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  412 individuals found for query Terhune
Aaltje Terhune13 APR 1755 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Aaltje TerhuneABT 1719 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Aaltje Wyntje TerhuneABT 1727 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abigail Terhune23 SEP 1750  
Abraham Terhune1849 Mercer Co, Kentucky1872 
Abraham Terhune1759  
Abraham Terhune30 APR 1819 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky12 JAN 1901 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Abraham Terhune5 JUN 1880  
Abraham TerhuneBEF 19 MAY 1723 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Terhune1722 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Abraham Terhune2 AUG 1760 Princeton, Mercer Co, New Jersey12 JAN 1854 
Abraham D Terhune1762 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Abraham R Terhune23 MAR 1808  
Adam Terhune13 NOV 1816 Fleming Co, Kentucky10 DEC 1902 Maryville, Nodaway, Missouri
Albert Terhune21 AUG 1728 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Albert Terhune26 DEC 1785  
Albert Terhune12 APR 1771  
Albert Terhune13 APR 1688 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkNOV 1721 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Albert Terhune2 MAY 1704  
Albert Terhune20 SEP 1794  
Albert TerhuneSEP 1733 Gravesend, Long Island, New York1820 Flemingsburg, Fleming Co, Kentucky
Albert TerhuneAUG 1708  
Albert Terhune2 MAY 1770 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Albert Terhune21 AUG 1765  
Albert TerhuneBEF 13 AUG 1651 New YorkSEP 1709 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Albert Terhune6 SEP 1720 Hackensac, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Albert Terhune10 AUG 1695 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey23 MAY 1773 New Barbadoes, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Albert John Terhune25 APR 1781 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey18 JUL 1848 
Albert Payson Terhune21 DEC 1872 Newark, New Jersey18 FEB 1942 Pompton Lakes, Passaic County, New Jersey
Albertus Terhune1707 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York28 FEB 1801 
Aletta Terhune1772 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey1852 
Alice Terhune1 NOV 1881 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KentuckyHarrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Alice Hawes Terhune7 MAR 1862 New Jersey1 JAN 1874 
Alice Meyer Terhune27 DEC 1887 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Allen Terhune25 MAR 1883  
Alonzo Terhune10 MAY 1878 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Altha Terhune29 AUG 1762 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Amanda O Terhune24 DEC 1845 Missouri 
Amy Terhune28 APR 1828  
Andrew Terhune31 OCT 1834 Mercer Co, Kentucky20 NOV 1880 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indian
Andrew Terhune29 OCT 1831  
Ann Terhune19 JUN 1802 13 JUN 1881 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ann Terhune14 DEC 1839  
Anna Terhune1825  
Anna Terhune25 APR 1866 Campgaw, Bergen Co, New Jersey26 MAR 1909 Paterson, Passaic Co, New Jersey
Anna Elizabeth Terhune4 MAY 1846 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 FEB 1898 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Anna Jane Terhune6 DEC 1837 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 MAR 1904 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Anna Maude Terhune22 JUL 1879 Switz City, Greene Co, Indiana3 JAN 1943 Mitchell, Lawrence Co, Indiana
Anne TerhuneABT 1715 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Anne Jane Terhune29 MAR 1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 JUL 1900 
Annetje Terhune1681 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1758 
Annetje Terhune1730 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Annetje TerhuneMAY 1710  
Annetje Terhune3 MAR 1651/52 Midwout (Flatbush), Long Island, New York13 OCT 1731 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Annetje Terhune15 DEC 1706 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Annetje TerhuneABT 1650 New Amsterdam (New York, New York) 
Antje TerhuneABT 1730 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Antje Terhune1679 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Antje Terhune1750  
Arabella Terhune11 DEC 1849 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Avery Grimes TerhuneAFT 1829 Fleming Co, Kentucky 
Baker Ewing Terhune24 AUG 1873 Mercer Co, Kentucky Bradfordsville, Marion Co, Kentucky
Barnett Terhune13 JUL 1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 SEP 1903 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Barney Terhune7 JAN 1881 Switz City, Greene Co, Indiana9 FEB 1882 Greene Co, Indiana
