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  626 individuals found for query Vandivier
Aaron Vandivier28 NOV 1798 Mercer Co. Kentucky3 FEB 1872 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Aaron L Vandivier24 MAY 1871 Johnson Co, Indiana12 AUG 1877 Johnson Co, Indiana
Abraham Vandivier18 MAY 1787 Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Abraham Vandivier1879 Williamson Co, Illinois 
Abraham Vandivier1810 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Abraham Erastmus Vandivier9 JUN 1854 Johnson Co, Indiana31 JAN 1923 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ada Bell VandivierFEB 1896 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Adam VandivierMAR 1881 Ohio1952 Auglaize Co, Ohio
Addie J VandivierDEC 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Addie L Vandivier18 SEP 1871 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 JUL 1948 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Albert Vandivier3 FEB 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 MAY 1859 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Albert G Vandivier1859 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana Johnson Co, Indiana
Albert Henry Vandivier19 MAY 1878 Johnson Co, IndianaNOV 1973 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
Albert J Vandivier26 NOV 1857 Mercer Co, Kentucky7 AUG 1930 Washington Co, Indiana
Alfred Vandivier1 MAY 1838 Johnson Co, Indiana1 FEB 1926 Nineveh, Johnson Co, Indiana
Alfred VandivierBEF 1875  
Alice VandivierAFT 1836 Marion Co, Indiana 
Alice Caroline Vandivier31 JAN 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana24 MAR 1921 Johnson Co, Indiana
Allen Tupper VandivierAUG 1887 Mercer Co, Kentucky31 JAN 1938 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Alvin Willis Vandivier4 MAY 1896 Indiana10 DEC 1972 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana
Amanda Vandivier1853 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Amos Virgil Vandivier24 JUL 1865 Johnson Co, Indiana3 OCT 1935 Johnson Co, Indiana
Andrew J Vandivier3 DEC 1845 Johnson Co, Indiana3 SEP 1852 Johnson Co, Indiana
Angeline Vandivier29 APR 1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 OCT 1937 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Angeline Vandivier26 JAN 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 JUN 1913 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ann Elizabeth Vandivier24 MAR 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 OCT 1917 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ann Elizabeth Marie Vandivier1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Anna Vandivier1796 29 AUG 1872 
Anna Vandivier31 MAY 1872 Johnson Co, Indiana12 DEC 1955 Prowers Co, Colorado
Anna Bell Vandivier1870 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1887 Johnson Co, Indiana
Anna Malinda Vandivier11 SEP 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana24 APR 1948 Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana
Anna Pearl Vandivier7 JUL 1893 Decatur Co, Indiana26 DEC 1972 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Anna Sonja Vandivier27 OCT 1869 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1962 Johnson Co, Indiana
Anne E Vandivier1871 1894 Johnson Co, Indiana
Annie VandivierFEB 1882 Adair Co, Iowa 
Annie E Vandivier4 FEB 1873 Johnson Co, Indiana8 JUN 1891 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ara Virgil Vandivier20 JAN 1865 Johnson Co, Indiana22 JAN 1927 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Archie Edward Vandivier1873 Indiana 
Arlando Miller Vandivier5 JUL 1894 Johnson Co, Indiana1927 Marion Co, Indianapolis
Arnold Webster Vandivier22 NOV 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Art Vandivier2 MAY 1896 Shelby Co, Ohio6 AUG 1896 Shelby Co, Ohio
Arta P Vandivier20 JUN 1878 Johnson Co, Indiana13 APR 1935 
Artie B Vandivier7 MAR 1867 Johnson Co, Indiana5 APR 1870 Johnson Co, Indiana
Austin VandivierJUN 1839 Johnson Co, Indiana17 AUG 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana
Austin Leslie Vandivier17 APR 1869 Union City, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey24 APR 1947 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Avery Martin Vandivier29 MAY 1852 Johnson Co, Indiana29 SEP 1937 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
B F VandivierABT 1875  
Barbara Catherine Vandivier6 MAR 1855 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana21 MAR 1943 Johnson Co, Indiana
Barshaby Vandivier1832 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Benjamin Allen VandivierJUN 1854 Johnson Co, Indiana1935 Johnson Co, Indiana
Bertha L VandivierABT 1876 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaAFT 1911 
Bertie C Vandivier25 SEP 1897 Mercer Co, Kentucky7 APR 1943 Fayette, Kentucky
Bessie Vandivier21 MAY 1888 Ohio14 JAN 1938 Lima, Allen Co, Ohio
Bessie B Vandivier19 AUG 1885 Johnson Co, Indiana1967 Johnson Co, Indiana
Beulah VandivierNOV 1893 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Blan L Vandivier9 DEC 1882 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1955 Johnson Co, Indiana
Blan L Vandivier22 JAN 1896 Johnson Co, Indiana1955 Johnson Co, Indiana
Bruce Vandivier4 SEP 1899 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 SEP 1973 Marion Co, Indiana
Buckner Vandivier5 AUG 1860 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 MAY 1886 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Bud VandivierNOV 1884 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Byron Elven Vandivier20 AUG 1891 Johnson Co, Indiana3 OCT 1981 Johnson Co, Indiana
Calvin VandivierABT 1860  
Calvin H VandivierABT 1855  
Carl William Vandivier16 NOV 1899 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaMAR 1970 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Caroline Vandivier1850 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Caroline VandivierBEF 1890  
Caroline Mildred Vandivier10 FEB 1858 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana3 NOV 1908 Spencer, Owen Co, Indiana
Carrie Vandivier1887 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Catharine Vandivier1836 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Catherine VandivierAFT 1794 Mercer Co, Kentucky3 FEB 1876 Johnson Co, Indiana
Catherine Vandivier1850 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1901 
Catherine VandivierBEF 1832  
Catherine VandivierBET 1813 AND 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Cecil Johnnie Vandivier20 MAR 1886 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana26 OCT 1979 Morgantown, Brown Co, Indiana
Cecil Oscar Vandivier23 OCT 1878 Mercer Co, Kentucky1958 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Charity VandivierABT 1830  
Charity Vandivier11 NOV 1789 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Charity Vandivier1816 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1870 
