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  16 individuals found for query Traphagen
Catryan Traphagen20 JUN 1708  
Eycke Cataline Traphagen14 JUL 1700 Kingston, Long Island, New York 
Helena TraphagenBEF 5 SEP 1649 New Amsterdam (New York, New York)MAY 1732 Brabant, Ulster Co, New York
Hendrick Traphagen1667  
Johannes TraphagenABT 1650  
Johannes Traphagen9 APR 1702  
Johannes Jan TraphagenBEF 1590 Leunichor, The Netherlands 
Jonathan Traphagen10 NOV 1710  
Lucas Traphagen17 MAR 1705/06  
Rebekka TraphagenBEF 19 FEB 1661/62 Bushwick, Long Island, New York 
Roelof Traphagen9 AUG 1702  
Ruloff TraphagenABT 1700  
Sarah TraphagenBEF 19 JUN 1729 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William Traphagen11 SEP 1698  
William TraphagenABT 1665  
William Janzen TraphagenABT 1616 Lemgo, Lippe, Germany1699 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York

* Individual - family ties unknown

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