Eyck15 JAN 1683/84  
Wyntje Ten Eyck1684 Ulster Co, New York 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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