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  9 individuals found for query Van Meteren
Catherine Van MeterenABT 1690  
Hendrick Van MeterenABT 1 SEP 1695 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York1759 
Isaac Van MeterenABT 1692 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York17 FEB 1754 Fort Pleasant, Hampshire Co, Virginia
Jan Van MeterenABT 14 OCT 1683 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York13 AUG 1745 Apequion, Windchester, Fredrick Co, Virginia
Jan Joosten Van MeterenABT 1625 Theirlewodt, Gelderland, The Netherlands1706 
John Van Meteren1663 1 JAN 1746/47 
Joost Van Meteren1656 Gelderland, The Netherlands19 JUN 1714 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Lysbeth Van MeterenABT 3 MAR 1687/88 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York 
Rebecca Van MeterenBEF 26 APR 1686 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York1756 

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