Charles Vandivier22 APR 1875 Putnam Co, Indiana22 MAR 1943 Morris Co, Kansas
Charles VandivierAPR 1890 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Charles A Vandivier20 NOV 1852 Mercer Co, Kentucky3 SEP 1938 McCreary, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Charles Barnett Vandivier12 AUG 1883 Decatur Co, Indiana10 SEP 1963 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Charles Halbert Vandivier23 JUL 1896 Mercer Co, Kentucky7 MAY 1957 Kentucky
Charles J VandivierABT 1850  
Charles T Vandivier4 MAR 1874 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Charles Taylor Vandivier2 JUN 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 AUG 1885 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Chester Coyn Vandivier23 AUG 1884 Johnson Co, Indiana8 SEP 1884 Johnson Co, Indiana
Chloe E Vandivier21 JAN 1886 Vigo County, Indiana10 JUL 1966 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Clancy C Vandivier24 MAY 1890 Johnson Co, IndianaMAR 1957 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Clara E VandivierMAR 1892 Adair Co, Iowa 
Clara F Vandivier1873 Johnson Co, Indiana1961 Johnson Co, Indiana
Clara Marie Vandivier12 FEB 1875 Kentucky26 JUL 1939 Harper Co, Kansas
Clarence Vandivier1878 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Clarence Edwin Vandivier1857 Johnson Co, Indiana1934 Johnson Co, Indiana
Claude J Vandivier4 NOV 1895 Johnson Co, Indiana1 MAY 1981 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Claude M VandivierAFT 1885 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Coleman D Vandivier26 MAR 1831 Mercer Co, Kentucky18 NOV 1896 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Cornelius Vandivier30 MAY 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky20 FEB 1893 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Cornelius Vandivier2 JUL 1792 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Cornelius Vandivier1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Cornelius Vandivier6 JAN 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky16 MAR 1896 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Cornelius Andrew Vandivier10 APR 1858 Johnson Co, Indiana29 MAR 1949 Johnson Co, Indiana
Corydon Vandivier1900 Johnson Co, Indiana1957 Johnson Co, Indiana
Cyntha Vandivier10 JUL 1833 Mercer Co, Kentucky7 SEP 1900 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Cynthia Vandivier20 FEB 1781 Somerset Co, New Jersey29 AUG 1858 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Cynthia VandivierBEF 23 JAN 1785 Somerset Co, New Jersey3 OCT 1868 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Cynthia VandivierBEF 8 NOV 1789 Conewago Colony, York Co, Pennsylvania24 FEB 1861 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Dalston Everett Vandivier23 AUG 1884 Greenwood, Pleasant Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1918 Johnson Co, Indiana
Daulton Day Vandivier23 MAR 1897 Johnson Co, Indiana10 JUN 1978 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Delila J Vandivier5 AUG 1857 Johnson Co, Indiana21 FEB 1895 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Delilah Vandivier17 FEB 1896 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 APR 1974 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Delitha Ann Vandivier16 JAN 1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky30 JUL 1933 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Dessa Margaret Vandivier14 JUN 1896 IndianaJUL 1974 Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana
Dewitt Coleman Vandivier14 AUG 1895 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 JAN 1982 Broward Co, Florida
Dillard M Vandivier12 SEP 1864 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaAFT 1938 Indiana
Dillard Sherman Vandivier17 JUN 1865 Johnson Co, Indiana5 JUL 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana
Donald Parkhurst Vandivier21 DEC 1897 Johnson Co, Indiana25 FEB 1995 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Dorothy Marie Vandivier20 APR 1900 Johnson Co, Indiana1 MAR 1998 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Earl Axt Vandivier6 DEC 1882 Whiteland,Johnson Co, Indiana 
Earl Flemming Vandivier3 SEP 1886 Warrensburg, Missouri15 FEB 1919 Washington Township, Vernon Co, Missouri
Edith V Vandivier7 AUG 1889 Greenwood, Pleasant Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Edna M Vandivier1900 Greenfield, Adair Co, Iowa 
Edward D VandivierDEC 1871 Kentucky 
Edwin Lee Vandivier1857 Indiana 
Effie May Vandivier10 MAR 1875 Johnson Co, Indiana24 DEC 1938 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elbridge Oliver Vandivier10 APR 1851 Mercer Co, Kentucky9 FEB 1924 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky
Eliza Vandivier1826 1869 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Eliza Jane Vandivier1841 Johnson Co, Indiana20 MAY 1891 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elizabeth VandivierABT 1855 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Vandivier17 APR 1857 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana20 APR 1857 
Elizabeth Vandivier9 FEB 1811 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 MAR 1889 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Vandivier1820 Mercer Co, KentuckyABT 1850 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Vandivier1832 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Vandivier6 NOV 1795 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Vandivier25 JUL 1815 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 13 SEP 1859 
Elizabeth Vandivier17 JUN 1843 Johnson Co, Indiana18 OCT 1918 Johnson Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Vandivier1867 Mercer Co, Kentucky18 MAR 1935 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth A Vandivier1843 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Elizabeth Hamilton Vandivier18 APR 1891 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 AUG 1975 
Elizabeth J Vandivier24 OCT 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 MAY 1882 Switzerland Co, Indiana
Elizabeth L VandivierAUG 1890 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Porter Vandivier29 SEP 1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky18 MAR 1953 Fayette Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Susan Vandivier1840 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Ella VandivierSEP 1891 Ohio 
Ella Jane Vandivier15 JUL 1869 Johnson Co, Indiana16 JAN 1941 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ellen Vandivier1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ellen Vandivier1834 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elmer Vandivier3 OCT 1872 Johnson Co, Indiana6 NOV 1951 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Elmira Vandivier28 AUG 1855 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana22 MAY 1926 
