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  16 individuals found for query Toll
Abraham TollABT 1694  
Alida Toll3 JAN 1734/35 16 AUG 1812 
Carel Hansen Toll1658 Norway1738 Maalwyck, Glenville, Albany, New York
Cornelia Toll1630 The NetherlandsABT 1702 New York, New York
Daniel Toll27 OCT 1751  
Daniel Toll11 JUL 1691  
Eva TollABT 1675  
Franklin P TollABT 1865  
Jacob TollABT 1600  
Jesse Toll1 MAY 1746  
John Toll24 JUL 1743  
Karel Toll9 SEP 1733  
Neeltje Hansen Toll7 JUL 1695 Maalwyck, Glenville, Albany, New York 
Sarah Toll14 SEP 1893  
Simon Toll8 MAY 1698 Maalwyck, Glenville, New York 
Willard Toll24 JUL 1890  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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