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  25 individuals found for query Vermeule
Adriaen Vermeule21 FEB 1740/41 Blue Hille, New Jersey9 MAR 1777 New York
Christine Vermeule4 NOV 1754  
Cornelius VermeuleABT APR 1777  
Cornelius Vermeule2 APR 1716 Bergen, Bergen Co, New Jersey15 MAR 1784 North Plainfield, New Jersey
Cornelius Vermeule30 JUN 1757  
Dinah Vermeule25 SEP 1759  
Eder VermeuleABT 1760  
Elizabeth Vermeule11 JUN 1775  
Elizabeth Vermeule21 JAN 1790  
Fredrick Vermeule20 MAY 1709  
Fredrick Vermeule8 FEB 1749/50 New Jersey13 MAR 1830 Plainfield, New Jersey
Fredrick Vermeule1 APR 1787  
Gerritje Vermeule4 SEP 1744  
Hendrick Vermeule1634 Flushing, The Netherlands 
Jacob Vermeule22 SEP 1776  
Jan Cornelissen Vermeule1634 Ter Goes, Zeeland, The Netherlands 
Jane Vermeule9 FEB 1779  
John Vermeule13 APR 1768  
Leuntj Vermeule8 APR 1712  
Marca VermeuleABT AUG 1781  
Martina Vermeule1659 The Netherlands1726 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Mary Vermeule2 AUG 1770 15 JUN 1826 
Mary Vermeule7 JUN 1785  
Peter Jacob Vermeule14 DEC 1861 Zeeland, The Netherlands20 OCT 1930 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Sarah VermeuleABT 1790 13 JUN 1843 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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