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  16 individuals found for query Weast
Adam Weast1799 from Rutherford Co, North Carolina1864 Buffalo River, Arkansas
Benjamin Weast1835 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina unk moved to Texas
Chester D Weast1898 Watercreek, Marion Co, Arkansas 
Columbus C Weast24 MAR 1844 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina23 MAY 1924 Arkansas
Dorothy Weast1897 Marion Co, Arkansas 
George Weast1831 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina14 JUL 1914 Newport, Arkansas
George W Weast1868 North Carolina Marion Co, Arkansas
James W. Weast1827 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina1869 Arkansas
John Jefferson Weast6 APR 1833 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina29 AUG 1912 
Leonard S Weast1846 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina1928 
Martha J Weast11 APR 1842 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina1 JAN 1918 Marion Co, Arkansas
Mary E. Weast1839 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina2 OCT 1919 
Norman Weast1895 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Sarah Melinda Weast17 MAY 1837 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina27 AUG 1910 Dewitt, Arkansas
Walter Weast1892 Marion Co, Arkansas 
William Brice Weast28 NOV 1829 Rutherford, Co, North Carolina1885 Marion Co, Arkansas

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