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  423 individuals found for query VanDever
A D VandeverBEF 1838  
Aaron Edmond VandeverABT 1875 Nokomis, Montgomery Co, Illinois 
Aaron Keys Vandever4 SEP 1855 Montgomery Co, Illinois12 DEC 1920 Nokomis, Montgomery Co, Illinois
Abraham Kirkpatrick VandeverFEB 1872 Monroe Co, Kentucky12 NOV 1935 Los Angeles Co, California
Ada Ann Vandever10 DEC 1890 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co, Alabama18 MAY 1953 Broken Bow, McCurtain Co, Oklahoma
Addison P Vandever1825 Preble Co, Ohio25 SEP 1862 LeRoy, Coffey Co, Kansas
Adeline VandeverABT 1840  
Alfred Vandever1847 Arkansas 
Alice Vandever30 DEC 1858 Montgomery Co, Illinois13 FEB 1859 
Alice VandeverABT 1860  
Alma Vina Vandever17 JUN 1899 Franklin Co, Alabama1907 Murray Co, Oklahoma
Alvin Francis Vandever8 APR 1897 Franklin Co, Alabama23 JAN 1986 Alva, Woods Co, Oklahoma
Amelia VandeverABT 1850 Iowa 
Amos VandeverABT 1830  
Amos Vandever3 SEP 1799 South Carolina21 SEP 1878 Jefferson Co, Iowa
Anderson L VandeverABT 1860  
Angeline VandeverAFT 1798 Preble Co, Ohio1844 
Ann VandeverABT 1725 Maryland 
Anna May Vandever6 MAY 1893 Niotaze, Chautalique, Kansas 
Anne Jane VandeverABT 1750  
Arminda VandeverJUL 1894 Missouri 
Arnold VandeverABT 1785 AFT 6 OCT 1827 White Co, Tennessee
Arthur Addison Vandever11 DEC 1867 Coffey Co, Kansas20 OCT 1950 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Atwood VandeverJUN 1849 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware1932 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Aubrey II VandeverABT 1890  
Barbara Vandever1896 Kansas1897 Kansas
Benjamin VandeverABT 1795 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Benjamin VandeverBEF 1840  
Benjamin Vandever14 JUL 1762 New Castle Co, Delaware1865 
Benjamin F VandeverBEF 1860  
Bertha VandeverABT 1890  
Bertha Lillian Vandever29 FEB 1892 Arkansas12 MAR 1955 Broker Bow, McCurtain Co, Oklahoma
Bessie Vandever21 SEP 1893 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Betty Jo Vandever  
Bishop Vandever1796 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Bradford VandeverBEF 1828  
Carl Vandever16 SEP 1883 Lebanon, Boone Co, Indiana11 FEB 1971 Mesa, Maricopa Co, Arizona
Carl Leland Vandever4 SEP 1880 Harvey Co, Kansas1910 
Catherine Vandever1842 Perry Co, Indiana 
Cecil John Vandever8 DEC 1892 Iowa 
Cecilia Vandever1839 Arkansas 
Charles Vandever1900  
Charles VanDeverABT 1885  
Charles Vandever1820 White Co, Tennessee 
Charles VandeverABT 1850  Ferndale, Washington
Charles E Vandever28 FEB 1857 11 DEC 1920 Dallas Co,Iowa
Charles Edward Vandever11 APR 1848 10 NOV 1912 Carroll Co, Arkansas
Charles Ewing Vandever1900 1981 
Charles Irman Vandever10 NOV 1890 Twin Oaks, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania1963 Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
Charles M VandeverBEF 1855  
Charles Martin VandeverABT 1870 Cumberland Co, Tennessee 
Charles Noah Vandever15 SEP 1895 Keystone, Pawnee, Oklahoma 
Charles Speers Vandever28 MAR 1879 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois26 MAY 1947 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Charles Thompson Vandever10 FEB 1827 Preble Co, Ohio13 FEB 1912 Montgomery Co, Kansas
Charles Wesley Vandever4 APR 1899 Switzerland Co, Indiana1981 Dillsboro, Dearborn Co, Indiana
