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  2487 individuals found for query Vanderveer
Aaron Vanderveer7 MAR 1815 Marboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 JAN 1887 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Aaron Anderson Vanderveer3 SEP 1855 Branchburg, Somerset Co, New Jersey7 MAR 1885 Branchburg, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Aaron Anderson Vanderveer31 OCT 1885 Somerset Co, New Jersey1961 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Aaron Brown Vanderveer24 JUN 1845 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio14 JUN 1906 Johnson Co, Kansas
Aaron D Vanderveer21 DEC 1876 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Aaron Davis Vanderveer9 MAY 1804 Clark Co, Kentucky Martin Co, Indiana
Aaron E VanderveerAFT 1830  
Aaron Franklin Vanderveer1 MAR 1859 Sherkston, Ontario, Canada4 OCT 1946 Welland Co, Ontario, Canada
Aaron Smock Vanderveer16 MAR 1836 Monmouth Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1910 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Aaron W VanderveerAFT 1870 Marion, Wayne Co, New York 
Abby Louisa VanderveerBEF 13 MAY 1826 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abby May VanderveerMAY 1878 New Jersey1961 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abigail Vanderveer24 FEB 1800 Griggstown, Somerset Co., New Jersey21 JUL 1894 Rocky Hill, Montgomery Township, Somerset Co., New Jersey
Abigail Vanderveer1809 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Abraham VanderveerAFT 1748 Long Island, New York 
Abraham VanderveerBEF 1760  
Abraham VanderveerAUG 1840 New Jersey 
Abraham VanderveerABT 1830 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Abraham VanderveerABT 1845 New Jersey 
Abraham Vanderveer7 NOV 1818 Flatbush, Long Island, New York26 SEP 1888 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York
Abraham VanderveerBEF 1740  
Abraham Vanderveer1900 New Jersey 
Abraham Vanderveer21 MAR 1790 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey1 APR 1873 Blauenberg, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham Vanderveer1858 Brooklyn, Kings, New York 
Abraham Vanderveer30 SEP 1873 The Netherlands Grand Rapids, Kent Co, Michigan
Abraham Vanderveer15 OCT 1823 Montgomery Co, New York31 JUL 1825 Montgomery Co, New York
Abraham VanderveerABT 1720 Long Island, New York 
Abraham VanderveerFEB 1781 Kings Co, Long Island, New York21 JUL 1839 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Abraham Vanderveer1855 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio6 JUL 1893 Ellinwood, Barton Co, Kansas
Abraham Vanderveer1804 New YorkAFT 1860 Liberty, Scott, Iowa
Abraham Vanderveer1871 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Abraham VanderveerABT 1778 Long Island, New York 
Abraham VanderveerABT 1765  
Abraham Allen Vanderveer27 JAN 1882 Randolph, Morris Co, New Jersey1940 Morris Co, New Jersey
Abraham Baird Vanderveer25 DEC 1811 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York24 APR 1882 Greenville, Montcalm Co, Michigan
Abraham Deyo Vanderveer15 AUG 1836 Roycefield, Somerset Co, New Jersey8 SEP 1915 Washington, District of Columbia
Abraham Harris Vanderveer18 JUN 1804 Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 AUG 1888 
Abraham Quick Vanderveer5 NOV 1820 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham R Vanderveer8 MAY 1838 Somerset Co, New Jersey15 SEP 1920 Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey
Abraham S Vanderveer1847 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abraham Staats Vanderveer4 OCT 1813 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey3 APR 1899 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Abraham Trafford Vanderveer1831 New Jersey31 DEC 1916 Asbury Park, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Abraham W Vanderveer1 FEB 1850 Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 FEB 1914 Asbury Park, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Abraham Wilson Vanderveer31 OCT 1848 Fairview, Fulton Co, Illinois11 AUG 1911 Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa
Abram Vanderveer9 MAY 1879 New Jersey 
Abram Vanderveer1851 Somerset Co, New Jersey1917 Morris Co, New Jersey
Abram VanderveerNOV 1851 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Abram James Vanderveer4 NOV 1868 Somerset Co, New Jersey18 DEC 1931 
Accie F VanderveerJUN 1888 New Jersey 
Ada Vanderveer25 JUN 1878 Somerset Co, New Jersey1954 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ada Vanderveer12 JUL 1886 22 NOV 1886 
Ada Vanderveer1866 New York 
Ada Vanderveer16 DEC 1862 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York1954 Montgomery Co, New York
Ada Jane Vanderveer24 SEP 1865 Post Town, Butler Co, Ohio22 JUN 1961 Chelsa, Tama Co, Iowa
Ada L Vanderveer1879 Texas 
Ada May Vanderveer2 MAY 1867 Monmouth Co, New Jersey3 APR 1878 
Ada Roseina VanderveerDEC 1877 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York10 JAN 1959 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Adam VanderveerBEF 1713 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Adelaide Elizabeth VanderveerMAY 1837 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New York19 NOV 1923 
Adeline Ada Crawford Vanderveer1 APR 1845 Middletown, Butler Co Ohio18 MAR 1919 Bloomington, McLean Co, Illinois
Adella VanderveerMAY 1895 New Jersey1928 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Adolph VanderveerABT 1485  
Adrian Vanderveer1861 Long Island, New YorkAPR 1908 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Adrian Vanderveer21 DEC 1796 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York5 JUL 1857 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Adrian Vanderveer25 MAY 1836 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAPR 1885 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Adrian J Vanderveer20 JUN 1844 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York20 APR 1885 Flatlbush, Kings Co, New York
Adrianna Vanderveer1784 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Adrianne VanderveerAFT 1884 Long Island, New York 
Aeltje Vanderveer7 DEC 1777 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey22 OCT 1826 
Aethel VanderveerABT 1860 1980 
Agnes M VanderveerOCT 1897 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Albert Vanderveer10 JUL 1841 Root, Montgomery Co, New York19 DEC 1929 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Albert Vanderveer18 APR 1791 Fonda, Montgomery Co, New York28 MAY 1864 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Albert Vanderveer28 NOV 1879 Albany, Albany Co, New York 
Albert VanderveerABT 1848 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Albert Vanderveer1854 New York 
Albert C Vanderveer12 FEB 1883 Bri, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Albert C VanderveerBEF 1885  
Albert Cannon VanderveerABT 1848 5 JAN 1893 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey
Albert L Vanderveer1864 Seneca Co, Ohio1864 Seneca Co, Ohio
Albert Phillip Vanderveer23 NOV 1885 Brown Co, Texas6 JAN 1919 Fenton Lake, New Mexico
Albert Phillips VanderveerBET 1840 AND 1842 Montgomery Co, Alabama 
Alburtis Vanderveer1891 New Jersey 
Alche Vanderveer16 NOV 1771 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1 MAR 1851 Butler Co, Ohio
Alchey Vanderveer11 JUL 1820 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York17 FEB 1871 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York
Aletta Vanderveer1862 Brooklyn, Kings, New York 
Aletta K Vanderveer1810 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1890 New Jersey
Aletta Louisa Vanderveer1846 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois9 JUN 1909 Gentry Co, Missouri
Alexander VanderveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Alexander VanderveerABT 1835 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canado 
Alexander K Vanderveer6 JUN 1837 New York12 JUL 1868 
Alfred Vanderveer1876 New Jersey 
Alice Vanderveer15 JAN 1796 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Alice Vanderveer1 SEP 1821 Scobeyville, Monmouth Co, New Jersey25 JUL 1910 Lincroft, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Alice Vanderveer5 APR 1876 Michigan15 NOV 1903 
Alice VanderveerABT 1870  
Alice B VanderveerABT 1862 New Jersey 
Alice M VanderveerMAY 1847 Montgomery Co, New York28 JUL 1847 Montgomery Co, New York
Alice W Vanderveer1859 1894 Montgomery Co, New York
Alida VanderveerAFT 1800 New Jersey 
Alida Vanderveer6 MAR 1801 Raritan, Somerset, New JerseyBEF 1850 Montgomery Co, New York
Alida Vanderveer29 JUL 1789 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York31 MAR 1869 Montgomery County, New York
Allen E Vanderveer1851 New Jersey7 MAR 1900 Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey
Allen Pierson Vanderveer6 OCT 1885 New JerseyMAY 1971 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Allen Pierson VanderveerAUG 1855 Pennsylvania21 JUN 1923 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Alleta Polhemus Vanderveer6 MAR 1846 Flatbush, Kings Co, New YorkDEC 1908 Kings Co, New York
Allie W VanderveerABT 1860 New York 
Alma Vanderveer1878 Ohio 
Alma VanderveerABT 1900  
Alma Vanderveer3 AUG 1883 Lancaster Co, Nebraska12 OCT 1963 Lancaster Co, Nebraska
Alonzo F Vanderveer1882 Ellinwood, Barton Co, Kanasas1935 Oklahoma
Alpha Urbane Vanderveer23 JUL 1900 Bell Co, Texas30 SEP 1967 Bell Co, Texas
Alta VanderveerOCT 1855 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Alta Hazel Vanderveer15 NOV 1893  
Alta Mae Vanderveer20 DEC 1886 Fulton Co, Ohio28 JAN 1935 Chicago, Cook Cok Illinois
Althea Wykoff VanderVeerABT 1795  
Altje Vanderveer26 MAR 1745 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT MAY 1775 
Altje Vanderveer1776 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF SEP 1806 
Altje VanderveerBEF 23 FEB 1766 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Altje VanderveerBET 1765 AND 1775 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT SEP 1801 
Alvareta Vanderveer1859 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio 
Alvira J Vanderveer25 FEB 1855 Illinois4 FEB 1939 Lancaster Co, Nebraska
Amanda Vanderveer4 JUL 1833 Root, Montgomery Co, New York 
Amelia VanDerveer24 NOV 1829 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 OCT 1914 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Amelia Vanderveer1847 New York 
Amelia Elnora Vanderveer31 DEC 1875 Texas5 MAR 1900 
Amos Franklin Vanderveer3 JUL 1892 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada18 SEP 1963 Huntsville, Ontaria, Canada
Amy E Vanderveer1889 Michigan1974 Greenville, Montcalm Co, Michigan
Andreas Vanderveer25 NOV 1719 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Andreas VanderveerBEF 10 SEP 1739 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Andrew C VanDerVeer10 MAR 1900 Overisel Twp, Allegan Co, Michigan24 JAN 1966 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Andrew Ten Eyck Vanderveer1835 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 JUL 1837 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ann Vanderveer6 SEP 1802 31 AUG 1823 
Ann Vanderveer1793 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Ann VanderveerABT 1805 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Ann Vanderveer29 JUN 1847 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 AUG 1896 
Ann VanderveerABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Ann Vanderveer1802 New Jersey 
Ann Vanderveer10 JUN 1753 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Ann VanderveerABT 1785  
Ann VanderveerABT 1827 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canado1899 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada
Ann VanderveerABT 1800  
Ann Vanderveer4 APR 1814 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Ann Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1850  
Ann Elizabeth VanDerveer2 OCT 1822 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey1895 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Anna VanderveerABT 1872 New York 
Anna Vanderveer16 DEC 1797 New Jersey14 FEB 1880 
Anna Vanderveer1831 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Anna VanderveerABT 1770 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 OCT 1841 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Anna Vanderveer1842 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey10 FEB 1859 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Anna VanDerveer4 MAY 1849 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey8 JUN 1921 Blauenberg, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Anna Vanderveer1779 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 3 SEP 1806 Summun, Fulton Co, Illinios
Anna Vanderveer1850 New Jersey1880 Henry, Marshall Co, Illinios
Anna Vanderveer9 JAN 1788 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York23 JAN 1871 
Anna Vanderveer9 SEP 1838 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
Anna Vanderveer1824 New Lotts, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1870 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York
Anna Augusta Vanderveer2 MAY 1861 Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 NOV 1863 New Jersey
Anna Britta Vanderveer26 FEB 1786 New Castle Co, Delaware1812 New Castle Co, Delaware
Anna Brown Vanderveer1 MAR 1874 Post Town, Butler Co, Iowa18 DEC 1951 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa
Anna Catherine Vanderveer22 AUG 1819 7 JUN 1856 
Anna Cora VanderveerABT 1861 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Anna E Vanderveer24 OCT 1889 Mongomery Co, New York17 JAN 1897 Mongomery Co, New York
Anna E VanDerveerSEP 1861 New Jersey1917 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Anna E Vanderveer1862 1923 
Anna Edith Vanderveer14 AUG 1808 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBET 19 SEP 1846 AND 1848 Marboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Anna Elizabeth Vanderveer18 AUG 1862 Benton Co, Michigan28 DEC 1928 Dallas, Texas
Anna Elizabeth Vanderveer7 AUG 1852 Onondaga Co, New York24 JAN 1898 
Anna Elizabeth Vanderveer2 JAN 1857 Long Island, New York 
Anna Lila Vanderveer1882 11 APR 1928 Thurston Co, Washington
Anna M Vanderveer17 OCT 1855 Raitan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Anna M Vanderveer6 FEB 1825 11 JUL 1900 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Anna M Vanderveer4 JAN 1839 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio26 AUG 1908 Ingrham, Michigan
Anna Margaret Vanderveer31 JUL 1855 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio28 SEP 1917 Franklin, Warren Co, Ohio
Anna Maria Vanderveer1845 12 JAN 1857 Long Island, New York
Anna May VanDerveer22 MAR 1867 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New JerseyAFT 1920 
Anna R Vanderveer22 MAR 1860 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Anna Schenck Vanderveer27 MAY 1846 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 SEP 1929 Henry, Marshall Co, Illinois
Anne VanderveerABT 1750  
Anne VanderveerABT 1900 New York 
Anne VanDerveer1857  
Anne VanderveerBEF 12 AUG 1770 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Anne VanDerVeerABT 1755 Long Island, New YorkBEF 1794 Prince Edward Co, Virginia
Anne Vanderveer1858  
Anne Vanderveer14 AUG 1797 14 DEC 1867 Warren Co, Ohio
Anne D(ederick) Vanderveer6 FEB 1868 New Jersey 
Anne L VanderveerABT 1870 BEF 1939 
Annette VanderveerABT 1770 Long Island, New York 
Annie Vanderveer1865 Pennsylvania 
Annie L Vanderveer12 SEP 1872  
Annie L Vanderveer1876 Kings Co, New York 
Anora Ellen Vanderveer16 MAR 1877 Denison, Crawford Co, Iowa7 JUN 1952 Grand Island, Hall Co, Nebraska
Anthony Vanderveer1874 Pennsylvania 
Antje Vanderveer23 OCT 1768 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York16 JUN 1846 
Antje Ann VanderveerOCT 1731 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1800 
Antonett Vanderveer1868 New York 
Arabella Vanderveer1851 New Jersey1924 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Arabella Schenck Vanderveer1858 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Aravilla VanDerveer1850 Camden Co, New Jersey 
Arthur Vanderveer2 MAR 1824 Vigo Co, Indiana22 JAN 1865 Batavia, Kane, Illinois
Arthur Vanderveer21 FEB 1860 Monmouth Co, New Jersey21 NOV 1878 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Arthur Vanderveer22 NOV 1791 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 JUN 1866 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Arthur VanderveerABT 1790  
Arthur Vanderveer1769 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1857 Miami Valley, Warren Co, Ohio
Arthur Bertie Vanderveer31 JUL 1878 Lancaster Co, Nebraska22 JUN 1880 New Jersey
Arthur E Vanderveer27 JUN 1878 Monmouth Co, New JerseyMAR 1975 Florida
Arthur P Vanderveer1890 New York 
Arthur Perrine Vanderveer8 SEP 1882 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey17 SEP 1962 Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania
Arthur S Vanderveer19 MAY 1871 New Jersey 
Arthur W Vanderveer1813 16 NOV 1862 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Ashbridge M VanDerVeer21 JUN 1897 Rockbridge Co, VirginiaDEC 1981 West Lexington, Lexington Co, Virginia
Asher Vanderveer17 MAY 1787 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey30 MAR 1865 Fulton Co, Illinios
Augusta Vanderveer29 DEC 1874 Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 1968 
Augustus VanDerveer4 JUN 1850 Somerset Co, New Jersey9 APR 1902 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Augustus Vanderveer5 NOV 1836 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey19 JUL 1919 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Aulche Vanderveer16 MAR 1763 Marboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 DEC 1823 
Aultia Vanderveer7 DEC 1765 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Austin Vanderveer1870 Montgomery Co, New York 
Avie VanderveerOCT 1899 New Jersey 
Beatrice Agnes Vanderveer27 FEB 1894 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota17 MAY 1956 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota
Belinda Vanderveer20 FEB 1830 Kings Co, Long Island, New York1 NOV 1884 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Belitje VanderveerABT 1733 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Belitje VanderveerBEF 7 NOV 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey31 JAN 1821 Pleasant Plains, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Bell VanDerveerABT 1845 Camden Co, New Jersey 
Bell Rose Vanderveer12 JAN 1865 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin Vanderveer14 JUL 1762 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Benjamin Vanderveer22 AUG 1853 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio1 MAY 1928 Peffly Rest Home, Miamisburg, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Benjamin VanderveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Benjamin Vanderveer23 AUG 1856 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, OhioJUN 1861 Pusheta, Auglaize Co, Ohio
Benjamin A Vanderveer22 JUL 1848 Grinnel, Powshiek Co, Iowa10 JAN 1930 Tumwater, Thurston Co, Washington
Benjamin B Vanderveer1857 Camden Co, New Jersey 
Benjamin David Vanderveer8 APR 1814 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 MAR 1888 Atlantic, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Benjamin Dubois Vanderveer2 JUN 1865 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio16 FEB 1947 Memorial Hospital, Sedro-Woolley, Washington
Benjamin Dubois Vanderveer28 MAR 1832 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio12 OCT 1862 Civil War - Battle of Perrysville, Kentucky
Benjamin Dubois Vanderveer16 NOV 1793 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio28 SEP 1873 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Benjamin F Vanderveer1897 Washington 
Benjamin Schenck Vanderveer17 OCT 1814 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyJUL 1898 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Benjamin W Vanderveer20 JUL 1824 Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 OCT 1904 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Bertha Vanderveer12 MAR 1882 Family Farm near Coloma Michigan 
Bertha Vanderveer18 AUG 1878  
Bertha C Vanderveer1887  
Bertha Cecelia Vanderveer27 NOV 1882 Texas 
Bertha May Vanderveer13 MAY 1873 Raritan, Henderson Co, Illinois8 FEB 1916 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Bessie Vanderveer8 JUN 1883 Family Farm near Coloma Michigan27 APR 1967 Benton Harbor, Benton Co, Michigan
Bessie Vanderveer24 APR 1887 15 MAR 1966 
Bessie C VanderveerJAN 1893 Clanton, Chilton Co, Alabama 
Bettie Vanderveer1865 Mongomery Co, Alabama 
Betty VanDerveerABT 1810 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Bineah Everett Vanderveer1839 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Bishop VanderveerABT 1796  
Blanche VanDerveerSEP 1882 New York2 FEB 1963 Scholharie Co, New York
Bloomfield VanderveerSEP 1852 New Jersey 
Bloomfield Vanderveer1852 New Jersey 
Boynton Harry VanDerveer8 FEB 1870 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio24 APR 1932 Point Pleasant, Clermont Co, Ohio
Bradford Martin Vanderveer8 JAN 1865 Minden, Montgomery Co., New York14 MAR 1895 
Brazilla Vanderveer31 DEC 1858 Monmouth Co, New Jersey3 OCT 1886 New York, New York
Brazilla Vanderveer1822 Matawan, Monmouth Co, , New Jersey20 MAR 1887 Matawan, Monmouth Co, , New Jersey
Brechje Marynse VanDerVeerABT 1631 Rennselaerswyck (Albany, New York)1666 
Brenda Vanderveer  
Brey B VanderveerMAY 1858 Pennsylvania 
Brita Vanderveer31 JAN 1739/40 New Castle Co, Delaware6 OCT 1743 New Castle Co, Delaware
Brodhead W Vanderveer10 OCT 1844 Kingston, Somerset Co, New Jersey12 FEB 1921 Ottumwa, Wapello Co, Iowa
Bruce Vanderveer7 OCT 1890 Michigan25 APR 1939 Sanilac, Co, Michigan
Burtis T Vanderveer1851 Indiana1932 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
C F VanderveerBEF 1885  
C P VanderveerBEF 1850  
Caleb Brokaw Vanderveer26 AUG 1823 Somerset Co, New Jersey5 OCT 1897 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park) Somerset Co, New Jersey
Caleb M Vanderveer1845 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey27 AUG 1857 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Caroline Vanderveer15 OCT 1824 Flatbush, Long Island, New York21 MAY 1865 Long Island, New York
Caroline Carrie VanderveerABT 1851 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAPR 1878 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Caroline Carrie Brush Vanderveer1845 Somerset Co, New Jersey1915 Corning, Iowa
Caroline H VanDerveer29 NOV 1861 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 APR 1925 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Carrie VanderveerJAN 1888 New York 
Carrie Belle VanDerveer21 AUG 1899 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York28 AUG 1904 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York
Carrie E VanderveerBEF 1845  
Casper Vanderveer1831 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Casper Stanley Vanderveer19 MAR 1889 Michgan12 DEC 1968 Wybark, Muskogee, Oklahoma
Catharina VanderveerBEF 14 JAN 1713/14 Fahlun, Sweden 
Catharina VanderveerABT 1702 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware21 OCT 1735 
Catharina Vanderveer13 FEB 1735/36 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Catharina Vanderveer21 MAR 1722/23 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 NOV 1773 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Catharina Vanderveer20 AUG 1721 Wilmington, New Castle Co, DelawareWilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Catharine Vanderveer7 SEP 1776 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey1833 
Catharine J VanderveerBEF 1816  
Catharine M Vanderveer27 APR 1817 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 DEC 1891 Fulton Co, Illinios
Catherine Vanderveer1864 Brooklyn, Kings, New York 
Catherine VanderveerABT 1750 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Catherine Vanderveer20 AUG 1839 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York1 NOV 1921 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York
Catherine Vanderveer7 JUL 1832 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Catherine VanDerveer29 JUN 1788 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Vanderveer4 JUN 1810 Monmouth Co, New Jersey died young
Catherine Vanderveer20 APR 1866  
Catherine VanderveerAFT 1825 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Vanderveer28 NOV 1826 Raitan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1911 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York
Catherine VanderveerABT 1740  
Catherine Vanderveer30 MAR 1805 New Jersey2 OCT 1866 
Catherine Vanderveer1782 Somerset Co, New Jersey4 JAN 1798 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine Vanderveer1763 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Vanderveer16 FEB 1811 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Vanderveer26 NOV 1756 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Catherine Vanderveer2 MAY 1806 26 JUL 1836 
Catherine Vanderveer1794 Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 NOV 1808 14 y, 6 m, 21 d
Catherine Vanderveer30 MAR 1805 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey26 JUL 1874 Montgomery Co, New York
Catherine Vanderveer11 FEB 1816 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio11 MAR 1892 Ft Recovery, Mercer Co, Ohio
Catherine VanderveerBEF 21 JAN 1732/33 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Vanderveer1776 Bedminister, Somerset Co, New Jersey23 AUG 1777 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine Vanderveer28 MAY 1806 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio29 SEP 1888 Warren Co, Ohio
Catherine Vanderveer22 JAN 1739/40 Kings Co, Long Island, New York3 APR 1815 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey
Catherine Vanderveer26 JAN 1873 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Vanderveer11 AUG 1732 Long Island, Kings Co, New York8 MAY 1796 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Catherine VanderveerABT 1825  
Catherine A Vanderveer1 APR 1827 New York19 JAN 1903 
Catherine Allen Vanderveer4 MAY 1833 Uppper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey29 JUL 1933 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Catherine Amanda Vanderveer31 JAN 1830 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 JAN 1893 
Catherine Ann Vanderveer1 JUL 1835 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Ann Vanderveer20 SEP 1844 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey19 JAN 1895 
Catherine Ann Vanderveer14 OCT 1809 Montgomery Co, New York21 MAR 1890 
Catherine C Vanderveer22 FEB 1871 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Conover Vanderveer23 DEC 1823 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 JAN 1855 
Catherine E VanderveerMAY 1897  
