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  10 individuals found for query Van Schoohoven
Anne Van SchoohovenBEF 27 SEP 1724  
Dirck Van Schoohoven1720  
Geurt Hendirckse Van SchoohovenABT 1645 The Netherlands12 JAN 1701/02 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Guert Van SchoohovenBEF 3 APR 1716 BEF MAR 1717/18 
Guert Van Schoohoven9 MAR 1717/18  
Hendrick Van Schoohoven7 APR 1727  
Jacobus G Van SchoohovenMAY 1671 Albany, Albany Co, New York24 JAN 1748/49 New York
Jacomyntje Van SchoohovenABT 1670 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Maria Van Schoohoven12 AUG 1721  
Susanna Van SchoohovenBEF 18 APR 1730  

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