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  303 individuals found for query Thompson
Aaron Thompson1703 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New JerseyABT 1757 Long Hill, Morris Co, New Jersey
Abraham Thompson1718 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
Absalom ThompsonABT 1845  
Alexander ThompsonABT 1810  
Alfred A ThompsonABT 1875  
Alfred A Thompson23 OCT 1882 San Francisco, San Francisco Co, California30 APR 1950 Downers Grove, Du Page Co, Illinois
Alice S Thompson1866 1944 Johnson Co, Indiana
Allen Edmond ThompsonMAY 1874 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Allen J Thompson1804 1890 
Amy Thompson14 JAN 1704/05 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Amy Thompson1760 Orange Co, North Carolina 
Andrew T Thompson9 DEC 1813 Upper Penn's Neck, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Ann ThompsonABT 1710  
Ann Thompson10 OCT 1615 Plymouth, Devonshire, England 
Ann Thompson1728 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
Ann ThompsonABT 1800  
Anna Thompson12 NOV 1752  
Anna ThompsonABT 1741  
Anna Thompson1746 Hancock, Washington Co, Virginia2 JAN 1832 Hampshire (Mineral) Co, West Virginia
Anne ThompsonABT 1774 Tennessee 
Anne ThompsonABT 1740 1815 
Anne Thompson22 NOV 1620 Plymouth, Devonshire, England 
Archibald ThompsonABT 1760  
Archibald Ferbis ThompsonABT 1750  
Bartholomew ThompsonABT 1770  
Benjamin Thompson11 AUG 1719  
Benjamin Thompson6 OCT 1836 New Jersey 
Bessie E Thompson28 AUG 1890 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri 
Caroline Thompson20 AUG 1795  
Catherine Thompson12 APR 1800 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 APR 1879 
Charles Thompson18 JUL 1788  
Charles Carter Byrd ThompsonABT 1770  
Charles H Thompson23 AUG 1843  
Clifton ThompsonABT 1875 BET 1900 AND 1902 Georgia
Cornelia Thompson3 OCT 1806 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Cornelia ThompsonABT 1880  
Cornelia D Thompson15 FEB 1834  
Cornelius Thompson1660 England1727 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Thompson9 APR 1756 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Thompson30 SEP 1721 Monmouth Co, New Jersey22 MAR 1777 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Thompson3 AUG 1785  
Cornelius ThompsonABT 1740  
D Franklin Thompson6 OCT 1857 Missouri 
David Thompson1711 1757 
David Thompson1747 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
David ThompsonBEF 17 DEC 1592 Plymouth, Devonshire, England1638 Picataqua, Rockingham Co, New Hampshire
David William Thompson26 JUL 1838 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky15 FEB 1917 Seneca, Newton Co, Missouri
Deborah ThompsonABT 1790  
Debra ThompsonABT 1790  
Delila Thompson1700 Ireland 
Denuyse Thompson23 SEP 1802 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 JUN 1872 
Earl ThompsonJAN 1893 Missouri 
Edna B Thompson5 MAY 1892 BEF 1986 
Edward Thompson1787 1851 
Edward Dubois Thompson13 NOV 1879 Illinios24 SEP 1948 Los Angeles Co, California
Edward Luther Thompson11 OCT 1886 27 APR 1958 
Edward Mealing Thompson28 DEC 1850 London, England3 JAN 1937 Berkeley, Alameda Co, California
Eleanor Thompson29 APR 1716 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Eleanor ThompsonABT 1780  
Eleanor ThompsonABT 1760  
Elia ThompsonABT 1890  Tennessee
Elias Thompson11 JUL 1771 Bordentown, Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Elisha Thompson1745 1812 
Elizabeth ThompsonABT 1766 Augustus Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth ThompsonABT 1561  
Elizabeth Thompson12 AUG 1707 Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 SEP 1766 
Elizabeth ThompsonABT 1760 1839 Abbeville, South Carolina
Elizabeth Thompson1650 Middlesex Co, Virgiinia 
Elizabeth Thompson1642 Northumberland Co, Virginia1720 Northumberland Co, Virginia
Elizabeth ThompsonABT 1617 Warwick, England 
Elizabeth Thompson1730 Pennsylvania1776 Charlotte, Mechklenburg, North Carolina
Elizabeth Thompson1710 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth ThompsonABT 1760  