Catherine Femmetje VanderveerABT 1730 Long Island, New YorkBEF 10 DEC 1779 New York
Catherine J Vanderveer1815 New Jersey1 MAY 1870 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Catherine L VanderveerABT 1831 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Catherine M Vanderveer31 DEC 1822 Lysnader, Onondaga Co, New York3 MAR 1903 Lysnader, Onondaga Co, New York
Catherine Maria Vanderveer26 NOV 1842 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
Catherine Matilda Vanderveer29 JAN 1844 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Catherine Sarah Vanderveer12 APR 1819 Somerset Co, New Jersey28 DEC 1909 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cathrina VanderveerABT 1702 Delaware 
Cathryn Vanderveer15 JUL 1800 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York 
Catlyntie Vanderveer30 MAR 1722 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Catrina Vanderveer1733 Kings Co, Long Island, New York died young
Catryntje VanderveerBEF 29 MAR 1696 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1740 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Charity VanderveerABT 1780 MAY 1846 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Charity Vanderveer18 NOV 1768 New York29 DEC 1836 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Charity Vanderveer1799 Somerset Co, New Jersey1838 
Charles VanderveerBEF 1875  
Charles Vanderveer1862 New Jersey 
Charles Vanderveer18 AUG 1845 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey3 MAY 1872 
Charles Vanderveer23 MAR 1872 Rockbridge Co, Virginia1948 Rockbridge Co, Virginia
Charles VanDerveerABT 1841 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Charles VanderveerABT 1890  
Charles Vanderveer5 SEP 1860 Long Island, New York7 SEP 1936 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Charles VanderveerFEB 1899 Brooklyn, King Co, Long Island, New York19 NOV 1900 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York
Charles Vanderveer5 MAR 1851 Batavia, Kane, Illinois24 APR 1851 Batavia, Kane, Illinois
Charles Vanderveer13 FEB 1895 Long Island, New York20 DEC 1968 Hempstead, New York
Charles Vanderveer4 DEC 1856 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York18 NOV 1916 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York
Charles VanderveerSEP 1886 New Jersey 
Charles VanderveerBET 1835 AND 1844 Illinois 
Charles A Vanderveer4 NOV 1896 New Jersey23 APR 1922 Delaware Co, Pennsylvania
Charles A(rthur) Vanderveer9 NOV 1835 Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 JUL 1862 Civil War - Camp Barapet, Carrolton, Louisanna
Charles Amos VanderveerMAY 1873 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York24 NOV 1901 Brooklyn, King Co, Long Island, New York
Charles Anson Vanderveer30 MAR 1868 Albany, Albany Co, New York13 DEC 1883 
Charles Arthur VanderveerABT 1868 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Charles Boerum Vanderveer3 AUG 1796 Flatbush, Long Island, New York4 MAY 1879 New York
Charles C Vanderveer5 MAR 1822 Warren Co, Ohio 
Charles E VanDerveer26 JUN 1871 Mommouth Co, New Jersey1952 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Charles E Vanderveer1844 German Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Charles Edwin Vanderveer20 MAY 1874 Illinois19 AUG 1938 Olympia, Thruston Co, Washington
Charles Elwood Vanderveer5 MAY 1873 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyJUN 1967 New Jersey
Charles F Vanderveer1837 4 FEB 1864 Burlington Co, New Jersey
Charles Ferdinand VanderveerAFT 1856  
Charles Francis Vanderveer1885 (Manhattan), New YorkAFT 1920 (Manhattan), New York
Charles Francis Vanderveer9 JUL 1882 New YorkBEF 1920 
Charles G Vanderveer4 SEP 1870 Monmouth Co, New Jersey9 AUG 1898 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Charles H VanderveerJAN 1819 New Jersey1910 Englishtown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Charles H VanderveerAUG 1888 Montgomery Co, New York7 FEB 1889 Montgomery Co, New York
Charles Henry Vanderveer8 FEB 1826 Flatbush, Long Island, New York13 OCT 1879 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Charles P VanderveerDEC 1861 New Jersey 
Charles S VanderveerABT 1881 New Jersey 
Charles S VanderveerSEP 1880 New Jersey1947 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Charles Samuel Vanderveer13 OCT 1839 Matagorda Co, Texas24 JAN 1894 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas
Charles Sherpard Vanderveer14 APR 1895 New York8 DEC 1986 Stuart, Martin Co, Florida
Charles W Vanderveer1860 New Jersey 
Charles Wilcox Vanderveer10 APR 1856 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Charley Vanderveer1882 Gentry Co, Missouri15 MAY 1883 Gentry Co, Missouri
Charlie VanderveerFEB 1881 Gentry Co, Missouri14 MAY 1883 Gentry Co, Missouri
Charlotte VanderveerAFT 1825 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Charlotte VanderveerABT 1820 New Jersey 
Charlotte Vanderveer1815 New JerseyBEF 1860 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Charlotte Elizabeth Vanderveer1 DEC 1859 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Charolette C Vanderveer21 SEP 1858 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Christian VanDerveer8 MAY 1814 Somerset Co, New Jersey31 OCT 1905 Fairview, Fulton Co, Illinois
Christiana Vanderveer1840 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey May have died young
Christiana VanderveerABT 1850 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Christoffel Vanderveer1530  
Christopher Probasco Vanderveer1 OCT 1837 New Jersey20 JUL 1926 New Jersey
Clara Vanderveer1873 1980 
Clara A VanDerVeerBEF 1870  
Clara Carry Belle Vanderveer16 NOV 1869 Onondaga Co, New York 
Clara H VanderveerABT 1870  
Clara Jeanette Vanderveer21 AUG 1861 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa 
Clara May Vanderveer9 APR 1878 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Clara Rebecka Vanderveer1 MAY 1882  
Clarence Vanderveer15 DEC 1898 Courtland, Republic Co, Kansas29 OCT 1913 Republic Co, Kansas
Clarence Vanderveer6 MAY 1878 New Jersey1937 Mercer Co, New Jersey
Clarence A Vanderveer18 MAR 1887 New Jersey5 DEC 1965 New Jersey
Clarence E Vanderveer4 JUN 1876 Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Clarence Hudson Vanderveer31 OCT 1876 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Clarence Marcellus Vanderveer30 JUL 1887 New YorkFEB 1975 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Clarence Ottis Vanderveer4 OCT 1882 Greenbush, Warren Co, Illinois17 NOV 1955 Knox Co, Illinios
Clement VanderveerABT 1890 Belgium 
Clementia VanderveerOCT 1867 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Clemotine R Vanderveer22 MAR 1899 Iowa14 JUN 1974 Los Angeles, California
Cleste M F Vanderveer1890 Ontario, Canada11 JUL 1891 Moulton, Haldimand Co, Ontario, Canada
Clinton Vanderveer30 MAR 1867  
Clinton F Vanderveer1886 18 JAN 1935 Spokane, Spokane Co, Washington
Columbus Vanderveer1841 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio14 FEB 1863 Civil War - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Conrad VanderveerAPR 1882 Ooltgensplaat, The Netherlands 
Cora Bell Vanderveer28 AUG 1874 Iowa25 DEC 1874 Iowa
Cora E VanderveerNOV 1868 Texas 
Cora Maria Vanderveer25 MAY 1853 Otsego Co, New York21 APR 1945 Westville, Ostego Co, New York
Cora May Vanderveer7 JAN 1883 New Jersey29 MAY 1915 
Corneles Vanderveer26 SEP 1880 Ooltgensplaat, The Netherlands1955 Pella, Marion Co, Iowa
Cornelia VanderveerSEP 1814 Flatbush, Long Island, New York13 APR 1816 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Cornelia Vanderveer5 APR 1775 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Cornelia Vanderveer27 FEB 1837 Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 MAY 1910 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelia Vanderveer26 MAR 1823 Flatbush, Long Island, New York20 FEB 1854 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Cornelia VanDerveerABT 1800 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Cornelia Vanderveer12 FEB 1710/11 Long Island, New York21 FEB 1778 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelia Ann Vanderveer11 APR 1816 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 OCT 1888 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelia Ann Vanderveer6 SEP 1824 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 MAR 1905 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelia Jane VanderveerABT 1873 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1815  
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1849 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Vanderveer17 AUG 1828 New Jersey12 NOV 1883 
Cornelius Vanderveer29 JUL 1794 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York10 JUN 1858 
Cornelius Vanderveer1767 Somerset Co, New Jersey15 APR 1847 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Vanderveer3 SEP 1842 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Cornelius Vanderveer1735 Long Island, Kings Co, New York1782 
Cornelius Vanderveer1710 Long Island, New York22 JAN 1782 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelius VanDerVeerABT 1500  
Cornelius Vanderveer5 DEC 1731 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1804 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Cornelius Vanderveer29 MAR 1829 Branchburg, Somerset Co, New Jersey27 JUL 1895 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Vanderveer22 JUL 1869 Michigan6 JUN 1947 Holland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Cornelius Vanderveer22 JAN 1696/97 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York22 JAN 1782 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Cornelius VanderveerBEF 6 OCT 1750 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New JerseyAUG 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1760 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Vanderveer1817 The Netherlands2 MAR 1877 Overisel Township, Allegan Co, Michigan
Cornelius VanderveerBEF 9 APR 1758 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1 JAN 1827 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Vanderveer1678 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1705 
Cornelius VanderveerJUN 1850 The Netherlands 
Cornelius Vanderveer24 MAY 1741 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New JerseyAFT MAY 1775 
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1837 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Vanderveer29 OCT 1826 Monmouth Co, New Jersey30 OCT 1876 Bridgewater Township, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Vanderveer29 APR 1760 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey3 OCT 1832 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelius VanderveerFEB 1890 1907 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1835 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1840 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1800 AFT 1865 
Cornelius Vanderveer1805  
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1745  
Cornelius Vanderveer6 AUG 1823 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1891 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Vanderveer20 APR 1794 Monmouth Co, New Jersey13 MAY 1843 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Cornelius Vanderveer2 DEC 1718 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware19 DEC 1718 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware
Cornelius VanderveerFEB 1658/59 New Castle Co, Delaware18 FEB 1712/13 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Cornelius Vanderveer1770 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius Vanderveer1 DEC 1731 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Cornelius VanDerVeerABT 1642  
Cornelius Vanderveer1776 New Jersey 
Cornelius Vanderveer1792 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok 
Cornelius VanderveerBEF 3 NOV 1745 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Cornelius VanderveerABT 1805 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Cornelius Albert Vanderveer9 JUL 1892 Staten Island, Richmond Co, New YorkJAN 1955 New York
Cornelius Caleb Vanderveer21 JUN 1793 Somerset Co, New Jersey7 MAR 1873 Franklin Park (Six Mile Run), Someret Co, NewJersey
Cornelius Caleb Vanderveer10 APR 1856 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey28 SEP 1936 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Cornelius G VanderveerABT 1800 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Cornelius H Vanderveer18 APR 1802 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 DEC 1858 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Cornelius H VanderveerJAN 1867 Somerset Co, New JerseySEP 1951 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Hart Vanderveer21 JUN 1793 Somerset Co, New Jersey26 JAN 1854 Matagorda Co, Texas
Cornelius Haywood Vanderveer24 MAR 1873 1952 Atascosa Co, Texas
Cornelius J Vanderveer2 JUL 1847 25 OCT 1911 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Cornelius Janse VanDerVeerBEF 3 MAR 1623/24 Wemeldinge, Zeeland, The Netherlands22 FEB 1702/03 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Cornelius Milton Vanderveer9 APR 1811 New Jersey2 AUG 1853 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinois
Cornelius P Vanderveer1820 New Jersey 
Cornelius Peter VanderveerMAY 1819 Somerset Co, New Jersey10 NOV 1893 Earlton, Neosho Co, Kansas
Cornelius Rapelye Vanderveer27 APR 1889 New York14 APR 1966 Martin Co, Florida
Cossie L VanderveerABT 1870  
Cynthia Anna Vanderveer31 JUL 1865 Lamar Co, Texas17 OCT 1893 Corpus Christi, Texas
Cyrus Gildersleeve Vanderveer23 APR 1835 New Hurley, New York11 APR 1868 Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa
D Leon Vanderveer7 MAY 1896 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York23 FEB 1982 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York
Daisy Dean VanDerveer2 MAY 1875 Princeton, Mercer Co, New JerseyJUN 1967 New Rochelle, Westchester Co, New York
Daniel Vanderveer1825 New Jersey 
Daniel Conover Vanderveer17 MAY 1847 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey8 NOV 1913 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
Daniel Mershon Vanderveer17 MAY 1847 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey8 OCT 1925 Mercer Co, New Jersey
Daniel Rue Vanderveer10 SEP 1870 Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 SEP 1873 New Jersey
Daniel Schanck Vanderveer14 FEB 1849 27 JAN 1860 
Daniel Shuler Vanderveer8 JUL 1885 New York3 SEP 1955 Baldwin, Onondaga Co, New York
Daniel Shuler Vanderveer1 MAY 1834 Florida Township, Montgomery Co, New York2 SEP 1893 Onondaga Co, New York
Daniel Willard Vanderveer13 JAN 1874 28 AUG 1952 
David VanderveerABT 1800 19 JUL 1842 Ohio
David Vanderveer22 OCT 1825 20 SEP 1898 Burlington Co, New Jersey
David Vanderveer19 JAN 1804 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
David VanderveerBET 1765 AND 1775 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT SEP 1801 
David Vanderveer2 AUG 1748 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey3 MAR 1811 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
David VanderveerABT 1820 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
David Vanderveer11 JUL 1830 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio18 MAR 1914 Lincoln, Lancaster Co, Nebraska
David Vanderveer24 FEB 1831 Montgomery Co, New YorkABT 1900 
David Vanderveer22 FEB 1827 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 FEB 1908 Maryland, Otsego Co, New York
David Vanderveer27 MAR 1819 21 JAN 1888 
David Vanderveer26 MAR 1778 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey19 JAN 1859 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
David VanderveerBEF 18 OCT 1778 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
David Vanderveer7 MAR 1800 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio 
David VanderveerABT 1825 Humberstone, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
David Vanderveer7 MAR 1807  
David Arthur Vanderveer29 JUN 1844 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey29 DEC 1922 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
David Augustus Vanderveer8 MAR 1838 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 SEP 1839 
David Augustus Vanderveer7 MAR 1884 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New JerseyFEB 1964 New Jersey
David Augustus Vanderveer14 DEC 1833 Morristown, New Jersey1911 
David Augustus Vanderveer26 OCT 1850 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey27 JAN 1913 Scobeyville, New Jersey
David Garret Vanderveer9 JUL 1776 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 FEB 1849 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
David Guy Vanderveer28 DEC 1844 PennsylvaniaJUN 1863 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
David I VanderveerAUG 1860 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey7 JUN 1932 Red Bank, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
David I Vanderveer19 APR 1806 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 JUL 1884 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
David Newlands Vanderveer22 SEP 1841 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York9 APR 1902 Schenectady County, New York
David R Vanderveer1792 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey18 JAN 1869 Tennant, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Deborah Vanderveer14 FEB 1807 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York18 FEB 1882 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Deborah Vanderveer26 JUN 1833 Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 MAY 1877 Colt's Neck, New Jersey
Dee Dee Vanderveer17 FEB 1864 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa13 MAR 1864 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa
Dezina Vanderveer22 JAN 1872 Temple, Bell Co, Texas15 JUN 1931 Coleman Co, Texas
Dinah VanderveerBEF 8 APR 1781 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Dominicus Vanderveer3 NOV 1723 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkBEF 18 APR 1771 
Dominicus Vanderveer1746 Flatbush, Long Island, new York 
Dominicus Vanderveer1705 Long Island, New York 
Dominicus VanderveerBEF 15 NOV 1679 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1755 New Utrecht, Long Island, New York
Dominicus VanderveerBET 1780 AND 1790 New JerseyABT MAR 1842 Johnstone, Champaign Co, Ohio
Dominicus Vanderveer17 JAN 1764 Flatbush, Long Island, new York20 JUL 1814 New York
Dominicus Vanderveer1736 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 13 MAY 1782 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Dominicus Vanderveer21 JAN 1821 Flatbush, Long Island, New YorkAPR 1898 Woodhaven, Long Island, New York
Don A Vanderveer6 MAR 1883 Michigan1964 Greenville, Montcalm Co, Michigan
Donald Vanderveer13 SEP 1892 Indiana1 MAY 1965 Indiana
Doris VanDerveer1900 Minnesota 
Dorothy Vanderveer17 NOV 1897 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersery18 JAN 1970 Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey
Druscilla Vanderveer30 JUL 1852 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Dunbar W VanderveerABT 1885 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Earl VanderveerABT 1880 Franklin, Warren, Ohio 
Earl Beard Vanderveer3 MAY 1883 Osceola, Clark Co, Iowa10 SEP 1927 San Bernardino, California
Earl D Vanderveer30 JUL 1891 25 MAY 1894 
Earl George Vanderveer21 MAY 1897 New JerseyMAR 1969 Highland Park, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Earl J Vanderveer1826 1901 Seneca Co, Ohio
Earl K VanderveerJUN 1886 Bremer Co, Iowa 
Edgar Addison Vanderveer7 DEC 1846 Monmouth Co, New Jersey27 JUN 1905 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Edgar Albert Vanderveer29 SEP 1873 Albany, Albany Co, New York21 SEP 1953 Albany, Albany Co, New York
Edgar E Vanderveer1892 Gentry Co, Missouri 
Edgar Ephraim Vanderveer1891 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri1931 Harney Co, Oregon
Edgar I Vanderveer1871 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1955 
Edgar M Vanderveer22 JUN 1876 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1958 
Edina Vanderveer1879 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey1900 
Edith Vanderveer29 JUN 1897 Benton Township, Michigan12 JUN 1978 Kalamazoo Co, Michigan
Edith E Vanderveer26 JAN 1882  
Edith May Vanderveer30 OCT 1872 25 JAN 1954 
Edna A Vanderveer25 DEC 1892  
Edna Eudora VanderveerAFT 1856  
Edna Eudora VanderveerABT 1825  
Edna R Vanderveer27 JUL 1889  
Edward Vanderveer1868 Montgomery Co, New York 
Edward VanderveerABT 1845  
Edward Vanderveer1878 New Jersey 
Edward VanderveerAFT 1825 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Edward A Vanderveer20 JUL 1857 Batavia, Kane, Illinois6 JUL 1938 Marengo, McHenry Co, Illinios
Edward B Vanderveer6 AUG 1863 19 SEP 1863 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Edward B VanderveerABT 1872 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York 
Edward Bennet VanderveerABT 1865 Brooklyn, Long Island, New YorkAUG 1933 New York
Edward Bruce Vanderveer18 SEP 1872 New York24 AUG 1940 
Edward Bruce Vanderveer31 DEC 1896 New York15 JUL 1960 
Edward Davis Vanderveer1848 Somerset Co, New Jersey1935 
Edward James Vanderveer1861 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York1861 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York
Edward W Vanderveer1873 Earlville, Delaware Co, Iowa 
Edwin Vanderveer1829 New York6 OCT 1862 Civil War - Battle of Hatchie's River, Metamora, Tennessee
Edwin VanderveerJUL 1886 New York 
Edwin R Vanderveer10 JUL 1858 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio5 JUL 1922 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Ekkus VanderveerABT 1875  
Elbert Vanderveer7 MAR 1762 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elbert G Vanderveer11 DEC 1893 Mongomery Co, New York17 NOV 1973 Sarasota, Manatee Co, Florida
Eleanor Vanderveer30 JAN 1862 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Eleanor VanDerveer1866 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Eleanor Vanderveer1849 Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 APR 1922 New Jersey
Eleanor Vanderveer27 NOV 1857 Monmouth Co, New Jersey13 JUL 1861 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Eleanor Vanderveer24 AUG 1811 26 SEP 1890 
Eleanor Vanderveer30 JUL 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Eleanor Vanderveer16 NOV 1829 Middletown, Butler Co, OhioBEF 1848 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
Eleanor B Vanderveer1872 New Jersey 
Eleanor M Vanderveer5 NOV 1881 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey18 MAR 1882 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Eleanor Norcum VanDerveer22 JAN 1825 New Jersey24 DEC 1854 Long Creek, New Hanover Co, North Carolina
Eleanor Perl Vanderveer5 JUN 1899  
Eleanor R Vanderveer3 AUG 1881 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Eleanor S Vanderveer17 SEP 1838 Roycefield, Somerset Co, New Jersey17 FEB 1890 
Elenor Vanderveer2 JAN 1733/34 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT MAY 1775 
Eli VanderveerABT 1803  
Elias Vanderveer6 JUL 1795 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 JAN 1876 Colts Neck, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elias Vanderveer1808  
Elias VanderveerAFT 1876 Ohio26 MAR 1891 Rockford, Mercer Co, Ohio
Elias VanderveerBEF 1820  
Elias VanderveerABT 1815  
Elias Vanderveer1746 Somerset Co, New Jersey29 NOV 1778 Rev War prisoner of the British - New York
Elias Baxter Vanderveer14 AUG 1838 South Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey18 DEC 1908 Essex Co, New Jersey
Elias C VanderveerMAR 1837 New Jersey1917 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elihu D Vanderveer1839 New York1905 Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, Michigan
Eliza Gardner Vanderveer1859 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York1945 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
Eliza Jane Vanderveer13 APR 1821  
Eliza Lott Vanderveer23 JUL 1857 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York6 JUN 1922 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Elizabeth Vanderveer5 FEB 1780 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth VanderveerBEF 28 OCT 1761 Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Vanderveer25 SEP 1822 Somerset Co, New Jersey15 FEB 1917 Clinton, Vermillion Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Vanderveer1857 1932 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Vanderveer1832 28 MAY 1855 
Elizabeth Vanderveer10 SEP 1724 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth VanderveerAFT 1825 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Vanderveer24 SEP 1891 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York12 AUG 1965 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York
Elizabeth Vanderveer1826  
Elizabeth VanderveerFEB 1877 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1698 Wilmington, New Castle Co, DelawareABT 1738 
Elizabeth Vanderveer22 APR 1809 1890 
Elizabeth VanderveerAFT 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Vanderveer2 JAN 1724/25 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth VanderveerBEF 8 MAY 1768 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1720 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth Vanderveer12 OCT 1879 Denison, Crawford, Iowa24 MAR 1967 Doniphan, Nebraska
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1850 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Vanderveer17 JUL 1756 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth Vanderveer1872 New York 
Elizabeth VanderveerBET 1840 AND 1842 Montgomery Co, Alabama 
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1772 Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Vanderveer24 AUG 1845 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1 MAY 1874 
Elizabeth Vanderveer22 APR 1817 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York17 FEB 1871 
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Vanderveer15 FEB 1792 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Vanderveer5 NOV 1841 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1920 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Vanderveer11 MAY 1745 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth Vanderveer25 JUN 1780 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey30 JUL 1861 Mendon, Monroe Co, New York
Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1815 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Vanderveer13 FEB 1853 Rives, Jackson Co, Michigan14 NOV 1932 Grand Rapids, Kent Co, Michigan
Elizabeth Vanderveer20 FEB 1803 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 MAR 1862 Marlboro, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth VanDerveer22 JUN 1830 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey5 FEB 1898 Readington, Hunterdon Co. New Jersey
