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  64 individuals found for query Vroom
Abigail Vroom20 AUG 1815 New Jersey4 JAN 1882 Somerset Co, New Jersey
Aletta VroomABT 1800 New Jersey 
Catherine VroomABT 1770  
Catherine Vroom6 APR 1690  
Catherine Vroom17 FEB 1749/50 Somerset Co, New Jersey13 FEB 1826 
Cornelius Vroom19 OCT 1612 Langeraer, The Netherlands1655 New Amsterdam (New York)
Cornelius Corsen VroomBEF 23 APR 1645 New York, New York7 DEC 1693 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania
Corsen Vroom27 JUN 1677 FEB 1742/43 
Elizabeth Vroom6 AUG 1785  
Elizabeth VroomBEF 12 OCT 1780 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth VroomABT 1815  
Elsie Bogart Vroom1823 1826 
Elsje Corsen Vroom7 JUN 1643  
Fredrick Vroom1824 1824 
Garret Dorset Vroom1843 1914 
George Vroom1758  
Gouverneur Rutgerts Vroom1848 1870 
Grietje Vroom25 MAY 1648  
Grietje VroomBEF 2 MAR 1776 Somerset Co, New Jersey23 MAR 1841 
Gysbert Vroom1 AUG 1778 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Gysbert Vroom1827 1828 
Hans VroomABT 1685  
Hendrick Vroom27 MAY 1683 New Jersey1769 
Hendrick VroomBEF 17 APR 1757  
Hendrick Vroom1810  
Henrick Corsen VroomBEF 30 NOV 1653 Long Island, New YorkAFT 6 APR 1690 
Ignatius Vroom1761 1771 
Jacob Vroom5 NOV 1789  
James Walter Vroom1846  
Jane Vroom26 JUL 1757  
Jane VroomABT 1800  
Jemima Vroom1 DEC 1821 New Jersey5 JAN 1892 Somerset Co, New Jersey
John Vroom1784 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
John P Vroom1829 1865 
Josyntien Vroom15 OCT 1717  
Josyntien Vroom6 AUG 1712 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Judith Vroom16 MAR 1678/79  
Maria Vroom22 JUN 1787 Somerset Co, New Jersey12 DEC 1864 
Maria Elmendorf Vroom1825 1904 
Mary Eleanor Vroom10 NOV 1842 18 JUL 1909 Readington, New Jersey
Marytje Vroom16 APR 1721 12 FEB 1785 Readington, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Meritien Vroom6 AUG 1712 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter VroomABT 1799  
Peter Vroom12 DEC 1791 Somerset Co, New Jersey 
Peter VroomABT 1790  
Peter Vroom13 MAR 1680/81  
Peter Dumont Vroom1842  
Peter Dumont Vroom27 JAN 1744/45 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey17 NOV 1831 Raritan, Somerset Co, New Jersey
Peter Dumont Vroom1819 1822 
Peter H VroomABT 1790  
Peter Hendrick Vroom1 FEB 1721/22 Somerville, Somerset Co, New Jersey1768 
Phillip VroomABT 1790  
Pieter Corsen VroomBEF 5 MAR 1650/51 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Ryce Vroom1687  
Sarah Vroom1763  
Sarah Vroom28 FEB 1719/20  
Sarah Vroom7 FEB 1793  
Sarah Lane Vroom1823  
Susan Vroom1821 1826 
Tunis Lane VroomABT 1811  
William VroomABT 1800  
William Vroom1797  
William Augustus Vroom4 NOV 1839 22 AUG 1854 
William L Vroom15 AUG 1815  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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