Elna Vandivier9 APR 1887 Belle Plaine, Benton Co, Iowa 
Emeline Vandivier18 SEP 1832 Johnson Co, Indiana1 DEC 1871 Johnson Co, Indiana
Emily Vandivier22 JUL 1856 Johnson Co, Indiana19 NOV 1881 Johnson Co, Indiana
Emma C Vandivier1 NOV 1874 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana4 AUG 1926 
Emmaline Vandivier1854 Johnson Co, Indiana8 NOV 1933 East of Providence, Johnson Co, Indiana
Ena VandivierJUL 1890 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ernest W VandivierNOV 1881 Indiana 
Esther VandivierAUG 1886 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Esther VandivierMAR 1900 Ohio 
Ethel S Vandivier1889  
Ethel Thessa Vandivier15 MAR 1894 Johnson Co, Indiana12 DEC 1950 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Ethele S VandivierSEP 1885 Adair Co, Iowa 
Eva VandivierFEB 1898 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Eve D Vandivier6 FEB 1885 Ohio1962 Toledo, Ohio
Eveline P VandivierAPR 1900 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Everett Clinton Vandivier8 JUN 1861 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana14 JUN 1950 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Everett Elmore Vandivier30 SEP 1876 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1951 
Flora Vandivier1810 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Flora Rosa VandivierABT 1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Florence Vandivier1877 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Florence Ora Vandivier23 MAR 1881 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky3 JAN 1913 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinois
Francis Marion Vandivier2 DEC 1853 Johnson Co, Indiana1931 Johnson Co, Indiana
Fred Forsyth Vandivier24 MAR 1889 Johnson, Co, Indiana1958 Johnson Co, Indiana
Fred S Vandivier6 DEC 1887 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Garret VandivierABT 1791 Mercer Co, Kentucky16 FEB 1876 Johnson Co, Indiana
Garret Vandivier8 AUG 1783 Somerset Co, New Jersey16 FEB 1865 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Genevia VandivierMAY 1863  
George VandivierABT 1820 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
George A VandivierBEF 1880  
George Andrew Vandivier9 APR 1875 Johnson Co, Indiana5 FEB 1934 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
George Bayless Vandivier13 JUL 1866 Mercer Co, Kentucky2 JUL 1942 St Bernice, Vermillion Co, Illinois
George Howard Vandivier16 AUG 1888 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana7 OCT 1948 Johnson Co, Indiana
George Justin Vandivier12 SEP 1893 Franklin, Johnson Co, IndianaDEC 1981 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
George R VandivierMAY 1887 Decatur Co, IndianaFEB 1954 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Glennie E Vandivier29 OCT 1891 Franklin, Johnson Co, IndianaNOV 1973 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Glennie Frances Vandivier17 JUN 1899 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana31 JAN 1984 Naples, Collier Co, Florida
Grace A VandivierJUL 1895 Beckingridge, Summit Co, Colorado10 NOV 1941 Delta, Delta Co, Colorado
Grace B VandivierBEF 1875  
Grace G Vandivier5 FEB 1883 Johnson Co, IndianaJAN 1978 Morgantown, Indiana
Grant C VandivierMAY 1863 Mercer Co, Kentucky1947 Marion Co, Indiana
Guy G Vandivier29 AUG 1889 OhioNOV 1981 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Haldon Vandivier20 MAR 1875 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky26 SEP 1907 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Harriet Vandivier23 NOV 1834 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana10 MAR 1914 Johnson Co, Indiana
Harriet Vandivier1836 Kentucky 
Harriett Vandivier8 SEP 1883 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1954 Johnson Co, Indiana
Harriette Francis Vandivier1851 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Harry Glenn Vandivier30 MAY 1897 Johnson Co, Indiana23 JUN 1947 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Hazel VandivierNOV 1888 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Hazel Susan Vandivier7 AUG 1887 Johnson Co, Indiana2 OCT 1967 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Helen L Vandivier1900 Johnson Co, Indiana1924 
Hendrick Vandivier20 MAR 1790 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Henry Vandivier23 DEC 1827 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1838 Johnson Co, Indiana
Henry Vandivier1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky1862 Daviess Co, Kentucky
Henry VandivierMAR 1838  
Henry Clay Vandivier3 JUL 1877 Mercer Co, Kentucky29 APR 1959 San Bernardino, California
Henry Edward Vandivier26 MAY 1872 Wise Co, Texas27 DEC 1940 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma
Henry Rufus Vandivier23 OCT 1869 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana20 JAN 1951 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Herbert L VandivierAUG 1862 Kentucky1904 Delta, Delta Co, Colorado
Herman Russell Vandivier2 NOV 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana28 DEC 1980 
Hezekial Vandivier16 JUL 1820 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Homer M Vandivier1872 18 JAN 1873 Morgan Co, Indiana
Homer Robert Vandivier23 DEC 1882 Johnson Co, IndianaJUL 1964 Indiana
Homer W Vandivier1872 Johnson Co, Indiana11 JUL 1930 Johnson Co, Indiana
Howard Vandivier17 FEB 1880 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky16 FEB 1898 Moreland Station, Lincoln Co, Kentucky
Hugh Emerson Vandivier19 APR 1891 Johnson Co, Indiana1 JUL 1956 Johnson Co, Indiana
Hunter Irving Vandivier27 JUN 1898 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky31 DEC 1962 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Hurshell VandivierABT 1900  
I H VandivierABT 1850  
Ida Rena Vandivier1 NOV 1893 Mercer Co, Kentucky3 MAR 1976 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Infant Vandivier27 APR 1867 Johnson Co, Indiana27 APR 1867 Johnson Co, Indiana
Infant Vandivier25 JUL 1870 Johnson Co, Indiana25 JUL 1870 Johnson Co, Indiana
infant (triplett) VandivierABT 1885 Boone Co, Indiana Died in infancy
infant (triplett) VandivierABT 1885 Boone Co, Indiana Died in infancy
infant (triplett) VandivierABT 1885 Boone Co, Indiana Died in infancy
Inshivia Vandivier1858 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ira Elba Vandivier2 DEC 1899 Johnson Co, Indiana1910 
Ira Elmer Vandivier1 DEC 1863 Nineva Twp, Johnson Co Indiana1939 Johnson Co, Indiana
Irwin Seymour Vandivier2 SEP 1850 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 APR 1916 Fayette Co, Kentucky
Isaac VandivierABT 1800 DEC 1845 Johnson Co, Indiana
Isaac C Vandivier15 JUL 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 JUL 1907 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Isaac Henry Vandivier10 OCT 1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky23 JUN 1902 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Isaac J Vandivier21 JUL 1837 Mercer Co, Kentucky15 APR 1863 Civil War