Elizabeth Vanderveer12 AUG 1818 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York 
Elizabeth Vanderveer1867 Pennsylvania 
Elizabeth VanderveerAFT 1830  
Elizabeth Vanderveer1 OCT 1728 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth VanderveerBEF 3 OCT 1655 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Elizabeth A VanderveerBEF 1885 1906 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Elizabeth A Vanderveer1832 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1924 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Ammerman Vanderveer1836 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Ann Vanderveer12 SEP 1822 Uppper Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 DEC 1890 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Ann Vanderveer1815 Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 JAN 1899 age 84
Elizabeth Ann Vanderveer16 MAY 1821 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Ann Vanderveer3 JUL 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey26 JUL 1871 Rocky Hill, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth B Vanderveer29 MAY 1872 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1953 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth B Vanderveer11 OCT 1861 3 JUL 1902 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Emma Vanderveer22 OCT 1844 Somerset Co, New JerseyBET 1908 AND 1917 
Elizabeth F Vanderveer1825 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Halsey Vanderveer21 AUG 1828 Essex Co, New Jersey14 DEC 1886 Essex Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Herd VanderveerABT 1805 Montgomery Co, New York 
Elizabeth Jane Vanderveer3 MAR 1779  
Elizabeth Jane Vanderveer22 JUN 1817 Somerset Co, New Jersey13 OCT 1868 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth K VanDerveerAFT 1882  
Elizabeth Mary VanderveerABT 1819 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth R Vanderveer1877  
Elizabeth R VanderveerJUL 1876 New Jersey 
Elizabeth Smock Vanderveer6 MAR 1836 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey2 FEB 1871 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth T Vanderveer3 NOV 1863 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth Trafford Vanderveer25 JAN 1856 Monmouth Co, New Jersey9 JUN 1907 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Elizabeth Van Brunt Vanderveer12 OCT 1838 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York2 JUL 1913 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Elizbeth Vanderveer1822 Clarke Co, Kentucky 
Ella Vanderveer15 AUG 1893 Ohio 
Ella Vanderveer22 NOV 1863 Montgomery Co, New York1 AUG 1882 
Ella A Vanderveer27 SEP 1887 Mongomery Co, New YorkAFT 1940 
Ella A Vanderveer10 NOV 1868 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1 DEC 1943 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ella Hunt Vanderveer1875  
Ella J Vanderveer12 SEP 1855 Westford, Otsego Co, New York1922 Denver, Denver Co, Colorado
Ella L Vanderveer1866 1937 
Elle Katherine Vanderveer28 AUG 1890 New Jersey10 OCT 1918 
Ellen VanderveerABT 1825  
Ellen Vanderveer15 APR 1848 Rives, Jackson Co, Michigan23 SEP 1850 Died at 2.5 years
Ellen VanderveerABT 1885  
Ellen Vanderveer17 MAR 1848 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1888 
Ellen Dunn Vanderveer17 JAN 1851 Pluckamin, Somerset Co, New Jersey1934 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ellen E Vanderveer6 JUN 1853 Branchburg, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 APR 1910 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ellen Jane VanDerveer13 NOV 1819 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey20 JUN 1853 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ellen L Vanderveer10 DEC 1860 Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 OCT 1931 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ellen L Vanderveer2 APR 1826 Monmouth Co, New Jersey18 JAN 1854 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ellen L Vanderveer2 DEC 1816 Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 SEP 1846 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ellen M Vanderveer31 MAY 1818 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Ellen Mae Vanderveer15 MAY 1890 Brown Co, Texas9 JUL 1976 San Antonio, Bexas Co, Texas
Ellen Maria VanderveerABT 1820  
Ellen Marie VanderveerABT 1855 New Jersey17 FEB 1865 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Ellen T Vanderveer1844 Somerset Co, New Jersey1921 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ellen Ten Eyck Vanderveer27 MAR 1821 Somerset Co, New Jersey24 NOV 1875 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ellie M VanderveerABT 1857 New York 
Ellsie Vanderveer27 JUL 1813 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York25 DEC 1900 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York
Ellsworth Still Vanderveer24 JUN 1895  
Elmer E Vanderveer13 SEP 1864 Rock Island Co, Illinois 
Elmira P Vanderveer20 AUG 1828 12 SEP 1888 
Eloise Vanderveer19 NOV 1869  
Elroy P Vanderveer2 NOV 1867 Reed Township, Seneca Co,Ohio20 JUL 1934 Willard, Huron Co, Ohio
Elsie VanderveerABT 1885 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Elsie May Vanderveer26 APR 1895 Humberstone Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada21 JUL 1991 
Elsie Susan Vanderveer8 NOV 1899 New Jersey26 FEB 1958 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Elvira M Vanderveer29 OCT 1867 Ogden Center, Monroe Co, New York28 MAY 1915 Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, Michigan
Emeline VanderveerBEF 1820  
Emily VanderveerNOV 1850 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York 
Emily VanDerveerJUN 1872 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio 
Emily Vanderveer6 JUN 1859 Raitan, Somerset Co, New Jersey20 OCT 1886 
Emily Vanderveer14 MAR 1818 Raitan, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 MAY 1903 
Emily F Vanderveer7 FEB 1846 Georgetown, Washington County, District of Columbia1879 
Emily S Vanderveer26 AUG 1868 New Jersey10 JUN 1903 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Emily Welding Vanderveer21 AUG 1821 26 DEC 1846 
Emma VanDerveer13 JUN 1834 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey31 OCT 1857 
Emma Vanderveer5 MAR 1883 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Emma Vanderveer1856 Burlington Co, New Jersey1943 Burlington Co, New Jersey
Emma VanDerveerABT 1843 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Emma Vanderveer6 MAR 1855 Monmouth Co, New JerseyABT 1930 Rockbridge Co, Virginia
Emma Vanderveer27 DEC 1839 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Emma VanDerveerAFT 1840 Somerset Co, New Jersey Died as an infant
Emma Vanderveer27 DEC 1848 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Emma A VanDerveer24 DEC 1839 Tompkins Co, New York30 AUG 1840 
Emma Anna Vanderveer15 APR 1900 Humberstone, Ontario, Canada15 DEC 1902 
Emma F Vanderveer13 JAN 1852 Montgomery Co, New YorkAFT 1920 
Emma F Vanderveer1877 New Jersey 
Emma J Vanderveer1811 New YorkAFT 1860 
Emma Loretta Vanderveer6 JAN 1892 Sanilac Co, Michgan15 JUN 1977 Sanilac Co, Michgan
Emma May Vanderveer11 SEP 1880 St. Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri13 MAY 1934 Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, Nebraska
Emmer Vanderveer14 NOV 1869 Temple, Bell Co, TexasBEF 1900 Bell Co, Texas
Emomgunella Vanderveer1872 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Engbertus A VanderveerABT 1865  
Ernest Vanderveer24 MAY 1865 Benton Township, Berrien Co, Mich22 APR 1912 On his farm near Sodus, Berrien Co, Mich
Estella M Vanderveer1861 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Estelle Delan Vanderveer1878 16 JUL 1937 Asbury Park, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Esther Vanderveer14 JAN 1830 Leathersville (Rural Grove) Township, Root, Montgomery Co, New York30 MAY 1909 
Ethel Vanderveer1886 New York 
Ethel Vanderveer11 FEB 1877 New York2 MAY 1896 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Ethel A Vanderveer5 DEC 1885  
Ethel Emeline Vanderveer12 AUG 1885  
Ethel L Vanderveer9 DEC 1879 Iowa4 AUG 1967 Wichita, Sedgwick Co, Kansas
Ethel R Vanderveer12 AUG 1891 Otsego Co, New York14 SEP 1941 Port Chester, Westchester Co, New York
Etta VanderveerAPR 1857 New Jersey 
Etta Vanderveer MAY 1937 
Etta E VanDerveer19 JUN 1883  
Eva D VanderveerMAR 1871 Earlville, Delaware Co, Iowa1910 Marshall Co, Iowa
Eva H Vanderveer5 DEC 1875  
Evelyn VanderveerABT 1895  
Evelyn F Vanderveer7 JAN 1890 New York8 MAY 1952 South Portland, Maine
Eytje Ida Vanderveer1724 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Fannie Dederick Vanderveer9 OCT 1863 New Jersey27 JUN 1867 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Fanny Vanderveer1863 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York St Joseph, Berrien Co, Michigan
Fanny VanDerveerABT 1790 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Fanny Vanderveer1878 19 JUN 1929 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Fanny M VanderveerAFT 1871 Rahway, Union New Jersey 
Fay Vanderveer  
Fay M Vanderveer1859 New York24 JUL 1890 Near Fonda, Montgomery Co, New York
Femmetje Vanderveer4 APR 1737 Kings Co, Long Island, New York26 FEB 1808 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Femmetje Vanderveer5 OCT 1736 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1795 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Femmetje VanderveerABT 1712 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Femmetje VanderveerABT 1722 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Femmetje Vanderveer27 NOV 1770 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Femmetje VanderveerBEF 29 OCT 1766 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New JerseyJUL 1803 Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania
Femmetje VanderveerBEF 28 FEB 1738/39 Somerset Co, New Jersey6 JUN 1782 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Femmetje VanderveerABT 1780  
Ferdinand VanDerveer19 JUL 1857 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio7 JUL 1859 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Ferdinand Vanderveer8 NOV 1874 27 MAR 1882 Washington, District of Columbia
Ferdinand Vanderveer1 JAN 1869 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio9 MAY 1919 Franklin Co, Kentucky
Ferdinand VanderveerABT 1810 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 JUL 1855 
Ferdinand Vanderveer10 SEP 1846 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois30 MAR 1865 Civil War - Eveeptive G H Louisville, Kentucky
Ferdinand Vanderveer1741 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey22 FEB 1772 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ferdinand Vanderveer6 FEB 1771 Somerset Co, New Jersey26 DEC 1856 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Ferdinand VanderveerABT 1794 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok 
Ferdinand Vanderveer14 SEP 1845 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 FEB 1908 
Ferdinand VanDerveer27 FEB 1823 Middletown, Bulter Co, Ohio5 NOV 1892 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Ferdinand H VanDerveer7 APR 1800 Somerset Co, New Jersey10 JUL 1881 Warwick, Orange Co, New York
Ferdinand P Vanderveer7 OCT 1884 Butler Co, Ohio21 NOV 1938 Indianpolis, Marion Co, Indiana
Ferdinand Sutphen Vanderveer22 JAN 1873 Somerset Co, New Jersey28 FEB 1907 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Fitch C Vanderveer1823 Canajoharie, Montgomery, New York10 AUG 1896 Montgomery Co, New York
Flora VanderveerABT 1861  
Flora G Vanderveer1862 Iowa 
Florence VanderveerAFT 1871 Rahway, Union New Jersey 
Florence Vanderveer19 MAY 1889 Benton Township, Michigan21 AUG 1904 Berrien Co, Michigan
Florence Vanderveer20 FEB 1868  
Florence Bloomfield Vanderveer5 JUL 1876  
Florence Brown Vanderveer14 NOV 1887 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 FEB 1980 New York
Florence Elsie Vanderveer1 OCT 1885 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey6 JAN 1957 Delanco, New Jersey
Florence Henrietta Vanderveer8 DEC 1892 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Florence May Vanderveer4 JUL 1869 Six Mile Run, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Foster Vanderveer25 APR 1812  
Foutz Vanderveer22 OCT 1886 Rockbridge Co, Virginia6 DEC 1959 Rockbridge Co, Virginia
Frances Vanderveer1854 1910 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Frances VanderveerFEB 1882 New Jersey 
Frances Eva VanderveerAFT 1856  
Frances M VanderveerSEP 1883 New JerseyNOV 1968 Miami, Florida
Francis Vanderveer1860 Brooklyn, Kings, New York 
Francis Vanderveer18 SEP 1842 Onondaga County, New York23 FEB 1844 Died at 15 months
Francis G Vanderveer1893 1976 
Francis J Vanderveer22 OCT 1857 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, Michigan1 SEP 1858 
Francis J Vanderveer1856 New York 
Francis Philander Vanderveer1828 Schoharie Co, New YorkAFT 1886 Shasta Co, California
Francis S Vanderveer9 DEC 1869 Somerset Co, New Jersey6 MAR 1934 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Francus E VanDerVeer1872 New York 
Frank VanderveerAFT 1874 Illinois 
Frank Vanderveer28 NOV 1876 21 DEC 1953 Washington Township, Indiana
Frank Vanderveer1 JAN 1852 Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 JUL 1920 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Frank VanDerveer1871 Princeton, Mercer Co, New Jersey1907 
Frank Vanderveer1859 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York12 SEP 1861 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Frank A VanderveerABT 1845 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkSEP 1857 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Frank Austin Vanderveer23 OCT 1859 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey12 SEP 1861 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Frank F Vanderveer8 MAR 1848 Camden Co, New Jersey 
Frank Leroy Vanderveer19 JAN 1869 Rock Island Co, Illinois20 MAR 1956 Janesville, Bremer Co, Iowa
Frank M Vanderveer12 JUN 1878  
Frank Marion Vanderveer1877 Somerset Co, New Jersey1952 
Frank R Vanderveer19 NOV 1866 Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 JUN 1913 New Jersey
Fred Vanderveer1891 Illinois 
Fred J Vanderveer10 AUG 1883 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1940 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Freddie Vanderveer1874 New Jersey 
Frederick Vanderveer27 AUG 1876 5 MAY 1949 
Frederick A Vanderveer21 AUG 1862 New York 
Frederick David Vanderveer10 JUL 1864 Westford, Otsego Co, New York26 JAN 1910 Otsego Co, New York
Frederick E Vanderveer1867 New Jersey1940 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Frederick Halstead Vanderveer24 NOV 1872 New York1937 Suffolk Co, New York
Frederick Morford Vanderveer1858 Long Branch, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1940 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Fredrick VanDerveerJUL 1867 New Jersey 
Freeman S Vanderveer13 JUL 1863 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
G C VanderveerAFT 1887 10 APR 1857 
G Herbert Vanderveer27 JUN 1873  
Gail Vanderveer21 NOV 1884  
Garetta Vanderveer1842 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Garnetta V Vanderveer8 JAN 1899 Bexar Co, Texas9 JUL 1920 Bexar Co, Texas
Garret VanderveerBEF 6 OCT 1750 Six Mile Run (Franklin Park), Somerset Co, New JerseyAUG 1815 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret Vanderveer1839 Somerset Co, New JerseyDEC 1858 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret Vanderveer1844 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Garret Vanderveer3 MAY 1885 Albany, Albany Co, New York27 AUG 1900 
Garret Vanderveer27 MAY 1824 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 AUG 1829 
Garret Vanderveer9 MAY 1813 Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 JUN 1884 Marion, Wayne Co, New York
Garret Vanderveer3 JUL 1766 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey25 APR 1837 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Garret Vanderveer4 JUL 1765 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyMAR 1816 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Garret Vanderveer1798 New Jersey19 OCT 1845 
Garret Vanderveer4 DEC 1731 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey31 JAN 1803 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Garret Vanderveer28 AUG 1836 Mongomery Co, New York24 FEB 1864 Civil War - Beaufort, South Carolina
Garret Vanderveer20 SEP 1856 New York 
Garret Vanderveer11 APR 1798 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey19 SEP 1849 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New York
Garret Vanderveer30 MAY 1729 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey31 AUG 1743 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Garret Benjamin Vanderveer2 AUG 1854 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey17 FEB 1938 Doughaston, Long Island, New York
Garret D Vanderveer20 MAR 1864 Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 AUG 1864 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Garret D Vanderveer27 DEC 1862 Ohio9 APR 1939 Perry, Lake Co,Ohio
Garret Daniel Vanderveer1 FEB 1798 Montgomery Co, New York25 MAY 1885 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York
Garret Dubois Vanderveer2 JAN 1805 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey9 APR 1836 New Jersey
Garret G Vanderveer10 JUL 1773 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey5 OCT 1823 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Garret Henry Vanderveer26 SEP 1858 Montgomery Co, New YorkABT 1940 Florida, Mongomery Co, New York
Garret Herbert Vanderveer27 JAN 1828 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 JUN 1896 New Jersey
Garret Luke Vanderveer27 SEP 1858 Plainville, Onondago Co, New York3 JUL 1907 Meridan, Cayuga Co, New York
Garret Smock Vanderveer20 MAR 1838 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 MAR 1917 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Garrett A Vanderveer30 APR 1816 Montgomery Co, New York15 JUN 1884 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Garrie VanderveerBEF 1853  
Garrit VanderveerSEP 1808 5 FEB 1812 Long Island, New York
Gaylord VanDerveer1856 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio14 SEP 1856 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Genevieve M Vanderveer1 DEC 1895 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York6 NOV 1952 
George VanderveerABT 1835  
George Vanderveer12 SEP 1878 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York16 DEC 1887 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
George Vanderveer1837  
George VanderveerFEB 1869 The Netherlands 
George VanderveerABT 1835  
George VanderveerABT 1875 New York 
George Vanderveer1857 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkBEF 1865 Not in 1865 census
George Vanderveer13 JUL 1862 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
George Vanderveer1870 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania At sea
George VanderveerABT 1895 New York 
George Vanderveer31 MAY 1835 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York 
George VanderveerAFT 1832  
George Vanderveer1811 24 JAN 1871 Trenton, New Jersey
George A Vanderveer1859 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
George Buss Vanderveer1 MAY 1874 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York26 DEC 1951 New York
George C Vanderveer5 JAN 1865 Souix Point, Woodbury Co, IowaDEC 1926 
George C Vanderveer 21 JUL 1958 Somerset Co, New Jersey
George F VanderveerABT 1887 New York 
George Farmer VanderveerABT 1835 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1919 South Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
George Farmer Vanderveer1856 New Jersey 
George Farmer VanderveerBEF 2 MAY 1790 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey Middlesex Co, New Jersey
George Francis Vanderveer2 AUG 1875 Grinnell, Poweshiek, Iowa22 OCT 1942 Providence Hosp, Seattle, King Co, Washington
George Frankin Vanderveer31 JAN 1840 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey22 MAR 1925 Belfast, Greeley Co, Nebraska
George Franklin Vanderveer23 APR 1883 Temple, Bell Co, Texas20 SEP 1960 Cordell, Washita Co, Oklahoma
George G VanderveerABT 1857 Flatbush, Long Island, New York Ellsworth, Kansas
George Garret Vanderveer28 MAR 1840 Raitan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1911 Mongomery Co, New York
George Harry Vanderveer25 JUL 1880 Rahway, Union New Jersey29 SEP 1963 
George Henry VanderveerABT 1851 New York29 OCT 1918 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
George J Vanderveer18 OCT 1886 South Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey20 JUL 1926 Jamesburg, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
George Jones VanDerveer6 FEB 1898 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey1936 New Jersey
George Linn VanDerVeer1879 Springfield Center, Otsego Co, New York4 FEB 1921 Norwich, Chenango Co, New York
George Norris Vanderveer18 JAN 1861 Reed Township, Seneca Co,OhioMAY 1938 Adams Township, Seneca Co, Ohio
George O VanDerveer19 SEP 1840 4 APR 1866 
George R Vanderveer29 JUL 1807 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York4 FEB 1866 Queens Co, New York
George Rapelye Vanderveer21 OCT 1849 New York25 SEP 1863 Queens Co, New York
George Sheperd Vanderveer23 MAR 1848 Danville, Vemilion Co, Illinios4 FEB 1924 Danville, Vemilion Co, Illinios
George Van Dyke VanDerveer1860 Rocky Hill, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
George Vroom Vanderveer1846 Somerset Co, New Jersey1928 Somerset Co, New Jersey
George W VanderveerABT 1840 New Jersey1902 Jersey City, Hudson Co, New Jersey
George W Vanderveer1856 Brooklyn, Kings, New York 
George W VanderveerABT 1845  
George W Vanderveer2 APR 1852 New Jersey25 JAN 1927 Atlanta, Fulton Co, Georgia
George W Vanderveer1854 Long Island, New York 
George W Vanderveer2 FEB 1842 Queens Co, New York1 APR 1883 Queens Co, New York
George W Vanderveer20 SEP 1850 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio20 SEP 1850 Auglaize Co, Ohio
George W Vanderveer20 MAR 1885 Gravesend, Long Island, New York 
George W Vanderveer4 SEP 1851 Long Island, New York 
George Wyckoff VanderveerDEC 1833 Schoharie Co, New York1906 Otsego Co, New York
Georgianna Vanderveer27 MAY 1850 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Geradus VanderveerBEF 18 AUG 1765 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Gerardus VanderveerABT 1778  
Gerret Vanderveer3 SEP 1808 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1812 
Gerret Vanderveer12 AUG 1765 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York12 DEC 1847 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok
Gerrit VanDerVeer1 AUG 1838 1 NOV 1874 Overisel Township, Allegan Co, Michigan
Gerrit VanDerveer4 MAR 1897 Overisel Twp, Allegan Co, Michigan29 APR 1978 Zeeland, Ottawa Co, Michigan
Gertrude Vanderveer1 SEP 1886 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York12 SEP 1886 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Gertrude VanderveerAFT 1898  
Gertrude VanderveerAFT 1884 Long Island, New York 
Gertrude Vanderveer26 OCT 1889 Flatbush, Long Island, New York14 APR 1952 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Gertrude Aline Vanderveer1843 Somerset Co, New Jersey1926 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Gertrude M VanDerVeerAPR 1884 Iowa 
Gertrude M Vanderveer1883 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1959 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Gilbert Molleson Vanderveer30 NOV 1851 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio27 SEP 1878 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Gitty Ann Vanderveer31 MAR 1803 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1866 Queens Co, New York
Gladys M Vanderveer1893 New Jersey1972 Burlington Co, New Jersey
Glen Vanderveer19 JUN 1889 New York28 JUL 1971 New York
Glen Vanderveer1900 Netherlands 
Glenn Vanderveer18 JUN 1889  
Grace Vanderveer20 DEC 1879 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri8 APR 1959 Los Angeles Co, California
Grace Vanderveer1869 New York 
Grace Vanderveer1 AUG 1866 Iowa1900 
Grace Vanderveer1 DEC 1868 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York30 MAY 1934 St Joseph, Berrien Co, Michigan
Grace Lenore Vanderveer14 OCT 1878 Raritan, Henderson Co, Illinois4 NOV 1943 Downers Grove, Du Page Co, Illinois
Guy Ellsworth Vanderveer22 MAY 1897 Fulton Co, Ohio25 OCT 1954 Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan
Guy O Vanderveer6 SEP 1871 Ackley, Bremer Co, Iowa24 APR 1954 Waverly, Bremer Co, Iowa
Gwendolyn Vanderveer  
H(enry) Seward Vanderveer20 JAN 1866 Montgomery Co, New York4 DEC 1887 
Habana VanderveerAPR 1900 New Jersey 
Hannah VanderveerAFT 1825 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Hannah VanderveerBEF 1860  
Hannah Vanderveer4 APR 1757 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Hannah Vanderveer14 NOV 1825 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio17 JUL 1879 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Hannah A Vanderveer21 OCT 1803 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey26 FEB 1868 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Hannah A Vanderveer11 SEP 1836 Granby, Hartford Co, New York15 JUN 1908 Elk Rapids, Michigan
Hannah B Vanderveer12 JAN 1889 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey13 APR 1967 Syracuse, New York
Hannah Jane Vanderveer5 NOV 1849 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio21 MAY 1927 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Hannah Matilda Vanderveer14 JUN 1829 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 MAR 1900 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Hannah Rett VanderveerJAN 1825 New York31 JAN 1892 
Harlo B VanDerveerDEC 1855 New York9 APR 1934 Scholharie Co, New York
Harm Vanderveer6 OCT 1893 Allegan Co, MichiganAFT 1981 
Harold Addison VanDerveer21 FEB 1899 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey21 FEB 1979 East Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey
Harold Cornelius Vanderveer14 AUG 1889 Kings Co, Long Island, New York3 JAN 1969 Manchester, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire
Harold De Groff VanDerveer17 OCT 1884 New York1 NOV 1955 Onondaga Co, New York
Harold Garrett Vanderveer21 SEP 1897 New YorkAUG 1981 Skaneateles, Onondaga Co, New York
Harri P VanDerveer1 OCT 1849 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio6 FEB 1888 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Harriet Vanderveer1784 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Harriet Vanderveer1861 New York 
Harriet E Vanderveer20 JAN 1862 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey2 APR 1941 New Jersey
Harriet E Vanderveer6 FEB 1837 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey21 DEC 1908 
