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  688 individuals found for query Weems
Abraham Weems1799 Greene Co, Tennessee2 JAN 1877 Greene Co, Tennessee
Abraham Anderson Weems27 JUL 1900 Tennessee21 JAN 1913 
Abraham L WeemsABT 1846 Greene Co, Tennessee26 SEP 1890 Tennessee
Ada Ozelle WeemsABT 1885 Newton Co, Missouri 
Akin WeemsABT 1895  
Alexander Weems25 FEB 1799 Billingsley, Prince George Co, MarylandAPR 1799 
Alice Elsie Weems1813 Missouri 
Alvis B Weems1879  
Amelia Margaret Weems9 FEB 1791 Prince Georges Co, Maryland8 JAN 1852 Georgetown, Washington DC
Amelia Violetta Weems18 OCT 1801 Billingsley, Prince George Co, Maryland26 JAN 1874 Prince George's Co, Maryland
Amelia Violetta Weems1844 1923 
Andrew J Weems4 MAY 1861 Greene Co, Tennessee13 MAR 1875 Greene Co, Tennessee
Andrew J WeemsABT 1857 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Andrew Jefferson Weems11 MAY 1807  
Anita WeemsAFT 1884  
Ann Weems29 MAR 1742 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland22 JUN 1766 
Anna Elizabeth WeemsABT 1883  
Anna Nancy WeemsAFT 1781 1868 
Anne WeemsABT 1753 Green Co, Tennesse 
Anne WeemsABT 1805  
Anne B WeemsABT 1840  
Anne Mackall Chilton Weems16 AUG 1838 3 SEP 1926 
Annie Lou WeemsABT 1871 1944 
Arthur Heinman Weems15 SEP 1890 Greene Co, Tennessee14 MAY 1970 Gadsen, Alabama
Augustan Weems1821 Tennessee1901 
Bartholamew Weems1755 Maryland25 DEC 1800 Abbeville Co, South Carolina
Bartholomew WeemsABT 1770  
Bartholomew Weems25 DEC 1803  
Bartholomew J Weems1733 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Benjamin Franklin Weems23 AUG 1862 Reynolds Co, Missouri6 APR 1931 
Benjamin L WeemsAPR 1867 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Benjamin Riley Weems4 MAY 1835 Greene Co, Tennessee16 JUN 1915 Weed, Otero Co, New Mexico
Bertha Francis Weems4 JUN 1880 Newton Co, Missouri4 DEC 1965 Tulsa, Tulsa Co, Oklahoma
Bessid WeemsAFT 1869 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri 
Bessie Weems23 JUL 1852  
Betsey Weems1853 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Beulah Mae Weems28 AUG 1897 Stark City, Newton Co, Missouri3 DEC 1983 Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co, Kansas
Bonnie Lucile Weems10 DEC 1897 Mohawk, Greene Co, Tennesse 
Britton Weems1790 South Carolina 
Carl WeemsAFT 1891  
Carl E WeemsJAN 1894  
Caroline WeemsABT 1800  
Carrie R WeemsABT 1869 Greene Co, Tennessee Cumberland, Kentucky
Carter WeemsAFT 1890  
Catherine WeemsABT 1800  
Catherine Weems1780 Orange Co, North Carolina 
Catherine WeemsABT 1801  
Catherine Weems1798 Hillsboro, Orange Co, North Carolina Newton Co, Missouri
Catherine WeemsABT 1815 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Catherine C Weems26 DEC 1840 9 JUL 1890 
Catherine Elizabeth WeemsABT 1850 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Catherine Elizabeth WeemsABT 1838 Tennessee 
Charles WeemsABT 1820  
Charles B WeemsABT 1876 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Charles Chilton Weems9 MAR 1845 14 DEC 1903 
Charles E Weems19 NOV 1870 Greene Co, Tennessee25 DEC 1945 Maryville, Blount Co, Tennesse
Charles Franklin Weems6 APR 1875 Lowder, Illinois21 NOV 1957 Delta, Delta Co, Colorado
Charles Henry Wharton WeemsABT 1805  
Charles Howell Weems26 JAN 1767  
Charles Manford Weems21 DEC 1893 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri11 AUG 1958 Fairview, Newton Co, Missouri
Charles P Weems1879 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Charles Paul WeemsAFT 1869 JUN 1958 
Charles Ruben Weems17 JUN 1879 Tennessee6 AUG 1946 Virginia
Charles Smoot Weems20 APR 1798  
Charley WeemsAFT 1884  
Charlie WeemsABT 1873 ABT 1941 
Charlie WeemsABT 1895 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Charlottee Woodville Weems5 JAN 1839  
Clara Weems1820 Tennessee 
Clara L WeemsAUG 1888 Jewel Co, Kansas 
Clarence WeemsAFT 1891  
Clarissa Eliza Weems2 DEC 1841 Tennessee28 APR 1887 
Claude Bryan Weems30 AUG 1897 13 MAY 1953 
Claude Elmer Weems10 NOV 1899 10 OCT 1963 
Claude John WeemsABT 1891 Tennessee 
Clyta WeemsABT 1895  
Cora Alice Weems1872 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Cora F WeemsABT 1875 Laurel Gap, Greene Co, Tennesse Morristown, Hamblen Co, Tennesse
Cora M Weems3 JAN 1869 Newton Co, Missouri17 SEP 1899 Newton Co, Missouri
Cordelia A WeemsABT 1874 Tennessee 
Cornelia Weems25 MAR 1803 Billingsley, Prince George Co, Maryland14 DEC 1837 
Cornelia WeemsABT 1810  
Cornelia Weems21 APR 1843 Calvert Co, Maryland 
David Weems31 MAR 1748 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland30 MAR 1750 
David Weems22 FEB 1746/47 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland4 MAR 1746/47 
David Weems8 OCT 1856  
David Weems8 JUN 1750 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland8 JUN 1750 
David Weems1865 Greene Co, Tennessee 
David WeemsAFT 1777  