Isaac Newton Vandivier1 MAR 1846 Johnson Co, Indiana20 MAY 1875 Morgantown, Brown Co, Indiana
Isaac W Vandivier1 OCT 1806 Mercer Co, Kentucky4 JUL 1889 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Isabelle Vandivier1861 Johnson Co, Indiana 
J VandivierBEF 1890  
Jacob Vandivier20 DEC 1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Jacob Milton Vandivier4 JUL 1898 Mercer Co, Kentucky3 MAR 1975 Parke Co, indiana
James Vandivier16 NOV 1801 Mercer Co, Kentucky2 JAN 1886 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana
James Vandivier1810 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1847 Mercer Co, Kentucky
James VandivierABT 1841 Johnson Co, Indiana 
James Vandivier1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Vandivier8 JAN 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky9 JAN 1908 Lebanon, Boone Co, Indiana
James VandivierOCT 1878 Boone Co, Indiana 
James A Vandivier22 MAY 1897 Sharon, Barber Co, Kansas1935 Osage Co, Oklahoma
James B VandivierFEB 1837 Indiana 
James H Vandivier20 JUL 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James Harrison Vandivier13 FEB 1823 Mercer Co, Kentucky11 SEP 1907 Johnson Co, Indiana
James Harvey Vandivier19 APR 1862 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky8 JUN 1953 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
James Henry Vandivier1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky1906 Mercer Co, Kentucky
James Madison Vandivier11 JUL 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana15 NOV 1898 
James Monroe VandivierABT 1900 Conran, Missouri 
James N Vandivier18 MAR 1859 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 AUG 1934 Willisburg, Washington Co, Kentucky
James Rheil Vandivier2 AUG 1900 Johnson Co, IndianaJUL 1977 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
James Riley Vandivier22 SEP 1895 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
James Robert Vandivier8 FEB 1837 Johnson Co, Indiana6 OCT 1915 Union City, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
James Russell Vandivier22 JUL 1893 Johnson Co, Indiana27 JUL 1964 Greenwood, Johnson Co, Indiana
James S Vandivier14 SEP 1841 Johnson Co, Indiana27 APR 1920 Sedgwick Co, Kansas
James S VandivierABT 1854 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
James Sylvester Vandivier1 OCT 1838 Johnson Co, Indiana3 SEP 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana
James Thomas Vandivier27 SEP 1884 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky11 MAR 1956 Danville, Vermillion Co, Illinios
James Thomas Vandivier15 AUG 1864 Johnson Co, Indiana25 FEB 1946 Marion Co, Indiana
James W Vandivier10 JAN 1883 Indiana9 APR 1961 Lawrence Co, Indiana
James William Vandivier12 JUL 1859 Johnson Co, Indiana9 DEC 1950 Johnson Co, Indiana
James William Vandivier5 NOV 1876 Clinton, Henry Co, Missouri26 JUL 1939 Berthoud, Larimer Co, Colorado
Jane Vandivier12 NOV 1812 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jane Vandivier1863 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jane Vandivier1800 Mercer Co, Kentucky19 MAR 1862 Johnson Co, Indiana
Jane VandivierABT 1851 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Jane VandivierABT 1840 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jefferson C Vandivier25 AUG 1829 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana4 FEB 1915 Johnson City, Union Township, Indiana
Jennie L VandivierBEF 1865  
Jennifer Vandivier  
Jesse William Vandivier23 MAR 1887 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana 
Jessica Vandivier  
Jessie VandivierABT 1880  
Jessie Anna Vandivier19 NOV 1886 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana21 APR 1887 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Jessie Mae Vandivier24 MAY 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana9 SEP 1971 Lebanon, Boone Co, Indiana
Jimmie Vandivier28 JAN 1894 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 OCT 1909 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Joanna Vandivier18 FEB 1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky11 JUN 1895 Pleasant, Switzerland Co, Indiana
John Vandivier15 DEC 1793 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 APR 1880 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John VandivierABT 1865  
John VandivierABT 1824 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 13 SEP 1859 
John Vandivier22 OCT 1779 Somerset Co, New JerseyAFT 1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Vandivier1827 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1880 Per census
John VandivierJAN 1866 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John VandivierNOV 1891 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John Vandivier18 APR 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 JUL 1875 Johnson Co, Indiana
John VandivierABT 1825 Indiana 
John Vandivier1793 Somerset Co, New Jersey Mercer Co, Kentucky
John B Vandivier1852 Mercer Co, KentuckyNOV 1902 near Carlisle, Nicholas Co, Kentucky
John Baston Vandivier3 SEP 1840 Mercer Co, Kentucky7 JUL 1911 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John C Vandivier1851 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
John C Vandivier16 DEC 1850 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
John C Vandivier1856 Indiana 
John Canvil VandivierDEC 1851 Kentucky1924 Greenfield, Adair Co, Iowa
John Carl Vandivier21 NOV 1900 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana1 MAR 1954 Barksdale AFB, Bossier, Louisiana
John F Vandivier  
John Frank Vandivier7 NOV 1882 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana17 SEP 1952 Connersville, Fayette Co, Indiana
John H Vandivier1845 Mercer Co, Kentucky28 JAN 1864 Civil War - Dandridge, Jefferson Co, Tennessee
John H Vandivier1 NOV 1865 Johnson Co, Indiana1957 Johnson Co, Indiana
John H Vandivier12 MAR 1829 Mercer Co, Kentucky11 OCT 1864 Civil War - Andersonville Prison
John Haldon Vandivier16 MAR 1862 Washington Co, Kentucky8 NOV 1946 Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Henry Vandivier12 MAR 1838 Johnson Co, Indiana 
John I Vandivier11 JUL 1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky Mercer Co, Kentucky
John James Vandivier3 JAN 1829 Mercer Co, Kentucky8 JUN 1907 Johnson Co, Indiana
John Newton Vandivier28 JUN 1857 Switzerland Co, Indiana11 JAN 1938 Bennington, Switzerland Co, Indiana
John Oscar Vandivier5 NOV 1870 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky23 DEC 1916 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
John Thomas Vandivier17 DEC 1883 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky19 OCT 1966 Danville, Vermillion Co, Illinios
John Wesley Vandivier18 NOV 1849 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana31 MAR 1935 Johnson Co, Indiana