Chris Vandever1871 Coffey Co, Kansas 
Clara VandeverABT 1890  
Clara Francis Vandever4 JAN 1882 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois 
Claudia VandeverABT 1890  
Clinton B VandeverABT 1900  
Clyde VandeverABT 1890  
Clyde VandeverABT 1890  
Cora Rebecca Vandever1876 1883 
Cornelia H Vandever15 FEB 1857 Kansas6 FEB 1929 Zanesville, Muskingum Co, Ohio
Cornelis Vandever1716 Wilmington, New Castle Co, DelawareAFT 1764 
Culla Vandever8 AUG 1884 Switzerland Co, Indiana11 FEB 1967 Kings Daughter Hospital, Madison, Indiana
Cynthia VandeverABT 1850 Indiana 
Cynthia A VandeverABT 1815  
Cyrena VandeverABT 1835 1902 
Daniel Vandever1862 1920 Butler Co, Missouri
Dewitt Vandever1864 KansasBEF 1865 Kansas
Dewitt Vandever1865 Kansas 
Dora Vandever1879 Edwards Co, Illinois 
Doran G VandeverMAY 1855 Indiana 
Dwight B VandeverABT 1900  
Eady Vandever22 OCT 1888 Lincoln Co, Arkansas 
Earl B VandeverDEC 1883 Iowa 
Earnest Albert Vandever1882 Mississippi1967 
Edgar Hieronymus VandeverABT 1900  
Edith Vandever1880 1966 Pennsylvania
Edmund Bond VandeverABT 1900  
Edna Vandever1899  
Edna May Vandever5 APR 1868 Fulton Co, Indiana1 MAR 1943 Santa Barbara Co, California
Edward Gerome Vandever20 OCT 1878 Cumberland Co, Tennessee16 AUG 1886 Cumberland Co, Tennessee
Edward S Vandever14 NOV 1894 15 JAN 1975 Van Buren Co, Tennesse
Effie Olatha Vandever5 JUN 1862 Fulton Co, Indiana20 JUL 1872 Fulton Co, Indiana
Elihu Vandever5 FEB 1818 White Co, TennesseeBET 1891 AND 1896 
Elihu Vandever1818 White Co, Tennessee 
Eliza Athelia VandeverAFT 1849 Indiana 
Elizabeth Vandever1878 Edwards Co, Illinois1879 
Elizabeth VandeverABT 1740  
Elizabeth Vandever10 DEC 1820 Baltimore, Maryland22 JAN 1860 
Elizabeth Vandever1802 Preble Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Vandever1860 White Co, Tennessee 
Elizabeth VandeverABT 1800  
Elizabeth VandeverABT 1815  
Elizabeth VandeverABT 1725 Maryland 
Elizabeth Wycoff Vandever1832 Penn 
Ellen Vandever1862 Indiana 
Ellen Vandever1856 Kansas 
Ellen M VandeverABT 1815  
Ellinor VandeverABT 1753  
Elva Leora Vandever21 MAY 1884 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois 
Emily Garner Vandever1836 White Co, Tennessee Rogers, Arkansas
Emily Jane Vandever5 AUG 1847 Montgomery Co, Illinois17 FEB 1865 
Emma Vandever1860 Kansas 
Emma A Vandever1818 28 MAY 1857 Wilmington, Delaware
Emma June Vandever4 JUL 1882 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri19 APR 1978 West Hollywood, Los Angeles Co, California
Emmett VandeverABT 1840  
Eugene Vandever1838 Campbell Co, Kentucky 
Ezra Leon VandeverABT 1890  
F M Vandever1851 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama 
Fannie Vandever1871 Indiana 
Fanny Vandever1859  
Feeby Vandever1879 Indiana 
Flora A Vandever23 APR 1872 Lebanon, Boone Co, IndianaAPR 1941 Lebanon, Indiana
Florence VandeverBET 1835 AND 1865  
Francis C Vandever14 JUL 1838 White Co, Tennessee16 JUN 1901 
Frank VandeverABT 1889  
Frank Vandever1867 Indiana 
Frank Atwood Sr Vandever1890 1954 
Frederick J Vandever27 JUN 1875 Harvey Co, Kansas27 JUL 1951 Santa Barbara Co, California
Frederick L Vandever16 JUN 1881 Twin Oaks, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania16 OCT 1946 Elizabeth, Union Co, New Jersey