Harriet Elizabeth Vanderveer20 MAR 1879 Brown Co, Texas14 DEC 1936 Hidalgo Co, Texas
Harriet G VanDerveer2 OCT 1861 Camden Co, New Jersey 
Harriet M Vanderveer24 OCT 1850 Rives, Jackson Co, Michigan31 JAN 1890 
Harriet May Vanderveer5 OCT 1881 Plainville, Onondago Co, NY 
Harriet N Vanderveer5 SEP 1848 Batavia, Kane, Illinois25 NOV 1932 Marengo, McHenry Co, Illinios
Harriet N VanDerveer1825 Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1880 ?Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Harriet W Vanderveer1890 Warren Co, New Jersey1932 Morris Co, New Jersey
Harry VanderveerABT 1820 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Harry Calvin VanDerveer25 JAN 1877 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey9 MAR 1937 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Harry E Vanderveer3 APR 1868 South Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey30 JUL 1875 Essex Co, New Jersey
Harry L Vanderveer1867 1870 
Harry Lenoir Vanderveer25 DEC 1882 Philadelphia, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania25 DEC 1964 Philadelphia, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania
Harry Ray Vanderveer4 APR 1879  
Harvey Vanderveer13 JAN 1896 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio24 JUN 1896 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Harvey Holmes Vanderveer2 JUL 1859 New Jersey7 JUN 1924 New Jersey
Hatta Vanderveer1857 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York24 AUG 1861 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Hattie Vanderveer29 JUN 1880 Michigan29 JUL 1901 
Hattie VanderveerMAY 1852 New York18 JUN 1852 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Hattie E Vanderveer8 DEC 1857 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey24 AUG 1861 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Hattie E VanderveerJUL 1882 Dubuque Co, IowaAFT 1900 Marshall Co, Iowa
Hattie Mae VanDerveerABT 1890 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York20 JUN 1932 Geneva, New York
Hazel Vanderveer14 AUG 1885 29 APR 1932 Marengo, McHenry Co, Illinios
Hazel A Vanderveer16 MAY 1895 New York1969 Onondaga Co, New York
Hazel B Vanderveer1898 New York1962 New York
Hazel E Vanderveer1 JUN 1888 Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin17 FEB 1905 Baraboo, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Helen VanderveerABT 1890 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New YorkABT 1890 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York
Helen VanderveerBET 1765 AND 1775 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Helen Vanderveer10 DEC 1886 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Helen VanderveerAFT 1830  
Helen Celia Vanderveer25 SEP 1897 Brooklyn, King Co, Long Island, New York 
Helen D Vanderveer18 APR 1899 Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co, Iowa25 APR 1990 Los Angeles, Los Angles Co, California
Helen Gertrude VanderveerMAR 1890 Gentry Co, Missouri30 SEP 1964 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Helen L Vanderveer11 SEP 1896  
Helen M Vanderveer1895 Indiana 
Helen W VanDerVeerFEB 1895 Iowa 
Helena VanDerVeerAFT 1748 Long Island, New York 
Helena Vanderveer8 FEB 1840 30 DEC 1887 
Helena Vanderveer1898 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Helena Eleanor Vanderveer1667 Christianham (Wilmington), New Castle Co, Delaware1721 
Helena Sill Vanderveer7 JAN 1824 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York23 DEC 1833 
Hellen B VanderveerJUN 1895  
Henderson Vanderveer27 APR 1862 Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 AUG 1865 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Hendrick VanderveerDEC 1771 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1842 Neshanic, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Hendrick Vanderveer1708 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkBEF 22 OCT 1781 Sowerland, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Hendrick VanderveerABT 1737 Long Island, Kings Co, New York Long Island, Kings Co, New York
Hendrick VanderveerABT 1702 Long Island, New York 
Hendrick Vanderveer11 JUN 1760 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 JAN 1835 Montgomery Co, New York
Hendrick Vanderveer23 APR 1737 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York17 JUL 1782 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Hendrick Vanderveer13 JAN 1724/25 Penns Neck, Salem Co, New Jersey1749 
Hendrick VanDerVeer22 SEP 1751 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Hendrick Vanderveer1800 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey Somerset Co, New Jersey
Hendrick VanDerVeerAFT 1705  
Hendrick Suydam Vanderveer9 AUG 1811 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkFlatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Hendrickje VanderveerBEF 27 AUG 1684 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1719 Long Island, New York
Hendrix VanderveerAFT 1800 New Jersey 
Henrick VanDerVeerBET 1620 AND 1645  
Henrick H Vanderveer6 JAN 1860 Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 JUL 1861 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Henrietta VanderveerABT 1796 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Henrietta VanDerVeerABT FEB 1823 12 JAN 1910 Age 87 yrs 11 mos
Henrietta Vanderveer1815 Montgomery Co, New York15 FEB 1883 Litchfield, Bradford Co, Pennsylvania
Henrietta Vanderveer22 DEC 1846 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York 
Henrietta VanderveerJUN 1873 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey7 MAR 1925 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Henry Vanderveer1828 New Jersey 
Henry VanderveerABT 1825 ?Shrewsbury? New Jersey 
Henry Vanderveer3 JUN 1799 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey1881 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Henry Vanderveer14 AUG 1761 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 APR 1832 Finderne, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry Vanderveer1856 New York 
Henry VanderveerBEF 1846 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry VanderveerABT 1820 New Lotts, Long Island, New York 
Henry VanderveerBEF 1844 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Henry VanderveerABT 1825  
Henry VanderveerJAN 1852 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey4 NOV 1914 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Henry VanderveerOCT 1816 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New JerseyAFT 1900 
Henry VanderveerABT 1850 Red Bank, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Henry Vanderveer8 JAN 1874 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry Vanderveer31 JAN 1825 Florida Township, Montgomery Co, New York16 JUN 1905 Plainville, Onodaga Co, New York
Henry Vanderveer11 APR 1842 Montgomery Co, New York17 SEP 1842 Montgomery Co, New York
Henry VanderveerBEF 21 JAN 1656/57 New Castle Co, DelawareBEF 1699 
Henry VanderveerABT 1708 Wilmington, New Castle Co, DelawareBET 26 DEC 1760 AND 4 JAN 1763 
Henry VanDerveer1791 Roycefield, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1874 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry VanderveerJAN 1766 Somerset Co, New JerseyOCT 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Henry Vanderveer12 NOV 1812 Montgomery Co, New York15 FEB 1837 Montgomery Co, New York
Henry Vanderveer25 JUN 1816 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey25 JAN 1878 
Henry Vanderveer1 MAR 1833 Raritan, Somerset, New JerseyOCT 1903 
Henry Vanderveer1837 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry Augustus Vanderveer29 JAN 1868 Pennsylvania 
Henry B Vanderveer1866 Brooklyn, Long Island, New YorkJAN 1938 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Henry Calvin VanderveerJUN 1853 New Jersey1940 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Henry Calvin VanDerveer4 MAR 1829 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey10 OCT 1910 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Henry D VanderveerAFT 1858 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio16 OCT 1865 
Henry E Vanderveer27 APR 1843 Marion, Wayne Co, New York1918 Marion, New York
Henry Ezra Vanderveer2 MAR 1841 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio8 OCT 1905 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Henry F Vanderveer12 JUL 1808 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 FEB 1869 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry F Vanderveer18 FEB 1850 Fairview, Fulton Co, Illinois30 AUG 1852 Fairview, Fulton Co, Illinois
Henry F VanDerveer22 AUG 1828 Hyde Park, Dutchess Co, New York16 MAY 1885 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry Ferdinand VanderveerAUG 1828 Dutchess Co, New York 
Henry Frank VanderveerMAR 1848 Warren Co, Ohio11 MAY 1920 Warren Co, Ohio
Henry H VanderveerABT 1865  
Henry Hasbrouck Vanderveer10 MAR 1880 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 SEP 1944 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry J Vanderveer15 MAY 1884 Plainville, Onondago Co, New York7 JUN 1892 
Henry M Vanderveer1858 Pennsylvania1884 
Henry R VanderveerABT 1876 New Jersey 
Henry Raymond VanderveerSEP 1875 New Jersey1930 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry Robertson Vanderveer17 OCT 1841 German Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey7 MAR 1919 Waverly, Bremer Co, Iowa
Henry S Vanderveer  
Henry S Vanderveer1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey22 MAY 1868 Pluckemin, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry S Vanderveer1855 Long Island, New York 
Henry Schenck VanDerveer11 MAY 1879 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Henry Van Dyke Vanderveer21 JUL 1848 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey27 JAN 1930 Rahway, Union New Jersey
Henry Van Stay Vanderveer19 FEB 1787 Somerset Co, New Jersey26 JAN 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Henry Van Zandt VanDerveer9 OCT 1882 New Jersey19 AUG 1889 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Henry Vernon Vanderveer29 SEP 1829 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York2 APR 1885 
Herbert VanDerVeer18 OCT 1863 Monmouth Co, New JerseyABT 1938 Ocean Co, New Jersey
Herbert Vanderveer13 NOV 1871  
Herbert E VanDerVeer19 MAY 1900 Rockbridge Co, VirginiaJUN 1970 West Lexington, Lexington Co, Virginia
Herbert Suydam Vanderveer9 AUG 1891 New York 
Herbert W VanderveerABT 1895  
Herbert Wesley Vanderveer24 MAY 1894 Pennsylvania21 OCT 1921 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
Herman Jewel Vanderveer17 FEB 1862 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New York20 APR 1950 Odd Fellows Home, Lockport, New York
Hettie Vanderveer1844 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1930 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Horace Edwin Vanderveer27 SEP 1853 Edinburg, Bartholmew Co, Indiana3 AUG 1947 Armour Mem Home, Jackson Co, Missouri
Howard Dubois Vanderveer6 APR 1884 New Jersey 
Howard Dubois Vanderveer1868 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio1955 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Howard Warford Vanderveer10 FEB 1886 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York22 NOV 1972 Baldwinsville, Onondaga Co, New York
Hudson Tuttle Vanderveer30 DEC 1849 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York11 MAY 1883 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Hudson Tuttle Vanderveer1 NOV 1881 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkDEC 1881 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Hugh Gaston VanDerveer1883 New Jersey 
Icabond VanderveerAFT 1801 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Ichabod VanDerveer1869 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio 
Ida Vanderveer27 MAY 1743 Long Island, New York2 JUL 1807 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Ida Vanderveer1812 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York21 JUL 1830 Flatbush, Long Island, New York
Ida VanderveerABT 1885 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York 
Ida VanderveerAFT 1874 Illinois 
Ida VanderveerABT 1765  
Ida L VanderveerABT 1856 New York 
Ida M Vanderveer3 JUL 1900 Elmer, Michigan 
Ida Suydam Vanderveer22 JUN 1854 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1955 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York
Ida Suydam Vanderveer22 FEB 1888 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York23 MAR 1955 New York
Inez De Ette Vanderveer22 MAY 1854 Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin15 JAN 1937 Baraboo, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Infant Vanderveer29 MAY 1888 Sisler's Point,Welland Co ,Ontario, Canada29 MAY 1888 Sisler's Point,Welland Co ,Ontario, Canada
Infant VanderveerABT 1867 Lysander, Onondago, Co, New York 
Infant VanDerveer27 NOV 1867 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey27 NOV 1867 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Infant VanDerveer23 OCT 1898 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York 
Infant VanderveerABT 1865 Lysander, Onondago, Co, New York 
Infant Vanderveer29 NOV 1874 Lancaster Co, Nebraska1 DEC 1874 Nebraska
Infant Vanderveer27 JUL 1814 Montgomery Co, New York27 JUL 1814 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Ione Vanderveer1884 Nebraska1945 Lincoln, Lancaster Co, Nebraska
Ira Vanderveer7 NOV 1850 Enders Homestead, Glen, Montgomery Co, New York23 JUN 1924 
Ira Henry Vanderveer5 JUL 1900 Onondaga Co, New York1958 Clay, Onondaga Co, New York
Ira J Vanderveer1865  
Ira L Vanderveer1893 13 JUN 1898 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
Irene Vanderveer1900 New York1909 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Irvin Leslie Vanderveer26 OCT 1854 New York 
Isaac Vanderveer25 JUL 1798 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York9 FEB 1869 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York
Isaac VanderveerABT 1825 Long Island, New YorkBEF 1893 Woodhaven, Long Island, New York
Isaac Frost VanderveerABT 1835 25 AUG 1872 
Isaac Van Dyke VanDerveer15 OCT 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey28 JUN 1876 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Isabelle Vanderveer1891 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1978 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Issac Vanderveer1768  
Issac Brokaw VanDerveer22 JAN 1873 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey6 FEB 1953 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Issac S Vanderveer4 MAR 1880 New Brunswick, New JerseyJUN 1975 New Jersey
Iva VanderveerABT 1889 Kansas 
J C Vanderveer  
J Elmer Vanderveer1877 1980 
J H VanderveerABT 1855  
J H VanderveerBEF 1834  
J M VanderveerABT 1830  
J Ward Vanderveer1895 1977 
Jack Vanderveer1888 The Netherlands 
Jacob Vanderveer1 AUG 1793 Fonda, Montgomery Co, New York8 NOV 1877 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Jacob VanDerveer1 JUL 1792 Somerset Co, New Jersey1893 
Jacob VanderveerABT 1700 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1732 Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Jacob VanderveerABT 1725 Delaware 
Jacob Vanderveer1689 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware16 NOV 1739 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Jacob VanDerveerABT 1847 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Jacob VanderveerABT 1680 BEF 1730 St Marys Co, Maryland
Jacob Vanderveer1792  
Jacob Vanderveer5 MAY 1726 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 JUL 1806 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York
Jacob Vanderveer4 JUL 1793 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Vanderveer30 NOV 1715 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware1737 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Jacob VanderveerBEF 1865  
Jacob Vanderveer1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey6 MAR 1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacob Vanderveer1664 Christianham (Wilmington), New Castle Co, Delaware4 NOV 1726 Penns Neck, Salem Co, New Jersey
Jacob Vanderveer12 AUG 1821 Somerset Co, New Jersey19 DEC 1893 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Jacob VanderveerABT 1788 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Vanderveer1800 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Jacob VanderveerABT 1700 Delaware1729 
Jacob Vanderveer31 MAR 1741 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Jacob Vanderveer6 MAR 1703/04 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York17 NOV 1776 Bedminister, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacob Vanderveer27 OCT 1815 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York21 MAR 1854 Lockport, Niagara Co, New York
Jacob VanderveerAPR 1851 The Netherlands1942 
Jacob VanderveerFEB 1848 19 SEP 1848 Morristown, Morris Co, New Jersey
Jacob VanderveerBEF 7 AUG 1763 Somerset Co, New Jersey16 AUG 1785 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacob VanderveerBEF 1820  
Jacob VanDerveer3 FEB 1792 New Jersey9 APR 1863 
Jacob Bishop VanderveerABT 1830 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware16 NOV 1888 
Jacob I VanderveerBEF 1850 24 JUL 1900 Root, Montgomery, Co, New York
Jacob J Vanderveer1827 New York 
Jacob Jacobsen VanderveerABT 1630 The Netherlands30 MAR 1699 Brandywine Village, Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware
Jacob Kline Vanderveer1802 Amwell, Somerset Co, New Jersey1874 New Jersey
Jacob Luke Vanderveer17 APR 1874 New York29 JAN 1958 Los Angeles, California
Jacob Martense Vanderveer27 SEP 1872 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jacob Polhemus Vanderveer9 DEC 1830 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Jacoba Vanderveer1686 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1735 Hopewell, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
Jacobus VanderveerABT 1715  
Jacobus VanderveerABT 1747 Flatbush, Long Island, new York 
Jacobus Vanderveer10 DEC 1721 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkABT 1786 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Jacobus VanderveerBEF 29 OCT 1686 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1759 Bedminister, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacobus VanderveerABT 1775  
Jacobus Vanderveer6 OCT 1754 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 25 FEB 1815 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jacobus VanderveerBEF 18 JAN 1729/30 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Jacomyntie Vanderveer20 APR 1770 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
James Vanderveer18 AUG 1832 Rindge, New Hampshire19 NOV 1916 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
James VanderveerABT 1855 1864 
James Vanderveer16 OCT 1801 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York14 FEB 1886 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York
James Vanderveer28 AUG 1875 Ohio3 JUL 1903 Johnson Co, Kansas
James Vanderveer1853 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey1926 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
James VanderveerABT 1840 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
James Vanderveer1852 Brooklyn, Kings, New York 
James VanderveerAPR 1864 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
James VanderveerABT 1840 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
James Vanderveer12 SEP 1743 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 FEB 1810 Bedminster, Somerset Co, New Jersey
James Vanderveer11 JUN 1880 New Jersey 
James Vanderveer14 SEP 1859 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, Michigan14 APR 1860 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, Michigan
James Vanderveer25 OCT 1813 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey24 JUL 1885 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
James Vanderveer18 FEB 1828 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York5 MAY 1901 Benton Co, Michigan
James Vanderveer1848 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
James Vanderveer1867 Pennsylvania 
James B Vanderveer11 FEB 1811 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 MAR 1865 Somerset Co, New Jersey
James Barkalow Vanderveer13 MAR 1881 18 NOV 1927 Grinnel, Powshiek Co, Iowa
James Barkalow Vanderveer24 JUN 1845 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio17 AUG 1914 Grinnel, Poweshick Co, Iowa
James D Vanderveer1839 Somerset Co, New Jersey1913 Somerset Co, New Jersey
James Franklin Vanderveer23 JUN 1856 Long Branch, Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 OCT 1938 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
James G Vanderveer8 AUG 1890 1918 Sickness while in US Army
James Guy Vanderveer15 MAR 1877 IllinoisDEC 1964 Thurston Co, Washington
James H Vanderveer1840 New Jersey 
James H Berge Vanderveer1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 JAN 1785 Somerset Co, New Jersey
James Henry Vanderveer10 JUL 1822 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey12 AUG 1889 Madison, Lake Co, Ohio
James Henry Vanderveer13 NOV 1871 13 MAR 1882 Washington, District of Columbia
James L VanderveerBEF 1900  
James LaTourette Vanderveer18 FEB 1857 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois28 OCT 1943 San Diego, San Diego Co, California
James M VanderveerABT 1880  
James Nelson Vanderveer21 JUL 1829 Root, Montgomery Co, New York28 SEP 1921 Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
James Newell Vanderveer12 DEC 1877 Albany, Albany Co, New York1940 
James T Vanderveer  
James Tunis Vanderveer2 APR 1890 Greenly, Greenly Co, Nebraska4 SEP 1937 Centralia, Lewis, Washington
James Tunisen VanderveerBEF 30 NOV 1838 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jan VanDerVeerABT 1810  
Jan VanderveerABT 1733 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jan Vanderveer27 AUG 1726 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 FEB 1771 Millstone, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jan Vanderveer1726 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Jan VanDerVeer1528 Alkmarr, The Netherlands 
Jane Vanderveer6 OCT 1752 Flatbush, Long Island, new York12 APR 1826 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Jane Vanderveer14 SEP 1863 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 SEP 1903 
Jane Vanderveer11 JUN 1798 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 MAY 1876 Miamisburg, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Jane Vanderveer31 DEC 1835 18 MAR 1910 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Jane Vanderveer31 MAY 1809 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey22 JUL 1883 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jane Vanderveer1800 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jane VanderveerAFT 1800 New Jersey 
Jane VanderveerMAR 1779 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 FEB 1845 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jane Vanderveer1837 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jane Vanderveer1781 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 OCT 1859 
Jane VanderveerOCT 1796 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey 
Jane VanderveerABT 1775 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT SEP 1801 
Jane Vanderveer1800 1879 
Jane Vanderveer24 FEB 1792 Monmouth Co, New Jersey14 APR 1876 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Jane Vanderveer13 OCT 1801 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1 AUG 1877 
Jane Vanderveer26 JAN 1831 Raitan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1911 
Jane VanderveerABT 1790  
Jane Vanderveer12 APR 1790 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York13 DEC 1875 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Jane Vanderveer1808 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey1820 
Jane Vanderveer9 MAR 1788 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Jane Ann Vanderveer19 OCT 1839 West Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey7 MAY 1917 Red Bank, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jane Ann Vanderveer22 SEP 1884 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York10 NOV 1918 
Jane Ann Vanderveer19 FEB 1859 New York5 JAN 1903 
Jane Ann Vanderveer24 JAN 1818 Montgomery Co, New York20 FEB 1891 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Jane Ann Vanderveer13 NOV 1838 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 MAR 1906 
Jane Brundred Vanderveer8 NOV 1864 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jane E Vanderveer1826 New Lotts, Long Island, New York 
Jane Elizabeth Vanderveer12 JUN 1846 Grinnel, Powshiek Co, Iowa22 AUG 1869 Rock Island Co, Illinois
Jane Elizabeth Vanderveer1817 13 OCT 1868 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jane Elizabeth VanderveerABT 1810 Marboro, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 1899 
Jane G Vanderveer1848 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey1890 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Jane Johnson Vanderveer31 MAR 1860 New Jersey3 JUN 1867 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jane Maria Vanderveer4 OCT 1815 Somerset Co, New Jersey28 JUN 1891 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Jane R VanDerveer7 MAY 1874 Monmouth Co, New Jersey17 MAY 1877 Mommouth Co, New Jersey
Jane Squier Vanderveer1832 1908 New Jersey
Jane T Vanderveer12 DEC 1837 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey20 JAN 1882 
Jane Williamson Vanderveer18 JAN 1826 Essex Co, New Jersey1 AUG 1866 
Jannetje Vanderveer1 JUN 1719 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jannetje Vanderveer19 MAR 1775 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey16 JAN 1858 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Jannetje Vanderveer9 NOV 1775 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York26 SEP 1831 
Jannetje Vanderveer1758 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1760 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jannetje VanderVeerABT 1800  
Jannetje Vanderveer15 JUN 1760 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 APR 1833 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jannetje VanderveerABT 1736 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jannette Adelia Vanderveer16 NOV 1856 Onodaga Co, New York1938 Plainville, Onodaga Co, New York
Jasper F VanderveerABT 1800  
Jay G VanderveerABT 1880  
Jay Griffis Vanderveer3 DEC 1894 Ohio 
Jay O Vanderveer1872 New York24 SEP 1938 Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, Michigan
Jean H Vanderveer1 JAN 1887 Michigan 
Jeannette Shepard VanderVeer25 DEC 1871 20 JUL 1957 Nassau Co, New York
Jefferson B Vanderveer1844 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio22 JUL 1885 Ellinwood, Barton Co, Kansas