John Wesley Vandivier1835 Johnson Co, Indiana1835 Johnson Co, Indiana
John Wesley Vandivier21 JUN 1850 Johnson Co, Indiana23 JUN 1927 Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana
John William Vandivier13 JAN 1865 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 APR 1949 McCreary Co, Kentucky
John William VandivierABT 1875 KentuckyAFT 1946 
John William Vandivier3 DEC 1885 Mercer Co, Kentucky Bradenton, Manatee Co, Florida
Johnie A Vandivier11 OCT 1857 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 SEP 1923 Ellis Co, Texas
Jora Vandivier1882 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Joseph Henry Vandivier14 JAN 1857 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana17 SEP 1945 Johnson Co, Indiana
Joseph M Vandivier1854 Johnson Co, Indiana25 JAN 1883 Johnson Co, Indiana
Joseph S VandivierBEF 1870  
Joseph Slyvester Vandivier6 JAN 1820 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 MAR 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana
Julia Ann Vandivier16 JUN 1851 Johnson Co, Indiana1891 Johnson Co, Indiana
Julia Carolyn Vandivier1883 Wise Co, Texas 
Justina Vandivier1845 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Justine VandivierAFT 1850 Mercer Co, Kentucky29 AUG 1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Kennth Vernon Vandivier10 NOV 1887 Johnson Co, Indiana8 MAR 1898 Johnson Co, Indiana
Lany Ann VandivierABT 1820  
Laura Vandivier1896 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Laurel H Vandivier25 JUN 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana4 MAR 1967 Peru, Miami Co, Indiana
Lavina Jane Vandivier9 MAR 1864 Johnson Co, Indiana1864 
Lavina M VandivierABT 1873 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Lawrence E Vandivier11 JAN 1891 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana14 AUG 1955 Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana
Lee Vandivier23 JAN 1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky18 JAN 1917 McCreary, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Lenora Mae Vandivier28 OCT 1885 Johnson Co, Indiana23 SEP 1971 Johnson Co, Indiana
Leo F Vandivier23 JUL 1900 Johnson Co, IndianaMAY 1981 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Leon P Vandivier14 NOV 1898 Johnson Co, Indiana14 JAN 1979 Johnson Co, Indiana
Leroy Vandivier9 JUN 1890 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana7 JAN 1919 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana
Leroy Vandivier27 NOV 1895 Johnson Co, IndianaBEF 1900 
Lester N Vandivier5 JUL 1894 Johnson Co, Indiana11 JUL 1976 Johnson Co, Indiana
Letha Valle VandivierJUL 1887 Vigo County, Indiana1939 Eagle Rock, California
Lettie Fay VandivierMAR 1896 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Lewis E VandivierFEB 1865 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1941 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Lidia J VandivierAPR 1865  
Lillard Vandivier20 OCT 1879 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky26 FEB 1961 Danville, Vermillion Co, Illinios
Lillie M VandivierJUN 1884 Putnam Co, Indiana 
Lora VandivierOCT 1883 Indiana1962 Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana
Louis Cass VandivierAPR 1848 Mercer Co, KentuckyAFT 1910 
Louisa Vandivier25 APR 1816 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Lozier Hill Vandivier14 JAN 1877 Johnson Co, Indiana13 OCT 1942 Johnson Co, Indiana
Lucinda Catherine Vandivier8 DEC 1837 Mercer Co, Kentucky1911 Indianapolis, Indiana
Lucy Jane Vandivier1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Lucy W Vandivier21 DEC 1871 Burgin, Mercer Co, Kentucky31 MAY 1941 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky
Lulu VandivierNOV 1879 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Lutisha A Vandivier1842 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1874 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Lydia VandivierABT 1868 Johnson Co, IndianaAFT 1910 
Lydia Ann VandivierJUN 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mabel E VandivierBEF 1890  
Mable Lynn Vandivier15 APR 1899 Johnson Co, Indiana1949 Johnson Co, Indiana
Madison Vandivier22 NOV 1842 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 OCT 1933 Iron, Ironton Co, Missouri
Madison Vandivier15 DEC 1809 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 AUG 1858 Johnson Co, Indiana
Maggie VandivierBEF 1874  
Malinda Ann Vandivier1863 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Malinda Ellen Vandivier11 DEC 1852 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana20 FEB 1915 Johnson Co, Indiana
Malvina Jane Vandivier9 MAR 1864 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana28 JUL 1943 Johnson Co, Indiana
Manerva Vandivier20 JAN 1893 Mercer Co, KentuckyJUL 1953 
Margaret Vandivier1834 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margaret VandivierMAR 1872 Johnson Co, Indiana25 JUN 1901 Johnson Co, Indiana
Margaret VandivierABT 1900  
Margaret Vandivier1899 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Margaret Vandivier15 FEB 1889 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky8 MAY 1970 Danville, Vermillion Co, Illinios
Margaret Vandivier1854 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1901 
Margaret Vandivier1832 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Anna Vandivier1866 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Margaret E Vandivier12 FEB 1844 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Margaret E VandivierABT 1840 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Margaret Jane Vandivier17 JUL 1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 MAR 1944 Johnston City, Williamson Co, Illinois
Margaret Maggie Vandivier22 MAY 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana17 OCT 1963 Dysart, Tama Co, Iowa
Margaret Marie Vandivier26 FEB 1898 Decatur Co, Indiana3 JUN 1976 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Margaret Ray VandivierOCT 1894 Greenwood, Pleasant Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mark R Vandivier6 APR 1891 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana16 FEB 1914 Johnson Co, Indiana
Martha VandivierABT 1858 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Martha Vandivier25 APR 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana6 MAY 1852 Johnson Co, Indiana
Martha Vandivier27 APR 1836 Johnson Co, Indiana13 OCT 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana
Martha Charlotte Vandivier1 MAR 1890 Johnson Co, Indiana20 AUG 1969 Johnson Co, Indiana
Martha Ellen VandivierJUL 1875 Warrick Co, Indiana30 OCT 1958 Evansville, Indiana
Martha W Vandivier2 JUL 1808 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 13 SEP 1859 Marion City, Indiana