Frederick L VandeverABT 1895  
Fredrick VandeverABT 1875 Kansas 
Garret VandeverABT 1900  
Gary York Vandever10 OCT 1888 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois8 JAN 1959 Tulsa, Oklahoma
George VandeverABT 1865  
George VandeverABT 1829 Campbell Co, Kentucky 
George Vandever1727 Queen Anne's Co, MarylandOCT 1764 Loudon Co, Virginia
George VandeverABT 1855  
George Arnold Vandever8 FEB 1840 White Co, Tennessee21 JUN 1931 Cumberland Co, Tennesse
George B McCLellan Vandever1862 7 SEP 1863 402 6th St, Wilmington, Delaware
George Cleveland Vandever8 FEB 1886 Jackson Co, Alabama 
George H Vandever1833 1884 
George Raymond Vandever16 MAR 1882 Cumberland Co, Tennesse16 JUN 1971 Cumberland Co, Tennessee
George William Vandever1848 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama1910 Leighton, Colbert Co, Alabama
George Y Vandever1870 Monroe Co, Kentucky 
Gertrude Vandever17 JUN 1876 Twin Oaks, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania 
Gertrude Vandever1877 1944 Pennsylvania
Gilbert L Vandever1829 Indiana 
Grace VandeverABT 1870  
Grace M VandeverAUG 1889 Iowa 
Harriet Vandever1832 Campbell Co, KentuckyBET 1853 AND 1912 
Harry E Vandever17 JUN 1892 Switzerland Co, Indiana12 NOV 1980 Fairfield, Butler Co, Ohio
Harvey VandeverABT 1873 Alabama 
Hattie Vandever1876 Indiana 
Helen O VandeverNOV 1898 Iowa 
Henry Vandever1854  
Henry Vandever1847 6 NOV 1863 Hill Creek, Delaware
Henry Vandever1853 1855 Hamilton Co, Ohio
Henry VandeverMAY 1860 Edwards Co, Illinois1936 Salem, Edwards Co, Illinois
Herbert Vandever1873 Indiana 
Herman Vandever1877 Edwards Co, Illinois1897 
Hester B VandeverABT 1900  
Hettie Vandever1897  
Homer Vandever  
Horace Vandever  
Horatia M Vandever21 SEP 1853 Montgomery Co, Illinois5 OCT 1855 
Ida G Vandever1851  
Inda M VandeverSEP 1889 Iowa 
Infant VandeverABT 1898 Switzerland Co, Indiana1898 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Infant Vandever1834 Campbell Co, KentuckyBEF 1840 
Irene VandeverDEC 1875 Leighton, Colbert Co, Alabama 
Irvin VandeverABT 1850  
Isaac Grubb Vandever5 OCT 1881 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Isaac Worth Vandever19 JUN 1878 Chester, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania5 DEC 1949 
Isabel Vandever1812 Preble Co, Ohio1901 
Isabelle Joyce Vandever12 OCT 1876 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois 
Isaiah W Vandever1838 1910 Miami Co, Ohio
Issac C Vandever1889 1891 
J Bishop Vandever1859 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware 
J Dervere Vandever1855 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware 
Jacob VandeverAFT 1798  
Jacob B VandeverBEF 1 SEP 1792 New Castle Co, Delaware16 DEC 1868 New Castle Co, Delaware
Jacob B VandeverABT 1795  
Jacob B VandeverBEF 1820  
Jacob Edwin Vandever1852 Switzerland Co, Indiana1943 Switzerland Co, Indiana
James VandeverABT 1860  
James C Vandever9 JUN 1859 Red River Co, Texas1901 Texas
James Cooper Vandever18 MAR 1812 White Co, Tennessee23 APR 1889 White Co, Tennessee
James D Vandever23 OCT 1866 Edwards Co, Illinois1935 Bone Gap, Edwards Co, Illinios
James Elihu VandeverABT 1815 White Co, Tennessee 
James Hayden Vandever27 APR 1874 Monroe Co, Kentucky11 MAY 1906 Tulare Co, California
James Ivan Vandever19 SEP 1888 Iowa 