David Weems22 SEP 1729 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland12 MAR 1744/45 
David Addison Weems3 FEB 1892 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri 
David Augustus WeemsAFT 1834  
David Douglas Weems15 NOV 1863 Greene Co, Tennessee27 MAY 1925 Greene Co, Tennessee
David Farnsworth Weems30 JUN 1854 New Mansville, Greene Co, Tennesse10 JUL 1917 Shebyville, Missouri
David Gustavus Weems1809 26 APR 1857 Ann Arundel, Maryland
David Hamilton Weems1706 Fife, Fifeshire, Scotland5 MAY 1779 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland
David Hamiton Weems1795  
David Howard Weems18 NOV 1888 Lowder, Sangamon Co, Illinois22 JAN 1983 
David Jordon Weems13 JUN 1824  
David Larkin Weems10 MAY 1859 Newton Co, Missouri30 NOV 1930 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
David Larkin Weems6 AUG 1883 Newton Co, Missouri2 DEC 1959 Newton Co, Missouri
David Loch WeemsABT 1805  
David Loch Weems11 AUG 1751 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland22 JAN 1820 
David Manville Weems10 MAY 1898 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri8 FEB 1963 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
David Patrick Weems1 NOV 1874 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri2 OCT 1879 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
David Patten Weems8 FEB 1838 Greene Co, Tennessee7 SEP 1912 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Davidanna R WeemsAFT 1834  
Desdemona Lacy WeemsABT 1875  
Dewitt T WeemsJAN 1880 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Dollie May Ozelle Weems19 FEB 1880 Greene Co, Tennessee7 JAN 1929 Greene Co, Tennessee
Dolly WeemsABT 1885  
Don Muton WeemsNOV 1884 Newton Co, Missouri7 AUG 1953 Newton Co, Missouri
Dottie M Weems18 JUN 1900 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri1991 Missouri
Earnest WeemsAFT 1880  
Edith L Weems2 JUN 1886 Newton Co, Missouri10 APR 1905 Newton Co, Missouri
Edmund James Weems30 SEP 1873 Laurel Gap, Greene Co, Tennesse13 OCT 1969 Greene Co, Tennessee
Edward Hampton Weems18 JUL 1869 Piedmont, Wayne Co, Missouri16 APR 1950 Antlers, Oklahoma
Edward Mortimer Weems5 FEB 1832  
Edward Ward Weems4 MAY 1776  
Edwin Buell Weems28 MAY 1862 Greene Co, Tennessee23 MAY 1940 Green Co, Pennsylvannia
Edwin Dawson Weems1839 1903 
Elbert Weems1870  
Elbert Sevier Weems21 MAY 1829 Greene Co, Tennessee25 NOV 1895 Greene Co, Tennessee
Elda Sue WeemsABT 1895 Tennessee 
Eleanor WeemsJUN 1791 1794 
Elijah WeemsABT 1787 Anne Arundell, Maryland1836 Vicksburg, Mississippi
Elijah Keener Weems11 NOV 1826 Laurel Gap, Greene Co, Tennesse15 DEC 1890 Greene Co, Tennessee
Elivira Weems8 DEC 1811  
Eliza E WeemsABT 1883 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Elizabeth WeemsABT 1800  
Elizabeth WeemsABT 1849  
Elizabeth WeemsAFT 1890  
Elizabeth WeemsABT 1765 Hillsboro, Orange Co, North Carolina1835 Greene Co, Tennessee
Elizabeth Weems12 MAR 1860  
Elizabeth WeemsABT 1797  
Elizabeth WeemsSEP 1796  
Elizabeth Weems1841 Calvert Co, Maryland 
Elizabeth Berthena Weems14 JAN 1852 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri25 DEC 1928 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Betsy Weems28 FEB 1816 Greene Co, Tennessee22 MAY 1880 
Elizabeth Betty Ann Weems14 MAR 1832 Greene Co, Tennessee1 JAN 1858 
Elizabeth D Weems20 FEB 1826  
Elizabeth J Weems1850 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Elizabeth J Weems3 JUL 1851  
Elizabeth Jane Weems18 SEP 1859 Reynolds Co, Missouri17 MAR 1935 Hereford, Texas
Elizabeth Jane Weems6 SEP 1859 Greene Co, Tennessee29 JUN 1923 
Elizabeth M Weems10 AUG 1861 Greene Co, Tennessee9 SEP 1874 
Elizabeth Taylor Weems1822  
Elizabeth Taylor Weems1843 1917 
Ella F Weems1869 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Ellen WeemsABT 1815  
Elliott Weems1862 25 OCT 1945 Sunnyside, Greene Co, Tennessee
Elmo WeemsABT 1895  
Emma WeemsAFT 1878  
Emmet Hume Weems31 DEC 1859 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri9 AUG 1933 Benton Co, Missouri
Ernest Cleo WeemsMAR 1892 Eureka Springs, Carroll Co, Arkansas 
Ervin Lee Weems4 FEB 1900 Anderson, McDonald Co, Missouri10 JAN 1967 Wrightwood, San Bernardino Co, California
Ester Weems19 MAR 1756 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland21 MAR 1756 
Eugene Van Horn Weems20 MAY 1847 1930 
Eugenia Almira Weems18 JUN 1833  
Eula Burnol Weems24 OCT 1880 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri22 FEB 1958 Newton Co, Missouri
F Bird Weems14 DEC 1877 19 FEB 1971 
Felix Leander Weems22 APR 1869 Newton Co, Missouri19 APR 1939 Southwest City, McDonald Co, Missouri
Felix Shephard Weems12 MAY 1850  
Fidella Pearl Weems24 NOV 1879 Greene Co, Tennessee24 NOV 1953 Greene Co, Tennessee
Flora Lee Weems13 FEB 1893 Greenville, Green Co, Tennesse31 JUL 1979 San Rafael, California