Mary Vandivier27 APR 1836 Johnson Co, Indiana25 MAY 1903 Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary Vandivier22 JUL 1797 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Vandivier1833 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Vandivier17 MAY 1796 Mercer Co, Kentucky29 DEC 1865 Hopewell, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary VandivierABT 1855 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary VandivierABT 1800 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Vandivier18 SEP 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky23 JUN 1907 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary VandivierAFT 1819 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Ann Vandivier11 FEB 1829 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 JUN 1864 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary B VandivierNOV 1891 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Belle Vandivier19 JAN 1852 Switzerland Co, Indiana13 OCT 1852 Switzeland Co, Indiana
Mary Beth Vandivier1858 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary C VandivierSEP 1844 Johnson Co, Indiana28 JUN 1907 Union, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary E VandivierAUG 1889 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Elizabeth Vandivier17 JAN 1877 Mercer Co, Kentucky23 JUL 1946 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary Elizabeth Vandivier26 FEB 1836 Mercer Co, Kentucky1 MAR 1925 McCreary, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Mary Ellen Vandivier22 AUG 1809 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 MAR 1856 Southport, Marion Co, Indiana
Mary Estelle VandivierSEP 1898 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Jane Vandivier1835  
Mary Jane Vandivier5 APR 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky19 AUG 1904 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Mary Myrtle Vandivier18 NOV 1894 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 DEC 1948 Wassaic, Dutchess Co, New York
Mary Omer Vandivier20 OCT 1878 Henry Co, Missouri4 MAY 1958 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, California
Mary Susan Vandivier19 OCT 1862 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana15 JAN 1931 Johnson Co, Indiana
Matilda VandivierBEF 1880  
Matilda Annie Vandivier29 MAR 1885 Belle Plaine, Benton Co, Iowa25 MAY 1961 Linn Co, Iowa
Mattie VandivierJAN 1886 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Maud Vandivier1 JUL 1889 Decatur Co, Indiana27 JAN 1969 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Mayo L Vandivier4 APR 1862 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana6 JUL 1910 Johnson Co, Indiana
Melinda Vandivier1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky1864 Portland Mills, Putnam Co, Indiana
Melissa Bell Vandivier15 SEP 1898 Indiana3 JUL 1972 Santa Clara Co, California
Meria Vandivier28 SEP 1893 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Millard A Vandivier1861 Johnson Co, Indiana1872 
Mina VandivierAUG 1881 Boone Co, Indiana 
Minerva Ann Vandivier16 APR 1858 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana23 AUG 1938 Johnson Co, Indiana
Minnie Bell Vandivier5 JAN 1871 Johnson Co, Indiana7 AUG 1962 Johnson Co, Indiana
Minnie D Vandivier6 FEB 1870 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Minnie M VandivierABT 1850  
Minnie Pearl Vandivier1879 Indiana27 APR 1936 Decatur Co, Indiana
Mollie Vandivier1858 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1930 
Mollie VandivierABT 1860  
Molly Jane Vandivier1866 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Monroe Vandivier1859 Mercer Co, Kentucky1900 Danville, Vermillion Co, Illinios
Myrtle VandivierSEP 1893 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Myrtle D VandivierBEF 1870  
Myrtle Kay Vandivier1899 Decatur Co, Indiana1975 
Myrtle M VandivierJAN 1887 Adair Co, Iowa 
Nancy Vandivier10 MAY 1836 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 MAY 1916 Hensley, Johnson Co, Indiana
Nancy Vandivier1832 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Vandivier1831 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Vandivier1859 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Nancy Ann Vandivier9 DEC 1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 MAR 1902 
Nancy C Vandivier3 MAR 1833 Johnson Co, Indiana10 APR 1843 Johnson Co, Indiana
Nathan Vandivier3 SEP 1861 Washington Co, Kentucky24 MAY 1928 Decatur Co, Indiana
Nathaniel Vandivier1832 Mercer Co, Kentucky Mercer Co, Kentucky
Nellie VandivierAPR 1878  
Nellie VandivierABT 1880  
Nellie VandivierABT 1880  
Nellie B VandivierFEB 1894 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Nellie B VandivierAUG 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Nellie Rush Vandivier30 APR 1878 Trafalgar, Johnson Co, Indiana11 NOV 1969 Indiana
Nelson Vandivier1849 Mercer Co, KentuckyBET 1870 AND 1905 Decatur Co, Indiana
Nelson Vandivier1864 BET 1887 AND 1895 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Noah Russel Vandivier28 FEB 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana1931 Johnson Co, Indiana
Oliver N Vandivier28 FEB 1898 Indiana5 MAR 1969 Soldiers Home, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, Indiana
Ollie Inez Vandivier15 APR 1867 Johnson Co, Indiana13 JAN 1941 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ona May VandivierJUN 1873 Johnson Co, Indiana27 AUG 1873 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ora A VandivierMAY 1880 Henry Co, Missouri 
Oran Francis Vandivier1 FEB 1879 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaSEP 1964 Bargersville, Johnson Co, Indiana
Oressia Vandivier20 MAR 1900 Johnson Co, Indiana23 MAY 1930 Hancock Co, Indiana
Oris Adair Vandivier18 AUG 1893 Johnson Co, Indiana10 MAY 1967 Franklin , Johnson Co, Indiana
Oscar A VandivierOCT 1877 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Oscar L Vandivier2 MAY 1874 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana26 OCT 1938 Polk Co, Florida
Otis Carl Vandivier22 DEC 1877 Johnson Co, Indiana1955 
Otis M Vandivier8 FEB 1869 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Ozais Ezra Vandivier13 APR 1867 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana25 MAR 1937 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ozro VandivierSEP 1883 Kentucky1907 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Palmira Vandivier1843 Mercer Co, Kentucky29 JAN 1911 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Pauline Ivy VandivierMAY 1890 Vigo County, IndianaOCT 1919 Chicago, Cook Co, Illniios
Pauline M Vandivier1 SEP 1884 Johnson Co, Indiana11 MAR 1920 Johnson Co, Indiana
Perlina Vandivier1 SEP 1855 Johnson Co, Indiana1880 
Perlina M Vandivier1 SEP 1884 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Peter Vandivier28 DEC 1801 Mercer Co, Kentucky1883 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Peter Vandivier1846 Johnson Co, Indiana2 MAY 1863 Johnson Co, Indiana