Jefferson Franklin Vanderveer15 FEB 1857 Sherkston, Humberstone Township, Welland, Ontario, Canada18 NOV 1926 Sanilac, Co, Michigan
Jennett Vanderveer  
Jennetta Vanderveer21 JAN 1835 New YorkAPR 1896 Schenectady Co, New York
Jennie VanderveerABT 1898 Netherlands 
Jennie Vanderveer14 OCT 1870 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York27 NOV 1941 Madison, Dane Co, Wisconsin
Jennie VanDerveer12 SEP 1871 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York7 APR 1966 Sloansville, Schoharie Co, New York
Jennie VanderveerAFT 1898  
Jennie M Vanderveer1880 Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, Michigan 
Jennie M Vanderveer19 NOV 1852 Danville, Vemilion Co, Illinios14 MAR 1916 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinios
Jeremiah Vanderveer28 MAR 1769 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF AUG 1835 
Jerome Vanderveer1858 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jerome A VanderveerABT 1860 BEF 1906 
Jerome D Vanderveer21 OCT 1859 Long Island, New York 
Jeromus Vanderveer10 JUN 1784 Flatbush, Long Island, New York28 AUG 1828 Long Island, New York
Jeromus VanderveerABT 1835  
Jeromus Vanderveer2 MAR 1831 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Jeromus VanderveerBEF 30 MAR 1729 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Jesse A Vanderveer3 FEB 1868 Brooklyn Kings Co, New YorkBEF 1893 New York
Jesse Tunis Vanderveer6 MAY 1878 Temple, Bell Co, Texas3 MAR 1954 Bell Co, Texas
Jessie Vanderveer19 NOV 1872 Somerset Co, New Jersey1948 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Jessie Vanderveer25 NOV 1891 Ohio 
Jessie Vanderveer6 MAR 1897  
Jessie B VanDerveerOCT 1898 New Jersey1993 New Port Ritchey, Pasco Co, Florida
Jessie Holiday Vanderveer24 DEC 1870 Westford, Otsego Co, New York3 FEB 1871 Westford, Otsego Co, New York
Jessie Louise Vanderveer11 APR 1883 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York30 AUG 1883 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Jewell Warford VanderveerABT 1840 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New York16 SEP 1923 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New York
Jewell William Vanderveer30 SEP 1887 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York27 JAN 1958 Erie, Erie Co, Pennsylvania
Joanna Vanderveer8 DEC 1892 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York16 JUL 1952 
Joanna T Vanderveer31 MAY 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey31 MAY 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Joanna Ten Eyck Vanderveer11 MAR 1847 Middletown, Butler Co, OhioAFT 1870 Census
Joe Vanderveer  
Johan VanderveerABT 1687 Wilmington, New Castle Co, DelawareABT 1718 Fahlun, Sweden
Johan Vanderveer29 JUN 1754 New Castle Co, Delaware1813 Brandywine Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware
Johan Vanderveer1661 Christianham (Wilmington), New Castle Co, DelawareBEF JAN 1712/13 Wilimgton, New Castle Co, Delaware
Johan John VanderveerABT 1715  
Johanna VanderveerDEC 1890 Iowa 
Johanna R Vanderveer16 OCT 1829 New Jersey1 MAR 1906 New Jersey
Johannes Vanderveer30 APR 1764 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Vanderveer5 DEC 1711 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1781 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Johannes VanderveerOCT 1897 New Jersey 
Johannes Vanderveer22 NOV 1768 Kings Co, Long Island, New York30 MAR 1833 Long Island, New York
John VanderveerBEF 6 SEP 1776 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer13 APR 1821 Glen, Montgomery Co, New YorkAFT 1858 Niagara Co, New York
John Vanderveer7 JUL 1766 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer1770 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBET SEP 1806 AND 1811 
John Vanderveer4 APR 1763 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey3 JAN 1844 Malrboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer22 MAR 1856 Hanson Station, Estill Co, Kentucky11 DEC 1927 Gideon, New Madrid Co, Misssouri
John VanderveerABT 1780  
John Vanderveer1775 26 JAN 1859 Burlington Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer8 AUG 1802 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York24 MAY 1867 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York
John VanderveerABT 1860  
John Vanderveer1857 New Jersey 
John Vanderveer3 DEC 1851 Grandfathers home near Battle Creek, Michigan23 AUG 1930 Family farm 4 mi north of Coloma, Berrien Co, Michigan
John Vanderveer4 DEC 1853 Montgomery Co, New York 
John Vanderveer1709 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware10 APR 1754 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware
John VanderveerABT 1795 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer11 JAN 1721/22 Penns Neck, Salem Co, New JerseyBEF 15 AUG 1726 
John Vanderveer16 JUN 1807 Montgomery Co, New York25 JAN 1889 Schenectady, Schenectady Co, New York
John VanderveerABT 1843 New Jersey 
John VanderveerBEF 1713 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
John VanderveerABT 1860  
John VanderveerABT 1776 Long Island, New York 
John Vanderveer11 AUG 1792 New Lotts, Long Island, New York4 MAR 1861 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
John Vanderveer3 DEC 1738 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 30 MAY 1782 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer1869 New Jersey 
John Vanderveer1734 Kings Co, Long Island, New York died young
John Vanderveer17 NOV 1815 Flatbush, Kings Co, New York 
John VanderveerABT 1800  
John Vanderveer24 JUN 1858 3 MAY 1863 
John Vanderveer5 SEP 1826 Ridgeway, Bertie Township, Ontario, Canada21 APR 1901 
John Vanderveer19 MAY 1756 Kings Co, Long Island, New York2 MAY 1817 Kings Co, New York
John VanderveerABT 1780 Hunterdon, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer6 JAN 1836 Navesink, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1927 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John VanderveerABT 1790  
John Vanderveer1855 1925 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer16 JUN 1775 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John VanderveerABT 1762 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New JerseyBEF 1763 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
John VanderveerJUL 1878 Ooltgensplaat, The Netherlands 
John Vanderveer7 MAY 1821 22 MAY 1895 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer16 SEP 1823 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio14 NOV 1892 Andalusia, Rock Island Co, Illinois
John Vanderveer6 DEC 1849 Montgomery Co, New York1917 Montgomery Co, New York
John Vanderveer7 JUL 1706 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York13 OCT 1779 Keuter's Crook, New York
John VanderveerBEF 13 MAR 1738/39 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 6 DEC 1771 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey
John Vanderveer1 JAN 1727/28 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 3 OCT 1763 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer1884 Ellinwood, Barton Co, Kanasas 
John VanderveerABT 1853 New Jersey 
John Vanderveer1898 New Jersey 
John VanderveerMAY 1734 Long Island, New York12 MAY 1772 Amwell, Hunterdon, New Jersey
John Vanderveer1837 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer26 APR 1730 New Castle Co, Delaware 
John VanderveerAFT 1880 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri Died at age 4
John VanderveerAFT 1832  
John VanderveerNOV 1866 Pennsylvania 
John Vanderveer22 OCT 1837 Warwick Co, New York23 FEB 1849 Warwick Co, New York
John Vanderveer1671 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York23 NOV 1732 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
John Vanderveer22 JUN 1802 Newtown, Queens Co, Long Island, New YorkSEP 1888 Neshanic, Hillsborough Township, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer1796 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1833 
John VanderveerJUL 1897 Pennsylvania 
John Vanderveer14 FEB 1798 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John VanderveerABT 1795  
John Vanderveer1780  
John Vanderveer1823 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York1911 Missouri
John Vanderveer1870 Montgomery Co, New York 
John VanderveerJAN 1798 New Jersey14 APR 1868 Chili, Monroe Co, New York
John VanderveerAFT 1748 Long Island, New York 
John VanderveerABT 1764 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer24 NOV 1794 New Castle Co, Delaware 
John VanderveerABT 1840  
John VanderveerABT 1815 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
John VanderveerJUL 1774 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer6 AUG 1827 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey17 FEB 1865 
John Vanderveer4 APR 1765 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 MAY 1839 Montgomery Co, New York
John Vanderveer8 NOV 1724 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 1 JAN 1727/28 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer25 OCT 1745 Kings Co, Long Island, New York7 DEC 1808 Kings Co, Long Island, New York
John Vanderveer8 FEB 1795 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
John Vanderveer22 JUN 1868 Michigan3 AUG 1958 Allegan Co, Michigan
John Vanderveer23 JUN 1868  
John Vanderveer3 OCT 1752 Somerset Co, New Jersey16 JUN 1841 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Vanderveer13 MAR 1762 New Castle Co, Delaware 
John A Vanderveer19 APR 1849 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1925 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York
John A VanderveerMAR 1887 New York1907 Scholharie Co, New York
John A Vanderveer23 JUN 1825 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York2 DEC 1896 
John A Vanderveer6 MAY 1882 Michigan 
John B Vanderveer1861 Somerset Co, New Jersey31 OCT 1879 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John B VanderveerJUN 1853 Canton, DeKalb Co, IllinoisAFT 1912 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri
John B(oylen) Vanderveer1803 (Somerset Co, New Jersey)1876 
John Bastian Vanderveer16 MAY 1878 The Netherlands15 JUL 1972 Mountain View, Santa Clara Co, California
John C Vanderveer1840 Somerset Co, New Jersey7 DEC 1885 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John C Vanderveer1790  
John C Vanderveer22 AUG 1762 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York7 APR 1845 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
John C VanderveerABT 1805 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
John Calvin Vanderveer13 FEB 1790 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1867 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
John Calvin Vanderveer1834 New Jersey1 MAR 1906 New Jersey
John Charles Vanderveer10 FEB 1861 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York18 JAN 1908 Mineola, Nassau Co, New York
John Chitwood Snodgrass Vanderveer1870 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania 
John Cornelius VanderveerABT 1823 New JerseyABT 1882 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
John Craig Vanderveer18 SEP 1862 New York28 NOV 1865 
John D Vanderveer5 MAY 1800 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey28 APR 1878 Easton, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania
John D Vanderveer3 NOV 1863 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey20 APR 1864 Whitehouse, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
John David Vanderveer28 SEP 1836 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey12 APR 1901 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Dewit Vanderveer1851 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 AUG 1852 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Ditmas Vanderveer29 JUN 1898 Long Island, New York7 MAR 1949 Hempstead, Nassau Co, New York
John E VanderveerABT 1820 Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT JUL 1901 ?Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John E VanderveerFEB 1854 Brooklyn, Kings, New York21 MAR 1904 Kings Co, New York
John Enders Vanderveer22 OCT 1859 Glen, Montgomery Co, New YorkAFT 1925 
John F Vanderveer11 JUN 1807 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1862 North Branch, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John F Vanderveer1840 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John F Vanderveer8 JUL 1840 Somerset Co, New Jersey17 AUG 1920 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John G Vanderveer1798 New York 
John Gano Vanderveer28 SEP 1837 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio19 AUG 1875 Butler Co, Ohio
John Garret Vanderveer26 NOV 1799 Raitan, Somerset Co, New Jersey19 MAY 1883 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Garret Vanderveer10 MAY 1798 Montgomery Co, New York7 JUL 1870 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York
John Garrett VanderveerABT 1800  
John Griffith Vanderveer6 APR 1873 Iowa20 OCT 1873 Iowa
John Griggs Vanderveer25 NOV 1858 Monmouth Co, New JerseyABT 1933 Rockbridge Co, Virginia
John H Vanderveer24 AUG 1853 Rock Island Co, Illinois1939 Rock Island Co, Illnois
John H VanderveerABT 1860  
John H Vanderveer6 MAR 1789 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey13 NOV 1857 Readington, Hunterdon Co. New Jersey
John H Vanderveer6 OCT 1839 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey12 JAN 1917 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
John H Vanderveer1870 New York19 JUL 1871 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
John H VanderveerABT 1860  
John H Vanderveer18 FEB 1872 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1901 
John H Vanderveer14 OCT 1802 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey13 MAR 1872 Schenectady Co, New York
John H Vanderveer30 AUG 1841 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey15 MAR 1894 
John H Vanderveer1832 New Jersey 
John H Vanderveer31 AUG 1849 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio8 MAR 1904 Ludington, Mason Co, Michigan
John H Vanderveer1883 20 JAN 1894 Newtown, Long Island, New York
John Hagaman Vanderveer3 NOV 1879 New Jersey26 JUL 1880 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
John Henry Vanderveer1869  
John Henry Vanderveer1799 New Jersey1845 West Freehold, Momouth Co, New Jersey
John Henry Vanderveer27 DEC 1810 Marboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 DEC 1896 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Henry Vanderveer26 MAY 1882 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio1965 
John Henry Vanderveer21 AUG 1829 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
John Henry Vanderveer10 DEC 1836 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey15 SEP 1866 Omaha, Nebraska
John Henry Vanderveer28 MAR 1864 Somerset Co, New Jersey2 DEC 1899 Brooklyn, New York
John Henry Vanderveer11 DEC 1851 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey21 JUN 1864 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Herbert Vanderveer16 AUG 1829 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1878 Rockbridge Co, Virginia
John Hyatt Vanderveer14 JUN 1856 New York8 AUG 1929 Queens Co, New York
John J Vanderveer1827 1904 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John J Vanderveer1818 30 DEC 1873 
John J Vanderveer1819 New Lotts, Long Island, New York30 NOV 1873 New Lotts, Long Island, New York
John J Vanderveer24 JUL 1844 Root, Montgomery Co, New York19 JUL 1894 Clinton Co, Iowa
John J Vanderveer16 FEB 1818 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 JUN 1880 Neshanic, Hillsborough Township, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John J VanderveerABT 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey ?24 AUG 1876 Somerville, Bridgewater, Somerset, New Jersey
John J Vanderveer2 JUN 1833 Raitan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1927 Montgomery Co, New York
John James Vanderveer1837 24 DEC 1893 
John K Vanderveer1890 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
John K Vanderveer1853 New YorkBEF 1948 
John L Vanderveer1859 Seneca Co, Ohio1863 Seneca Co, Ohio
John Lewis Vanderveer9 OCT 1892 Sauk Co, Wisconsin5 OCT 1978 Baraboo, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
John Lott Vanderveer23 NOV 1878 Kings Co, New York27 FEB 1947 Queens Co, New York
John M Vanderveer26 APR 1899  
John M Vanderveer4 APR 1825 23 AUG 1856 
John M Vanderveer8 APR 1836 Montgomery Co, New York13 APR 1837 Montgomery Co, New York
John M Vanderveer1841 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, OhioABT 1864 Believed killed in Civl War
John McClelland Vanderveer13 SEP 1866 Butler Co, Ohio24 SEP 1944 Kentucky
John McClelland Vanderveer4 AUG 1895 Frankfort, Franklin Co, Kentucky28 JUN 1961 Manhattan, New York
John McMath Vanderveer7 OCT 1883 Alabama26 FEB 1949 Selma, Dallas Co, Alabama
John Merrill Vanderveer5 MAR 1831 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 APR 1871 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
John Newton Vanderveer1866 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York 
John P Vanderveer1898 Pennsylvania 
John P Vanderveer5 MAR 1825 Root, Montgomery Co, New York10 JAN 1876 Eagle Lake, Texas
John P Vanderveer1862 Pennsylvania 
John Pomyea Vanderveer17 JAN 1886 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New YorkAUG 1971 Onondaga Co, New York
John Q Vanderveer13 MAR 1854 Somerset Co, New Jersey24 JUN 1880 At sea
John R Vanderveer1861 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio12 SEP 1924 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
John R Vanderveer9 JUL 1823 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 MAY 1889 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Raymond Vanderveer15 MAR 1887 Gentry Co, Missouri2 FEB 1950 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
John Reeve VanderveerABT 1820 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 MAR 1862 Rocky Hill, Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Reeve VanDerveer26 SEP 1842 Princeton, Mercer Co, New Jersey7 SEP 1918 Mt Kisco, Weschester Co, New York
John Reeve Vanderveer24 AUG 1808 Somerset Co, New Jersey20 MAR 1842 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Rutger Vanderveer21 APR 1829 Flatbush, Long Island, New York27 SEP 1898 Monroe, Orange Co, New York
John Rutgert Vanderveer22 JAN 1900 Kings Co, Long Island, New York8 JUL 1975 Fort Dodge, Webster Co, Iowa
John S Vanderveer21 JUN 1849 Somerset Co, New Jersey18 DEC 1932 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John S Vanderveer14 OCT 1854 Long Island, New York 
John S Vanderveer25 FEB 1866  
John Stewart Vanderveer27 JUN 1893 Frankfort, Franklin Co, Kentucky27 DEC 1955 Odenville, St Clair Co, Alabama
John Stryker VanderveerAUG 1828 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey20 NOV 1829 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Sutphen Vanderveer1 OCT 1810 Somerset Co, New Jersey4 JUN 1879 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
John T Vanderveer1875 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John W VanderveerABT 1840  
John W Vanderveer3 JAN 1862 Monmouth Co, New Jersey18 JUL 1881 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Ward Vanderveer30 NOV 1895 Tinton Falls, Monmouth Co, New Jersey17 OCT 1977 Red Bank, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John Watts Vanderveer21 FEB 1820 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York23 NOV 1860 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
John Whiteard Vanderveer26 AUG 1886 Bradevelt, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 1976 Neptune, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
John William Vanderveer10 APR 1869 Pennsylvania 
John William VanderveerOCT 1892 New Jersey1946 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
John William VanderveerAPR 1873 Pennsylvania1946 Middlesex Co, New Jersey
John Williamson Vanderveer17 OCT 1828 Vanderveer's Mill, New Lots, Long Island, New York24 FEB 1887 
John Wilson Vanderveer9 MAR 1876 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey4 JAN 1941 Mercer Co, New Jersey
Johnson S Vanderveer1870 New Jersey 
Joseph Vanderveer8 SEP 1834 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio11 OCT 1835 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Joseph Vanderveer17 MAR 1732/33 Somerset Co, New Jersey16 JAN 1769 Sowerland, Somerset Co, New Jersery
Joseph Vanderveer23 MAR 1802 Montgomery Co, New York29 MAR 1881 Root, Montgomery, Co, New York
Joseph Vanderveer1784 Marlborough Co, New Jersey3 DEC 1794 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Joseph Vanderveer1 DEC 1846 Mercer Co, New Jersey10 FEB 1930 
Joseph VanderveerABT 1815 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Joseph VanderveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Joseph Vanderveer4 MAR 1761 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey1 MAY 1841 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Joseph VanderveerABT 1800 Somerset Co, New Jersey Somerset Co, New Jersey
Joseph Abram Vanderveer4 JUL 1893 Shisler's Point, Welland, Ontario, Canada14 JUL 1981 Waterford, Oakland Co, Michigan
Joseph Augustus Vanderveer11 JAN 1840 Monmouth Co, New Jersey14 OCT 1917 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Joseph B VanderveerAFT 1825 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Dubois Vanderveer2 MAR 1809 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 MAR 1894 
Joseph Edwin Vanderveer31 JUL 1863 Root, Montgomery Co, New York 
Joseph Ellsworth Vanderveer30 JUL 1892 29 JUL 1960 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Joseph Elmer Vanderveer4 MAR 1877 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New JerseyMAY 1980 New Jersey
Joseph English Vanderveer12 NOV 1897 Princeton, Mercer Co, New Jersey22 FEB 1966 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Joseph English Vanderveer1 DEC 1847 Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 FEB 1930 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Joseph F Vanderveer14 OCT 1838 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 MAR 1863 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Joseph Frances Vanderveer1842 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Joseph Howard Vanderveer2 JAN 1868 Minaville, New York4 JUL 1943 Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Joseph I Vanderveer9 JAN 1790 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey5 NOV 1878 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Joseph Phillips Vanderveer18 JAN 1890 Clanton, Chilton Co, Alabama10 OCT 1918 Clanton, Chilton Co, Alabama
Joseph Phillips Vanderveer20 NOV 1858 Mongomery Co, Alabama4 MAY 1923 Clanton, Chilton Co, Alabama
Joseph Thomas VanderveerABT 1830  
Joseph Wardell Vanderveer9 JAN 1837 Long Branch, Monmouth Co, New Jersey6 OCT 1923 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Joseph Warren Vanderveer22 APR 1835 Essex Co, New Jersey3 JUN 1902 Essex Co, New Jersey
Judge Barto VanDerveer13 JUL 1848 Tompkins Co, New York1935 Ulysses, Tompkins Co, New York
Judith VanderveerAFT 1693 New Castle Co, Delaware15 JUN 1721 
Judith VanderveerABT 1660 New Castle Co, DelawareABT 1730 Penn's Neck, Salem Co, New Jersey
Judson Martin Vanderveer27 APR 1850 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio21 JUL 1930 West Unity, Williams Co, Ohio
Judy VanderveerABT 1825  (Somerset Co, New Jersey)
Julia VanderveerABT 1850 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Julia Vanderveer1831 11 DEC 1857 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania
Julia Vanderveer19 MAY 1847 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1910 
Julia VanderveerABT 1863 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Julia VanderveerABT 1820 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Julia A Vanderveer1832  
Julia Adele Vanderveer11 OCT 1863 16 FEB 1916 West Haverstraw, New York
Julia Ann Vanderveer30 NOV 1831 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey6 JAN 1835 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Julia H Vanderveer1839 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey27 APR 1865 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Julia J Vanderveer1810 15 SEP 1880 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Julia Jane Vanderveer5 DEC 1828 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey27 MAY 1898 
Julia Louise Vanderveer6 FEB 1866 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey4 JUN 1923 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Julia Maria Vanderveer24 JAN 1842 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey29 OCT 1914 Douglas Co, South Dakota
Julia Virginia Vanderveer3 AUG 1869 Rockbridge Co, Virginia1945 Rockbridge Co, Virginia
Julianna Vanderveer1879 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Juliette Vanderveer22 MAY 1840 Lysander, Onondaga County, New York12 FEB 1881 
June Vanderveer3 FEB 1809  
Karel Van Dyke VanDerveer1890 New Jersey9 OCT 1942 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York
Kate Vanderveer20 JUN 1868 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Kate Vanderveer1885 Michigan1959 
Katherine Vanderveer24 JUN 1870 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Katherine Vanderveer30 JUN 1870 New Jersey7 JAN 1944 
Katherine Ann Vanderveer1 JAN 1864 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York 
Katherine Craig Vanderveer3 MAY 1862 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 FEB 1894 Branchburg Park, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Katherine E Vanderveer3 AUG 1841 Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 JAN 1891 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Katherine Hasbrouck Vanderveer10 FEB 1887 Westwood, Bergen Co, New Jersey24 MAR 1978 Chatham, Barstable, Co, Mass
Katherine Potter Vanderveer21 DEC 1861 Minden, Montgomery Co., New York15 DEC 1964 
Kathie VanderveerJAN 1891 New York 
Katie Vanderveer1857 New Jersey 
Katie E VanderveerSEP 1892 New Jersey 
Katryne VanDerveer1893 New Jersey 
Kelly Vanderveer1888  
Keziah Vanderveer1791 New Castle, Delaware 
Klaas Vanderveer20 AUG 1871 Michigan29 NOV 1951 
Kryn B Vanderveer1900 Netherlands13 MAY 1920 Michigan
Lammetje Vanderveer23 JUN 1762 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey1832 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Laura Vanderveer1873 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania 
Laura Vanderveer19 JAN 1877 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 1972 
Laura B VanderveerABT 1858 New Jersey 
Laura Dell Vanderveer12 OCT 1896 Ohio 
Laura M VanDerveer11 AUG 1875 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey1964 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Laura R Vanderveer21 MAY 1879  
Laura V Vanderveer27 MAY 1858 30 DEC 1896 Red Bank, New Jersey
Laura W Vanderveer8 MAY 1881 New Jersey1 SEP 1882 Dies 1 yr 3m 24 Chester, New Jersey
Lauren Vanderveer8 SEP 1856 Amsterdam, New York17 AUG 1897 