Elizabeth A Thompson1818 KentuckyAFT 1880 Garrard Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Ann Thompson1749 Brand, County Banks, Ireland21 SEP 1835 Prosperity, Newberry Co, South Carolina
Elizabeth Ann ThompsonABT 1850  
Elizabeth E Thompson1831 Ontario, Canada14 JAN 1917 
Ella Thompson25 DEC 1841 Henderson Co, Tennessee 
Emeline E Thompson26 FEB 1821  
Emily Frances Thompson12 SEP 1850 Cannon Co, Tennessee27 NOV 1925 Desdemona, Eastland Co, Texas
Esther Thompson1710 County Down, Ireland 
Frances Willard Thompson14 MAY 1899 Maysville, Jackson Co, Georgia1978 Jackson Co, Georgia
George L ThompsonABT 1845  
Geroge ThompsonABT 1770 1833 
Gertie Poole Thompson13 APR 1892 McLean Co, Kentucky18 MAR 1983 Island, McLean Co, Kentucky
Gertrude Thompson1723 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Gideon ThompsonABT 1825  
Gillies ThompsonABT 1770  
Hanna Thompson21 APR 1692 4 MAR 1781 
Hannah Thompson1802 New Jersey 
Hannah Thompson1705 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Harry E ThompsonAUG 1895 Missouri1958 
Helen ThompsonBEF 1662 East Lothian, Scotland 
Helen E Thompson1816 Monroe Co, IndianaBET 1870 AND 1880 
Henry ThompsonABT 1822 Arkansas 
Hershall Zelma Thompson2 JAN 1893 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri 
Hollis O Thompson1897 1983 
Isabella ThompsonABT 1800 VirginiaBEF 1838 Tennessee
J B ThompsonABT 1860  
Jacob Bergen Thompson7 DEC 1826  
Jacob Samuel Thompson2 OCT 1867 Morgan Co, West Virginia21 JUN 1955 Washington, Washington Co, Pennsylvania
James ThompsonABT 1725 Ireland 
James Thompson1685 St Marys Co, Maryland1732 St Marys Co, Maryland
James Thompson1716 St Marys Co, Maryland 
James ThompsonABT 1790  
James ThompsonABT 1750  
James Thompson4 APR 1770  
James ThompsonABT 1700  
James Alexader Thompson17 APR 1838 GeorgiaJAN 1910 Stamford, Jones Co, Texas
Jane ThompsonABT 1790  
Jane Thompson29 JUL 1700  
Jane ThompsonABT 1769  
Jane Thompson30 JAN 1790 Flag Spring, Campbell Co, Kentucky11 AUG 1845 Randolph Co, Illinois
Jane Thompson1726 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
Jane Banks Thompson1783 1837 
Jane Emmaline Thompson1795 Fauquier Co, Virginia18 JUL 1859 Missouri City, Fort Bend Co, Texas
Janet Thompson1711 Scotland 
Jennie E ThompsonABT 1898  
Jessie Evelee Thompson4 NOV 1884 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri22 JUL 1937 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
John Thompson25 DEC 1667  
John ThompsonABT 1744  
John ThompsonABT 1860  
John Thompson1716 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
John Thompson1690 Ireland1753 Statesville, Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina
John Thompson2 OCT 1764 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
John ThompsonABT 1700 Belfast, IrelandBEF 16 NOV 1772 Culpepper Co, Virginia
John ThompsonABT 1825  
John Thompson25 FEB 1777  
John ThompsonAFT 1716 St Marys Co, Maryland 
John ThompsonBEF 5 JAN 1618/19 Plymouth, Devonshire, England9 NOV 1685 Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts
John ThompsonABT 1708 Scotland 
John ThompsonABT 1670 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey25 APR 1734 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey
John ThompsonABT 1770 England 
John Thompson1745 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Thompson16 FEB 1708/09 Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 FEB 1803 
John ThompsonABT 1675  
John ThompsonABT 1800  
John Bergen Thompson4 MAY 1830  
John I Thompson29 SEP 1776  
John Logan Thompson2 SEP 1869 Hamilton Co, Illinios29 JUL 1935 Dahlgren, Illinios
John T ThompsonABT 1790  
John Tannehill Thompson1826 New York7 SEP 1908 Mapleton, Cass Co, North Dakota
John W Thompson2 MAY 1847 Wisconsin26 JUN 1934 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Johnathan Thompson4 APR 1645 Woburn, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Joseph Thompson27 NOV 1774  
Joseph Thompson23 OCT 1804 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Thompson11 DEC 1743 Manalapan, Monmouth Co, New Jersey5 AUG 1808 
Joseph Conover Thompson27 DEC 1832  