Bertrand Terhune17 APR 1900  
Bowman TerhuneABT 1864  
Bryon Terhune4 JUL 1855 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 MAY 1861 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Buddy Terhune17 AUG 1863 Mercer Co, Kentucky9 APR 1864 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Caroline Helena Terhune23 JUN 1763  
Carrie Ellen Terhune18 AUG 1871 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Carrie G Terhune1869 Mercer Co, Kentucky8 SEP 1872 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Catherine TerhuneDEC 1828 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennesse5 FEB 1901 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Catherine Terhune1792 1 NOV 1832 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine Terhune24 DEC 1775 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey22 AUG 1863 
Catherine Terhune17 APR 1811 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky10 APR 1868 
Catrientje Terhune31 JAN 1753  
Charity Terhune4 OCT 1812 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky11 MAR 1849 
Charles Terhune10 MAR 1831 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 JAN 1865 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indian
Charles TerhuneABT 1869  
Charles Armstrong Terhune31 OCT 1880 Mercer Co, Kentucky Bradfordsville, Marion Co, Kentucky
Charles Buckner Terhune1858 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Christiana Terhune1 FEB 1845  
Christiantje Terhune1620 1683 
Christine Terhune1720 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Christine Terhune13 JAN 1859 Virginia1944 Pompton Lake, New Jersey
Clara TerhuneABT 1876  
Cordelia Terhune6 SEP 1885 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Cornelius Terhune30 NOV 1768 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Terhune15 JUL 1761 Bergen Co, New Jersey11 OCT 1853 
Cornelius TerhuneABT 1780  
Cornelius Terhune16 APR 1831 Mercer Co, Kentucky1908 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Cornelius Dickens Terhune11 APR 1848 Missouri 
Cyrus W Terhune9 DEC 1853 Andrew, Missouri 
Daniel Terhune29 DEC 1758 Middlesex Co, New Jersey17 FEB 1843 Fleming Co, Kentucky
David TerhuneABT 1855  
David Terhune25 JAN 1788 Kentucky18 AUG 1861 Andrew Co, Missouri
David Terhune29 DEC 1838 Indiana 
David Cozatt Terhune1 JUL 1833 Mercer Co, Kentucky24 NOV 1900 Mercer Co, Kentucky
David R Terhune16 AUG 1844 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
David R Terhune15 JUL 1864 1925 Mercer Co, Kentucky
David Williamson Terhune27 JAN 1840  
Davis Terhune23 SEP 1831  
Delilah Terhune9 MAY 1833  
Dennis TerhuneDEC 1883 Greene Co, Indiana 
Derrick Terhune14 NOV 1724 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Desdesmona Terhune16 JUL 1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky Perryville, Boyle Co, Kentucky
Dirck Terhune26 JUL 1702 Polifly, Bergen Co, New Jersey17 SEP 1766 
Dirck Terhune13 APR 1790  
Dirck TerhuneBEF 28 NOV 1756  
E M TerhuneABT 1860  
Edgar Terhune1869 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Edgar TerhuneABT 1855  
Edgar TerhuneJUN 1870 Boyle Co, Kentucky 
Edward Hawes Terhune9 SEP 1857 Virginia14 SEP 1861 Virginia
Edward Payson Terhune27 NOV 1830 New Brunswick, New Jersey25 MAY 1907 
Eliza Terhune9 MAY 1883  
Eliza Terhune22 JUN 1817 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Terhune9 NOV 1843 Andrew, Missouri 
Elizabeth Terhune12 SEP 1756 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Terhune12 OCT 1767  
Elizabeth Terhune5 MAR 1836 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 DEC 1910 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Terhune15 JUL 1738 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Terhune1 MAY 1767 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co, New Jersey14 OCT 1843 
Elizabeth Terhune21 MAR 1812  
Elizabeth Terhune18 FEB 1818 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennesse19 MAY 1902 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Ella M Terhune25 OCT 1897 Greene Co, Indiana 
Emerine Terhune20 JAN 1847 Fleming Co, Kentucky 
Emma A Terhune19 FEB 1861  
Eugene Terhune1846 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Eugene Terhune12 SEP 1873 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Eva Terhune1708 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Eva Terhune12 MAY 1771 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Eva TerhuneABT 1740 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Eva Jane Terhune1782 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Francis Maria Terhune1828 Nashville, Davidson Co, TennesseBET 1880 AND 1900 