Peter Vandivier4 FEB 1795 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Peter VandivierBEF 7 NOV 1762 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 MAR 1823 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Peter Vandivier1 NOV 1818 Mercer Co, Kentucky11 MAR 1899 Indianapolis, Maron Co, Indiana
Peter Vandivier1831 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Peter Vandivier11 MAR 1834 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Peter Vandivier15 OCT 1787 Somerset Co, New Jersey30 SEP 1866 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana
Peter D Vandivier26 AUG 1860 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana30 DEC 1878 Johnson Co, Indiana
Peter P VandivierBEF 1875  
Peter Parker Vandivier1 NOV 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky20 MAY 1916 Trafalgar, Johnson Co, Indiana
Peter S VandivierMAY 1855 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky1905 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ray Vandivier19 DEC 1894 Ohio17 JAN 1895 Shelby Co, Ohio
Rebecca VandivierABT 1825  
Rebecca Barsheba Vandivier19 SEP 1832 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Ree Vandivier12 DEC 1897 Johnson Co, Indiana12 JUN 1898 Johnson Co,Indiana
Renick Vandivier1865 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Richard A Vandivier5 AUG 1868 Mercer Co, Kentucky22 MAR 1943 Lakeland, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Richard Brutus Vandivier3 MAY 1834 Mercer Co, Kentucky3 MAY 1917 McCleary, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Richard Floyd Vandivier1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky14 FEB 1872 Cornishville, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Richard W VandivierAUG 1895 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Robert D VandivierSEP 1871 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Robert D Vandivier20 FEB 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Robert Holman Vandivier23 NOV 1849 Mercer Co, Kentucky5 JUN 1940 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Rosalia A VandivierBEF 1865  
Roscoe Vandivier9 DEC 1883 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1951 Johnson Co, Indiana
Rosella L Vandivier5 FEB 1860 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana17 JAN 1932 Johnson Co, Indiana
Ross Victor Vandivier29 JUN 1890 Johnson Co, IndianaAPR 1974 Morgantown, Indiana
Ruby E Vandivier5 JUN 1892 Greenwood, Pleasant Township, Johnson Co, Indiana 
Ruby E VandivierBEF 1890  
Russell VandivierDEC 1895 Mercer Co, KentuckyDEC 1895 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Ruth VandivierAPR 1897 Ohio 
Ruth Vandivier1896 Johnson Co, Indiana1925 
Ruth W VandivierJAN 1899 Mercer Co, KentuckyOCT 1980 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky
Salina Vandivier7 SEP 1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 MAY 1914 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sally Vandivier1856 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Samatha Jane Vandivier8 NOV 1851 Johnson Co, Indiana9 AUG 1938 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sarah VandivierBEF 1870  
Sarah Vandivier10 DEC 1822 Mercer Co, KentuckyABT JUN 1877 Clay Co, Indiana
Sarah Vandivier1843 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Sarah Vandivier1827 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sarah Vandivier3 MAR 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana18 OCT 1906 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sarah VandivierABT 1820  
Sarah A Vandivier1875 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Sarah Alice Vandivier27 FEB 1852  
Sarah Ann Vandivier27 APR 1836 Johnson Co, Indiana14 JAN 1876 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sarah Anna Vandivier1849 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 NOV 1900 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Sarah E Vandivier1857 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1858 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sarah E Vandivier1867 Washington Co, Kentucky1929 Washington Co, Kentucky
Sarah Ellen Vandivier28 OCT 1844 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Sarah H VandivierBEF 1880  
Sarah I Vandivier1856 Johnson Co, Indiana1857 
Sarah Jane Vandivier23 MAR 1821 Mercer Co, Kentucky26 JUN 1848 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sarah Margaret Vandivier9 SEP 1862 Johnson Co, Indiana20 AUG 1933 
Sarah Riker Vandivier20 AUG 1897 Mercer Co, KentuckyAUG 1987 Falls Church, Fairfax Co, Virginia
Saul VandivierABT 1825  
Serena VandivierABT 1860 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Serildia Vandivier1864 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Shelby Vandivier6 DEC 1854 Washington Co, Kentucky30 SEP 1882 Plano, Collin Co, Texas
Stella VandivierAPR 1892 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky13 NOV 1909 
Stella May Vandivier1 NOV 1880 Johnson Co, Indiana31 JAN 1964 Marion Co, Florida
Strother Vandivier30 AUG 1812 Mercer Co, Kentucky22 MAY 1890 Johnson Co, Indiana
Strother Edmen Vandivier23 SEP 1872 Union Township, Johnson Co, IndianaFEB 1964 Johnson Co, Indiana
Susan Vandivier27 MAY 1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 MAY 1906 White River Twp, Johnson Co, Indiana
Susan Vandivier1837 Johnson Co, Indiana3 JUN 1891 Johnson Co, Indiana
Susan E Vandivier29 OCT 1834 Mercer Co, Kentucky25 SEP 1887 Johnson Co, Indiana
Susan Elizabeth Vandivier1844 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Susan Elizabeth J VandivierABT 1840  
Susan F Vandivier1868 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1871 Johnson Co, Indiana
Susan Iona Vandivier12 JUN 1877 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana7 AUG 1907 Johnson Co,Indiana
Susan R Vandivier7 MAY 1877 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky21 JUL 1952 Lexington, Fayette Co, Kentucky
Susanna Vandivier6 JUN 1840 Johnson Co, Indiana17 AUG 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana
Sylvestor Vandivier1854 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1858 Johnson Co, Indiana
Tabitha Vandivier1835 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Theodore VandivierABT 1870  
Theresa VandivierAUG 1878 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Thomas Vandivier29 APR 1857 Washington Co, Kentucky2 JUL 1909 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Thomas VandivierSEP 1885 Kentucky 
Thomas VandivierABT 1839 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Thomas Edward Vandivier21 AUG 1871 Johnson Co, Indiana In 1940 census
Thomas M VandivierJUL 1889 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Thomas S Vandivier1841 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Thomas W Vandivier1863 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana28 JAN 1887 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
Thomas W VandivierABT 1860 Nevada, Missouri ? 