James M VandeverMAR 1852 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama1915 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama
James M Vandever1877 Mississippi1940 
James M VandeverDEC 1887 Tennessee1910 
James Madison Vandever6 JUN 1870 Kentucky5 FEB 1949 
James Solomon Vandever18 JAN 1870 14 MAY 1943 
James Sterlin Vandever3 FEB 1897  
James Thomas Vandever24 SEP 1853 Jackson Co, Alabama26 NOV 1914 Oklahoma
James W VandeverABT 1750 Buncombe Co, North Carolina 
James William Vandever31 AUG 1866 Cumberland Co, Tennessee11 OCT 1943 Tennessee
Jane Vandever28 FEB 1797 Chowan Co, North Carolina1862 
Jennie Vandever23 APR 1890 Lincoln Co, Arkansas 
Jesse Vandever1 JAN 1892 Denton, Texas 
Joe B Vandever1893  
John VandeverBEF 1838  
John VandeverABT 1740  
John VandeverAFT 1798  
John VandeverABT 1820  
John Vandever1803 31 DEC 1879 (Delaware)
John Vandever16 MAR 1796 6 DEC 1856 Chester Co, Pennsylvania
John VandeverABT 1827 Campbell Co, Kentucky 
John Vandever1723 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1770 
John VandeverABT 1725 Maryland 
John VandeverABT 1890  
John Vandever1814 APR 1880 Chester Co, Pennsylvania
John VandeverABT 1900  
John Vandever1803 Delaware 
John Arnold VandeverAUG 1851 21 JAN 1928 
John B VandeverABT 1815  
John B VandeverAUG 1893 Kentucky 
John Beeson Vandever2 MAR 1788 New Castle Co, Delaware 
John E Vandever17 JUL 1872 Mississippi19 JUL 1945 Lamar Co, Texas
John Evans Vandever10 OCT 1839 Terra Haute, Virgo Co, Indiana19 AUG 1924 Bennington, Bryon Co, Oklahoma
John Franklin Vandever1795 Iredell Co, North Carolina1830 
John Hornaday Vandever19 JAN 1838 Carroll Co, Indiana3 JAN 1906 Olalla, Douglas Co, Oregon
John I Vandever1775 Kent Co, Delaware1834 Cass Co, Indiana
John S Vandever1862 Tennessee 
John S Vandever30 NOV 1888 Tennessee 
John Thomas Vandever1883 ~Stuttgart, Arkansas Co, Arkansas 
John Thomas VandeverABT 1840  
John William Vandever1 JAN 1892 Tishimingo, Johnson Co, Oklahoma1 OCT 1963 Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co, Oklahoma
Johnnie Boyd VandeverDEC 1869 Fulton Co, Indiana26 JUL 1872 Fulton Co, Indiana
Joseph Vandever1885 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Josephine Vandever31 JAN 1884 4 DEC 1950 
Joshua S VandeverABT 1815  
Julia H Vandever1852  
Juretta Vandever1894  
Jurette G VandeverJUL 1895 Kentucky 
Lafayette Vandever1844 Campbell Co, Kentucky 
Laranda VandeverJUL 1883 Leighton, Colbert Co, Alabama 
Laura Vandever1856 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware1870 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware
Laura Vandever12 APR 1862 Montgomery Co, Illinois18 SEP 1911 
Laura Ann Vandever29 JUN 1884 Jaclson, Hinds Co, Mississippi2 NOV 1951 Boswell, Choctaw Co, Oklahoma
Lavelia A Vandever1848 1859 Hamilton Co, Ohio
Leda Marquerite Vandever7 MAY 1896 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois 
Leola M Vandever1861 Indiana 
Lester Keys VandeverABT 1875 Nokomis, Montgomery Co, Illinois 
Lila Vandever10 JUN 1889 Elk City , Beckham, Kansas 
Lillie Vandever23 APR 1890 Lincoln Co, Arkansas 
Lincoln Vandever1867 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware 
Lonnie VandeverABT 1900  
Loran Otto Vandever23 FEB 1893 Piqua, Miami Co, Ohio8 MAR 1961 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Lorzo Lafait Vandever25 JAN 1894 Sadler, Grayson Co, TexasAUG 1966 Mannsville, Johnson Co, Oklahoma