Frank Terhune12 AUG 1893  
Garnett Finnell Terhune1867  
Garret Terhune15 NOV 1791 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey24 JAN 1875 Johnson City, Union Township, Indiana
Garret Terhune25 FEB 1749/50 Millstone, Somerset Co, New JerseyDEC 1798 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret TerhuneBEF 14 JAN 1770 Franklin Park, Middlesex Co, New Jersey Greene Co, Indiana
Garret Terhune3 JUL 1787 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey10 NOV 1871 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Garret Terhune30 AUG 1709 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York20 SEP 1781 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret Terhune1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Garret Terhune9 OCT 1801 13 JUN 1885 
Garret Terhune25 JUL 1756 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey1 NOV 1821 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Garret Levi Terhune16 JAN 1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky1875 Franklin Co, Illinios
Garret S Terhune4 JAN 1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 FEB 1898 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Garret S Terhune12 JAN 1803 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky29 SEP 1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Geertje Terhune5 JUN 1761  
Geertruy Terhune10 MAR 1693/94 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
George Ann Van Nuys Terhune17 APR 1842 Mercer Co, Kentucky1922 Mercer Co, Kentucy
George H TerhuneABT 1860  
George H Terhune9 MAR 1842 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Gerbrechtje Terhune13 AUG 1682 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Gertje TerhuneJUN 1745 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Glady Eleatha Terhune13 JAN 1898  
Grant TerhuneJUN 1880 Boyle Co, Kentucky 
Guiliaem TerhuneDEC 1711  
Hannah Matilda Terhune22 OCT 1836 Saddle River, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Harry C Terhune16 NOV 1867 Boyle Co, Kentucky 
Harvey Terhune22 MAR 1817  
Harvey Terhune2 MAY 1857 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hattie Terhune16 JUN 1874 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hendrick Terhune24 JUL 1763 26 JAN 1837 Paramus, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Hendrick Terhune28 APR 1752  
Hendrickje TerhuneAFT 1707  
Hendrickse Terhune2 APR 1701  
Henry Terhune1830  
Henry Terhune1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Henry F Terhune12 DEC 1856 Missouri 
Henry Shay Terhune10 OCT 1853 Fleming Co, Kentucky12 OCT 1935 Switz City, Greene Co, Indiana
Heylte Terhune12 JAN 1648/49 New Amsterdam (New York, New York) 
Hyntje TerhuneAFT 1707 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Ida Riker Terhune5 OCT 1829  
Ina Terhune12 AUG 1895  
Infant TerhuneABT 1840 Fleming Co, Kentucky 
Isaac Terhune6 FEB 1785 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey6 OCT 1829 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Isaac Terhune24 FEB 1772  
Isaac TerhuneABT 1750  
Isaac Terhune17 MAR 1796 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 MAR 1869 Vermillin, Illinios
Isaac TerhuneABT 1832 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennesse 
Isaac Westerfield Terhune22 DEC 1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky14 MAR 1915 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Issac Terhune23 JAN 1806 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Iva TerhuneSEP 1874 Boyle Co, Kentucky 
Jabal B Terhune23 FEB 1856  
Jabez Terhune2 MAY 1792 27 FEB 1866 
Jabez Terhune1 JUN 1823  
Jacob Terhune1735 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Terhune1774  
Jacob Terhune8 JAN 1791 New Jersey 
Jacob Terhune16 JUN 1766 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jacob R Terhune16 AUG 1810 Bergen Co, New Jersey29 MAR 1873 Paterson, Passaic Co, New Jersey
Jacomyntie TerhuneABT 1740  
James Terhune25 NOV 1835 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Terhune14 JAN 1801 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Terhune11 APR 1814  
James F Terhune12 FEB 1852 Missouri 
James Green Terhune23 JUL 1826 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky2 MAY 1872 Mercer Co, Kentucky
James H Terhune1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky1911 
James L Terhune3 FEB 1821  
James P TerhuneJAN 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 JUN 1903 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
James Porter Terhune29 MAY 1819 Fleming Co, Kentucky15 JUL 1899 Greene Co, Indiana
James R Terhune14 OCT 1815  