Flora May Weems7 JUN 1886 Greene Co, Tennessee21 AUG 1918 Greene Co, Tennessee
Frances Marion WeemsABT 1835  
Frank WeemsAFT 1880  
Frank WeemsABT 1900  
Franklin Van Horn Weems1861 Tennessee1880 Tennessee
Franklin Van Horn WeemsABT 1879  
Fred Horace WeemsABT 1895 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Freda Rebecca Weems13 MAR 1899 Galena, Cherokee Co, Kansas18 APR 1994 Brighton, Adams Co, Colorado
George Weems23 JAN 1881 Newton Co, MissouriAPR 1882 Newton Co, Missouri
George WeemsAFT 1777  
George Weems2 DEC 1819 26 JUL 1865 
George A Weems25 OCT 1872 McDonald Co, Missouri10 MAY 1876 McDonald Co, Missouri
George Akin Weems10 NOV 1834 Greene Co, Tennessee7 OCT 1904 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
George Anderson Weems22 MAY 1876 Greene Co, Tennessee3 JUN 1944 Tennessee
George G Weems1817 1905 
George Gray Weems1815 1816 
George Henry Weems26 OCT 1898 21 NOV 1972 
George Jones Weems31 OCT 1796 Hillsboro, Orange Co, North CarolinaJUL 1839 
George Jones Weems5 OCT 1838 Albany, Greene Co, Tennesse7 DEC 1915 Mohawk, Greene Co, Tennesse
George McDuff WeemsABT 1860  
George McKendree Weems15 FEB 1859 Greene Co, Tennessee1939 Newton Co, Missouri
George Mortimer Weems16 SEP 1810  
George P Weems19 OCT 1848 Greene Co, Tennessee29 MAY 1926 
George R Weems22 SEP 1872  
George T Weems19 MAY 1858 Newton Co, Missouri1859 
George T Weems23 MAY 1847 Tennessee15 JUL 1928 
George W Weems1833 Calvert Co, Maryland 
George W Weems1847 Greene Co, Tennessee 
George Washington Weems1800 Kentucky1862 All Saints Parish, Sunderland, Calvert Co, Maryland
George Washington Weems26 MAR 1804 Franklin Co, Georgia 
George Wright WeemsABT 1810 Greene Co, Tennessee1841 
George Wright Weems19 DEC 1817 Greene Co, Tennesse12 SEP 1881 Newton Co, Missouri
George Wright Weems1770 Orange Co, North Carolina2 DEC 1831 Greene Co, Tennessee
Georgeana WeemsAFT 1869 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri 
Georgina WeemsABT 1832  
Geroge WeemsABT 1731 Cecil Co, Maryland 
Gertrude WeemsAFT 1888  
Goldie WeemsMAR 1894 Eureka Springs, Carroll Co, Arkansas 
Grace Elizabeth Weems23 MAY 1883 Jewel Co, Kansas14 SEP 1959 Delta, Delta Co, Colorado
Gustavia Weems1860  
Gustavus Weems1779 1852 
Gustavus Sidney Weems1850 1851 
Gutavus F Weems1847 1847 
Hannah WeemsDEC 1839 Greene Co, TennesseeABT 1839 
Hannah Weems1831 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Hardy Weems4 FEB 1792 South Carolina 
Harold G WeemsFEB 1897 Illinios 
Harriet WeemsABT 1846  
Harriet Franics Weems25 APR 1843 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri13 OCT 1888 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Harry Weems4 FEB 1792 South Carolina 
Harvey Lyles Weems30 NOV 1866  
Harvey Reed Weems30 MAY 1897 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri18 JAN 1899 Missouri
Hazel WeemsAFT 1819  
Helen Weems1760 Maryland 
Henry Weems1853  
Henry WeemsBEF 1741 Cecil Co, Maryland5 JUL 1812 
Henry Weems1836 Calvert Co, Maryland 
Henry A WeemsSEP 1857 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Henry A WeemsMAR 1899 Illinios 
Henry Havelock WeemsABT 1863  
Hester A WeemsABT 1833  
Hetty Marie Weems1798  
Highlander Weems1822 Green Co, Tennessee1870 Hawkins Co, Tennessee
Inez WeemsAFT 1869  
Infant WeemsABT 1876  
Infant Weems18 JUL 1886  
infant WeemsABT 1878  
Infant WeemsABT 1888  
Iona Maude Weems3 OCT 1885 Newton Co, Missouri11 JUL 1940 Tulsa, Okla
Ira WeemsAFT 1820  
Ira Weems5 JAN 1898 Greer, Oklahoma26 OCT 1955 Washington Co, Arkansas
Ira Tilton Tilson Weems20 FEB 1876 Baileyton, Greene Co, Tennesse27 DEC 1942 Centralia, Lewis Co, Washington
Isaac Newton WeemsABT 1858 Greene Co, TennesseeABT 1893 Hawkins, Tennesse
Isabella Weems17 MAR 1775  
Isabella Weems7 DEC 1729 Cecil Co, Maryland 
J Herman Weems8 DEC 1893 23 JUN 1960 
J K Weems15 APR 1840 Newton Co, Missouri29 MAR 1845 Newton Co, Missouri
Jackson Lafayette Weems1843 5 FEB 1873 
Jacob Kyker Weems24 AUG 1895 Greenville, Green Co, TennesseJAN 1977 Vicksbury, Mississippi
James WeemsAFT 1828 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James Weems1732 Cecil Co, Maryland 
James Weems8 FEB 1815 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James WeemsABT 1710  
James Weems1785 Orange Co, North Carolina27 JUL 1819 Greene Co, Tennessee
James Weems1750 Maryland 
James WeemsABT 1815  
James WeemsABT 1849  
James Weems5 SEP 1776 Virginia24 JUL 1827 South Carolina
James Weems22 MAY 1731 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland4 NOV 1784 Calvert Co, Maryland
James WeemsABT 1800  
James WeemsAFT 1728 Calvert Co, Maryland Calvert Co, Maryland
James WeemsABT 1827 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James WeemsABT 1750  
James Albert Weems16 APR 1869  
James Alex P Weems26 NOV 1845 Tennessee22 MAR 1883 
