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  15 individuals found for query Van Burgh
Annetje Van Burgh10 AUG 1662 New York 
Catharina Annetje Van BurghBEF 19 APR 1665 New York6 DEC 1730 Greenbush, Rensselaer Co, New York
Catherine Van Burgh16 AUG 1704 New York1787 Salem Co, New Jersey
Catherine Van BurghBEF 10 NOV 1689 Albany, Albany Co, New York20 FEB 1756 
David Van Burgh12 SEP 1708 New York 
Elizabeth Van Burgh25 MAR 1712 New York7 JUL 1753 Claverack, Columbia, New York
Helena Van Burgh28 JUL 1660 Long Island, New YorkAUG 1736 
Helena Van Burgh4 APR 1659 New YorkBEF 1660 New York
Johanna Van Burgh16 APR 1697 New York 
Johannes Van Burgh1624 Haarlem, The Netherlands1696 New York
Johannes Van BurghABT 1675 New YorkAFT 14 NOV 1705 New York, New York
Johnannes Van Burgh6 AUG 1699 New York 
Maria Van BurghABT 1595 The Netherlands 
Maria Van Burgh30 SEP 1673 New York 
Peter Van Burgh14 JUL 1666 New York20 JUL 1740 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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