James Robert Lee Terhune10 AUG 1873 Swiz City, Indiana1 OCT 1957 Linton, Greene Co, Indiana
Jan Terhune13 APR 1651 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)1708 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok
Jan Terhune1676 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1717 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Jane TerhuneAFT 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jannetje Terhune4 OCT 1786 New Jersey 
Jannetje Terhune5 MAY 1773 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jannetje Andries TerhuneABT 1670  Kings Co, New York
Johannes Terhune3 AUG 1742 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Terhune31 JUL 1792  
Johannes Terhune15 APR 1759 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Terhune4 JUN 1753 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Terhune21 JUN 1700 Hackensack, New Jersey18 APR 1782 
John Terhune1766  
John Terhune4 MAY 1793 9 JAN 1886 
John Terhune1710 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York Gravesend, Long Island, New York
John Terhune19 APR 1808 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky Cincinnati, Ohio
John Terhune1803 Henry Co, Kentucky1873 
John Terhune21 JUN 1818  
John Terhune19 AUG 1783 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey28 MAR 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Terhune17 SEP 1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky24 JAN 1908 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indian
John Terhune1795 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky1875 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Terhune1877 Boyle Co, Kentucky 
John A Terhune1850 Mercer Co, Kentucky1924 
John Albert Terhune22 OCT 1836 Saddle River, Bergen Co, New Jersey31 AUG 1863 
John Albert Terhune4 JUN 1753 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey14 JAN 1805 
John Cory Terhune9 AUG 1839 Indiana 
John Demotte Terhune4 DEC 1810 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John R Terhune25 MAR 1813 Ramsey, Bergen Co, New Jersey19 NOV 1884 Midland Park, Bergen Co, New Jersey
John T Terhune19 APR 1858  
John T Terhune1848  
John Taylor Terhune29 MAY 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky1868 Galion, Crawford Co, Ohio
Joshua Barnett Terhune15 MAR 1780  
Julia Terhune25 JUL 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Kate Terhune1861 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Kate C TerhuneJAN 1863 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Laura Bell Terhune16 MAR 1865  
Leanna TerhuneAPR 1882 Greene Co, Indiana 
Lee TerhuneABT 1878  
Lee Terhune26 FEB 1884 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Lena TerhuneAPR 1775 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
Leya Terhune1747 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Lily Terhune1898  
Lorraine Virginia Terhune5 OCT 1898  
Louisa Terhune13 JUN 1836 Indiana 
Lucas Terhune15 MAR 1780  
Lucinda Terhune6 SEP 1885 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Lucinda Terhune1822 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennesse 
Lucinda Terhune8 MAR 1826 22 FEB 1901 Trafalgar, Johnson Co, Indiana
Lucretia C Terhune1845  
Lucy Terhune1879  
Lucy Ellen Terhune12 MAY 1878 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Magdalena Terhune2 DEC 1781 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mahala Shelkett Terhune2 OCT 1891 Greene Co, Indiana31 DEC 1891 Greene Co, Indiana
Margaret Terhune4 JUN 1872  
Margaret Terhune5 JUL 1869  
Margaret Terhune7 AUG 1824 29 MAR 1913 Union, Johnson Co, Indiana
Margaret Terhune1784 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey1860 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Margaret Terhune25 JAN 1764 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Terhune13 JUL 1797 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Terhune2 MAY 1764 Gravesend, Long Island, New York16 APR 1840 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Margaret C Terhune11 MAY 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margrietje TerhuneAFT 1707 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Margrietje Terhune22 NOV 1754  
Maria Terhune15 AUG 1752  
Maria TerhuneABT 1731 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Terhune1815  
Maria Terhune18 MAY 1766 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 MAR 1844 
Maria TerhuneABT 1755  
Mariah TerhuneABT 1790 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Marritje Terhune31 AUG 1686 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1732 
Marritje TerhuneBEF 31 AUG 1707 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Martha Terhune3 JUL 1822  
