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  179 individuals found for query Vanderford
Albert A VanderfordABT 1872  
Alexander Vanderford1825 Eagle Township, Vinton Co, Ohio 
Alexandria Vanderford1830 Ross Co, Ohio Missouri
Alice VanderfordABT 1875  
Allen C Vanderford1812 Funderburk District, Clark Co, Ga 
Amanda Vanderford17 FEB 1839  
Amanda L Vanderford1851 Missouri 
Ann Nancy VanderfordABT 1760 Queen Annes Co, MarylandABT 1813 
Anninta Vanderford1840 Missouri 
Arey VanderfordABT 1877  
Arey A Vanderford1845 Polk Co, Missouri 
Asa VanderfordABT 1815  
Asa VanderfordABT 1872  
Asa Ratliff Vanderford30 MAR 1818 Ross Co, Ohio27 SEP 1889 Dallas Co, Missouri
Asa Word VanderfordDEC 1854 OCT 1860 
Ashbury Vanderford29 JUL 1740 Queen Anne's Co, MarylandNOV 1758 
Augustus Vanderford1814 Funderburk District, Clark Co, Ga1893 
Austin Comer Vanderford1820 Eagle Township, Vinton Co, Ohio1856 Polk Co, Missouri
Avia Minta Vanderford30 JUN 1741 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland 
Barzillia VanderfordSEP 1798 Greene Co, GeorgiaJUL 1876 Corinthe, Alcorn Co, Mississippi
Benjamin VanderfordABT 1760  
Benjamin VanderfordABT 1716 Queen Annes Co, Maryland 
Benjamin VanderfordABT 1722 Queen Ann's Parish, MD1766 Maryland
Beverly VanderfordABT 1875  
Brevard Thomas VanderfordABT 1890  
Carlotte VanderfordABT 1805 Greene Co, Georgia 
Caroline Vanderford7 MAY 1831  
Carrie Elnora VanderfordABT 1872 Halfway, Polk Co, MissouriNOV 1958 Des Moines, Polk Co, Missouri
Catharine Vanderford1842 Benton, Polk Co, Missouri 
Catherine VanderfordAFT 1685 Talbot Co, Maryland 
Catherine Vanderford28 FEB 1835  
Charles VanderfordAFT 1869  
Charles VanderfordABT 1678 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland22 NOV 1737 Queen Ann's Co, Maryland
Charles VanderfordABT 1728  
Charles Vanderford1757 Salem, Essex Co, MassachusettsMAY 1822 Baltimore, Maryland
Charles Vanderford1774 Kent Co, Delaware 
Christina VanderfordOCT 1846 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriJAN 1921 Missouri
Dennis W Vanderford1860 Missouri 
Eli Vanderford1781 Chatham Co, North Carolina1781 Chatham Co, North Carolina
Eli Vanderford1784 Chatham Co, North CarolinaAUG 1856 Dallas Co, Missouri
Eli VanderfordMAR 1804 Eagle Township, Vinton Co, OhioAPR 1870 Union Township, Marion Co, Indiana
Eli Vanderford1816 Ross Co, OhioBEF 1900 Missouri
Eli VanderfordAFT 1841  
Eli Milton VanderfordNOV 1849 Missouri 
Elizabeth VanderfordABT 1760 Queen Annes Co, Maryland 
Ella M Vanderford21 AUG 1878 North Benton, Cedar, Missouri11 APR 1882 North Benton, Cedar, Missouri
Ellen Vanderford1850 Missouri 
Emily Vanderford1846  
Enos Vanderford1812 Ross Co, Ohio1866 Missouri
Ester VanderfordABT 1725 Queen Ann's Parish, MD 
Evens P E VanderfordABT 1858 Polk Co, Missouri 
Flodar VanderfordABT 1866  
Francis E Vanderford29 SEP 1822 Walton Co, Georgia29 JAN 1872 Gurdon, Clark Co, Arkansas
George Vanderford1869 Dallas Co, Missouri 
George Vanderford29 JUL 1740 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland 
George Walter Vanderford19 FEB 1882 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri 
Hannah VanderfordABT 1760 Queen Annes Co, MarylandABT 1813 
Harriet S Vanderford1855 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Howard VanderfordABT 1794 Greene Co, Georgia 
Ida VanderfordAFT 1869  
Ida Lucinda Vanderford22 JUN 1880 Joplin, Jasper Co, MissouriJUL 1966 Washington
James VanderfordSEP 1761 Queen Annes Co, MarylandAFT 1833 Hickman Co, Tennessee
James VanderfordABT 1736 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland 
James Beverly Vanderford1855 Polk Co, Missouri 
