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  129 individuals found for query Vreeland
Aagtje Vreeland19 JUN 1685 Bergen Co, New Jersey20 FEB 1761 
Aagtje Vreeland18 APR 1682 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey 
Aagtje Vreeland18 SEP 1733  
Aagtje Vreeland14 FEB 1731/32  
Aagtje Vreeland22 APR 1690 New Jersey 
Abraham VreelandABT 1800  
Abraham VreelandABT 1791  
Abraham Vreeland22 SEP 1789  
Abraham Vreeland16 AUG 1734  
Abraham Vreeland22 JUN 1678 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Achtje Vreeland18 APR 1682 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Aechtje Vreeland28 OCT 1684 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Aeltje Vreeland8 OCT 1677 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Anna VreelandBEF 12 DEC 1793  
Annatje Vreeland1743 3 FEB 1803 
Annatje Vreeland19 JUL 1765  
Annetje Vreeland22 JUN 1750  
Antje Vreeland4 JUL 1722  
Ariaentje VreelandBEF 8 MAR 1653/54 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New JerseyBEF 22 SEP 1697 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Arriantje Vreeland19 JUL 1698 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Cathalyntje Vreeland3 FEB 1796  
Catharina Vreeland15 MAY 1673 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Claas Vreeland6 APR 1675 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Claesje Vreeland25 APR 1729  
Classje VreelandABT 1710  
Cornelia Vreeland1782  
Cornelis Vreeland3 JUN 1660 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey2 MAY 1727 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Cornelis Vreeland25 JUN 1658 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New JerseyBEF 3 JUN 1660 
Cornelius VreelandJAN 1725/26  
Cornelius Vreeland26 AUG 1812  
Cornelius VreelandJAN 1734/35  
Diedriecksje Vreeland27 NOV 1685 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Dirck Vreeland16 NOV 1715 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Dirck Vreeland1673 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Dirck Vreeland11 MAR 1736/37  
Dirck Hartman Vreeland3 APR 1681 Aquackanonk, Passaic Co, New Jersey9 DEC 1773 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Elias Vreeland1705  
Elias Vreeland28 JUN 1697 New Jersey 
Elias Vreeland23 AUG 1799  
Elias Vreeland1645 Albany, New York 
Elias Vreeland1635 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey 
Elias Vreeland23 AUG 1759  
Elias Vreeland16 APR 1790  
Elizabeth Vreeland1703 Pompton Plains, Morris Co, New Jersey17 JUL 1781 
Elizabeth Vreeland17 DEC 1766  
Elsie Alice VreelandBEF 12 NOV 1671 Communipaw, Bergen Co, New Jersey24 JUN 1716 Hackensack, Bergen Co, New Jersey
Enoch VreelandBEF 20 JAN 1646/47 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey7 AUG 1719 
Enoch Vreeland18 FEB 1736/37  
Enoch Vreeland4 AUG 1687 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Enoch Vreeland1 APR 1691 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Enoch Vreeland14 MAR 1699/00  
Feytje Vreeland22 JUL 1683 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey19 OCT 1756 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey
Fitje Vreeland2 FEB 1706/07  
Fitje Vreeland28 FEB 1679/80 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Garret Vreeland26 JUN 1803  
Garret Vreeland1 NOV 1751  
Garret Vreeland20 NOV 1801  
Garret Vreeland17 MAY 1739  
George Vreeland3 AUG 1807  
Gerrit Vreeland5 FEB 1727/28  
Hartman Vreeland24 JAN 1703/04  
Hartman Vreeland15 OCT 1651 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey18 JAN 1706/07 Bayonne, New York
Hartman Vreeland15 MAR 1784  
Helena Vreeland1699 New Jersey 
Helmagh Vreeland29 JAN 1729/30  
Hendrick Vreeland19 JAN 1793  
Hendrickje Vreeland19 NOV 1762  
Henry Vreeland11 OCT 1797  
Henry Vreeland23 MAR 1804  
Hester Banta Vreeland24 JAN 1703/04 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Isaac Enose Vreeland4 JAN 1681/82  
Jacob Vreeland8 FEB 1745/46  
Jacob Vreeland29 SEP 1817  
Jacob Vreeland11 MAR 1736/37  
Jacob Vreeland9 AUG 1678  
Jacob Vreeland24 DEC 1733 7 DEC 1803 
Jacob Vreeland8 JUN 1808  
Jacob Vreeland18 OCT 1708  
Jannejte Vreeland1695 New Jersey 
Jannejte Vreeland28 NOV 1688 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey12 APR 1769 
Jannetje Vreeland22 OCT 1772  
Jannetje VreelandNOV 1722  
Jannetje Vreeland1637 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey11 SEP 1714 Albany Co, New York
Jannetje Vreeland14 SEP 1693 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Jenneke Vreeland1 DEC 1758  
Jenneke Vreeland23 JUN 1774  
Jenneke Vreeland1775  
Jenneke Vreeland1778  
Joannes Vreeland3 JAN 1792  
Johannes Vreeland31 MAY 1755 1821 
Johannes Vreeland5 OCT 1777  
Johannes Vreeland2 MAR 1741/42 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Vreeland12 OCT 1719  
Johannes Vreeland1 OCT 1656 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey 
Johannes Vreeland1713  
Johannes Vreeland21 SEP 1749  
Johannis Vreeland14 DEC 1783  
Johannis Vreeland7 APR 1677 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
John Vreeland4 JAN 1810  
Joris Vreeland31 JAN 1762 19 JUL 1824 
Joris Vreeland25 SEP 1710 21 JUN 1795 Bayonne, New Jersey
Leah Vreeland10 MAR 1722/23  
Magdalena Vreeland27 JUL 1800  
Margriejte Vreeland17 APR 1709 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Marritje VreelandBEF 23 NOV 1687  
Marritje Vreeland23 NOV 1687 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Mary VreelandABT 1770  
Metje Vreeland28 DEC 1720  
Michael Vreeland18 APR 1768  
Michael Vreeland26 DEC 1695 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Michael Vreeland12 JAN 1782  
Michael Vreeland24 JUN 1739 5 DEC 1804 
Michael Vreeland1675 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Michael Vreeland18 SEP 1694 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey1786 
Michael Vreeland31 DEC 1678 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Michael Vreeland31 OCT 1781  
Michael VreelandBEF 7 APR 1666  
Michael D Vreeland1725 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Michiel Jansen Vreeland1610 Scrabberkercke, The Netherlands18 JUN 1663 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey
Pryntje Vreeland24 OCT 1649 Bayonne, Hudson Co, New Jersey21 APR 1711 Bergen Co, New Jersey
Rachel Vreeland16 JUL 1707 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Roelof Vreeland21 FEB 1786  
Sarah Vreeland23 SEP 1847  
Sophia VreelandBEF 12 NOV 1775  
Styntje Vreeland21 FEB 1682/83 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Teunis Vreeland22 SEP 1782  
TEunis Vreeland29 OCT 1787  
William C Vreeland30 AUG 1792 6 APR 1877 
Zietje Vreeland5 JUL 1757  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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