Martha Terhune23 JAN 1789 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Martha Terhune16 APR 1823 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky23 JAN 1858 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Martha Terhune5 JAN 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky30 OCT 1890 Kentucky
Martha A Terhune1721 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Martha E Terhune11 FEB 1850 Missouri 
Martha J TerhuneABT 1859  
Martha Prudence Terhune2 APR 1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky16 MAR 1928 
Martin TerhuneNOV 1702  
Martina Terhune2 MAY 1706  
Mary Terhune18 MAR 1821  
Mary Terhune9 NOV 1780 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey27 MAY 1862 Cove Springs, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary Terhune6 JUL 1894  
Mary TerhuneAFT 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Terhune14 MAR 1821 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Terhune8 JUL 1875 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary A Terhune21 MAR 1841 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Anne Terhune25 MAY 1815  
Mary Cornelia Terhune7 DEC 1870 Mercer Co, Kentucky18 SEP 1912 Nevada, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary D TerhuneABT 1860  
Mary E Terhune8 DEC 1838 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Ellen Terhune2 OCT 1841  
Mary Jane Terhune26 AUG 1823 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Larkin Terhune9 JAN 1849 Fleming Co, Kentucky 
Mary Margaret Terhune18 NOV 1821 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennesse7 SEP 1887 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary P Terhune1859 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Sanford Terhune29 SEP 1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Marya TerhuneAFT 1707 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
May Terhune5 AUG 1899  
Medora Alice Terhune12 NOV 1857  
Mildred J Terhune18 FEB 1867 Harrrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky30 DEC 1945 Harrison, Arkansas
Minerva Jane Terhune10 JAN 1834  
Minnie Shelkett Terhune1876 Switz City, Greene Co, Indiana 
Murray Rayburn Terhune21 FEB 1888 Greene Co, Indiana6 OCT 1960 Linton, Greene Co, Indiana
Myrtle Terhune4 FEB 1869 New Jersey30 SEP 1869 
Nancy Terhune8 JUN 1825  
Nicasius Terhune18 JAN 1732/33 Bergen Co, New Jersey18 DEC 1807 New Jersey
Nicholas Terhune14 JAN 1792  
Nicholas Terhune24 NOV 1835  
Obediah G Terhune10 APR 1836 26 JUL 1837 Johnson Co, Indiana
Olive Elizabeth Terhune7 AUG 1886 Greene Co, Indiana17 JAN 1892 Greene Co, Indiana
Ophellia Terhune1864 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Owen H Terhune22 FEB 1878  
Patsy TerhuneAFT 1803 Henry Co, Kentucky 
Paul Barnett Terhune5 MAY 1897  
Paulina E Terhune1840 Mercer Co, Kentucky1870 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Paulus Terhune13 APR 1799  
Peter Terhune1754 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Peter TerhuneABT 1764  
Peter TerhuneBEF 31 JAN 1747/48 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Peter Terhune9 JUL 1803  
Peter Terhune9 JUN 1790 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey17 APR 1855 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Pieter TerhuneBEF 25 DEC 1764  
Price Terhune23 OCT 1875  
Rachel Terhune20 APR 1690 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey29 MAY 1787 
Rachel TerhuneNOV 1709  
Rachel E TerhuneSEP 1862  
Ralph Terhune5 SEP 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Rebecca Terhune25 APR 1830  
Richard Terhune9 JAN 1829  
Richard Terhune16 JUN 1783 ABT 1849 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Richard Terhune19 OCT 1763 Bergen Co, New Jersey5 AUG 1824 
Richard A Terhune4 OCT 1840 Wortendyke, Bergen Co, New Jersey15 OCT 1915 Paterson, Passaic Co, New Jersey
Richard Millard Terhune1848 Fleming Co, Kentucky 
Robert TerhuneABT 1900 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Robert Brewer Terhune8 OCT 1865 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Robert Garret Terhune25 APR 1819 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennesse15 FEB 1892 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Robert Lee Terhune17 MAR 1876 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 JUN 1915 Hustonville, Lincoln Co, Kentucky
Roelof TerhuneBEF 8 MAR 1751/52  
Roelof Terhune1685 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAPR 1761 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Roelof Terhune1800 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky1839 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Rulif Terhune10 JUN 1823  