Lawrence Vanderveer1740 Somerset Co, New Jersey8 DEC 1815 Hillsborough, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lawrence Vanderveer2 NOV 1815 VanDerVeer Estate, Mongomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey21 JUN 1893 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lawrence Vanderveer29 SEP 1869 3 DEC 1943 
Lawrence Vanderveer30 SEP 1833 (Somerset Co, New Jersey)23 DEC 1894 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lawrence VanDycke Vanderveer1852 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Lea VanderveerJUN 1792 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok23 MAY 1813 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok
Leah Vanderveer6 OCT 1883 Missouri12 FEB 1957 Wichita, Sedgwick Co, Kansas
Leah Westbrook VanderveerABT 1890  
Leanard Vanderveer5 AUG 1877 Michigan12 AUG 1877 
Leehard Vanderveer1870 The Netherlands 
Lehman W VanderveerAUG 1897 New York 
Lemean Ann Vanderveer29 MAY 1793 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New Yok26 JUN 1877 New Brunswick, New Jersey
Lemond Vanderveer7 MAY 1895 6 JUN 1946 
Lena VanderveerJUN 1889 Ooltgensplaat, The Netherlands 
Lena Vanderveer4 AUG 1878 Michigan11 APR 1962 
Lenora Vanderveer9 JUL 1857 Rock Island Co, Illnois24 JUN 1964 Rock Island Co, Illnois
Leo C VanderveerABT 1860 JAN 1913 
Leonard Vanderveer1881 Franklin, Warren, Ohio6 JUL 1881 Franklin, Warren, Ohio
Leonard E Vanderveer3 OCT 1899 Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada4 DEC 1901 Ontario, Canada
Leroy Vanderveer1894 New Jersey 
Leroy Vanderveer21 APR 1886 7 JAN 1900 Long Branch, New Jersey
Lester A Vanderveer17 MAR 1892 Monmouth Co, New Jersey10 OCT 1932 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Lester Chester Vanderveer1886 New Jersey 
Lettie C VanDerveer1881 Mommouth Co, New Jersey1947 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Lewis VanderveerJUN 1877 Montgomery Co, New York 
Lewis Lowell VanderveerAFT 1801 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Lewis Wooley Vanderveer5 DEC 1872 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey1 JAN 1947 Livingston, Essex Co, New Jersey
Libbie VanderveerABT 1869 Texas 
Libbie Mae Vanderveer23 MAR 1868 Westford, Otsego Co, New York24 SEP 1948 Oneonta, Otsego Co, New York
Lilian VanderveerAFT 1887  
Lillian Vanderveer30 OCT 1861 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio11 JUN 1937 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa
Lillian VanderveerAFT 1830  
Lillian VanderveerJUN 1880 New Jersey 
Lillian May Vanderveer12 APR 1870 Monmouth Co, New Jersey22 DEC 1874 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Lillian Raymond Vanderveer23 MAR 1886 New Jersey 
Lillie H Vanderveer2 JAN 1894 Kings Co, Long Island, New York4 OCT 1985 Shutesbury, Franklin Co, Massachusetts
Lillie V Vanderveer26 MAR 1871 Montgomery Co, New York27 OCT 1891 Onondaga Co, New York
Lily A VanderveerAPR 1884 New Jersey 
Linae Vanderveer1771 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Lizzie Vanderveer1867 New Jersey 
Lizzie Adele VanDerveer14 MAR 1861 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey2 MAR 1923 
Lizzie C Vanderveer30 OCT 1865 AUG 1869 New Jersey
Lloyd Vanderveer24 NOV 1810 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey12 NOV 1880 
Lloyd E Vanderveer29 AUG 1893 Ontario, Canada20 OCT 1893 Wainfleet, Welland Co, Ontarion, Canada
Lou V VanderveerJUN 1869 Cedar Falls, Hardin Co, IowaAFT 1930 Waverly, Bremer Co, Iowa
Louis H Vanderveer1 SEP 1831 18 APR 1864 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Louisa Vanderveer4 APR 1836 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey21 FEB 1863 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Louisa VanderveerABT 1820 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Louisa A VanderveerJUL 1855 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1895 
Louisa I Vanderveer1849 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio 
Louisa Ruhlman VanderveerOCT 1851 German Valley, Morris Co, New JerseyAFT 1925 Sac Townshiop, Sac Co, Iowa
Louise Vanderveer1894 New Jersey 
Louise VanderveerABT 1860  
Louise Hunt Vanderveer17 MAY 1865 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Lucas VanDerveer25 NOV 1763 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey12 DEC 1828 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lucinda VanderveerAFT 1801 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Lucy Vanderveer1865 Brooklyn Kings Co, New York1875 
Lucy Vanderveer1873 Clinton Co, Iowa 
Luella VanderveerMAY 1869 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Luke Schenck VanDerveer19 JAN 1794 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey12 JAN 1870 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Lula May Vanderveer18 JUN 1873 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 1968 
Luther Vanderveer4 JAN 1825 Somerset Co, New Jersey29 DEC 1896 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Luther Randolph Vanderveer12 JUN 1858 Westford, Otsego Co, New York24 JUN 1932 Westford, Otsego Co, New York
Luther VanZandt VanDerveer20 APR 1864 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey10 OCT 1943 Los Angeles, Caifornia
Luxema Vanderveer1873 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1964 New Jersey
Lydia VanDerveer5 DEC 1802 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 NOV 1887 
Lydia Vanderveer27 DEC 1800 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 FEB 1802 New Jersey
Lydia Vanderveer18 NOV 1817 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio1905 Greenville, Darke Co, Ohio
Lydia Ann Vanderveer15 SEP 1811 Monmouth Co, New Jersey21 MAR 1883 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Lydia Ann Vanderveer15 APR 1852 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio2 SEP 1852 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Lydia Ann Vanderveer31 MAY 1817 20 DEC 1892 Franklin, Warren Co, Ohio
Lydia B Vanderveer1837 Schoharie Co, New York 
Lydia Margaret Vanderveer5 APR 1855 Rock Island Co, Illinois10 MAY 1916 Rock Island Co, Illinois
Lydia Mariah Vanderveer15 JUN 1842 Root, Montgomery Co, New York10 MAY 1845 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Lydia Ruth Vanderveer10 MAR 1886 Temple, Bell Co, Texas 
M C VanderveerBEF 1832 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
M H VanderveerABT 1860  
Mabel VanderveerABT 1891 Siam, Taylor Co, Iowa 
Mabel J Vanderveer4 MAY 1876 AFT 1910 
Mable Ella Vanderveer19 MAR 1890 Liberty Township, Brown Co, South Dakota22 APR 1985 Florida
Magdalena Vanderveer1723 Delaware 
Magdalena Vanderveer5 NOV 1718 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware21 APR 1765 Delaware
Magdalena VanderveerBEF 21 OCT 1723 Penns Neck, Salem Co, New Jersey 
Magdalene VanderveerABT 1825 16 SEP 1866 
Magdalene Vanderveer5 JAN 1834 Flatbush, Long Island, New York New York
Magdeline Frances Vanderveer27 SEP 1870 Long Island, New York 
Maggie Vanderveer1863 New Jersey 
Maggie VanderveerDEC 1892 Iowa 
Maggie VanderveerABT 1875 The Netherlands 
Maggie Vanderveer1879 New Jersey 
Maggie Isabelle Vanderveer5 JAN 1863 New York 
Mahala VanderveerJUL 1879 Ohio 
Mahlon Everett VanderveerMAR 1840 New Jersey3 APR 1922 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Majori Davis Vanderveer13 AUG 1895  
Malchi Vanderveer1876 New York 
Malinda VanderveerABT 1860  
Malvine Vanderveer1853 New Jersey 
Marcia Moulton Vanderveer20 MAR 1875 Minden, Montgomery Co., New York5 JAN 1981 
Margaret Vanderveer6 SEP 1818 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Vanderveer22 SEP 1820 New Jersey27 MAR 1898 South River Boro, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Margaret Vanderveer1894 New Jersey 
Margaret VanderveerABT 1820  
Margaret VanderveerABT 1840 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada5 JUL 1896 Humberstone, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada
Margaret VanderveerAFT 1871 Rahway, Union New Jersey 
Margaret Vanderveer1869  
Margaret VanDerveer1840 1923 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Margaret Vanderveer22 AUG 1813 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Margaret VanderveerABT 1848 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaret VanDerveerABT 1840 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Margaret Vanderveer16 OCT 1824 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 OCT 1905 
Margaret Vanderveer7 APR 1734 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Margaret A Vanderveer1859 Fulton Co, Illinois2 NOV 1860 Fulton Co, Illinios
Margaret A Vanderveer26 SEP 1889 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York1899 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York
Margaret Ann Vanderveer2 MAR 1845 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey1919 Jefferson Co, Nebraska
Margaret Ann Vanderveer18 OCT 1814 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio31 MAR 1902 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Margaret D Vanderveer10 MAR 1849 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 MAY 1888 
Margaret E C VanDerveer1841 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey (Somerset Co, New Jersey)
Margaret Elmendorf VanderveerABT 1802 Somerset Co, New Jersey Somerset Co, New Jersey
Margaret G Vanderveer1859 Long Island, New York 
Margaret Helen VanderveerMAY 1887 Scobeyville, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1966 Long Branch, Monmoutn Co, New Jersye
Margaret Houston VanDerveer10 MAY 1899 California 
Margaret L Vanderveer1877 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Margaret Snow Vanderveer29 DEC 1869 Albany, Albany Co, New York13 MAY 1873 
Margareta VanDerveer1847 Somerset Co, New Jersey1909 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Margaretha Vanderveer25 MAR 1759 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Margaretha VanDerVeerBET 1620 AND 1645  
Margaretta VanderveerNOV 1869 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Margaretta Vanderveer2 JUL 1854 Asbury Park, Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 JAN 1917 Ashury Park, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Margaretta Gano Vanderveer23 JUL 1827 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio2 JUL 1866 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
Margrett M VanderveerMAR 1891 Pennsylvania 
Margretta Vanderveer1697 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Margrieta Vanderveer1710 Long Island, New York1763 
Maria Vanderveer3 MAR 1845 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York24 DEC 1904 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Maria Vanderveer20 JUN 1792 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1869 
Maria Vanderveer10 JAN 1780 Somerset Co, New Jersey11 APR 1866 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Maria VanDerVeerABT 1760  
Maria VanderveerABT 1706 Delaware 
Maria VanderveerABT 1774 Long Island, New York 
Maria Vanderveer1864 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1910 
Maria Vanderveer18 FEB 1782 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey4 MAY 1832 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Maria Vanderveer1818 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Maria VanderveerABT 1837 New Jersey 
Maria Vanderveer25 DEC 1816 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey1 APR 1830 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Maria Vanderveer20 MAY 1836 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Maria VanderveerBEF 22 MAY 1730 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 30 MAY 1782 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Maria VanDerveerABT 1825 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Maria Vanderveer15 AUG 1757 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Maria Vanderveer14 DEC 1851 Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 FEB 1852 New Jersey
Maria VanDerveerABT 1815 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Maria Vanderveer20 JAN 1716/17 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Maria Vanderveer31 DEC 1780 Campbell Co, TennesseeAFT 28 APR 1805 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Maria VanderveerABT 1730 Long Island, New York 
Maria VanderveerABT 1700  
Maria Vanderveer6 DEC 1772 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey7 MAR 1863 
Maria Vanderveer30 OCT 1804 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York11 MAY 1875 
Maria VanDerVeerBEF 15 OCT 1757 Long Island, New York 
Maria Allen Vanderveer5 DEC 1851 Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 JUN 1947 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Maria Ann VanderveerABT 1852 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York10 JUL 1907 Brooklyn, Kings Co, New York
Maria Elizabeth Vanderveer26 AUG 1850 Danville, Vemilion Co, Illinios22 APR 1926 Danville, Vemilion Co, Illinios
Maria Hardenbergh Vanderveer24 NOV 1811 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 FEB 1898 Elizabethown, Union Co, New Jersey
Maria Jennie Vanderveer8 JUL 1804 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey20 APR 1828 New York
Maria Labagh Vanderveer19 MAR 1845 Montgomery, Somerset Co, New Jersey1927 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Maria Louisa Vanderveer1822 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Maria Louisa VanderveerABT 1850  
Maria M Vanderveer14 AUG 1862 Monmouth Co, New Jersey10 SEP 1915 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Maria R VanderveerABT 1860  
Maria R VanderveerABT 1860 26 FEB 1917 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mariah Vanderveer10 JUL 1854 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey4 JAN 1877 
Mariah VanderveerBET 1835 AND 1840  
Mariah VanderveerAFT 1800 New Jersey 
Mariah C Vanderveer1849 German Valley, Morris Co, New JerseyAFT 1900 Sac Townshiop, Sac Co, Iowa
Marianna VanderveerMAR 1860 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio9 MAY 1860 
Marianna Hunt Vanderveer1870 1918 
Marich Fannie Vanderveer14 SEP 1823 Root, Montgomery Co, New York1909 Gloversville, Fulton Co, New York
Mariettea C Vanderveer1879 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York 
Marion Earl Vanderveer24 AUG 1886 Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin3 MAR 1970 Baraboo, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Marion Elsy Vanderveer26 NOV 1898 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York9 FEB 1995 Van Duyn Med Ctr, Ononada Co, New York
Marjorie L Vanderveer27 MAY 1900 Springfield Center, Otsego Co, New York18 JUN 1994 Wiliamantic, Windham Co, Connecticut
Marritje Vanderveer27 JAN 1760 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Martha Vanderveer1829 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York 
Martha Vanderveer22 JUL 1827 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York 
Martha VanderveerABT 1866 New Jersey 
Martha Vanderveer1894 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1914 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Martha VanDerveerABT 1810 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Martha Vanderveer1843 Franklin, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Martha Belle Vanderveer22 JAN 1862 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois7 MAY 1942 Los Angeles Co, California
Martha Elizabeth Vanderveer8 NOV 1847 New York 
Martha Hodge Vanderveer26 FEB 1839 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Martha Jane Vanderveer4 MAY 1868 Ohio26 DEC 1882 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Martha Jeanette Vanderveer6 APR 1865 15 AUG 1953 
Martha M Vanderveer5 JUL 1864 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Martha Matilda Vanderveer1826 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1894 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Martin Vanderveer6 MAY 1834 Randall, Montgomery Co, New York11 JAN 1925 
Martin L Vanderveer1845 New Jersey 
Martin Schenck Vanderveer26 APR 1819 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 JUL 1887 Meriton, Missouri
Martina E Vanderveer16 FEB 1816 Somerset Co, New Jersey30 JAN 1904 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Marvin Vanderveer1883 Montgomery Co, New YorkAFT 1905 
Marvin VanderveerMAY 1842 Montgomery Co, New YorkBEF 1910 
Marvin C Vanderveer7 FEB 1897 Iowa12 JUN 1980 Mills Co, Iowa
Marvin C VanderveerOCT 1868 Clinton Co, Iowa 
Mary Vanderveer15 AUG 1870 Iowa 
Mary VanderveerDEC 1852 Camden, Camden Co, New Jersey13 JUN 1878 Marshall Co, Illinios
Mary Vanderveer1742 Penn's Neck, New Jersey17 SEP 1795 Salem Co, New Jersey
Mary VanderveerABT 1780  
Mary VanderveerABT 1809 1851 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mary Vanderveer1798 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Mary VanderveerABT 1775  
Mary Vanderveer27 FEB 1867 Michigan25 APR 1956 
Mary Vanderveer1829 Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF 25 JAN 1876 
Mary VanderveerAFT 1843 Somerset Co, New JerseyMAY 1879 Henry, Marshall Co, Illinois
Mary Vanderveer1743 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey1 APR 1816 South Plainfield, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Mary Vanderveer31 MAY 1793 16 FEB 1893 New York
Mary Vanderveer21 FEB 1806 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New JerseyNOV 1898 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Mary Vanderveer24 SEP 1819 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Mary VanDerVeer1815 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1881 
Mary VanderveerBET 1830 AND 1835  
Mary Vanderveer1844 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary Vanderveer16 FEB 1766 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Mary Vanderveer5 NOV 1790 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Mary VanderveerAFT 1830  
Mary Vanderveer1792 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT SEP 1806 
Mary Vanderveer16 NOV 1790 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Mary VanDerveerABT 1835  
Mary Vanderveer1830  
Mary Vanderveer9 SEP 1865 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York1945 Montgomery Co, New York
Mary VanderveerBET 1835 AND 1844 Illinois 
Mary Vanderveer21 MAR 1822 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary Vanderveer30 AUG 1804 17 JAN 1889 
Mary VanDerveer27 DEC 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey17 FEB 1893 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary VanDerveer1856 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio 
Mary Vanderveer12 FEB 1741/42 Sowerland, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF JAN 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary Vanderveer1869 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania 
Mary Vanderveer24 MAR 1767 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Mary VanDerveerABT 1835 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Mary Vanderveer25 JUN 1852 Grinnel, Powshiek Co, Iowa18 DEC 1914 Jefferson Co, Iowa
Mary Vanderveer19 MAR 1831 Essex Co, New Jersey27 MAY 1873 120 Miller St, Newark, New Jersey
Mary VanDerveer1852 Camden Co, New Jersey 
Mary A Vanderveer1865 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Mary A Vanderveer17 SEP 1888 30 OCT 1932 New Jersey
Mary Agnes Vanderveer16 APR 1861 Onondaga Co, New York12 DEC 1901 
Mary Alice Vanderveer8 DEC 1831 Middletown, Butler Co, OhioBEF 1848 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
Mary Ann Vanderveer4 FEB 1828 18 JAN 1904 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Mary Ann VanderveerABT 1845 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey 
Mary Ann Vanderveer4 FEB 1828 Root, Montgomery Co, New York 
Mary Ann Hubbell Vanderveer18 JUN 1835 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio26 JUL 1849 
Mary Arvilla VanderveerAPR 1889 Reed Township, Seneca Co,Ohio13 MAY 1932 Adams Township, Seneca Co, Ohio
Mary Belle VanderveerSEP 1895 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri 
Mary C Vanderveer30 NOV 1857  
Mary C Vanderveer1889 Monmouth Co, New Jersey Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Mary C Vanderveer21 FEB 1842 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary C Vanderveer11 AUG 1859 Fulton Co, Illinois4 OCT 1859 Fulton Co, Illinios
Mary C Vanderveer16 MAY 1875 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Caroline Vanderveer25 APR 1824 New York12 NOV 1856 Fulton Co, Illinios
Mary Catherine Vanderveer28 AUG 1855 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1922 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Mary Catherine Vanderveer21 JAN 1851  
Mary Conover Vanderveer24 JUN 1842 31 OCT 1874 
Mary Conover Vanderveer13 SEP 1873 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary E VanderveerABT 1875  
Mary E VanderveerABT 1850 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Mary E Vanderveer1836 Schoharie Co, New York 
Mary E Vanderveer10 NOV 1853 Somerset Co, New Jersey26 JAN 1906 Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey
Mary E VanderveerABT 1825  
Mary E Vanderveer1834 New York 
Mary E Vanderveer1853 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary E Vanderveer12 APR 1864  
Mary E VanDerveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Mary Elenore VanderveerAFT 1844 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois8 APR 1866 Gentry Co, Missouri
Mary Elizabeth Vanderveer11 MAY 1836 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio16 NOV 1837 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Mary Elizabeth Vanderveer28 FEB 1854 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Mary Elizabeth Vanderveer28 SEP 1864 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio4 JUN 1945 Ottawa Co, Kansas
Mary Ellen Vanderveer1824 New Jersey 
Mary Eugenia VanDerveerABT 1845 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey27 JUL 1916 
Mary Eva Vanderveer30 DEC 1867 Portsmouth, Scioto Co, Ohio13 MAR 1913 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa
Mary F Vanderveer1875 1960 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary G Vanderveer1864 New Jersey 
Mary Gildesleeve VanDerveer15 APR 1856 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 FEB 1870 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary Hewlings Vanderveer1842 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey 
Mary J Vanderveer16 JUN 1855 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 MAY 1883 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Mary Jane Vanderveer11 NOV 1842 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada13 AUG 1930 
Mary Jane VanderveerABT 1858 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa 
Mary Jane Vanderveer1827 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Mary Jane Vanderveer23 SEP 1842 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Mary Kate Vanderveer3 FEB 1856 New Jersey 
Mary L VanderveerSEP 1878 New Jersey 
Mary May Vanderveer1871 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey 
Mary Norman Vanderveer28 AUG 1831 New York16 APR 1867 Orange Co, New York
Mary P VanderveerAPR 1847 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey26 FEB 1848 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Mary P VanderveerABT 1820  Burlington Co, New Jersey
Mary Putman Vanderveer1 JUN 1848 Montgomery Co, New York2 APR 1909 Montgomery Co, New York
Mary Q VanderveerABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Mary W Vanderveer17 JUL 1828 Monmouth Co, New Jersey14 JAN 1914 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Mary Y Vanderveer1862 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Mary Young Vanderveer10 MAR 1859 Montgomery Co, New York23 FEB 1865 Montgomery Co, New York
Maryke VanderveerABT 1682 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkABT 1720 
Maryn Adriaensz VanDerVeerABT 1590 The NetherlandsBET 1647 AND 1654 Awiehaken(Weehawken), New Jersey
Mathew Howard Vanderveer8 JAN 1888 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri18 MAR 1966 Huntington Park, Los Angeles Co, California
Mathias Vanderveer10 MAR 1764 Somerset Co, New Jersey25 JUN 1812 New Brunswick, New Jersey
Matilda E Vanderveer1863 New Jersey 
Matthew Vanderveer29 OCT 1812 Somerset Co, New Jersey Illinois
Matthew H Vanderveer1845 Illinois 
Matthew Harrison Vanderveer29 SEP 1884 Gentry Co, Missouri8 JUN 1955 Wilder, Canyon Co, Idaho
Matthew Henry Vanderveer19 OCT 1840 Roycefield, Somerset Co, New Jersey8 OCT 1906 Modina, Ulster Co, New York
Matthew Henry Vanderveer7 DEC 1851 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois15 OCT 1893 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri
Matthias Vanderveer20 OCT 1815 16 MAY 1900 Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Mattie Vanderveer15 APR 1888 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1961 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Maud Vanderveer9 NOV 1880 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Maud Vanderveer27 NOV 1874 26 JAN 1955 Washington Township, Indiana
Maxalynn Vanderveer1 FEB 1872 Root, Montgomery Co, New York 
May VanderveerABT 1879 Nebraska 
May Vanderveer17 JUL 1887 27 DEC 1893 
May Vanderveer1869 New Jersey 
May A VanderveerABT 1879 New Jersey 
May R VanDerveerDEC 1887 New Jersey 
Mayetta Vanderveer30 APR 1890 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York20 MAY 1937 
Mehetble Trafford Vanderveer21 JUN 1822 Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 FEB 1903 New Jersey
Melvin E Vanderveer1853 New York 
Melvin M Vanderveer2 APR 1878 New York1972 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Mercy Maria Vanderveer1 JAN 1869 16 SEP 1889 Root, Montgomery, Co, New York
Michael Vanderveer1744 Sowerland, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF DEC 1792 Bridgewater, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Michael Vanderveer1899 7 MAR 1984 Scholharie Co, New York
Michael VanderveerAFT 1698 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkBET 1737 AND 1738 Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Michael VanderveerAFT 1732 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Michael VanderveerABT 1681 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York Probably died young
Michael Vanderveer24 DEC 1799 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 MAY 1866 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Michael Vanderveer1767  
Michael Vanderveer1748 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Michael Vanderveer22 OCT 1777 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York19 APR 1821 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York
Michael Vanderveer1720 Long Island, Kings Co, New York 
Michael VanderveerABT 1800  
Michael Henry Vanderveer1836 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York 
Michael S VanderVeer1799 7 MAR 1884 Carlisle, Schoharie Co, New York
Mildred B Vanderveer1897 New Jersey 
Miles Erving VanderveerABT 1864  