Joseph Green Thompson30 NOV 1855 Dunklin, Co, Missouri2 FEB 1938 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Joseph Riley Thompson1897 Texas12 MAY 1948 Salton, Lubbock Co, Texas
Joseph T ThompsonABT 1770  
Josephine Thompson4 JAN 1897 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri4 JUL 1972 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co, California
Judith ThompsonAUG 1602 Lenham, Kent, England 
Larua Thompson1795 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Lewis Thompson1805  
Lewis Thompson8 OCT 1712 Monmouth Co, New Jersey3 OCT 1750 
Lewis Thompson1754 Monmouth Co, New Jersey13 JAN 1815 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lewis Thompson1754 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1820 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Lewis Thompson31 JAN 1783  
Lucretia J Anna Thompson1848 IlliniosBEF 1913 
Maggie May Thompson1883 California, Moniteau Co, Missouri9 DEC 1929 Commerce, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Manda ThompsonABT 1846 New Jersey 
Margaret ThompsonABT 1760  
Margaret Thompson1730 Charlotte, Mechklenburg, North Carolina 
Margaret Thompson24 DEC 1785 4 JAN 1859 
Margaret M Thompson1750 1820 
Maria ThompsonABT 1825  
Mariah Thompson7 MAR 1834  
Marion Stockton Thompson10 JUN 1870 Bell Co, Texas 
Martha ThompsonABT 1679  
Martha Thompson1722 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
Martha Thompson5 MAR 1787 Augusta Co, Virginia11 JAN 1863 Wayland, Henry Co, Iowa
Martha Thompson1798 1822 
Martha ThompsonABT 1680  
Mary ThompsonAFT 1743  
Mary Thompson1790  
Mary Thompson12 APR 1789 New York 
Mary Thompson21 NOV 1710  
Mary Thompson1715 Sussex Co, Delaware 
Mary ThompsonABT 1765  
Mary Thompson1735 Mapes Corner, Orange Co, New York1788 
Mary Thompson1759 1833 
Mary ThompsonABT 1810  
Mary Thompson1790  
Mary ThompsonAFT 1716 St Marys Co, Maryland 
Mary Thompson14 NOV 1619 Preston Capes, Northampton, England 
Mary Thompson1810  
Mary A ThompsonABT 1841 New Jersey 
Mary Ann Thompson3 MAY 1877 Christian Co, Missouri 
Mary Ann Thompson1811  
Mary Burton Thompson1797 Kentucky 
Mary C Thompson1899 Georgia 
Mary Catherine Thompson1812 Kentucky 
Mary Ella ThompsonABT 1900  
Mary Ellen ThompsonJAN 1857 Kentucky 
Mary Ellen Thompson24 JUN 1858  
Matthew ThompsonABT 1745  
Matthew Thompson1720 County Donegal, Ireland Abbeyville Co, South Carolina
Mehitable Thompson1644 Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts1700 Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts
Mildred Thompson1685 Virginia 
Mildred Rootes Thompson12 SEP 1761 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Miles Thompson1627 South Berwick, York Co, Maine 
Moses ThompsonABT 1701 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Mourning Thompson1745 1819 
Myrtie Eler Thompson15 JUL 1888 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri 
Nancy ThompsonABT 1800  
Nancy Thompson1807 KentuckyAFT 1870 Newton Co, Missouri
Nancy Thompson2 APR 1866 Greene Co, Missouri7 MAY 1936 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Nancy ThompsonABT 1768  
Nancy Jane Thompson1793 England 
Nancy Violy Thompson7 SEP 1878 Christian Co, Missouri25 FEB 1965 Missouri
Nathan Meyer Thompson22 MAY 1886 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri 
Noah Wayne ThompsonABT 1885  
Nora E Thompson1876 Illinios 
Nora Phoebe Thompson13 JUL 1873 Coleman Co, TexasMAR 1947 Texas
Novie Leatha Thompson23 DEC 1889 Hamilton Co, Illinios12 JUN 1952 McLeansboro, Hamilton Co, Illinios
Odessa D Thompson10 MAR 1884 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri11 JAN 1954 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Ora Merinda Thompson11 FEB 1884 Christian Co, Missouri 
Osborne Thompson1721 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
Oscar Thompson1869 1945 
Ozias Thompson7 APR 1869 Greene Co, Missouri 
Pamilla W Thompson1803 16 JUN 1887 
Patience Thompson1752 Long Hill, Morris Co, New Jersey2 MAR 1811 Westfield, Union Co, New Jersey
Paulina Henrietta Thompson5 MAY 1849 Granville, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin3 JUN 1910 Morrison, Brown Co, Wisconsin