Lotttie Lorenia Vandever25 MAR 1872 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois1950 
Louis Pearl Vandever30 DEC 1877 Harvey Co, Kansas4 DEC 1949 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co, California
Louis S VandeverAFT 1798  
Louisa Vandever16 MAR 1826 Campbell Co, Kentucky17 NOV 1844 Jefferson Co, Iowa
Louisa Eliizabeth Vandever1848 Perry Co, Indiana 
Louisa Elizabeth Vandever16 JAN 1893 Franklin Co, AlabamaDEC 1981 Nevada Co, Arkansas
Louisa Lucinda Vandever1840 Marion Co, Indiana 
Lucinda Vandever1843 Indiana 
Luther Jay Vandever27 FEB 1880 Cumberland Co, Tennessee21 NOV 1971 Cumberland Co, Tennesse
Mabel Clara Vandever18 AUG 1894 Kansas25 DEC 1972 
Mack Elmore VandeverNOV 1870 Tennessee1950 Oklahoma
Madison A Vandever23 DEC 1871 16 JUL 1946 Fort Towson, Choctaw, Oklahoma
Mae Vandever1900 Tennessee1979 
Maggie Bell Vandever11 JAN 1894 Jackson Co, Alabama1927 
Margaret VandeverABT 1825  
Margaret Vandever1850  
Margaret E VandeverAFT 1836 Marion Co, Indiana 
Margaret Evelina Vandever1 APR 1876 Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee23 JUN 1939 Phillips, Coal Co, Oklahoma
Maria VandeverABT 1690  
Marion VandeverABT 1833 Campbell Co, Kentucky 
Marlin Harvey Vandever18 AUG 1864 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama10 APR 1960 Sulphur Springs, Murray Co, Oklahoma
Marlin Harvey VandeverMAY 1890 Arkansas 
Marquis Vandever3 APR 1858 Kansas19 JAN 1912 Montgomery Co, Kansas
Marshall H Vandever1828 Pennsylvania26 DEC 1861 
Martha Vandever1808 Preble Co, OhioBET 1877 AND 1879 Coffey Co, Kansas
Martha A Vandever1848 Indiana1932 
Martha E Vandever14 SEP 1873 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Martha Emma Vandever1858 30 AUG 1859 
Martha Jane H VandeverABT 1900  
Marthey E Vandever24 SEP 1855  
Marvin B Vandever12 FEB 1896 Kentucky12 NOV 1982 Payne Co, Oklahoma
Mary Vandever1874 Mississippi1956 
Mary VandeverABT 1895 Lincoln Co, Arkansas 
Mary VandeverABT 1800  
Mary Vandever1845 Perry Co, Indiana 
Mary Ann Vandever20 SEP 1883 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Mary Catherine Vandever23 APR 1860 Fulton Co, Indiana18 JUL 1942 Alameda Co, California
Mary F VandeverABT 1860  
Mary Jane Vandever1 MAR 1853  
Mary Jane Vandever1838 Marion Co, Indiana 
Mary Jane Vandever13 MAR 1843 Louisana16 MAR 1901 Carthage, Jasper Co, Missouri
Mary Lavina Vandever28 MAY 1849 Montgomery Co, Illinois15 OCT 1864 
Mary Rachel VandeverABT 1740 BEF 1818 
Matthew Vandever1725 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1772 Kent Co, Delaware
Matthew Vandever8 MAR 1751/52 1855 Iredell Co, NC
Matthew VandeverABT 1850  
Matthew VandeverFEB 1882 Leighton, Colbert Co, Alabama 
Maud Vandever9 JAN 1890 22 JAN 1940 
May Vandever1875 6 AUG 1877 Pennsylvania
Mayme Viola Vandever26 MAY 1899  
Milton C Vandever1843 17 APR 1865 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Minerva Maude VandeverAUG 1886  ?Kentucky
Morton Vandever1745 New Castle Co, Delaware1778 
Myrtle VandeverBEF 1786  
Myrtle Vandever1876 Monroe Co, Kentucky1902 
Myrtle D Vandever15 MAY 1866 Fulton Co, Indiana24 AUG 1899 Long Beach, Los Angeles Co, California
Nancy VandeverABT 1820  
Nancy Ann Vandever1848 White Co, Tenn ? 