Milton T Vanderveer24 MAR 1842 Raritan, Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1910 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Minerva Vanderveer1842 Montgomery Co, New York 
Minerva Vanderveer1860 Ontario, Canada 
Minnie VanderveerDEC 1870 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio6 JUN 1946 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Minnie VanderveerAFT 1880 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri Died in infancy
Minnie Vanderveer26 APR 1858 Tompkins Co, New York10 JAN 1920 Ulysses, Tompkins Co, New York
Minnie Arrula Vanderveer28 OCT 1872 Reed Township, Seneca Co,Ohio25 FEB 1894 Seneca Co, Ohio
Minnie Hoffman Vanderveer1 MAR 1864 South Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey6 FEB 1934 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersey
Minnie R Vanderveer1 FEB 1886 IowaJAN 1969 Loveland, Larimer Co, Colorado
Minnie R VanDerveer4 MAY 1884 Mommouth Co, New Jersey1952 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Miriam H Vanderveer1878 New Jersey 
Molly VanDerveerABT 1810 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Morris Vanderveer23 NOV 1831 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey12 APR 1863 
Moses VanderveerABT 1820 30 AUG 1895 Mt Olive, Morris Co, New Jersey
Mrytle O Vanderveer20 JAN 1899 Temple, Bell Co, Texas10 JUN 1900 Temple, Bell Co, Texas
Mutoria Vanderveer12 JUL 1870 Texas25 NOV 1955 
Myrtle O Vanderveer20 JAN 1900 10 JUN 1900 Bell Co, Texas
Myrtle V Vanderveer6 MAY 1895  
Nancy VanDerveerABT 1810 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Nancy VanderveerAFT 1801 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Vanderveer17 JUN 1831 Root, Montgomery Co, New York11 AUG 1832 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Nancy VanderveerAFT 1830  
Nancy Anne VanDerveer31 DEC 1791 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey16 MAY 1875 
Nancy E Vanderveer9 MAY 1886 Family Farm near Coloma Michigan19 FEB 1972 Benton Harbor, Berrien Co, Michigan
Nancy Jane Vanderveer17 MAR 1845 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada29 SEP 1920 Elliott, Ransom Co. North Dakota
Nancy Jane Vanderveer19 JUL 1851 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada 
Nancy Mariah Vanderveer19 NOV 1826 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey15 JAN 1851 
Nanthaniel Hoag Vanderveer28 FEB 1837 12 MAY 1908 Fultonville, New York
Nathan Worley VanDerveer27 JAN 1873 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey9 MAR 1945 Cranbury, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Neeltje Vanderveer9 JUL 1727 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York28 AUG 1767 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Neeltje Vanderveer1667 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1706 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Nellie VanderveerABT 1895  
Nellie Vanderveer1895 Netherlands 
Nellie VanderveerNOV 1876 New Jersey 
Nellie VanderveerAFT 1898  
Nellie VanderveerAUG 1894 Pennsylvania 
Nellie Vanderveer3 AUG 1760 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 1778 
Nellie Myrtle Vanderveer1 APR 1888 St John, Stafford Co, Kansas 
Nelson VanderveerJUL 1867 New YorkAFT 1930 
Nelson Vanderveer12 OCT 1891 Mongomery Co, New York9 DEC 1892 Mongomery Co, New York
Nettie Vanderveer28 SEP 1861 Montgomery Co, New York2 MAR 1865 Montgomery Co, New York
Nettie Mae Vanderveer20 JAN 1869 29 AUG 1884 Grinnel, Powshiek Co, Iowa
Nettie May Vanderveer29 APR 1879 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa1884 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa
Neva VanderveerABT 1860 1980 
Nevada VanDerVeer25 JUL 1884 New York28 SEP 1958 French Hospital, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio
Newton Vanderveer1831 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York Benton Harbor, Michigan
Nicholas Vanderveer1844 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada31 MAY 1925 Killed by Coast Guard on Lake Erie
Nicholas Edward VanderveerABT 1865 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, CanadaABT 1910 drowned Lake Erie
Norman L Vanderveer1849 New York 
Norman Reeve Vanderveer15 JUL 1884 New Jersey25 JUL 1966 Broward Co, Florida
Norman S Vanderveer18 SEP 1848 New York31 DEC 1917 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Olive Vanderveer4 NOV 1896 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota27 FEB 1979 
Oliver Vanderveer13 JAN 1862 6 FEB 1890 
Olivia Vanderveer17 AUG 1802  
Ophelia Vanderveer1900 New York1993 Johnstown, Fulton Co, New York
Orland William Vanderveer27 NOV 1856 Bath, Illiinois28 SEP 1928 Lincoln, Lancaster Co, Nebraska
Orland William Vanderveer18 MAR 1889 Fairbury, Jefferson Co, Nebraska3 OCT 1963 Western Springs, Cook Co, Illinios
Orland William Vanderveer31 MAR 1831 New York17 JUN 1900 Clay Co, Florida
Orlenza Vanderveer6 NOV 1860 29 AUG 1913 
Orpha Vanderveer1869 New York 
Oscar D Vanderveer1835 New York7 SEP 1907 Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, Michigan
Parthena Vanderveer1800 New Castle Co, Delaware1885 
Patience Vanderveer17 MAR 1832 Leathersville (Rural Grove) Township, Root, Montgomery Co, New York7 MAR 1902 
Patience Vanderveer9 JUL 1807 Monmouth Co, New Jersey26 JUN 1826 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Patricia VanderveerABT 1790  
Pattie M VanderveerMAY 1887 Alabama 
Paul Vanderveer12 JUN 1815 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Paul Vanderveer1860 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio1 FEB 1870 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Pauwell Vanderveer13 JUN 1873 Michigan18 SEP 1874 Overisel Township, Allegan Co, Michigan
Percy Vanderveer28 JAN 1880 Family Farm near Coloma Michigan25 DEC 1896 Family Farm near Coloma, Michigan
Peter VanderveerABT 1845  
Peter VanDerveer11 MAR 1787 Harlingen, Somerset Co, New Jersey28 JUN 1829 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Vanderveer1852 Netherlands20 OCT 1924 Kent Co, Michigan
Peter Vanderveer15 FEB 1833 Middletown, Butler Co, OhioBEF 1848 
Peter VanderveerABT 1848 New Jersey 
Peter VanderveerABT 1762 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Peter Vanderveer14 MAR 1798 Somerset Co, New Jersey17 JAN 1861 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
Peter VanDerveer1789 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1797 Died young
Peter Vanderveer1 JAN 1775 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Vanderveer14 MAY 1809 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Peter Vanderveer18 DEC 1796 Montgomery Co, New York10 SEP 1853 Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Peter VanderveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Peter VanderveerBEF 11 MAY 1715 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, DelawareABT 21 AUG 1783 
Peter Vanderveer13 OCT 1777 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter VanderveerABT 1775 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Vanderveer31 MAY 1782 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Vanderveer24 OCT 1756 Somerset Co, New JerseyBEF 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Vanderveer19 JUL 1752 New Castle, Delaware 
Peter Vanderveer11 MAY 1715 New Castle Co, Delaware3 MAY 1784 Delaware
Peter Vanderveer1787 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter VanderveerBEF 1830 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter VanderveerAFT 1686 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York Probably died young
Peter VanderveerABT 1841 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter VanderveerABT 1790 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Peter Vanderveer5 JAN 1734/35 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York22 OCT 1778 Millstone, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Peter Vanderveer1751 Kings Co, Long Island, New York 
Peter Vanderveer1752 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Vanderveer3 AUG 1810 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York23 MAR 1846 (Flatbush, Long Island, New York)
Peter Vanderveer11 MAY 1732 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Vanderveer13 MAR 1794 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Peter Conover Vanderveer31 JUL 1844 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 APR 1900 Trenton, Mercer Co, New Jersey
Peter H Vanderveer17 NOV 1816 Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 AUG 1881 Colt's Neck, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Peter J Vanderveer18 NOV 1832 Flatbush, Long Island, New YorkJUL 1909 New York
Peter J VanderveerAPR 1826 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York20 JUN 1901 Seneca Co, Ohio
Peter J Vanderveer7 FEB 1814 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 FEB 1854 Fulton Co, Ohio
Peter L VanderveerFEB 1856 Jamaica, Queens Co, Long Island, New York 
Peter L VanDerveer1 JUL 1797 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey19 DEC 1892 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Labagh Vanderveer30 SEP 1846 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter Nevin Vanderveer1806 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey5 OCT 1889 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter P Vanderveer16 FEB 1818 23 FEB 1875 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter S VanderveerABT 1807 New Jersey 
Peter S VanderveerBEF 1800  
Peter S Vanderveer10 MAY 1773 22 NOV 1855 Trumansburg, Tompkins Co, New York
Peter Staats VanderveerNOV 1806 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey16 OCT 1898 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Staats Vanderveer1799 Six Mile Run ( Franklin Park ), Somerset Co, New Jersey4 MAY 1802 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Styker Vanderveer16 JUN 1800 New Brunswick, New Jersey1860 Clifty, Todd Co, Kentucky
Peter Van Dyke Vanderveer27 APR 1813 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 JUL 1854 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter W Vanderveer28 MAY 1849 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey29 JAN 1889 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Peter Young Vanderveer21 JUN 1825 Monmouth Co, New Jersey4 JUN 1887 
Phebe Vanderveer17 FEB 1807 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 FEB 1892 
Phebe VanderveerABT 1780  
Phebe VanderveerAFT 1887 1 AUG 1874 
Phebe Vanderveer24 MAY 1826 Somerset Co, New Jersey28 MAY 1864 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Phebe Vanderveer17 MAY 1767 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBEF SEP 1806 
Phebe Vanderveer2 APR 1870 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Phebe VanderveerBET 1830 AND 1835  
Phebe VanderveerABT 1773 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 SEP 1849 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Phebe Ann VanderveerAFT 1832 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Phebe Ann Vanderveer14 FEB 1803 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio6 NOV 1839 Warren Co, Ohio
Phebe Jane Vanderveer15 JUL 1821 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio2 JAN 1915 Middleton, Butler Co, Ohio
Phebe S Vanderveer19 NOV 1849 Long Island, New York 
Phebe Van Stay Vanderveer6 JUN 1774 Bedminister, Somerset Co, New Jersey17 MAR 1808 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Phebe W VanderveerABT 1856 Woodhaven, Long Island, New York 
Phillip Vanderveer12 NOV 1808 Somerset Co, New Jersey15 MAY 1887 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Phillip Vanderveer26 FEB 1749/50 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Phillip VanderveerJAN 1683/84 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware7 AUG 1750 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware
Phillip Vanderveer21 MAY 1742 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Phillip I Vanderveer13 SEP 1838 Onondaga County, New York1 OCT 1914 
Phillip Luke Vanderveer19 NOV 1827 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York3 FEB 1875 
Phoebe Ann Vanderveer7 APR 1880 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio6 AUG 1940 Wauseon, Fulton Co, Ohio
Preston VanderveerAPR 1872 Montgomery Co, New York 
Priscilla VanderveerAFT 1801 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Putman Enders Vanderveer27 SEP 1843 6 AUG 1844 
R C VanderveerABT 1850 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
R G Vanderveer1875 Montgomery Co, New York 
R G VanderveerABT 1885  
Rachael Vanderveer27 SEP 1745 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Rachael VanderveerFEB 1848 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, OhioJUL 1871 Cynthea Township, Shelby Co, Ohio
Rachael B Vanderveer23 JAN 1835 Franklin, Warren Co, Ohio 
Rachel Vanderveer27 SEP 1827 Leathersville (Rural Grove) Township, Root, Montgomery Co, New York13 JUN 1829 Leathersville (Rural Grove) Township, Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Rachel Vanderveer1 OCT 1828 New York30 APR 1885 
Rachel VanderveerMAR 1830 27 APR 1864 New Jersey
Rachel Vanderveer1843 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio 
Rachel Vanderveer11 OCT 1820 Root, Montgomery Co, New York28 JUL 1882 Lake Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Rachel B Vanderveer1865 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Bruen VanDerVeer29 FEB 1864 Camden, Camden Co, New Jersey 
Rachel Elisabeth Vanderveer20 APR 1836 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York29 JUL 1874 
Rachel Elizabeth Vanderveer6 MAY 1868 New York29 NOV 1949 Cato, Onondaga Co, New York
Ralph Eugene Vanderveer15 AUG 1883 KansasNOV 1963 Kansas
Ralph L VanDerveer19 NOV 1887 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York14 AUG 1954 Geneva, Ontario Co, New York
Ralph Uriah Vanderveer29 APR 1879 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, IowaMAR 1963 Marshalltown, Marshall Co, Iowa
Ray Chester Vanderveer1 APR 1895  
Raymond Vanderveer27 NOV 1888 Monmouth Co, New Jersey25 AUG 1925 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Raymond D Vanderveer24 MAY 1892 Ocean Co, New Jersey13 JUL 1957 Ocean Co, New Jersey
Rebecca Vanderveer1804 18 JUN 1886 Washington, New Jersey
Rebecca Vanderveer26 SEP 1840 18 DEC 1930 
Rebecca Vanderveer1855 New Jersey 
Rebecca Vanderveer14 JAN 1793 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Rebecca Vanderveer8 JUN 1796 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 APR 1873 Fairview, Fulton Co, Illinois
Rebecca Vanderveer5 JUN 1751 New Castle Co, Delaware21 JUN 
Rebecca VanderveerBEF 1820 AFT 11 APR 1840 
Rebecca Vanderveer21 JUN 1794 Somerset Co, New Jersey18 APR 1811 16 y 16 days
Rebecca Vanderveer1718  
Rebecca Vanderveer30 JAN 1747/48 New Castle Co, Delaware In infancy
Rebecca Vanderveer17 MAR 1785 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Rebecca Vanderveer3 AUG 1858 Somerset Co, New Jersey27 DEC 1938 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Rebecca Vanderveer1821 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1890 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Rebecca Vanderveer14 NOV 1825 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio 
Rebecca P VanderveerNOV 1880 New Jersey 
Reid Richard Vanderveer1861 South Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey23 MAR 1944 Jamesburg, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Rena Ann G Vanderveer10 SEP 1861 Rock Island Co, Illnois13 MAR 1878 Rock Island Co, Illnois
Rensler Williams VanderveerAFT 1806 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Reuhama Vanderveer1847 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio20 NOV 1863 Auglaize Co, Ohio
Rhoda L VanderveerABT 1886  
Richard VanderveerABT 1815 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Richard Vanderveer1867 The Netherlands28 FEB 1933 Indiana
Richard Adolph Vanderveer14 JUN 1873 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio7 MAY 1934 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky
Richard B Vanderveer29 AUG 1871 Ottawa, Michigan 
Richard Fish Vanderveer1832 Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkOCT 1867 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Richard H Vanderveer14 AUG 1836 Somerset Co, New Jersey28 JAN 1887 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Richard Hamilton Vanderveer4 SEP 1865 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio 
Richard P Vanderveer10 APR 1893 Ohio1985 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Roba Vanderveer12 NOV 1840 Montgomery Co, New York4 OCT 1901 Montgomery Co, New York
Roba Elizabeth Vanderveer19 JUL 1866 30 NOV 1955 
Roba Maria VanderveerABT 1869  
Robbie VanderveerMAY 1879 Warren Co, New Jersey17 AUG 1879 Warren Co, New Jersey
Robbie Vanderveer1883 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey1887 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Robert VanDerveer1874 20 SEP 1926 Scholharie Co, New York
Robert Vanderveer1874 New York 
Robert Allen Vanderveer3 MAR 1858 Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 APR 1889 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Robert Conover Vanderveer10 NOV 1866 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio4 OCT 1932 Middleton, Butler Co, Ohio
Robert D Vanderveer1854 Pennsylvania1891 Pennsylvania
Robert Earl Vanderveer9 OCT 1883 Franklin, Warren, Ohio 
Robert Eunson Vanderveer15 NOV 1861 Essex Co, New Jersey8 JUN 1900 Essex Co, New Jersey
Robert Hutchinson Vanderveer14 FEB 1872 Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 MAR 1948 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Robert N VanderveerABT 1870  
Robet Vanderveer  
Rollin Garret VanderveerABT 1870 Minden, Montgomery Co., New York Died young
Rosalie Vanderveer7 JAN 1899 Frankfort, Franklin Co, Kentucky17 MAR 1964 Birmingham, Jefferson Co, Alabama
Rosanna Ellen Vanderveer12 JUL 1886 Humberstone Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada30 JUL 1887 Humberstone Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada
Rose Vanderveer2 AUG 1855 Batavia, Kane, Illinois22 OCT 1856 Batavia, Kane, Illinois
Rose E Vanderveer1879 Texas 
Rosetta VanderveerAFT 1832  
Rossellen Vanderveer1820 18 JUN 1908 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Roy Vanderveer25 FEB 1878 Grandfathers farm in Benton Township, Michigan4 JAN 1921 Coloma, Berrien Co, Michigan
Royal Ambrose Vanderveer14 NOV 1892 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota12 MAR 1965 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota
Rulef VanderveerNOV 1797 Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 OCT 1874 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Rulef Vanderveer20 APR 1765 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey13 SEP 1801 Tennant, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Rutgert Vanderveer25 JAN 1806 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1824 Lost at sea
Ruth Vanderveer1 JUN 1893 Benton Township, Michigan 
Ruth Vanderveer1835 Glen, Montgomery Co, New YorkAFT 1911 
Ruth Vanderveer23 SEP 1894 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York20 DEC 1933 Syracuse, Onondaga Co, New York
Ruth Vanderveer1898 New York 
Ruth Vanderveer14 JUL 1836 Root, Montgomery Co, New York 
Ruth Ann Vanderveer17 JUL 1822 Root, Montgomery Co, New York11 AUG 1910 Root, Montgomery Co, New York
Rymy Vanderveer23 DEC 1824 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
Sally Ann Vanderveer27 JAN 1808 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York25 JAN 1899 Lysander, Montgomery Co, New York
Samuel Vanderveer1774 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT SEP 1806 
Samuel Vanderveer1870 New Jersey 
Samuel VanderveerABT 1800  
Samuel VanderveerSEP 1871 New York 
Samuel Vanderveer1895 Ontario, Canada22 JUL 1896 
Samuel Vanderveer1862 New Jersey 
Samuel Vanderveer1814 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Samuel Vanderveer1770 28 AUG 1841 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Samuel Boylan Vanderveer1814 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey6 JAN 1841 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Samuel Eldert Vanderveer1817 Flatbush, Long Island, New York1893 
Samuel G Vanderveer1 NOV 1844 Somerset Co, New Jersey21 AUG 1876 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Samuel Trafford VanderveerABT 1830 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1900 ?Colt's Neck, New Jersey ?
Sara Vanderveer11 FEB 1782 Kings Co, Long Island, New York5 MAY 1860 Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Sarah Vanderveer25 JUL 1890 Long Island, New YorkJUL 1979 Garden City, Nassau Co, New York
Sarah Vanderveer12 AUG 1762  
Sarah Vanderveer11 MAR 1789 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 MAR 1849 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Sarah Vanderveer5 FEB 1768 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 JUN 1827 
Sarah VanderveerABT 1865 Queens Co, New York1877 Queens Co, New York
Sarah VanderveerABT 1714 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1757 Newton, Long Island, New York
Sarah Vanderveer13 APR 1791 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Sarah Vanderveer19 MAR 1824 Monmouth Co, New Jersey15 DEC 1869 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Sarah Vanderveer4 APR 1796 Montgomery Co, New York20 APR 1864 Montgomery Co, New York
Sarah Vanderveer1782 1860 
Sarah Vanderveer16 FEB 1852 Friedsland, The Netherlands ?? 
Sarah Vanderveer19 JUN 1814 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Vanderveer3 NOV 1780 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey30 APR 1806 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Sarah VanderveerJAN 1899 New Jersey 
Sarah Vanderveer27 NOV 1816 4 NOV 1824 
Sarah Vanderveer1790 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey1878 Allentown, Manalapan Co, New Jersey
Sarah VanDerveer9 MAR 1788 Griggstown, Somerset Co, New Jersey25 JUN 1836 
Sarah VanderveerABT 1760  
Sarah Vanderveer12 FEB 1867 Jersey City, Hudson Co, New Jersey 
Sarah VanderveerBET 1787 AND 1792 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah VanDerVeerABT 1840  
Sarah Vanderveer11 FEB 1810 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey8 JAN 1889 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Sarah Vanderveer26 JUN 1791 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah VanderveerABT 1810 Warren Co, Ohio 
Sarah Vanderveer1824 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Vanderveer1832 Somerset Co, New Jersey1932 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Sarah VanDerVeerABT 1829  
Sarah VanderveerABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Vanderveer1790 Marlborough, Monmouth Co, New JerseyBET SEP 1806 AND 1809 
Sarah VanDerVeer11 SEP 1670 Biervliet, Zeeland, The Netherlands3 APR 1737 Biervliet, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Sarah VanderveerBEF 6 JUN 1742 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Ann Vanderveer28 NOV 1828 Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 DEC 1903 
Sarah Ann VanderveerABT 1813 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Ann VanderveerABT 1824  
Sarah Aumock Vanderveer12 FEB 1867 Jersey City, New Jersey 
Sarah Crittendon Vanderveer27 AUG 1849 German Valley, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Sarah E Vanderveer1854 New York 
Sarah E VanderveerJUN 1873 New Jersey 
Sarah E VanderveerBEF 1848 11 AUG 1869 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Sarah Eliza VanDerveer1835 27 MAR 1844 
Sarah Elizabeth Vanderveer3 JUL 1844 New Jersey 
Sarah Elizabeth Vanderveer5 APR 1840 Somerset Co, New Jersey8 FEB 1890 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Sarah Elizabeth Vanderveer17 OCT 1889 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri4 AUG 1945 Marin Co, California
Sarah Ella Vanderveer11 MAY 1863 2 JUN 1926 
Sarah Emily Vanderveer14 SEP 1869 Brooklyn Kings Co, New YorkAFT 1940 Queens Co, New York
Sarah Evelyn Vanderveer10 DEC 1846 6 AUG 1847 
Sarah Fish Vanderveer14 SEP 1821 Kings Co, Long Island, New York12 JAN 1898 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Sarah H Vanderveer24 DEC 1748 Flatbush, Long Island, new York14 MAR 1826 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Sarah I VanderveerJUL 1878 New Jersey 
Sarah Jane Vanderveer17 FEB 1807 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey29 OCT 1870 
Sarah Jane Vanderveer15 NOV 1866 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1942 Eatontown, Ocean Co, New Jersey
Sarah Jane Vanderveer25 AUG 1831 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey5 JAN 1895 Huntley, McHenry Co, Illinois
Sarah Jane Vanderveer11 MAR 1828 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio3 MAR 1910 Greenville, Darke Co, Ohio
Sarah Jane Vanderveer1836 Root, Montgomery Co, New York1880 Blue Earth Co, Minnesota
Sarah Jane Vanderveer16 FEB 1853 Monmouth Co, New Jersey16 JAN 1906 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Sarah Jane VanDerveer1839 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Sarah Jane Vanderveer17 JAN 1833 New York8 JUL 1904 Schenectady Co, New York
Sarah Josephine VanderveerAUG 1849 Grinnel, Powshiek Co, Iowa7 MAR 1927 Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa
Sarah M Vanderveer23 JUN 1854 Battle Creek, Calhoun Co, Michigan28 JUL 1856 
Sarah Mary Vanderveer16 MAY 1894 Brooklyn, King Co, Long Island, New York2 JUN 1988 Tottenville, Richmond Co, New York
Sarah Naomi VanderveerMAR 1852 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois5 NOV 1918 Mukilteo, Snohomish Co, Washington
Sarah Rebecca Vanderveer1832 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Sarah S Vanderveer13 APR 1854 Monmouth Co, New Jersey29 MAY 1884 
Sarah S Vanderveer1833 Monmouth Co, New Jersey1915 New Jersey
Sarah Suydam VanderveerMAY 1881 Kings Co, New York 
Sarah Van Dyke VanDerveer5 JAN 1800 Somerset Co, New Jersey5 OCT 1884 
Sarah W Vanderveer31 MAR 1893  
Saybrook Vanderveer15 DEC 1813 Mendon, Ontario Co, New York2 MAY 1833 
Schuyler VanDerveer12 DEC 1895 Somerville, Somerset Co, New18 MAY 1964 Bennington, Bennington Co, Vermont
Seytje VanderveerBEF 17 MAR 1722/23 Long Island, Kings Co, New YorkBET 1797 AND 1803 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Seytje Vanderveer15 AUG 1785 Somerset Co, New Jersey1847 
Sherman Vanderveer2 OCT 1878 Hanson, Kentucky11 JAN 1966 Madisonville, Hopkins Co, Kentucky
Shibley VanderveerABT 1829 Root, Montgomery Co, New York 
Sidney VanderveerABT 1820 Readington, Somerset Co, New York 
Sidney Denise Vanderveer26 MAR 1842 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio19 OCT 1864 Civil War - Andersonville Prison, Florence, South Carolina
Simon Vanderveer4 JUN 1876 Ooltgensplaat, The Netherlands8 JUN 1953 Marion Co, Iowa
Simon Vedder Vanderveer17 NOV 1834 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey1896 Rough and Ready, Nevada Co, California?