Peggy ThompsonABT 1743  
Peter Thompson12 APR 1769  
Philip Rootes Thompson26 MAR 1766 Culpepper Co, Virginia 
Phoebe Thompson1787 Randolph Co, North Carolina 
Priscilla Thompson23 OCT 1616 Plymouth, Devonshire, England 
Rachel ThompsonABT 1800  
Rachel Thompson1759 Hancock, Georgia 
Rachel Lucinda Thompson25 FEB 1758  
Rebecca Thompson21 OCT 1719 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Rebecca Thompson19 DEC 1714  
Rebecca Edith ThompsonOCT 1748 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Richard ThompsonABT 1880  
Roger Thompson1723 Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware 
Rosaline ThompsonABT 1846 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Samuel Thompson1754 Augusta Co, Virginia8 JAN 1839 Blount Co, Tennessee
Samuel ThompsonABT 1840  
Samuel Thompson6 SEP 1707 Sllowaystown, New Jersey 
Samuel ThompsonABT 1735  
Samuel ThompsonABT 1720  
Samuel Osborne Thompson1714 County Down, Ireland 
Sarah ThompsonABT 1745  
Sarah ThompsonABT 1732  
Sarah Thompson1707 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Thompson1646 Mendon, Worcester Co, Massachusetts 
Sarah Thompson1712 Hanover Co, Virginia 
Sarah Alice Thompson7 JUL 1857 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Sarah Ann Lewis ThompsonABT 1767 Ablemarle Co, Virginia 
Sarah Brown Thompson4 FEB 1762 Pennsylvania4 MAR 1875 Menallen, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania
Sarah Jane Thompson26 JUN 1821 Kentucky 
Sarah Jane Thompson26 JUN 1838 New Jersey 
Serelda Mittie Thompson22 JAN 1834 Woodford Co, Kentucky7 MAR 1915 Woodford Co, Kentucky
Sidney D Thompson21 NOV 1889 2 FEB 1963 New Jersey
Sidney Denise Thompson7 DEC 1808 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey30 MAR 1895 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Stephen Emmans Thompson27 OCT 1836  
Susan A ThompsonOCT 1855 Indiana23 FEB 1920 Green, Morgan Co, Indiana
Susan P Thompson7 MAR 1834 Monroe Co, Indiana5 APR 1883 Monroe Co, Indiana
Susan Virginia Thompson1817 1898 
Susanna Thompson26 AUG 1704  
Teresita ThompsonABT 1710 St Marys Co, Maryland1771 St Marys Co, Maryland
Thomas Thompson4 AUG 1749 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Thomas Thompson8 NOV 1715 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1793 
Thomas Thompson13 AUG 1767  
Thomas Thompson25 JAN 1711/12 Elizabeth, Essex Co, New Jersey 
Thomas ThompsonABT 1800  
Tirza J Thompson24 MAY 1833 Indiana 
Tunis D Thompson13 OCT 1839  
Unk ThompsonABT 1890  
Unk ThompsonABT 1800  
Unk ThompsonABT 1788  
Uphan Thompson1742 Pittsgrove, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Van Nest D Thompson31 MAR 1894 BEF 1984 
Vernia Vina Thompson1897  
Violet Thompson28 MAR 1898 1 APR 1920 
Virgil ThompsonJUL 1897 Missouri 
Virginia W Thompson1818 1898 
Waddy ThompsonABT 1720 Virginia1801 Ablemarle Co, Virginia
Walter V Thompson19 SEP 1887 BEF 1977 
Wiliam Cornelius Thompson5 NOV 1880 Christian Co, Missouri 
William ThompsonABT 1812 Kentucky 
William ThompsonABT 1770  
William Thompson1767 1840 
William ThompsonABT 1745  
William ThompsonABT 1736  
William Thompson1760  Kentucky
William ThompsonABT 1625 Middlesex Co, Virginai12 JAN 1726/27 Middlesex Co, Virginia
William Thompson24 JAN 1807  
William Thompson10 MAY 1832 Williamson Co, Tennessee 
William Thompson6 MAY 1862 Greene Co, Missouri 
William Thompson9 AUG 1669 Dublin, Ireland Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William Alexander Thompson1824 1920 
William Allen Thompson14 MAR 1764  
William D Thompson11 NOV 1859 2 JAN 1927 
William Edgar Thompson14 APR 1896 AUG 1982 New Jersey
William Henry Thompson1813 Ireland22 FEB 1890 Wrightstown, Brown Co, Wisconsin
William I Thompson7 JUN 1828  
William J ThompsonDEC 1866 Indiana 
William J Thompson19 MAR 1779 25 MAR 1843 
WIlliam W Thompson6 MAR 1816 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Young Richard Lyons Thompson10 AUG 1861 Polk Co, Missouri26 JAN 1931 Cedar Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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