James Jesse Arthur VanderfordJUN 1887 Bolivar, Polk Co, MissouriFEB 1954 Alburquerque, New Mexico
Jesse Vanderford11 NOV 1822 Ross Co, Ohio22 SEP 1878 Dallas Co , Missouri
Jesse Vanderford1802 Hocking Co, Ohio1841 Ohio
Jesse Arness Vanderford31 AUG 1884 Joplin, Jasper Co, MissouriSEP 1963 
Jesse R VanderfordOCT 1847 MissouriMAR 1912 Polk Co, Missouri
Jesse R Vanderford3 AUG 1845  
Jesse W VanderfordSEP 1847 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriOCT 1887 Missouri
Joel Joseph Vanderford5 NOV 1813 Ross Co, OhioAFT 1882 
John Vanderford1730 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1767 
John VanderfordABT 1697 Queen Ann's Parish, MarylandJAN 1783 
John Vanderford1730 Queen Annes Co, Maryland1792 Chatham, North Carolina
John Vanderford1796 Greene Co, Georgia1877 Mississippi
John Vanderford28 MAR 1808 Ross Co, Ohio12 MAR 1869 Missouri
John VanderfordABT 1733 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland 
John A VanderfordOCT 1833 Hocking Co, OhioAFT 1900 Dallas Co, Missouri
John Austin Vanderford28 SEP 1853  
John Clinton Vanderford26 JAN 1847 Polk Co, Missouri1890 Buffalo, Dallas Co, Missouri
John Daniel Vanderford1760 Queen Annes Co, Maryland1820 Chatham Co, North Carolina
John Lemuel VanderfordDEC 1884 Polk Co, MissouriJAN 1952 
John M VanderfordDEC 1854 Missouri 
John N Vanderford22 JUN 1852 Dallas Co, Missouri8 APR 1923 MacIntosh, Torrence Co, New Mexico
John R Vanderford1838 Ross Co, Ohio 
John Walter VanderfordMAR 1875 Buffalo, Dallas Co, MissouriDEC 1954 Boise, Idaho
Jonah VanderfordABT 1809 Funderburk District, Clark Co, Ga 
Joseph Vanderford1807 Ross Co, OhioAFT 1840 
Joseph VanderfordAFT 1869  
Josiah M VanderfordABT 1808 Funderburk District, Clark Co, Ga 
Josyntje Cosine Susanna Vanderford2 JUN 1647 Wallabout (Brooklyn), Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1692 Talbot Co, Maryland
Julian VanderfordABT 1841 Polk Co, Missouri 
Laura VanderfordAFT 1869  
Leona Bell Vanderford19 AUG 1886 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri7 MAR 1889 Missouri or Washington
Lilla Vanderford1879  
Lilla VanderfordABT 1878  
Lillian Estella VanderfordMAY 1880 Halfway, Polk Co, MissouriDEC 1951 
Louis VanderfordABT 1870 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Louisa Vanderford7 MAR 1807  
Lucinda VanderfordABT 1876  
Lucinda Vanderford4 OCT 1848 Buffalo, Dallas Co, Missouri8 FEB 1883 Miami, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Lucinda VanderfordJAN 1860 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriJUN 1948 Polk Co, Mo
Lucy Ellen Vanderford1867 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Magdalena VanderfordSEP 1844 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriMAY 1929 Dallas Co, Mo
Marion Francis Vanderford1 NOV 1851 Polk Co, Missouri28 JAN 1918 
Martha Vanderford1853 Missouri 
Martin Luther VanderfordFEB 1899 Indian Terrirtory, Oklahoma Co, OK1974 
Marty VanderfordABT 1876  
Mary VanderfordABT 1728 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland 
Mary Vanderford7 JAN 1843  
Mary Vanderford1804 Hocking Co, Ohio 
Mary Vanderford24 FEB 1778 Queen Annes Co, Maryland3 APR 1817 
Mary E VanderfordJUL 1863 Missouri5 NOV 1886 Benton, Polk Co, Missouri
Mary G Vanderford1854  
Mary L VanderfordJAN 1857 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriMAY 1934 
Mary L VanderfordDEC 1849 Polk Co, Missouri Polk Co, Missouri
Mattie Arminta VanderfordFEB 1854 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriMAY 1887 Missouri
Milliston VanderfordABT 1730 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1810 
Minnie Louetta Vanderford1 MAR 1888 26 AUG 1914 Yakima, Yakima Co, Washington