James Allison WeemsABT 1856 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James Alston Weems17 MAR 1828 Sumner Co, Tennesse8 AUG 1908 Orel, Wayne Co, Illinios
James C Weems3 OCT 1824 Greene Co, Tennessee3 AUG 1880 Greene Co, Tennessee
James C WeemsABT 1871 Tennessee 
James C Weems1852 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James E Weems10 JUL 1867 Greene Co, Tennessee25 SEP 1893 Tennessee
James Eldert Weems11 DEC 1834 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James Ewell WeemsABT 1799  
James Fredrick Weems3 JUN 1897 Tennessee22 MAY 1953 
James Isaac Weems1808  
James Isaac WeemsBEF 1781 Maryland 
James Isaac Weems7 NOV 1796  
James J Weems1888 1954 
James Kent Weems1841 Calvert Co, Maryland 
James Kinsey Weems1805 1888 
James Loch Weems1708 Fife, Fifeshire, Scotland13 AUG 1781 Calvert Co, Maryland
James M Weems1889 1943 Colorado
James Madison WeemsABT 1873  
James Madison Weems1841 15 AUG 1916 Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas
James Madison Weems8 OCT 1809 Abbeville Co, South Carolina3 DEC 1873 Holmes Co, Mississippi
James Newton Weems25 APR 1861 Reynolds Co, Missouri22 JUN 1945 Reynolds Co, Missouri
James Nicholson Weems10 APR 1779  
James R Weems1878 Greene Co, Tennessee1948 
James R WeemsAFT 1869  
James Richard Weems20 JAN 1739/40 Weems Outlet, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland10 MAR 1780 Weems Outlet, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
James Riley WeemsABT 1849 Greene Co, Tennessee 
James Samuel Weems4 NOV 1870 Marshall, Tenneessee11 DEC 1947 Cortez, Colorado
James Swan WeemsABT 1806  
James Thomas Weems1818 Tennessee1859 
James Wesley Weems16 APR 1881 1962 
James William Black Weems25 FEB 1790 Billingsley, Prince George Co, Maryland25 JUL 1823 
James William Lock Weems28 JUL 1761 Prince George Co, MarylandBET 1808 AND 1811 Prince George Co, Maryland
Jane WeemsABT 1800  
Jane Dorcus Weems1812 1884 
Jane Elenor Weems6 OCT 1847  
Jean Ann Weems13 DEC 1813  
Jesse WeemsAFT 1890  
Jessie Amanda Weems25 JUL 1895 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri 
Joel Anthony Weems17 OCT 1866 Greene Co, Tennessee13 FEB 1936 Greene Co, Tennessee
John Weems1768 Maryland1821 
John Weems1727 Calvert Co, Maryland21 OCT 1813 Cave Hill, Louisville, Kentucky
John WeemsABT 1760 Prince George Co, Maryland 
John Weems1871  
John Weems1859  
John Weems3 JUN 1773  
John WeemsABT 1770  
John Weems1805 Balleytown, Greene Co, Tennessee1885 Reynolds Co, Missouri
John Weems29 MAR 1727 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland28 NOV 1794 Maryland
John WeemsABT 1820  
John A Weems2 NOV 1839 Greene Co, Tennessee28 MAY 1904 
John Abraham Weems4 JUL 1768 Abbeville, Orange Co, North CarolinaNOV 1811 Clinch River, Greene Co, Tennessee
John Abraham Weems1745 Anne Arundell, Maryland27 OCT 1812 Clinch River, Greene Co, Tennessee
John Alexander WeemsABT 1860 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John Andrew Weems22 JUN 1843  
John Arthur Weems15 SEP 1884 Newton Co, Missouri24 MAR 1929 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
John B Weems14 JAN 1814 Greene Co, Tennessee14 FEB 1892 Newton, Co, Missouri
John B Weems31 MAY 1851 Tennessee25 OCT 1926 
John Beale Weems22 JUN 1814  
John Compton Weems11 AUG 1777 Waterloo, Calvert Co, Maryland20 JAN 1862 Loch Eden, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland
John Cornelius WeemsABT 1853 Tennessee 
John E Weems5 NOV 1731 Cecil Co, Maryland 
John Edward Weems4 OCT 1885 Corridon, Reynolds Co, Missouri6 DEC 1952 Ironton, Missouri
John G Weems1814 TennesseeJAN 1870 Hopkins Co, Texas
John G Weems1872 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John George Weems30 DEC 1885 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri17 OCT 1956 Franklin Township, Newton Co, Missouri
John Gernade Weems4 JUL 1829 Carters Station, Greene Co, Tennessee7 FEB 1894 Greene Co, Tennessee
John Granger Weems4 SEP 1803 Greene Co, Tennessee11 OCT 1876 Greene Co, Tennessee
John Henry Weems24 APR 1866 Corridon, Reynolds Co, Missouri16 APR 1958 
John L Weems1797 Sumner Co, Tennesse1840 Tennessee
John Mandville Weems10 SEP 1856 Newton Co, Missouri Fresno, California
John Mandville Weems1794 Hillsboro, Orange Co, North Carolina2 NOV 1843 Burksville, Cumberland Co, Kentucky enroute Missouri
John Marion Weems13 APR 1860 Greene Co, Tennessee8 MAR 1912 Greene Co, Tennessee
John Nathan Weems16 SEP 1791  
John Quincy WeemsABT 1866 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John R Weems20 JAN 1863 Greene Co, Tennessee5 MAY 1886 
John Ralph Weems11 MAY 1890 Lowder, Sangamon Co, Illinois25 OCT 1977 
John Russom Weems1811 Tennessee1853 
John Russum Weems25 JAN 1848 Greene Co, Tennessee23 APR 1928 Greene Co, Tennessee
John S Weems1869 Greene Co, Tennessee 
John Scot Weems1766  
John Sellman Weems11 NOV 1858  
