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  22 individuals found for query VanderVeere
Alfred Vanderveere25 JAN 1860 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan24 MAY 1955 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Alice VanderveereABT 1860  
Bessie Bouwke Vanderveere7 JAN 1857 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan3 AUG 1934 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Catherine Vanderveere2 FEB 1852 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan27 APR 1943 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Catherine Vanderveere14 NOV 1842 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands13 OCT 1931 Muskegon, Muskegon Co, Michigan
Chris Vanderveere1884 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan1944 
Cornelius VanderveereABT 1775 The Netherlands 
Cornelius Vanderveere13 OCT 1858 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan17 OCT 1941 Bates Co, Missouri
Cornelius Vanderveere1841 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands18 JUN 1914 Ottawa Co, Michigan
Cornelius Wilbert Vanderveere18 DEC 1811 Flushing, The Netherlands19 MAR 1899 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Grace Vanderveere1888 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan1961 
Henry VanderVeere1850 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands17 FEB 1898 Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois
Henry VanderVeereABT 1875 Waukegan, Illinois2 DEC 1904 
Henry Vanderveere10 DEC 1800 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands14 MAR 1869 Ottawa Co, Michigan
Henry W VanderveereABT 1860 Grand Haven, Ottawa Co, Michigan27 NOV 1920 Muskegon, Muskegon Co, Michigan
Maria VanderVeere2 JUL 1845 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands17 AUG 1934 Grand Haven, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Nellie VanderVeereABT 1865 22 JAN 1922 Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois
Nellie Vanderveere1882 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan1975 
Peter VanderVeereABT 1847 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands25 FEB 1899 Muskegon Co, Michigan
Peter VanderVeereABT 1875  
Teunis Vanderveere1843 Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Nethlands19 FEB 1923 Ottawa Co, Michigan
William Vanderveere14 FEB 1862 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan12 JUL 1944 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan

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