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  22 individuals found for query Vernooy
Abraham Vernooy1777  
Anna Vernooy16 DEC 1726 Ulster Co, New York 
Benjamin VernooyABT 1725  
Celeste Vernooy22 MAR 1664/65  
Cornelia Vernooy3 APR 1667  
Cornelius Vernooy3 JAN 1678/79 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Cornelius Vernooy11 JUL 1736 Kingston, Ulser Co, New York6 MAY 1811 Wawarsing, Ulster Co, New York
Cornelius Cornelissen VernooyABT 1642 Amsterdam, The NetherlandsAFT JUN 1718 Rochester, Ulster Co, New York
Geertruy Vernooy1676 Kingston, Ulster Co, New Jersey20 FEB 1745/46 Warwarsing, Ultster Co, New York
Grietje Vernooy16 APR 1672 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Helena Vernooy1678 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jacob Vernooy10 FEB 1683/84 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York10 FEB 1683/84 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York
Jannetje Vernooy3 MAR 1727/28  
Jenneke Vernooy11 OCT 1771 15 SEP 1852 
Johannes Vernooy1681 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Jonathan Vernooy1749 Wawarsing, Ulster Co, New York 
Lysbeth Vernooy1664 BEF 1692 
Maria Vernooy1741  
Marytje Vernooy23 SEP 1674 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Nathan VernooyABT 1750  
Rachel Vernooy2 JAN 1685/86 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York Rochcester, Ulster Co, New York
Simon Vernooy1777  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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