Thusie Vandivier10 APR 1892 Mercer Co, Kentucky10 APR 1892 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Tiffany Vandivier  
Tillis Oran Vandivier1877 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Tillus Orval Vandivier31 JUL 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana9 SEP 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana
Unk VandivierABT 1890  
Unk VandivierABT 1875  
Unk Vandivier23 JUN 1896 Johnson Co, Indiana 
unk VandivierABT 1890  
Unk VandivierABT 1815 Kentucky 
Unk Vandivier19 SEP 1894 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier5 OCT 1891 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier10 MAR 1884 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier  
Unk VandivierABT 1898  
Unk Vandivier5 SEP 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier1 APR 1897 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier  
Unk VandivierAFT 1867  
Unk Vandivier25 NOV 1892 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier10 JAN 1883 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Unk Vandivier23 DEC 1882 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Velma H VandivierOCT 1899 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Vere Irvin Vandivier17 MAR 1898 Greenfield, Adair Co, Iowa20 JUN 1973 Loveland, Larimer Co, Colorado
Verne Chauncey Vandivier15 JUN 1895 Johnson Co, IndianaSEP 1952 Johnson Co, Indiana
Vetra Jane Vandivier28 OCT 1899 Johnson Co, IndianaMAR 1975 Indiana
Viola VandivierABT 1900 Decatur Co, IndianaABT 1900 Died 11 months old
Violet L VandivierABT 1900  
Walter Vandivier11 JUN 1884 Mercer Co, Kentucky9 MAR 1958 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Walter E VandivierMAY 1887 Greenwood, Pleasant Township, Johnson Co, Indiana1935 Johnson Co, Indiana
Werdie J VandivierJAN 1883 Indiana 
Wesley Vandivier1888 22 MAR 1893 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Wesley T Vandivier1854 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Wesley W Vandivier25 SEP 1846 Mercer Co, Kentucky13 AUG 1853 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky
Whitelaw R Lora Vandivier20 OCT 1879 Johnson Co, Indiana19 DEC 1937 
Willard B VandivierDEC 1874 Mercer Co, Kentucky17 MAY 1989 
Willard Basque Vandivier14 FEB 1857 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana20 SEP 1921 Trafalgar, Johnson Co, Indiana
William VandivierABT 1800 Virginia 
William Vandivier1851  
William Vandivier1870 Mercer Co, Kentucky14 AUG 1933 Mercer Co, Kentucy
William Vandivier10 SEP 1855 Washington Co, Kentucky7 NOV 1905 Glenwood, Rush Co, Indiana
William Vandivier1862 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William A Vandivier28 SEP 1833 Johnson Co, Indiana20 MAR 1864 Civil War - Wilmington, New Hanover Co, North Carolina
William Alexander Vandivier5 DEC 1841 Mercer Co, Kentucky14 NOV 1919 Fayette Co, Kentucky
William Alexander Vandivier31 DEC 1838 Mercer Co, KentuckyBEF 1841 
William Alvius Vandivier15 DEC 1859 Johnson Co, Indiana11 DEC 1928 
William B Vandivier16 JUN 1851 Johnson Co, Indiana26 MAR 1926 Johnson Co, Indiana
William C VandivierNOV 1855 Mercer Co, Kentucky1915 Marion Co, Indiana
William Garrett Vandivier24 MAY 1887 IndianaBEF 2008 
William H Vandivier1828 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William H Vandivier1837 KentuckyBEF NOV 1876 
William H Vandivier1861 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
William H Vandivier12 DEC 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky1900 Mercer Co, Kentucky
William H Vandivier1839 Johnson Co, Indiana1911 Johnson Co, Indiana
William H Vandivier24 FEB 1888 Mercer Co, Kentucky12 NOV 1968 McCreary, Mercer Co, Kentucky
William H Vandivier22 FEB 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky15 OCT 1904 Williamson Co, Illinois
William H Vandivier4 APR 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky19 JUN 1905 Greenburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
William Harvey Vandivier24 MAR 1842 Johnson Co, Indiana9 JAN 1916 Providence, Johnson Co, Indiana
William Henry Vandivier23 JUN 1847 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana18 MAR 1927 Mason City, Iowa
William Henry Vandivier15 APR 1828 25 DEC 1897 Mercer Co, Kentucky
William Henry Vandivier22 APR 1822 Mercer Co, Kentucky1905 Switzerland Co, Indiana
William J Vandivier1875 Georgia 
William Marshall Vandivier27 OCT 1869 Johnson Co, Indiana16 JUL 1938 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana
William Nelson Vandivier1852 Johnson Co, Indiana1920 Johnson Co, Indiana
William Sylvester Vandivier4 JAN 1846 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana23 APR 1924 Johnson Co, Indiana
William T VandivierABT 1846 Union, Johnson Co, Indiana22 NOV Skelton, Warrick Co, Indiana
William Terrel Vandivier29 JAN 1815 Mercer Co, Kentucky16 SEP 1900 Union, Johnson Co, Indiana
William Thomas Vandivier23 DEC 1896 Mercer Co, Kentucky9 DEC 1965 Parke Co, Indiana
Willie Vandivier1874 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1874 Johnson Co, Indiana
Willie Ann Vandivier29 AUG 1855 Mercer Co, Kentucky21 DEC 1941 Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Willis Vandivier9 MAY 1842 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana25 NOV 1853 Johnson Co, Indiana
Willis Edward Vandivier11 AUG 1874 Johnson Co, Indiana31 JAN 1958 Belle Plaine, Benton Co, Iowa
Wilma Allice Vandivier1877 Franklin, Johnson Co, Indiana1962 
Wyatt A Vandivier28 AUG 1860 Union Township, Johnson Co, Indiana8 NOV 1861 Johnson Co, Indiana
Zack Vandivier  
Zelma Vandivier15 FEB 1897 Mercer Co, Kentucky27 JUN 1917 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Zilpah G VandivierSEP 1887 Mercer Co, Kentucky1938 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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