Rulof Terhune3 JUL 1777 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Ruloff Terhune23 JUN 1803 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 JUN 1872 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ruth Terhune1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Samuel Terhune12 DEC 1855 Missouri 
Samuel Terhune14 MAY 1744  
Samuel TerhuneAPR 1792  
Sanford McBrayer Terhune7 JAN 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Saphronia B Terhune5 DEC 1859 Maryville, Nodaway, Missouri 
Sarah TerhuneABT 1850  
Sarah Terhune14 MAR 1707/08  
Sarah TerhuneABT 1657 New Amsterdam (New York, New York) 
Sarah Terhune18 AUG 1814 Boone Co, Indiana21 APR 1896 Mills Co, Iowa
Sarah Terhune5 SEP 1808  
Sarah Terhune1827  
Sarah Terhune1710 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Sarah TerhuneAFT 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Terhune29 MAR 1721 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Clay TerhuneABT 1840 Fleming Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Jansen TerhuneABT 1710  
Stefanus TerhuneOCT 1713  
Stephen Terhune27 NOV 1735 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey27 APR 1814 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Stephen Terhune22 FEB 1760 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Stephen Terhune4 APR 1680 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1770 Hackensack, New Jersey
Stephen Terhune15 APR 1782 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey8 FEB 1833 Henry Co, Kentucky
Stephen Terhune28 MAY 1779 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey7 SEP 1856 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Stephen Terhune1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Stephen Terhune18 MAY 1777  Greene Co, Indiana
Stephen Terhune1819  
Stephen Terhune23 MAY 1815 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky1832 Blackhawk War
Stephen TerhuneAFT 1803 Henry Co, Kentucky 
Stephen TerhuneABT 1795  
Stephen S Terhune25 JUL 1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 APR 1897 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Styntje Terhune3 JUN 1655 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)AFT 18 MAY 1732 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Susan Terhune23 SEP 1823  
T M TerhuneABT 1860  
Theodorus Terhune14 MAR 1788  
Thomas Terhune3 MAY 1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Thomas Barnett Terhune16 MAR 1870 Mercer Co, Kentucky Huntington, Huntington Co, Indiana
Thomas Gilliam Terhune6 SEP 1868 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 NOV 1869 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Virginia Belle Terhune21 MAY 1865 New Jersey1945 
Virginia E Terhune1841  
Weyntje Terhune1 APR 1705 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey13 MAY 1773 
Wiliam G Terhune19 DEC 1859 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Willemtje Terhune1718 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1772 Middesex Co, New Jersey
Willemtje TerhuneABT 1706 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1782 
Willemtje TerhuneBEF 2 APR 1677 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Willemtje Terhune7 AUG 1684 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
William Terhune10 OCT 1880 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Terhune1808  
William TerhuneAFT 1803 Henry Co, Kentucky 
William Terhune18 FEB 1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Terhune1 MAR 1799 Middlesex Co, New Jersey27 OCT 1881 Menard Co, Illinois
William Terhune22 MAR 1819  
William Terhune2 APR 1833 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Terhune3 NOV 1786 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William TerhuneABT 1796 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky1857 Mercer Co, Kentucky
William Terhune13 JUN 1757 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William Alva Terhune10 NOV 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 NOV 1893 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indian
William Butler Terhune1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky1940 
William G Terhune6 JUN 1804 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky15 DEC 1859 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
William Holman Terhune26 JUN 1882  
William Holman Terhune25 NOV 1829 Mercer Co, Kentucky20 JUL 1920 Mercer Co, Kentucky
William J Terhune18 FEB 1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William Parseley TerhuneABT 1865  
Woodford B TerhuneABT 1860  
Wyntje Terhune19 JAN 1735/36 Bergen Co, New Jersey19 JAN 1821 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey

* Individual - family ties unknown

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