John Thomas Weems24 MAY 1881 Newton Co, Missouri15 JUL 1972 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
John Thomas Weems12 DEC 1778 South Carolina5 JUN 1861 Perry Co, Tennessee
John Thomas Weems9 MAR 1878 Newton Co, Missouri1878 Newton Co, Missouri
John Wesley WeemsABT 1835  
John William Weems10 OCT 1835 3 FEB 1858 
Johnny Mason Loche Weems11 SEP 1896  
Jonah Edward Weems28 MAR 1875 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri25 AUG 1951 Perkins, Payne Co, Oklahoma
Jones Weems6 NOV 1839 Newton Co, Missouri11 JAN 1908 Newton Co, Missouri
Jones Weems22 FEB 1792 Hillsboro, Orange Co, North Carolina19 APR 1880 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Joseph Arthur Weems25 FEB 1892 4 DEC 1974 
Joseph Burch Weems19 SEP 1820 Prince Georges Co, Maryland3 APR 1906 Bon Aqua, Hickman Co, Tennessee
Joseph Burch Weems3 AUG 1845 2 DEC 1896 
Joseph Burch Weems18 NOV 1893  
Joseph Franklin Weems8 DEC 1869 Greene Co, Tennessee18 NOV 1939 Knoxville, Tennesse
Joseph Henry Weems3 AUG 1874 Stark City, Newton Co, Missouri2 NOV 1949 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Josie WeemsAUG 1885  
Julia Roda Weems31 DEC 1899 Newton Co, Missouri12 MAR 1926 Vintia, Craig Co, Oklahoma
Julian S WeemsABT 1806  
Julius Buel WeemsABT 1860  
Julius Buel WeemsABT 1840  
Katie Lee Weems15 JUL 1893 Bon Aqua, Hickman Co, Tennessee13 DEC 1929 Bon Aqua, Hickman Co, Tennessee
Kendrick J Weems1844 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri9 APR 1875 Newton Co, Missouri
Kendrick J WeemsMAR 1875 Newton Co, Missouri9 APR 1875 Newton Co, Missouri
Kirby WeemsAFT 1891  
Kirby Smith Weems5 MAR 1874 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co, Missouri11 SEP 1968 New Mexico
Kitty WeemsABT 1750  
Larry Weems  
Laura E Weems1857 Greene Co, Tennessee1857 
Lavina Josephina WeemsABT 1835  
Lena WeemsABT 1900  
Leta WeemsABT 1895  
Lettie Francis Weems13 APR 1872 Springfield, Green Co, Missouri13 APR 1908 Stratford, Sherman Co,Texas
Letty WeemsAFT 1891  
Lille Venetta Weems16 JAN 1880 Newton Co, Missouri15 NOV 1972 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lilly WeemsAFT 1891  
Littleton Elliott WeemsAFT 1834  
Livia Ann Weems16 OCT 1873 Greene Co, Tennessee8 OCT 1949 Carter's Station, Greene Co, Tennesse
Loch Weems25 JUL 1805 Port Tobacco, Maryland26 MAY 1853 Columbus, Geogia
Loch WeemsABT 1760  
Loch Weems25 FEB 1732/33 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland27 MAY 1734 
Loch Weems3 FEB 1734/35 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland16 MAR 1753 
Loch Weems20 APR 1835  
Loch WeemsBEF 1781 Maryland 
Loch Lane Weems1806 Calvert Co, Maryland1866 Calvert Co, Maryland
Louis Weems1855  
Louise WeemsAFT 1888  
Lucinda E WeemsDEC 1872 Greene Co, TennesseeABT 1925 
Lucy Bell Weems27 NOV 1882 Greene Co, Tennessee19 JUL 1892 Greene Co, Tennessee
Lula Ona WeemsABT 1869 Newton Co, Missouri8 AUG 1951 Tulsa, Oklahoma
Lura WeemsABT 1895  
Lydia Hannah Weems26 SEP 1876 Tennessee 
M A Weems27 SEP 1847 29 AUG 1901 
Mabaleine Weems1900 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Malissa Weems2 MAR 1855 Greene Co, Tennessee13 JUL 1885 
Maluina Ossaina WeemsABT 1835  
Mamie WeemsABT 1887 Tennessee 
Mararet Peggy A Weems1817 NC 
Margaret WeemsABT 1800  
Margaret Weems1807 1808 
Margaret WeemsAFT 1728 Calvert Co, Maryland Washington Co, Maryland
Margaret WeemsABT 1762  
Margaret WeemsABT 1853 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Margaret WeemsABT 1845  
Margaret Weems25 DEC 1804  
Margaret E Weems1844  
Margaret Elisabeth Weems1855 1855 
Margaret Elizabeth Weems8 AUG 1834 Calvert Co, Maryland28 FEB 1883 Calvert Co, Maryland
Margaret H WeemsABT 1840  
Margaret Hall Weems11 DEC 1788 Prince Georges Co, Maryland8 JUL 1809 Prince Georges Co, Maryland
Margarete Weems1757 Maryland 
Margarete WeemsAFT 1891  
Maria L WeemsABT 1822  
Marianne Ewell Weems1798  
Marion Bailey Weems20 JAN 1878 Greene Co, TennesseeABT 1959 Greene Co, Tennessee
Martha WeemsSEP 1875 McDonald Co, Missouri1965 Newton Co, Missouri
Martha C Weems17 JAN 1848 Newton Co, Missouri5 MAY 1916 Newton Co, Missouri
Martha Caroline Weems30 DEC 1833 Arkansas16 OCT 1882 Newton Co, Missouri
Martha E Weems22 OCT 1881 10 APR 1909 
Martha E Weems1836 Tennessee1855 
Martha J WeemsABT 1878 Lowder, Illinois 
Martha Jane Weems18 DEC 1835 Greene Co, Tennessee30 MAR 1877 Greene Co, Tennessee
Martha Richardson Weems7 MAY 1852 12 SEP 1917 
Martha Samira Weems3 MAY 1857 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri5 FEB 1871 Newton Co, Missouri
Martin Alexander Weems27 SEP 1847 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri20 AUG 1901 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Martin Dale WeemsABT 1858 Greene Co, TennesseeABT 1923 Gray Station, Washington Co, Tennesse
Martin Price Weems1 APR 1890 Newton Co, Missouri3 FEB 1957 Sale Mem Hospital, Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Mary Weems1846  
