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  23 individuals found for query Walling
Abigail WallingABT 1753  
Adriantje WallingABT 1600 Durgerdam, The Netherlands 
Anna A Walling1866 1914 
Daniel Walling18 JUL 1792 VirginiaMAR 1881 White Co, Tennessee
Elisha Walling26 JUL 1708 Salem, New Jersey1785 New River, Surrey Co, Virginia
Grace Walling1887 1966 Ridgewood, New Jersey
Harold WallingABT 1887  
Hazel WallingAFT 1888  
Ida WallingAFT 1888  
Jacob Ambrose Walling1859  
James Walling1751 1785 
James Walling1773 1849 
John H WallingABT 1865  
Marilla Walling5 OCT 1825 Van Buren Co, Tennessee18 JAN 1912 
Mary Walling1784 1855 
Ralph Walling1590 London, England1633 Plymouth, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts
Sarah WallingABT 1730  
Sarah Walling1824  
Stephen WallingABT 1725  
Thomas Walling8 FEB 1668/69 Rhode Island22 OCT 1724 Salem, New Jersey
Thomas Walling1627 Massachusetts1674 Rhode Island
Tryntje WallingABT 1610  
Tryntje WallingABT 1615  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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