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  99 individuals found for query Truax
Aaron Truax12 MAY 1802  
Aaron Joseph Truax22 DEC 1861 Schenectady Co, New York1946 New York
Abraham TruaxAFT 1745  
Abraham TruaxABT 1700 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Abraham Truax29 JUL 1795  
Abraham C Truax1764  
Abraham Caleb Truax1683 Albany, Albany Co, New York16 MAR 1770 Schenectady Co, New York
Abraham I Truax2 JAN 1742/43 Schenectady, Schenectady Co, New York27 JUN 1833 Greenville, Schenectady Co, New York
Abraham J Truax4 APR 1737 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Abraham P TruaxMAR 1751/52 Schenectady Co, New York13 MAR 1822 Schenectady Co, New York
Agnietje Truax3 DEC 1675 New Castle Co, DelawareAFT 1734 New Castle Co, Delaware
Andries Truax20 JUL 1777 Albany Co, New York 
Andries Bratt Truax4 APR 1739 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Anna Truax13 OCT 1868 Schenectady Co, New York 
Arianntje TruaxABT 1760  
Benjamin TruaxABT 1686 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Benjamin TruaxABT 1760  
Benjmain B Truax25 NOV 1731 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Bethemia Truax1 JAN 1764 Bedford, Pennsylvania 
Catherine Truax9 APR 1745  
Catherine Louise Truax14 DEC 1859 Schenectady Co, New York 
Charity Truax1728 New Jersey10 OCT 1805 Bedford, Pennsylvania
Charles E Truax5 MAR 1857 Schenectady Co, New York 
Christian Truax1806 1861 
Christian de la Grange Truax10 FEB 1730/31 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Christopher TruaxABT 1831 ABT 1868 Disappeared during the civil war
Cornelius TruaxABT 1680 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Cornelius TruaxAFT 1758  
Dorothea TruaxAFT 1745  
Elizabeth TruaxABT 29 JAN 1775  
Elizabeth Truax1733 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Truax14 MAR 1780 Albany Co, New York 
Elizabeth TruaxAFT 1703 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth TruaxABT 1774 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Elsey TruaxABT 1733  
Elziabeth Truax4 MAY 1809 Belfast, Bedford Co, Pennyslvania 
Eva TruaxABT 1682 Albany, Albany Co, New York Manasquan, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Gillis Truax15 JUL 1727 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Grant Truax30 SEP 1865 Schenectady Co, New York 
Isaac TruaxAFT 1745  
Isaac TruaxABT 1685 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Isaac TruaxABT 2 MAR 1687/88 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Isaac Truax8 MAY 1726 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Issac Truax1 DEC 1765 Schenectady, Schenectady Co, New York9 APR 1850 Dunham Flats, Quebec, Canada
Jacob Truax1766  
Jacob Truax27 SEP 1772 Albany Co, New York 
Jacob Truax10 OCT 1683 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Jacob TruaxAFT 1703 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Jacob TruaxABT 1738 Monmouth Co, New Jersey30 SEP 1807 Belfast, Bedford Co, Pennyslvania
Jacob TruaxABT 9 OCT 1694 Albany, Albany Co, New York16 MAR 1770 
Jacob Truax4 APR 1737 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Jacob Truax12 FEB 1800  
Jacob TruaxAFT 1747  
Jane TruaxABT 1776 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Johannes TruaxABT 16 DEC 1696 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Johannes Truax1 NOV 1734 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
John Truax4 MAY 1806 Belfast, Bedford Co, Pennyslvania 
John TruaxABT 1700 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John TruaxABT 1740  
John Henry Truax9 MAR 1852 Schenectady Co, New York 
John Marselis Truax24 AUG 1797  
Joseph TruaxABT 1756  
Joseph TruaxABT 1701 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Joseph Truax15 MAY 1758  
LaRue Jacob TruaxABT 1705 Monmouth Co, New JerseyABT 1775 Fulton, Pennsylvania
Margaret Truax1774 Schenectady, Schenectady Co, New York11 AUG 1813 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Maria TruaxABT 1705 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Maria Truax1774 Albany Co, New York 
Maria Truax15 JUN 1729 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
Mary TruaxABT 1772 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Meriam TruaxABT 1780 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Nancy Jane Truax4 FEB 1855 Glenville, Schenectady Co, New York1917 
Obediah TruaxABT 1745  
Philip TruaxABT 1758  
Philip TruaxABT 1750  
Philip TruaxABT 1676 New Castle Co, DelawareBEF 24 NOV 1750 Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Philip TruaxABT 1704 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Truax15 NOV 1769 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Rebecca TruaxABT 1778 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Richard TruaxABT 1763 Bedford, PennsylvaniaJUN 1839 Knox Co, Ohio
Samuel Truax1738 Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 MAR 1801 Belfast, Bedford Co, Pennyslvania
Samuel Truax1748  
Samuel Truax6 JUL 1787 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Samuel Truax15 JUN 1715 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1792 Waioak, New Jersey
Sarah TruaxABT 1705 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Sarah Truax12 MAY 1791 10 AUG 1857 Schenectady Co, New York
Sarah Truax26 MAR 1749 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey1 MAR 1818 68y 11m 3 d
Sarah TruaxBEF 15 MAR 1696/97 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Sophia TruaxABT 20 JUL 1735  
Stillwell TruaxABT 1752  
Stillwell TruaxABT 1770 Bedford Co, Pennsylvania 
Susanna TruaxBEF 15 MAR 1678/79 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Tabitha Truax1787 Fayette Co, PennsylvaniaAFT 1860 Greene Co, Indiana
Willem Truax15 SEP 1732 Schenectady Schenectady County, New York 
William TruaxABT 23 MAY 1686 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
William Truax9 JAN 1883 Syracuse, ONondaga Co, New York 
William Truax10 OCT 1683 New Castle Co, Delaware 
William Christopher Truax31 JAN 1863 Schenectady Co, New York 
Wouter Vrooman Truax18 DEC 1745  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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