Monroe Vanderford24 NOV 1844 Buffalo, Dallas Co, Missouri 
Myrtle Anges VanderfordSEP 1892 Indian Terrirtory, Oklahoma Co, OK 
Nancy Vanderford1857 Missouri 
Nancy Vanderford1796 Chatham Co, North Carolina 
Newton Jasper Vanderford2 AUG 1849 Polk Co, MissouriAFT 1911 
Nora VanderfordABT 1877 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Nora Rachel VanderfordSEP 1889 Bolivar, Polk Co, MissouriMAR 1929 Estancia, Torrence Co, New Mexico
Rachael Vanderford29 DEC 1738 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland 
Rachiel VanderfordMAR 1850 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Resas VanderfordABT 1874  
Rhesa Maynard Vanderford25 NOV 1813 Ross Co, Ohio30 SEP 1879 Missouri
Richard Vanderford1695 Queen Annes Co, MarylandBEF 1768 
Richard Vanderford1769 Queen Annes Co, Maryland1845 Clark Co, Georgia
Richard Vanderford1 OCT 1816 Eagle Township, Vinton Co, Ohio5 NOV 1891 
Ruth VanderfordNOV 1842 Missouri1852 Missouri
Sallie VanderfordMAR 1880  
Sally Vanderford10 NOV 1826  
Samatha Vanderford1863 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Samuel Vanderford1761  
Sarah VanderfordABT 1736 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland4 AUG 1737 
Sarah VanderfordABT 1760 Queen Annes Co, Maryland 
Sarah F Vanderford1850  
Sarah Jane Vanderford1839 MissouriMAY 1918 Ventura, Ventura Co, California
Sidney Austin Vanderford3 APR 1893 Castle Rock, Cowlitz, Washington15 FEB 1966 Renton, King Co, Washington
Sidney Pleasent Vanderford5 FEB 1856 Benton, Dallas Co, Missouri25 NOV 1926 Yakima Co, Washington
Susanah Vanderford1784 Chatham Co, North Carolina 
Susanah Sarah Jane Vanderford1825 Ross Co, Ohio Missouri
Susannah VanderfordSEP 1844 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriJUN 1868 Missouri
Susannah Vanderford1 OCT 1824  
Susannah Vanderford1843 Missouri 
Susannah Vanderford1832 Hocking Co, Ohio 
Sylvester Vanderford21 JUL 1833  
Teressa A VanderfordABT 1874 Dallas Co, Missouri 
Thomas Vanderford1710 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1747 Kent Co, Delaware
Thomas Vanderford1798 Greene Co, Georgia 
Thomas VanderfordBET 1682 AND 1689 Queen Anne Co, MarylandBEF 7 NOV 1747 Kent Co, Delaware
Thursa Mariah Vanderford31 JUL 1894 Castle Rock, Cowlitz, Washington Rainer, Thurston Co, Washington
Urlinda VanderfordABT 1857 Polk Co, Missouri 
Vincent VanderfordBEF 1710 Queen Ann's Parish, Maryland1758 Kent, Delaware
Vincent Vanderford1770 Kent Co, Delaware 
Vincent Vanderford1738 Queen Ann's Co, MarylandABT 1780 
Viola VanderfordABT 1869  
Walter VanderfordABT 1873  
Wesley Vanderford1860 Missouri 
William Vanderford22 SEP 1801 Jackson, Greene Co, Ga 
WIlliam VanderfordMAY 1811 Ross Co, OhioAPR 1896 McArthrur, Vinton Co, Ohio
William VanderfordABT 1871  
William VanderfordABT 1680 Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1745 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland
William VanderfordABT 1760  
William VanderfordABT 1820 Ross Co, Ohio Missouri
William VanderfordAFT 1869  
William Vanderford23 JUN 1782 Chatham Co, North Carolina23 MAY 1856 Eagle Township, Vinton Co, Ohio
William VanderfordABT 1725 St Lukes Parish, Queen Anne's Co, Maryland1803 Anson, North Carolina
William VanderfordMAR 1846 Missouri 
William Beverly Vanderford14 MAR 1890 Castle Rock, Cowlitz, Washington1 OCT 1950 Naches, Yakima Co, Washington
William Edward VanderfordAUG 1877 Halfway, Polk Co, Missouri 
William H Vanderford1848  
William Presely Vanderford1859 Dallas Co, MissouriAFT 1910 
William S VanderfordDEC 1851 Benton, Polk Co, MissouriSEP 1919 Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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