Mary Weems28 JUL 1844 Tennessee15 JUL 1916 Greene Co, Tennessee
Mary WeemsAFT 1758 Prince George Co, Maryland 
Mary Weems1880  
Mary WeemsABT 1800  
Mary WeemsBEF 1781 Maryland 
Mary WeemsABT 1750  
Mary Alice WeemsABT 1870 McDonald Co, Missouri 
Mary Ann Weems31 JAN 1835 Hickman Co, Tennessee15 JUN 1835 Hickman Co, Tennessee
Mary Ann WeemsSEP 1839 Greene Co, Tennessee25 MAY 1906 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Mary Ann Weems21 AUG 1881 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri1968 Newton Co, Missouri
Mary Ann Weems24 OCT 1844 Greene Co, Tennessee20 JUN 1904 Tennessee
Mary C WeemsABT 1868 Tennessee 
Mary Caroline Weems18 SEP 1874 Greene Co, Tennessee9 MAR 1935 Hawkins, Tennesse
Mary Catherine Crompton WeemsABT 1835  
Mary Donald WeemsABT 1802  
Mary Dorsey WeemsABT 1840  
Mary E Weems31 JAN 1874 Greene Co, Tennessee9 DEC 1935 
Mary Elizabeth Weems1823  
Mary Elizabeth WeemsABT 1800  
Mary Emaline Weems1866 Greene Co, Tennessee1918 Greene Co, Tennessee
Mary Griselda Weems1819  
Mary Harriet Weems13 MAY 1876 Greene Co, Tennessee5 JUL 1958 Greene Co, Tennessee
Mary J Weems17 DEC 1833 Greene Co, Tennessee1 FEB 1865 Green Co, Pennsylvannia
Mary Jane Weems18 FEB 1849 Stark City, Newton Co, Missouri19 OCT 1916 Newton Co, Missouri
Mary L Weems1892 Reynolds Co, Missouri 
Mary Lee Weems3 AUG 1864  
Mary Lee Weems1 SEP 1888  
Mary M Weems1846  
Mary Magdalene Weems5 MAR 1862 Newton Co, Missouri 
Mary Malvina Weems1 JUN 1820  
Mary Matilda Weems13 MAR 1866 Greene Co, Tennessee10 OCT 1942 Hawkins, Tennesse
Mary Maude WeemsABT 1896  
Mary Monde Weems26 SEP 1898 14 OCT 1898 
Mary Moyland Weems29 SEP 1794 Billingsley, Prince George Co, Maryland 
Mary P Weems8 NOV 1849 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri24 JUL 1885 Newton Co, Missouri
Mary Shepard Weems27 NOV 1836  
Mary Violetta Weems29 JAN 1842 5 MAR 1931 
Mary Virginia Weems27 AUG 1873 Newton Co, Missouri8 MAR 1956 Galena, Cherokee Co, Kansas
Mason L Weems20 JAN 1789 27 DEC 1811 Chesapeake Bay
Mason Loch Weems11 OCT 1759 Chester, Anne Arundell Co, Maryland23 MAY 1825 Beaufort, South Carolina
Matha WeemsABT 1805 Kentucky 
Matha Matilda Weems1843 Greene Co, Tennessee Statesville, Iredell Co, North Carolina
Matilda Barbara Weems1861 Greene Co, Tennessee3 FEB 1891 
Matilda Martha Jane WeemsABT 1840 Greene Co, Tennessee30 JUN 1904 
Maude M WeemsNOV 1885 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Maurice Weems15 OCT 1895 Newton Co, Missouri16 FEB 1986 Newton Co, Missouri
Maurice Earl Weems1886 Lawrence, Kansas1941 Baileyton, Greene Co, Tennesse
May Wood Weems1 MAY 1856  
Merle E Weems14 SEP 1891 18 SEP 1949 
Minerva WeemsABT 1835 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Minerva Ozelle Weems28 DEC 1872 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri6 JAN 1888 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Minnie Weems1 DEC 1886 Lowder, Sangamon Co, Illinois23 AUG 1980 Decator, Macon Co, Illinois
Minnie A Weems21 NOV 1872 Newton Co, Missouri30 NOV 1895 Newton Co, Missouri
Minnna Weems1849 1884 
Mollie WeemsAFT 1878  
Mollie K Weems1875  
Nancy Weems1824 Tennessee1881 
Nancy Weems1810 Tennessee 
Nancy Weems1802 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Nancy WeemsABT 1800  
Nancy Agnes Weems1779 Orange Co, North Carolina12 APR 1869 Greene Co, Tennesse
Nancy Alice Weems27 DEC 1882 Greene Co, Tennessee8 DEC 1956 Atlanta, Georgia
Nancy Ann Weems13 JAN 1839 Greene Co, Tennessee20 JUL 1911 Greene Co, Tennessee
Nancy Ann Weems25 JUL 1843 Greene Co, Tennessee2 AUG 1843 
Nancy Catherine Weems8 JAN 1837 Greene Co, Tennessee8 NOV 1905 Greene Co, Tennessee
Nancy Catherine Weems22 NOV 1840 Greene Co, Tennessee26 JAN 1929 Springfield, Green Co, Missouri
Nancy Catherine WeemsABT 1820  
Nancy D Weems27 MAR 1814 Greene Co, Tennessee28 JUL 1833 
Nancy E WeemsJAN 1888 Newton Co, MissouriAFT 1900 
Nancy Elizabeth WeemsABT 1870 Newton Co, Missouri 
Nancy Francis Weems13 FEB 1884 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri29 DEC 1937 Granby, Newton Co, Missouri
Nancy J WeemsABT 1833 Greene Co, Tennessee17 MAY 1891 
Nancy Margret Weems18 MAR 1854 Newton Co, Missouri11 MAY 1913 Newton Co, Missouri
Nannie Weems1853  
Narcissa Weems26 APR 1826 Greene Co, Tennessee19 APR 1883 Missouri
Narcissus Weems28 NOV 1851 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Nathaniel WeemsABT 1898  
Nathaniel Chapman Weems4 JUL 1858 Tennessee24 DEC 1913 
Nathaniel Chapman Weems1850 1880 
Nathaniel Chapman Weems1818 1871 
Nathaniel Chapman Weems17 MAY 1840 26 AUG 1861 
Nathaniel Chapman Weems1760 Billingsley, Prince Georges Co, Maryland13 MAR 1808 Prince GeorgesCo, Maryland
Nathaniel Chapman Weems14 MAY 1805 Billingsley, Prince Georges Co, Maryland23 AUG 1885 Chetwoode Plantation, Cheneyville, Rapides Parish, Louisanna
