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  57 individuals found for query Throckmorton
Alice Throckmorton1682 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New York 
Charles ThrockmortonABT 1830  
Charles B Throckmorton1847 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Deliverance Throckmorton1648 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1705 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Throckmorton20 DEC 1731 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth ThrockmortonABT 1700  
Elizabeth Throckmorton1711 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Freegift Throckmorton1638 MAY 1669 
Harold Hartshorne Throckmorton5 APR 1885 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
Harriet Throckmorton1839 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Holmes ThrockmortonABT 1758 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Horace A L Throckmorton27 NOV 1864 Johnson Co, Indiana7 APR 1951 
James Throckmorton10 SEP 1751 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
James Throckmorton9 MAR 1743/44 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
James Throckmorton23 MAY 1726 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Jemima Throckmorton31 JAN 1748/49 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Job Throckmorton10 DEC 1720 Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 FEB 1765 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Job Throckmorton1696 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Job Throckmorton30 SEP 1650 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 AUG 1709 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Job Throckmorton24 APR 1747 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Throckmorton20 FEB 1717/18 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1776 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
John Throckmorton24 OCT 1749 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Throckmorton30 AUG 1688 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey30 OCT 1741 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Throckmorton1642 Providence, Rhode IslandAUG 1690 
John ThrockmortonABT 1620 England17 MAR 1682/83 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Throckmorton1758  
Joseph Throckmorton1646 ABT 1690 At sea on the way to Barbadoes
Joseph Throckmorton19 JUN 1720 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Throckmorton19 DEC 1725 Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 APR 1752 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Joseph Throckmorton4 AUG 1693 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 AUG 1759 
Joseph Henry Throckmorton11 DEC 1836 Johnson Co, Indiana8 OCT 1916 Johnson Co, Indiana
Lydia Throckmorton1745 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Throckmorton19 OCT 1695 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Throckmorton1844 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary Throckmorton16 APR 1716 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Throckmorton25 MAY 1751 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 JAN 1817 Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Melvina Throckmorton1842 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mirtilla ThrockmortonABT 1758 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Ora E Throckmorton1867 Johnson Co, Indiana1941 
Patience ThrockmortonABT 1680 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Patience ThrockmortonABT 1640  
Rebecca Throckmorton1672 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Rebecca Throckmorton10 FEB 1689/90 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Rebecca ThrockmortonABT 1758 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Richard Throckmorton1760 1842 
Sally Throckmorton1835 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Samuel Throckmorton20 DEC 1771 Monmouth Cem, Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois29 DEC 1786 Monmouth Cem, Monmouth, Warren Co, Illinois
Samuel Throckmorton1810 Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 MAR 1882 Johnson Co, Indiana
Samuel Throckmorton6 JUL 1723 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah ThrockmortonABT 1705  
Sarah Throckmorton13 DEC 1755 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah ThrockmortonABT 1674  
Sarah Throckmorton17 DEC 1727 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah ThrockmortonABT 1758 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Throckmorton1766 1837 
Sarah Ann Throckmorton7 JUN 1870 Indiana14 FEB 1952 Johnson Co, Indiana
Winfield Throckmorton1846 Johnson Co, Indiana 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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