Nancy Isabella Vandever1 MAY 1864 Ill31 OCT 1865 Ill
Nancy Jane Vandever25 FEB 1882 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Nathan VandeverABT 1890  
Nelle Vandever31 MAY 1865 6 OCT 1956 Dallas Co,Iowa
Nellie VandeverABT 1845  
Nicholas D Vandever1 JAN 1870 Cumberland Co, Tennessee7 JUL 1961 Tennessee
Nicholas Dawson Vandever14 JAN 1844 White Co, Tennessee13 JUN 1894 
Nina Elizabeth Vandever4 FEB 1896 Elk City , Beckham, Kansas 
Noah Vandever1807 Preble Co, Ohio1874 
Nobean Vandever1887  
O Perry Vandever13 SEP 1864 1 MAR 1943 
Omer Oscar Vandever12 DEC 1886 Lebanon, Boone Co, Indiana7 DEC 1941 Phoenix, Maricopa Co, Arizona
Opal VandeverABT 1890  
Oscar Roy Vandever10 MAR 1891 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Othee L VandeverAPR 1896 Texas 
Pamela Luelen Vandever4 FEB 1880 Jackson Co, Alabama 
Patterson Sharp VandeverOCT 1859 Indiana25 FEB 1939 Priest River, Bonner Co, Idaho
Peter VandeverJUL 1862 Delaware 
Peter VandeverABT 1770  
Peter Vandever13 MAR 1794 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter VandeverABT 1815  
Peter VandeverABT 1765 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Vandever1837 South Carolina 
Rachel Vandever15 JAN 1825 White Co, Tennessee18 FEB 1899 Lincoln Co, Kentucky
Rebecca Vandever1822 White Co, Tennessee 
Rebecca J Vandever1851 Perry Co, Indiana 
Richard VandeverNOV 1868 Edwards Co, Illinois20 AUG 1945 Knightsville, Clay Co, Indiana
Richard VandeverABT 1853 Indiana 
Richard Vandever1869  
Richard Wesley Vandever1880 1919 
Robert Vandever1857 Moulton, Lawrence Co, AlabamaABT 1927 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama
Robert Vandever  
Robert R Vandever1839 Indiana1913 
Robert Solomon Vandever3 FEB 1888 1970 Morgan Hill, Texas
Rosa Vandever1857 Indiana 
Rosabel Vandever1843 Arkansas 
Rossetta Mae Vandever16 AUG 1900  
Roxalina A Vandever27 AUG 1810 New York29 MAY 1892 Shelby Co, Indiana
Ruby Vandever  
Ruth VandeverABT 1900 Switzerland Co, Indiana1981 Dillsboro, Dearborn Co, Indiana
Sam VandeverABT 1870  
Samuel Vandever1835 Campbell Co, Kentucky 
Samuel D Vandever17 APR 1845 Marion Co, IndianaAFT 1912 Perry Township, Boone Co, Indiana ?
Samuel L Vandever16 MAR 1873 Cumberland Co, Tennessee21 JUL 1941 Tennessee
Sarah Vandever1 JUN 1806 Henry Co, KentuckyAFT 1814 Indiana
Sarah Vandever1810 Preble Co, Ohio 
Sarah VandeverABT 1790  
Sarah VandeverABT 1805  
Sarah A Vandever1873 Edwards Co, Illinois 
Sarah Ann VandeverABT 1825  
Sarah Frances Vandever21 JAN 1878 Scottsboro Co, Alabama1960 
Sarah R VandeverABT 1840  
Scott B Vandever28 AUG 1850 Switzerland Co, Indiana3 MAY 1929 Switzeland Co, Indiana
Scott B Vandever28 AUG 1850 Switzerland Co, Indiana3 MAY 1929 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Sophronia Wright Vandever23 SEP 1867 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois20 MAR 1907 
Stephen R Vandever1849 Marion Co, Indiana1915 Boone Co, Indiana
Sterling A Vandever7 SEP 1899 Clifty, Pulaski, Kentucky19 JAN 1972 Payne Co, Oklahoma
Susan VandeverBET 1828 AND 1830 Campbell Co, KentuckyBET 1846 AND 1910 
Susan Magdelene VandeverDEC 1867 Iowa25 FEB 1958 Priest River, Bonner Co, Idaho
Theodosia Ann Vandever22 JAN 1860 Montgomery Co, Illinois22 FEB 1904 
Theodosia Virona VandeverBET 1865 AND 1870  
Thomas VandeverABT 1800 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Thomas Vandever1830 Indiana 
Thomas Andrew Vandever1879 Mississippi1963 
Thomas Ballenger VandeverABT 1805 28 FEB 1881 
Thomas E Vandever1825 White Co, Tennessee 
Thomas J Vandever1849 White Co, Tennessee 
Thomas Jefferson Vandever1841 Arkansas1870 
Thomas Lee Vandever3 APR 1868 Cumberland Co, Tennessee9 OCT 1964 Cumberland Co, Tennesse
Thomas M VandeverABT 1860  
Thomas S VandeverABT 1825 Tenn ? 