Nell Cordelia Weems25 AUG 1891 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri 
Nelle Weems25 JAN 1889 Bon Aqua, Hickman Co, TennesseeNOV 1974 Youngstown, Mahoning Co, Ohio
Nellie WeemsABT 1895 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Nellie Blanch Weems2 DEC 1894 12 NOV 1897 
Nora Edda Weems31 OCT 1873 Baileyton, Greene Co, Tennesse19 AUG 1940 Corvallia, Benton Co, Oregon
Norman Weems  
Nova WeemsAFT 1890  
Ober WeemsAFT 1869  
Octavus Weems1839 Calvert Co, Maryland 
Octavus Tennison Weems1837  
Olin WeemsAFT 1891  
Oliver Douglas WeemsABT 1857 Tennessee 
Olivier Gustavus WeemsABT 1835  
Ona Weems1898 Tennessee1942 
Oscar WeemsABT 1895  
Oscar Ernest Weems1 JUL 1898 Bon Aqua, Hickman Co, Tennessee22 AUG 1971 Youngstown, Mahoning Co, Ohio
Palastilla WeemsABT 1863 Greene Co, Tennessee1889 Greene Co, Tennessee
Phidellah Vestal Weems18 JUL 1877 Newton Co, Missouri13 FEB 1911 Chester (defunct near Stark City) , Newton Co, Missouri
Philip WeemsABT 1815  
Philip Van Horn Weems6 NOV 1837 Hickman Co, Tennessee24 JUL 1864 Civil War - Atlanta, Fulton Co, Geogia
Philip Van Horn Weems17 JUL 1796 Billingsley, Prince George Co, Maryland13 APR 1828 
Phrona T WeemsOCT 1895 Illinios 
Rachel Weems1763 Abbeville Dist, South Carolina11 AUG 1848 Pickens Dist, South Carolina
Rachel Weems1806 Greene Co, Tennessee7 JUN 1877 Newton Co, Missouri
Rachel Ann WeemsABT 1810  
Rachel Ann Dorcas Weems28 JUN 1835 1912 
Rachel B Weems1817  
Rachel McDuff Weems17 FEB 1862  
Rachel Morris Weems1820  
Rachet T Weems1821 1905 
Ralph Hicks Weems20 APR 1899 1972 
Ray O WeemsAFT 1880  
Rebecca WeemsABT 1855  
Rebecca Weems1838 Calvert Co, Maryland 
Rebecca Weems1804 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Rebecca Jane Weems8 NOV 1876 Greene Co, Tennessee9 NOV 1912 Greene Co, Tennessee
Redfern Weems1775 Franklin, Georgia6 MAR 1848 Franklin Co, Georgia
Rhoda Olivia Weems17 NOV 1876 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri2 DEC 1923 
Richard Weems17 MAR 1769 Anne Arundell, Maryland31 DEC 1835 Coxby, Maryland
Richard Weems1807 Tennessee1880 
Richard Weems1816 16 MAY 1890 Maryland
Richard Dorsey Weems3 OCT 1790 3 OCT 1791 
Richard William Weems20 SEP 1795 18 MAR 1815 Prince Georges Co, Maryland
Robert Bennet Weems28 JAN 1814 Greene Co, Tennessee6 NOV 1894 Greene Co, Tennessee
Robert H Weems20 MAY 1835 Tennessee6 DEC 1909 
Robert T Weems27 NOV 1879 Greene Co, Tennessee12 DEC 1900 
Rollo Bowie Weems27 JUL 1854 5 FEB 1918 
Rosa WeemsABT 1800  
Rose L WeemsJAN 1881 Newton Co, Missouri 
Roy E Weems2 SEP 1890 11 SEP 1890 
Ruth Weems1854 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sabe WeemsABT 1900  
Sally WeemsABT 1800  
Sally F WeemsABT 1820  
Samuel Weems1751 Maryland 
Samuel WeemsABT 1770  
Samuel J WeemsAFT 1869  
Samuel Wesley Weems15 SEP 1822  
Sarah WeemsAFT 1797 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sarah Weems1833 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sarah Weems12 DEC 1805 Greene Co, Tennessee21 NOV 1878 
Sarah Weems1805 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sarah Weems16 JAN 1880 Newton Co, Missouri 
Sarah WeemsAFT 1728 Calvert Co, Maryland30 OCT 1763 
Sarah WeemsBEF 1781 Maryland 
Sarah A Weems10 MAR 1862 Newton Co, Missouri20 MAR 1916 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Sarah A Weems14 FEB 1833 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sarah A WeemsABT 1858 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Sarah Ann Weems11 JUL 1808  
Sarah Eleanor Weems7 JUN 1850 Louisiana17 DEC 1911 
Sarah H Weems4 JUN 1822 Greene Co, Tennessee11 NOV 1833 
Sarah Howell Weems25 NOV 1770 Anne Arundell, MarylandAFT 1704 
Sarah J Weems23 FEB 1836 Greene Co, Tennessee28 JUN 1900 Baileyton, Greene Co, Tennesse
Sarah Jane Weems1836 Greene Co, TennesseeAUG 1839 
Sarah Louisa WeemsABT 1760 Prince George Co, Maryland 
Sarah Margaret WeemsABT 1760  
Sarah Margaret Weems21 JUN 1831 Greene Co, Tennessee26 APR 1890 Stella, Newton Co, Missouri
Sarah Margaret Weems3 JUL 1858 Reynolds Co, Missouri7 JAN 1929 Reynolds Co, Missouri
Sarah Ophelia Weems1847  
Sarah Sally WeemsABT 1784 Orange Co, North Carolina1843 
Sidney B WeemsAFT 1777  
Silas Vestal Weems16 APR 1852 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri1924 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Sophia Catherine Weems1825  
Sophia Morris WeemsABT 1790 Anne Arundell, Maryland1829 Maryland
Strong Weems1871 Greene Co, Tennessee1924 Greene Co, Tennessee
Susan WeemsABT 1750  
Susan Elizabeth WeemsABT 1856 Tennessee 
Susannah WeemsAFT 1728 Calvert Co, Maryland1761 Calvert, Maryland
Susannah Weems4 MAR 1744/45 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland16 OCT 1805 
Sutton Isaac Weems1850  
Sutton Isaac WeemsABT 1765 Maryland20 MAR 1825 Maryland
Sutton Issac Weems1806  