Smith C Vanderveer1853 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania Spokane, Washington
Smith H VanderveerBEF 1860  
Sophia P Vanderveer7 FEB 1819 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey23 APR 1881 
Stella Vanderveer1886  
Stella C VanderveerDEC 1872 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Stephen VanderveerABT 1865 KentuckyBEF 1892 New York
Stephen Adrion Vanderveer5 MAY 1883 New York Newburgh, Orange Co, New York
Stephen H Vanderveer1841 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York27 JUN 1918 US National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, Hampton, Hampton Co, Virginia
Stephen L Vanderveer26 FEB 1826 New Lotts, Long Island, New YorkBET 1886 AND 1897 New Lotts, Long Island, New York
Stephen Lott Vanderveer26 JAN 1885 Gravesend, Long Island, New York28 SEP 1885 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Stephen Lott Vanderveer19 JUL 1886 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York6 APR 1960 Los Angeles Co, California
Stephen Lott VanderveerABT 20 SEP 1862 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York11 NOV 1862 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Stewart C Vanderveer1862  
Susan Vanderveer1862 Pennsylvania 
Susan VanDerveer5 FEB 1859 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio29 OCT 1925 Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio
Susan VanderveerBEF 1850  
Susan Vanderveer16 AUG 1862 Burlington Twnshp, Burlington Co, New Jersey 
Susan VanderveerBEF 20 OCT 1821 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Susan A Vanderveer24 NOV 1854 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York6 SEP 1855 Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Susan Jane Vanderveer18 NOV 1882 Denison, Crawford, Indiana11 FEB 1970 Powell, Park, Wyoming
Susan R Vanderveer1870 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkAFT 1910 
Susanna Vanderveer25 DEC 1727 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Susanna Vanderveer4 DEC 1733 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Susanna Vanderveer20 MAR 1729/30 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware1737 
Susanna Vanderveer6 MAR 1738/39 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Susanna L Vanderveer1895 Humberstone, Ontario, Canada22 JUL 1896 Ontario, Canada
Susannah Vanderveer20 OCT 1804 Somerset Co, New Jersey6 DEC 1889 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Susannah Vanderveer22 OCT 1774  
Swen Vanderveer21 DEC 1737 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Sylvester Vanderveer27 MAR 1776 Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Tena Vanderveer24 APR 1891 Allegan Co, Michigan3 AUG 1968 
Teunis Vanderveer1704 Flatbush, Kings Co, Long Island, New YorkABT 9 MAY 1775 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Teunis Vanderveer1782 Somerset Co, New Jersey1822 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Teunis Vanderveer19 APR 1739 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey13 OCT 1801 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey
Teunis Vanderveer20 OCT 1760 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 JAN 1835 Camillus, Onondaga Co, New York
Thaddeus Wilson Vanderveer18 APR 1875 Somerset Co, New Jersey1951 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Theodieck VanDerVeerABT 1880 New Jersey 
Theodore VanderveerSEP 1855 New Jersey 
Theodore Asa Vanderveer1888  
Theodore Asa VanderveerSEP 1851 Matawan, New Jersey 
Theodore B Vanderveer8 APR 1840 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey28 OCT 1906 New Jersey
Theodore B Vanderveer29 FEB 1896 New YorkOCT 1973 Florida
Theodore Columbus Vanderveer2 MAR 1878 Franklin Township, Fulton Co, Ohio12 NOV 1944 Alvordton, William Co, Ohio
Theodore W Vanderveer3 SEP 1888 New Jersey2 OCT 1945 San Diego, Co, California
Theodore Westbrook Vanderveer14 MAR 1850 Somerset Co, New Jersey1 DEC 1930 Wichita, Sedgwick Co, Kansas
Theodosia Vanderveer1841 1905 Broome Co, New York
Thomas Vanderveer17 JAN 1786 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York20 JAN 1840 Florida, Orange Co, New York
Thomas VanderveerABT 1835 New Jersey 
Thomas Vanderveer23 MAR 1802 Monmouth Co, New Jersey28 FEB 1848 Charleston, Montgomery Co, New York
Thomas Vanderveer14 OCT 1800 Montgomery Co, New York8 FEB 1801 
Thomas VanderveerABT 1845 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Thomas VanderveerABT 1830 Pennsylvania 
Thomas Vanderveer1870 New Jersey 
Thomas VanderveerAPR 1875 New Jersey 
Thomas Vanderveer14 AUG 1789 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Thomas Vanderveer1784 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey19 JUL 1800 Mongomery Co, New York
Thomas Vanderveer4 DEC 1868 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Thomas VanderveerBEF 1853  
Thomas C Vanderveer1871 New York 
Thomas C VanderveerAFT 1830  
Thomas D Vanderveer2 FEB 1829 New Jersey29 NOV 1927 Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania
Thomas Edward VanderveerABT 1835 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
Thomas Joseph Vanderveer26 AUG 1830 Root, Montgomery Co, New York7 MAY 1904 Root, Montgomery, Co, New York
Thomas Lea Vanderveer24 APR 1778 New Castle Co, Delaware1847 Brandywine Hundred, New Castle Co, Delaware
Thomas Millikin Vanderveer1878 Butler Co, Ohio10 OCT 1941 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Thomas Morris Vanderveer11 FEB 1807 1 MAR 1880 Manalapan, New Jersey
Thomas Shuler Vanderveer13 JUN 1861 New York13 FEB 1952 St. Joseph hospital, Syracuse, Onondago Co, New York
Thomas T Vanderveer1826 Monmouth Co, New Jersey8 FEB 1876 Colt's Neck, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Titus VanderveerABT 1840  
Tobias Vanderveer11 JAN 1765 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Tobias Vanderveer20 FEB 1727/28 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Tobias Vanderveer1 DEC 1786 New Castle Co, Delaware 
Tobias Vanderveer6 OCT 1722 Wilmingtion, New Castle Co, Delaware 
Tristram D Vanderveer1879 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York1883 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Tristram Dodge VanderveerABT 1825 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York20 JUN 1894 Kings Co, Long Island, New York
Trizah VanderveerOCT 1818 Clark Co, Kentucky 
Tryntje Vanderveer6 MAR 1779 Kings Co, Long Island, New York3 APR 1829 
Tunis Vanderveer7 AUG 1799 Hornerstorm, Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 MAY 1881 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Tunis Vanderveer15 AUG 1792 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey1866 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada
Tunis VanderveerBET 1820 AND 1825  
Tunis Vanderveer30 OCT 1835 Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT 1911 
Tunis VanderveerABT 1798  
Tunis Vanderveer8 MAR 1848 Somerset Co, New Jersey20 FEB 1910 Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Tunis Vanderveer6 DEC 1822 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York30 SEP 1898 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York
Tunis Vanderveer8 AUG 1834 Somerset Co, New Jersey1904 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Tunis Vanderveer1836 Monmouth Co, New Jersey11 SEP 1862 Holmdel, New Jersey
Tunis Vanderveer1704 Long Island, New York 
Tunis Vanderveer29 MAY 1762 Cranberry Creek, Monmouth Co, New JerseyAFT SEP 1806 
Tunis Vanderveer22 SEP 1819 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio2 MAR 1898 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Tunis C VanDerveer13 OCT 1816 Tompkins Co, New York29 MAR 1882 Ulysses, Tompkins Co, New York
Tunis D Craig Vanderveer19 DEC 1847 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio28 FEB 1902 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Tunis David Vanderveer21 APR 1771 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey2 SEP 1837 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
Tunis Dubois Vanderveer10 AUG 1811 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1881 
Tunis Garret Vanderveer12 AUG 1757 Marlboro, Monmonth Co, New Jersey24 FEB 1823 
Tunis Henry VanderveerABT 1810 New Jersey 
Tunis Henry Vanderveer28 FEB 1810 Raritan, Somerset, New Jersey2 OCT 1866 Huntley, Mc Henry Co, Illinois
Tunis I Vanderveer6 FEB 1870 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey14 DEC 1870 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Tunis I Vanderveer7 APR 1800 Montgomery Co, New York24 AUG 1871 Amsterdam, Montgomery Co, New York
Tunis Nelson Vanderveer16 JUL 1860 Delton, Sauk Co, Wisconsin9 DEC 1906 Baraboo, Sauk Co, Wisconsin
Tunis S Vanderveer24 SEP 1866 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey14 NOV 1941 New Jersey
Unk VanderveerABT 1875 PennsylvaniaBEF 1920 
Unk VanderveerABT 1790  
unk Vanderveer1846 JUN 1850 Flemington, New Jersey
Unk VanderveerABT 1885  
Unk VanderveerBEF 1846  
Unk VanderveerABT 1855 New YorkBEF 1880 
Unk Vanderveer  
Unk VanderveerABT 1825  
Unk Vanderveer BEF 1920 
Unk VanderveerABT 1870  
Unk VanderveerABT 1840 Pennsylvania 
Unk Vanderveer16 APR 1885 Jersey, Hudson Co, New Jersey 
Unk Vanderveer  
Unk VanderveerABT 1810  
Unk VanDerVeer New York 
Unk Vanderveer  
Unk Vanderveer  
Unk Vanderveer  
Unk VanderveerABT 1860  
Unk VanderveerABT 1850  
Unk VanderveerABT 1875  
Unk Vanderveer  
Unk VanderveerABT 1855  
Uriah Vanderveer27 JAN 1840 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio4 NOV 1914 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa
Uriah Vanderveer1872 Ohio 
Vera L Vanderveer8 JAN 1897 Michigan 
Vida Fay Vanderveer3 MAR 1889 Osceola, Clark Co, Iowa7 JAN 1961 Springfield, Sangamon Co, Ilinois
Villa Vanderveer1865  
Viola VanderveerJUL 1869 New Jersey 
Viola Vanderveer1873 New York 
Viola R Vanderveer20 MAR 1896 13 JAN 1986 
Violet Vanderveer  
Virginia Vanderveer4 SEP 1855 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York 
Virginia Vanderveer1886 1962 
Vivien Vanderveer1 NOV 1894 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio26 JAN 1928 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
W A VanderveerABT 1865  
W C VanderveerABT 1875  
Wallace Joseph Vanderveer16 JUL 1900 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South DakotaJUN 1982 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota
Walter Vanderveer27 OCT 1860 Eatontown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey20 MAY 1906 1206 Degraw St, Brooklyn, Long Island, New York
Walter Vanderveer14 JUN 1874 New York Forrest Hills, New York
Walter C VanDerVeer1899 Overisel Twp, Allegan Co, MichiganJUL 1970 Grand Rapids, Michigan
Walter Francis Vanderveer18 JUN 1897 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio26 APR 1898 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Walter Frederick Vanderveer7 MAY 1881 Lancaster Co, Nebraska23 FEB 1893 Nebraska
Walter G Vanderveer1873 1932 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Walter H Vanderveer30 APR 1880 New Jersey10 SEP 1880 
Walter J Vanderveer4 APR 1898 Allegan Co, Michigan8 JUL 1961 
Walter L VanderveerAPR 1890 New York 
Walter R Vanderveer1856 Grinnel, Poweshiek Co, Iowa29 APR 1941 Colorado
Warren Abbe Vanderveer18 JUL 1887 Burlington Co, New Jersey7 OCT 1918 United States Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Virgina
Warren C VanDerveer14 OCT 1852 Tompkins Co, New York16 MAY 1908 Tioga Co, New York
Warren Conrad Vanderveer21 SEP 1890 Michgan1954 Sanilac Co, Michigan
Warren H Vanderveer28 SEP 1869 Benton Co, Michigan1871 Benton Co, Michigan
Warren Kirkland Vanderveer22 AUG 1866 South Orange, Essex Co, New Jersey4 JUL 1940 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersery
Wava J Vanderveer27 AUG 1883 Wahpeton, Richland Co, North DakotaNOV 1980 
Whited Brown Vanderveer6 SEP 1848 Monmouth Co, New Jersey14 FEB 1849 New Jersey
Wilbur Vanderveer1871 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio22 AUG 1872 Carlisle, Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio
Wilbur Henry Vanderveer15 DEC 1896 AUG 1974 New York
Wilda Ruth Vanderveer29 APR 1893 Ohio 
Wiliam Griggs Vanderveer1843 Somerset Co, New Jersey2 FEB 1857 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Wiliam Phillips Vanderveer11 JUN 1881 Alabama26 APR 1907 
Willard Vanderveer16 AUG 1897 Mongomery Co, New York2 MAR 1952 Menorah Hosp, Kansas City, Jackson Co, Missouri
Willard Vanderveer23 AUG 1894 New York16 JUN 1963 Los Angeles Co, California
Willard L Vanderveer1862 New Jersey 
Willemptje Vanderveer9 DEC 1769  
William Vanderveer1882 New Jersey 
William Vanderveer18 JAN 1891 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersery4 AUG 1964 Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan
William Vanderveer1738 1738 
William Vanderveer20 SEP 1827 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York Gravesend, Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
William Vanderveer1699 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware12 OCT 1739 
William VanderveerAPR 1837 New York15 SEP 1914 Paw Paw, Van Buren Co, Michigan
William VanderveerBET JAN AND 3 MAR 1759 New Castle Co, Delaware 
William Vanderveer12 DEC 1813 29 JUN 1878 
William Vanderveer11 FEB 1719/20 Penns Neck, Salem Co, New Jersey 
William Vanderveer20 AUG 1866 Ocean Co, New JerseyABT 1941 Ocean Co, New Jersey
William Vanderveer10 DEC 1897 Courtland, Republic Co, Kansas2 AUG 1904 Courtland, Republic Co, Kansas
William Vanderveer1 MAY 1831 Florida Township, Montgomery Co, New York6 FEB 1866 
William Vanderveer12 JUL 1771 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New Jersey16 DEC 1861 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York
William Vanderveer16 OCT 1833 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey11 AUG 1890 Sumner Co, Kansas
William Vanderveer11 MAY 1840 Fair Haven, Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 SEP 1842 
William Vanderveer10 AUG 1799 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
William Vanderveer14 FEB 1804 New Jersey3 MAR 1862 51 William St, Newark, Essex Co, New Jersey
William VanDerveerABT 1855  
William Vanderveer25 DEC 1898 Cheyene River Sioux Agency, Hughes, South Dakota2 SEP 1978 
William VanDerVeerAFT 1705  
William VanderveerABT 1832 Bertie Township, Welland Co, Ontario, Canado 
William VanderveerABT 1825  
William Vanderveer14 NOV 1860 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersery15 MAY 1942 Newton, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
William VanderveerABT 1840 (Somerset Co, New Jersey) 
William VanderveerABT 1804 New Jersey 
William Albert Vanderveer15 OCT 1865 New York 
William Augustus Vanderveer27 APR 1864 Monmouth Co, New Jersey26 MAR 1952 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
William B Vanderveer1825 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York21 NOV 1875 Glen, Montgomery Co, New York
William Barkalow Vanderveer1812 Warren Co, Ohio6 MAR 1854 Miami Co, Ohio
William Blackshear Vanderveer28 OCT 1841 Mongomery Co, Alabama8 MAY 1890 Owens, Brown Co, Texas
William Boylan Vanderveer14 FEB 1819 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey6 JUL 1888 Wahpeton, Richland Co, North Dakota
William Burroughs Vanderveer3 APR 1864 Mommouth Co, New Jersey28 SEP 1928 New Jersey
William C Vanderveer23 AUG 1843 Essex Co, New Jersey29 NOV 1843 Essex Co, New Jersey
William Case Vanderveer1884 New Jersey1928 Shelby, Richland Co, Ohio
William Conover Vanderveer22 JUL 1831 Freehold, Monmonth Co, New JerseyAFT 1901 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
William Conover Vanderveer28 FEB 1818 Somerset Co, New Jersey14 APR 1818 Somerset Co, New Jersey
William Cornelius Vanderveer3 DEC 1873 Texas26 SEP 1895 
William Crosby Vanderveer24 APR 1824 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey20 NOV 1871 Otsego Co, New York
William D Vanderveer29 JUN 1811 New Jersey22 JUN 1878 Ellinwood, Barton Co, Kansas
William Dederick Vanderveer5 JUN 1866 New Jersey9 JUL 1867 Holmdel, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William E Vanderveer1874 1955 
William Edgar Vanderveer23 SEP 1861 Sherkston, Humberstone Township, Welland, Ontario, CanadaAPR 1953 Snover, Sanilac Co, Michigan
William Edward Vanderveer1869 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada24 MAY 1911 Port Colborne, Humberston, Welland Co, Ontario, Canada
William F Vanderveer18 OCT 1874 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
William F Vanderveer1864 Lysander, Onondago, Co, New York1954 Lysander, Onondaga Co, New York
William F Vanderveer1849 Somerset Co, New Jersey5 MAY 1869 Somerset Co, New Jersey
William Franklin Vanderveer10 SEP 1884 Kearney, Buffalo Co, Nebraska21 APR 1960 Greenly, Greenly Co, Nebraska
William Garret Vanderveer9 OCT 1875 Temple, Bell Co, Texas16 AUG 1942 Sentinel, Washita Co, Oklahoma
William Garret Vanderveer14 MAY 1837 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey15 DEC 1886 Bell Co, Texas
William H Vanderveer18 MAR 1847 New Jersey 
William H Vanderveer10 JAN 1864 New York1939 Kent Co, Michigan
William H Vanderveer1858 New Jersey1927 Freehold, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William H Vanderveer1836 1903 Ocean Co, New Jersey
William H Vanderveer15 JUN 1886 Maplewood, Essex Co, New Jersey 
William H Vanderveer27 MAR 1872 Monmouth Co, New Jersey24 SEP 1872 
William H Vanderveer21 SEP 1819 Lysander, Ononadago, Co, New York1 FEB 1868 Granby, Hartford Co, Connecticut
William H Vanderveer1900 New York 
William Harry Vanderveer14 OCT 1866 New Jersey8 AUG 1920 Ocean Co, New Jersey
William Henry VanderveerABT 1875 New York, New York 
William Henry VanderveerABT 1850 New York 
William Henry Vanderveer8 FEB 1831 New York1848 
William Henry Vanderveer18 OCT 1898 Flatlands, Kings Co, Long Island, New York5 FEB 1956 
William Henry Vanderveer1845 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York30 OCT 1886 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
William Henry Vanderveer8 OCT 1854 Onondaga Co, New York1919 Plainville, Onondaga Co, New York
William Henry Vanderveer25 JUL 1858 Westford, Otsego Co, New York15 JAN 1939 Westvillle, Otsego Co, New York
William Henrym Vanderveer1855 1877 
William Herbert Vanderveer24 FEB 1870 Monmouth Co, New Jersey9 JUN 1929 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
William Holmes Vanderveer17 FEB 1860 1911 New Jersey
William Hubbell Vanderveer12 MAY 1839 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio15 FEB 1858 Middletown, Butler Co, Ohio
William Hudson Vanderveer27 AUG 1875 New York4 JUL 1921 Brooklyn, Kings Co, Long Island, New York
William I Vanderveer11 JUL 1859 Rock Island Co, Illinois20 FEB 1928 Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa
William Ingram Vanderveer1 NOV 1846 7 MAY 1909 
William J Vanderveer2 JAN 1848 New York12 DEC 1916 Lake Co, Ohio
William Jacob Vanderveer17 OCT 1872 Ohio 
William James Vanderveer2 JAN 1848 New Jersey12 DEC 1916 Lake Co, Ohio
William Jr VanderveerABT 1890  
William Leupp Vanderveer3 APR 1835 Somerset Co, New Jersey13 OCT 1904 Somerset Co, New Jersey
William Newton Vanderveer19 APR 1861 Benton Co, Michigan1 MAY 1942 Berrien Co, Michigan
William O Vanderveer1855 Canton, DeKalb Co, Illinois7 OCT 1855 DeKalb Co, Illinois
William Phillips Vanderveer9 DEC 1810 New Brunswick, Middlesex Co, New Jersey27 APR 1884 Montgomery Co, Alabama
William Powell Vanderveer1883 Brown Co, Texas7 JUN 1972 Brown Co, Texas
William Putman Enders Vanderveer1 MAR 1851  
William R Vanderveer1838 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio 
William Randell Vanderveer13 APR 1863 Flatbush, Long Island, New York 
William Rush Vanderveer3 NOV 1845 Rives, Jackson Co, Michigan1956 Greenville, Montcalm Co, Michigan
William Russell Vanderveer11 FEB 1883 13 SEP 1943 
William S Vanderveer1826 JUN 1913 Woodbury, Glouscester Co, New Jeresy
William S VanderveerJUN 1877 New York 
William S Vanderveer1890 New Jersey1905 Burlington Co, New Jersey
William Schafer Vanderveer15 NOV 1853 Kettlersville, Shelby Co, Ohio15 APR 1940 St Johns, Auglaize Co, Ohio
William Spencer Vanderveer8 OCT 1837 Monmouth Co, New JerseyAPR 1914 Minaville, New York
William T Vanderveer6 NOV 1860 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio21 JUL 1924 Carlisle, Warren Co, Ohio
William Tennant Vanderveer10 JAN 1817 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 OCT 1887 Scott Co, Iowa
William Tennant Vanderveer1882 King City, Gentry Co, Missouri8 JUL 1957 Los Angeles Co, California
William Tennent Vanderveer19 JUN 1882 Gentry Co, Missouri8 JUL 1957 Los Angeles, California
William W VanderveerAFT 1870 Marion, Wayne Co, New York 
Willie VanderveerJUN 1858 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey1 FEB 1859 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Willie Vanderveer1848 1856 
Willie Eugene Vanderveer16 SEP 1846 German Valley, New Jersey 
Wilson Vanderveer1852 Batavia, Kane, Illinois1890 Marengo, McHenry Co, Illinios
Wilson Budd Vanderveer6 AUG 1875 Denver, Denver Co, Colorado 
Winifred Vanderveer26 NOV 1874 Raritan, Henderson Co, Illinois1958 Burlington, Des Moines Co, Iowa
Winona Vanderveer3 OCT 1859 22 MAY 1917 
Winters VanderveerABT 1765  
Wolfert VanderveerABT 1485  
Wolfert Vanderveer1462  
Wouter VanDerVeer1895 Overisel Twp, Allegan Co, Michigan14 SEP 1897 Overisel Twp, Allegan Co, Michigan
Wouter VanDerVeerABT 1795  
Wouter Walter Vanderveer14 FEB 1842 The Netherlands30 JUL 1919 Overisel, Allegan Co, Michigan
Wyckoff Vanderveer1842 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York31 OCT 1922 Brooklyn, King Co, Long Island, New York
Zachariah VanderveerAFT 1830  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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