Tullius VandeverBEF 1835 Wilmington, Delaware 
Turza VandeverABT 1825  
Velma L VandeverJAN 1886 Iowa 
Verna Mae VandeverABT 1890  
Verne Neville Vandever16 OCT 1892 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois12 NOV 1957 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Vincent VandeverABT 1780  
Vincent Vandever20 NOV 1793 Iredell Co, North Carolina1860 Coffey Co, Kansas
Viola VandeverABT 1860  
Viola VanDeverABT 1885  
Viola Roxlyn Vandever10 NOV 1890 Twin Oaks, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania23 OCT 1970 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Vira A VandeverAPR 1884 Monroe Co, Kentucky 
Virgil E Vandever17 AUG 1892 Tennessee1 APR 1983 
Voris Vincent Vandever12 MAY 1887 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois10 AUG 1937 Tuscon, Arizona
Walter Carson Vandever4 AUG 1883 Switzerland Co, Indiana9 MAY 1963 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Walter David VandeverAUG 1889 Monroe Co, Kentucky 
Walter Lee Vandever18 MAY 1896  Huntsville, Texas
Wiley Vandever1887 Pilot Point, Texas 
William VandeverABT 1890  
William Vandever1862 Edwards Co, Illinois 
William Vandever1845 Arkansas 
William Vandever1835 Preble Co, Ohio1874 Coffey Co, Kansas
William VandeverABT 1890  
William Vandever1862 Coffey Co, Kansas 
William Vandever31 MAR 1817 Baltimore, Maryland23 JUL 1893 Ventura, California
William Vandever11 FEB 1716/17 Baltimore Co, Maryland1805 Hampshire Co, Virginia
William VandeverABT 1780  
William A Vandever27 OCT 1854 White Co, Tennessee25 FEB 1907 Tennessee
William Arthur Vandever24 MAY 1874 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois25 MAR 1954 Tulsa, Oklahoma
William B Vandever3 OCT 1872 Harvey Co, Kansas16 JUN 1899 Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co, California
William Cyrus Vandever12 JUN 1851 Montgomery Co, Illinois17 AUG 1918 Irving, Montgomery Co, Illinois
William Francis VandeverSEP 1823 Lawrence Co, Alabama1884 Moulton, Lawrence Co, Alabama
William Franklin VandeverJAN 1846 Moulton, Lawrence Co, AlabamaAFT 1920 McCurtain Co, Oklahoma
William Garret Vandever12 DEC 1842 Franklin, Marion Co, Indiana7 DEC 1916 Blackwell, Kay Co, Okalhoma
William H VandeverMAY 1883 Tennessee 
William Hugh Vandever3 JUL 1861 Topeka, Shawnee Co, Kansas14 JAN 1937 Vinita, Craig Co, Oklahoma
William Irvin Vandever1804 Bourbon Co, Kentucky 
William Joseph Vandever1872 Tennessee1920 
William L VandeverJUN 1824 Delaware 
William Leander Vandever18 JAN 1875 Scottsboro Co, Alabama9 JAN 1949 Denton Co, Texas
William M VandeverSEP 1816 White Co, Tennessee 
William M Vandever22 MAY 1859 7 SEP 1928 
William T VandeverBEF 1830 (Port Deposit, Maryland) 
William T Vandever1897 1977 
William Talley Vandever1853 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware16 JAN 1919 Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania
William Walter Vandever13 APR 1898 Sioux City, Woodbury Co, Iowa23 APR 1951 Lawndale, San Mateo Co, California
Willie Vandever1867 Mississippi 
Willie Mae Vandever28 JAN 1895 Landersville, Lawrence Co, Alabama21 AUG 1928 Marlow, Stephens Co, Oklahoma

* Individual - family ties unknown

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