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  32 individuals found for query Welker
Abraham WelkerABT 1730  
Catherine WelkerAFT 1799  
Catherine Welker30 SEP 1878 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois26 OCT 1912 Billings, Chrisitian Co, Missouri
Charles Welker1853 Cumberland Co, Illinois1935 
Christina Welker1762 Ohio19 AUG 1840 Howard, Knox Co, Ohio
Elijah Welker20 JAN 1848 Cumberland Co, Illinois22 APR 1925 Jasper co, Illinois
Eliza WelkerAFT 1799  
Elizabeth WelkerAFT 1799  
Emma M Welker28 DEC 1868 Stark Co, Ohio14 JUN 1921 Hazel Dell, Cumberland Co, Illinois
Francis WelkerAFT 1799  
Gilbert Lyons Welker6 DEC 1871 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois 
Harry Welker1867 Cumberland Co, Illinois1957 
Henry Welker28 MAR 1824 6 AUG 1908 Cumberland Co, Illinois
Infant Welker28 JUL 1880 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois7 AUG 1880 
Infant Welker8 OCT 1869 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois 
Jacob Welker1837 Stark Co, Ohio1899 
James WelkerABT 1840 Stark Co, Ohio 
James WelkerAFT 1799  
James Daniel Welker18 SEP 1865 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois31 MAR 1937 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
John Welker2 FEB 1776 Westmoreland, Pennsylvania22 APR 1870 Yale, Jasper Co, Illinois
John Welker2 FEB 1809 Pennsylvania24 AUG 1895 Hazel Dell, Cumberland Co, Illinois
John Wallace Welker8 MAY 1838 Stark Co, Ohio12 FEB 1912 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Joseph WelkerAFT 1799  
Joseph WelkerABT 1840 Stark Co, OhioABT 1865 Civil War - Batttle of Perryville, Kentucky
Mary Alma Welker16 NOV 1867 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois23 AUG 1868 Newton, Jasper Co, Illinois
Mary Anne Welker1844 Cumberland Co, Illinois1938 
Peter WelkerAFT 1799  
Samuel Welker14 MAY 1835 Stark Co, Ohio12 MAY 1899 Cumberland Co, Illinois
Sarah Welker1872 Cumberland Co, Illinois1958 
William Welker10 MAY 1840 Stark Co, Ohio12 SEP 1917 Jasper co, Illinois
William John Welker25 NOV 1883 Hazel Dell, Cumberland Co, Illinois5 NOV 1913 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Zedekiah WelkerAFT 1799  

* Individual - family ties unknown

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