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  117 individuals found for query Webber
Abraham WebberBEF 16 DEC 1648  
Ada WebberAFT 1843  
Adrianna WebberABT 1720  
Aernout Webber1648  
Aernout WebberBEF 22 MAY 1698  
Albert Webber1848 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Ann Rodes Webber12 JUN 1781 Virginia 
Anna WebberBEF 15 JUN 1608  
Anne Webber15 DEC 1715  
Anneke Anna WebberBEF 4 JUL 1671 New YorkABT 1750 
Anneken WebberBEF 11 DEC 1633  
Annis Webber11 SEP 1711  
Ariaentje WebberABT 1613 Amsterdam, The Netherlands11 JUN 1649 
Arnout WebberBEF 2 OCT 1644  
Augustine Webber14 JUL 1713 St Peter's Parish, VirginiaBEF SEP 1758 Goochland Co, Virginia
Augustine Webber9 FEB 1790  
Augustine WebberABT 1750 Virginia 
Barbera WebberBEF 19 MAR 1636/37  
Barbera WebberBEF 20 AUG 1612  
Bartelomeus WebberBEF 10 NOV 1602  
Bartelomeus WebberBEF 20 NOV 1605 BEF DEC 1616 
Bartelomeus WebberBEF 18 DEC 1616  
Bartelomeus Webber1638  
Bernardus WebberBEF 25 NOV 1680  
Betty WebberABT 1715  
Cathryn Webber1652 New Amsterdam (New York)15 MAR 1739/40 Mombaccsu, Ulster Co, New York
Charles Thompson Webber1857 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinois1927 Los Angeles, California
Claude Charles Webber28 JAN 1890 Cheyene, Wyoming17 SEP 1973 Los Angeles, California
Elizabeth Webber4 OCT 1787  
Frances Sheppard WebberAFT 1806 Shelby Co, Kentucky 
Grace D Webber10 MAY 1894 3 JAN 1982 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Hans Webber1624 Beest, Gelderland, The Netherlands 
Harry Oscar Webber22 DEC 1869 Santa Clara, California 
Helen WebberJUL 1872  
Helen Dick WebberJUL 1877  
Hendick WebberBEF 3 JUL 1601  
Henry Webber16 SEP 1791 Salem Co, New Jersey18 AUG 1880 Salem Co, New Jersey
Henry Webber7 MAY 1871  
Henry WebberABT 1670  
Henry WebberABT 1870  
Hester Webber1648 New Amsterdam (New York) 
Hester Cornelia WebberBEF 9 NOV 1614  
Hillegond WebberBEF 25 MAR 1674  
J WebberABT 1750 Virginia 
Jacob WebberBEF 8 DEC 1700  
Jan Wolfert Webber1582 Maesterland, The Netherlands1630 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Johan Webber1455 The Netherlands1560 
Johannes WebberBEF 20 MAY 1631  
Johannes WebberBEF 12 DEC 1677  
John WebberABT 1750 Virginia 
John Webber1593 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England1670 Northumberland Co, Virginia
John WebberABT 1770  
John Webber1879  
John Webber2 MAR 1817 Salem Co, New Jersey1875 
John Webber1794 Salem Co, New Jersey 
John Webber4 JUN 1766 Salem Co, New Jersey26 JUN 1794 Salem Co, New Jersey
Joseph WebberABT 1700  
Joseph Henry Webber1 DEC 1836 Salem Co, New Jersey15 DEC 1915 
Joseph Wesley Webber1852 18 JUL 1918 Vernon Co, Missouri
Katherine W WebberOCT 1864  
Lavenia WebberJAN 1869  
Lemuel Peterson Webber8 JUN 1834 Salem Co, New Jersey25 SEP 1874 Anahein, California
Louis Henry Webber15 DEC 1845 Salem Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Webber18 SEP 1763 Salem Co, New JerseyBEF JUN 1795 
Margaret Webber19 OCT 1829 Salem Co, New Jersey29 APR 1914 
Margaret A WebberABT 1715 Germany 
Mary Webber23 MAR 1823 Salem Co, New Jersey6 NOV 1824 Salem Co, New Jersey
Mary Webber27 OCT 1783 Virginia 
Mary Webber10 APR 1819 Salem Co, New Jersey22 AUG 1821 Salem Co, New Jersey
Mary Webber1722  
Mary Webber3 OCT 1770 Salem Co, New Jersey10 JUL 1825 
Mary Webber19 MAY 1873  
Mary Webber4 OCT 1709  
Mary Ann Webber18 JUL 1825 Salem Co, New Jersey1912 
Mary V Webber1874 California 
Matthew WebberABT 1700  
Neeltje Webber1604 The Netherlands 
Paul Webber1556 Magdelburg, Germany 
Philip Webber1725  
Philip Webber1691 New Kent Co, VirginiaDEC 1761 Goochland Co, Virginia
Philip Webber12 NOV 1752 Virginia1 OCT 1821 Shelby Co, Kentucky
Rebecca Webber1869  
Rebecca Webber12 MAR 1794 Salem Co, New Jersey9 APR 1869 
Romie Oneil Webber1899 Missouri7 DEC 1976 Cheyenne, Laramie Co, Wyoming
Rosas Mary Webber1898 1982 
Sally Webber7 NOV 1779 Virginia 
Samuel Webber1863  
Samuel Humpreys Webber9 OCT 1834 Salem Co, New Jersey9 DEC 1859 
Sarah Webber9 AUG 1685 Bergen Co, New Jersey 
Sarah WebberBEF 29 DEC 1618  
Sarah Webber20 OCT 1640 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Sarah Webber6 OCT 1768 Salem Co, New JerseyBEF JUN 1797 
Thomas Webber30 JAN 1821 Salem Co, New Jersey30 JUN 1876 
Thomas Webber1650 York Co, Virginia1701 Virginia
Thomas Webber1723 Penn's Neck, New Jersey28 MAR 1795 Salem Co, New Jersey
Thomas Webber9 JAN 1782 Salem Co, New JerseyBEF MAR 1799 
Unk WebberABT 1800  
Verna Webber20 OCT 1863 Salem Co, New Jersey21 MAY 1865 Salem Co, New Jersey
Warnard WebberBEF 13 NOV 1666  
Willem WebberBEF 17 DEC 1617  
William WebberABT 1489 Dillenburg, The NetherlandsABT 1555 
William Webber16 APR 1533 The Netherlands1584 
William WebberAFT 30 DEC 1771 Salem Co, New Jersey2 SEP 1798 Salem Co, New Jersey
William Webber15 AUG 1747 Virginia 
William Webber6 SEP 1827 Salem Co, New Jersey30 AUG 1907 
William Webber1735  
William WebberABT 1670  
William WebberABT 1700  
William Webber1793 Salem Co, New JerseyBEF 1796 
William H WebberABT 1835  
William Henry Webber12 AUG 1822 Shelby Co, Kentucky13 APR 1901 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinois
William Thomson Webber11 AUG 1785 Fluvanna Co, Virginia9 SEP 1838 Urbana, Champaign Co, Illinois
Wolfert Webber18 JAN 1603/04 Amsterdam, The Netherlands3 SEP 1670 New York
Wolfert WebberAFT 1669  
Wolfert Webber1575 Maasland, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands1630 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wolfert WebberBEF 24 DEC 1634 Amsterdam, The Netherlands1717 Long Island, New York
Wolfert WebberABT 1590  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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