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  9 individuals found for query Ten Waert
Agniet ten WaertBEF 1 DEC 1611  
Barbara ten WaertBEF 1 OCT 1613  
Cornelia ten WaertBEF 14 DEC 1620  
Elizabeth ten WaertBEF 11 AUG 1616  
Gillis Jochimsz Ten WaertABT 1581 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Grietje Margaretta Gillissen ten Waert1608 Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands1703 New York
Jochem ten WaertBEF 5 JAN 1622/23  
Jochem Gillis ten WaertBEF 18 AUG 1619  
Margriet ten WaertBEF 5 OCT 1608  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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