Tabitha Weems13 DEC 1829 Greene Co, Tennesse21 DEC 1873 Newton Co, Missouri
Tabitha C Weems12 JUL 1854 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri12 NOV 1877 Newton Co, Missouri
Temperance WeemsABT 1812 Greene Co, TennesseeABT 1855 Greene Co, Tennessee
Thaddeus R Weems21 OCT 1871 Greene Co, Tennessee5 FEB 1912 Greene Co, Tennessee
Thadeous Penbroke WeemsABT 1835  
Theodore Weems9 MAR 1786 4 JAN 1817 Maryland
Theodore Weems29 AUG 1863  
Theodore Mason Weems1823 1845 
Thomas Weems1878  
Thomas Weems6 DEC 1819 Greene Co, Tennessee30 SEP 1877 
Thomas Weems1850  
Thomas A Weems6 SEP 1860 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Thomas B Weems1836 Greene Co, TennesseeBEF OCT 1859 Greene Co, Tennessee
Thomas B WeemsABT 1845 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Thomas B Weems1864 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Thomas Decateur WeemsABT 1879 McDonald Co, Missouri 
Thomas Jefferson Weems1838 Newton Co, Missouri22 APR 1913 Newton Co, Missouri
Thomas L Weems24 FEB 1735/36 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland11 FEB 1779 
Thomas L Weems1768 St Thomas, Orange Co, North Carolina7 SEP 1829 Marion Co, Illinois
Thomas L WeemsABT 1800  
Thomas Norwood Weems20 APR 1874 Greene Co, Tennessee1962 Greene Co, Tennessee
Thomas Norwood Weems4 JUL 1853 Tennessee1 NOV 1912 
Thomas Norwood Weems1 APR 1824 Greene Co, Tennessee21 MAY 1882 Greene Co, Tennessee
Thomas Scott Weems1704 Middleton, Bucks Co, PennsylvaniaABT 1794 Abbeville Dist, South Carolina
Thomas Scott Weems1730 Cecil Co, Maryland Cheraws Dist, South Carolina
Thomas V R WeemsJAN 1868 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Tom WeemsAFT 1890  
Troy Earl Weems15 JUN 1897 9 OCT 1974 La Grange< Alabama
Valentine Weems1869  
Valentine S Weems16 JUN 1850 Tennessee29 JUL 1866 Tennessee
Verna E Weems9 MAY 1889 30 MAR 1963 
Victor Hash WeemsABT 1881  
Vileany Weems1829 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Vita Minerva Weems8 JAN 1871 Newton Co, Missouri16 AUG 1954 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri
Vord Haily Weems1891  
Walter Weems1767  
Walter Weems1883 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri1907 
Walter WeemsDEC 1880 Lowder, Illinois 
Walter Hanson WeemsABT 1825  
Walter Hanson Weems9 APR 1794  
Walton Weems1814 Tennessee1900 
Washington Weems1783 South Carolina 
Wilbur WeemsABT 1885  
Wilbur William WeemsABT 1867 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Willamina WeemsAFT 1758 Prince George Co, Maryland 
William WeemsABT 1847  
William WeemsABT 1829 Greene Co, Tennessee 
William Weems18 JAN 1845 Newton Co, Missouri5 MAR 1920 Missouri
William Weems12 NOV 1810 Greene Co, Tennessee18 SEP 1881 Greene Co, Tennessee
William Weems7 MAR 1756 Anne Arundell Co, MarylandABT 1816 Anne Arundell, Maryland
William WeemsABT 1780  
William Weems26 JAN 1790  
William Weems1833 Greene Co, Tennessee 
William Alexander WeemsOCT 1847 Greene Co, Tennessee21 DEC 1923 Kansas City, Missouri
William B WeemsAFT 1869  
William Benson Weems24 OCT 1882 Greene Co, Tennessee23 JUN 1924 Greene Co, Tennessee
William D Weems1 MAR 1850 Tennessee9 NOV 1912 Greene Co, Tennessee
William Dotson Strong Weems1868 Greene Co, Tennessee1924 
William F Weems5 MAR 1862 Newton Co, Missouri1934 
William Harvey Weems1880 1935 
William Ira Weems1772 Orange Co, North Carolina Maury, Greene Co, Tennesse
William Joseph Weems8 JAN 1854 Bon Aqua, Hickman Co, Tennessee5 DEC 1901 
William Lacy WeemsAUG 1851 Texas7 FEB 1930 Sweetwater, Nolan Co, Texas
William Loch Weems1735 Prince Georges Co, Maryland15 AUG 1783 Prince George Co, Maryland
William Loch WeemsAFT 1777  
William Loch WeemsABT 1835  
William Loch Weems9 DEC 1792 Billingsley, Prince George Co, Maryland1853 Hickman Co, Tennessee
William Loch Weems1853 1940 
William Loch WeemsABT 1750 3 OCT 1828 Elkridge, Maryland
William Lock Weems5 DEC 1725 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland18 MAR 1750/51 
William Lonzo WeemsNOV 1900 Idaho 
William M Weems20 JUN 1876 Greene Co, Tennessee13 FEB 1919 
William M WeemsAFT 1781 1829 
William Morris WeemsABT 1785 Anne Arundell, Maryland 
William Morris Weems1826  
William P WeemsABT 1820  
William Riley Weems23 FEB 1868 Reynolds Co, Missouri1939 
William Ross Weems29 MAR 1868 Greene Co, Tennessee15 DEC 1952 West Point, Mississippi
William Roy WeemsJUN 1886 Jewel Co, Kansas 
William S Weems1864  
William Valentine WeemsMAY 1867 Greene Co, Tennessee 
Williamina Weems1704 Fife, Fifeshire, Scotland6 DEC 1784 Chester, Pennsylvania
Willie Lee Weems7 DEC 1898 18 APR 1965 
Willimena Weems19 FEB 1743/44 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland30 APR 1744 
Willimina Weems3 JAN 1754 Anne Arundell Co, Maryland26 NOV 1783 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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