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  67 individuals found for query West
Alfred Llewellyn West1869 Judson, Missouri 
Alice WestABT 1615  
Ann West1696  
Ann WestABT 1707 Stafford Co, Virginia 
Anna WestABT 1660 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Anne West1662 Rhode Island20 JAN 1690/91 Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Bartholomew WestABT 1635 Portsmouth, New Port Co, Rhode Island Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Campsidelli West26 MAR 1863 New Matamoras, Ohio 
Catherine WestABT 1776  
Charles West6 MAR 1815  
Clara Arabella West1873 Mercerville, Missouri 
Clarence Herbert WestBET 1869 AND 1870 Jackson Corner, Missouri 
Clark WestABT 1830  
Effie Ellen West1875 1965 
Eleanor West1748  
Elgar Branwell WestBET 1865 AND 1866 Plymonth, Ohio 
Eliizabeth WestABT 1685  
Ellen Almeda West1864 Waterloo, Calvert Co, Ohio 
Emma WestABT 1860  
Flora West2 DEC 1801 Wayne Co, Pennsylvania14 JUN 1896 New Albany, Floyd Co, Indiana
Frances West1648 King William Co, Virginia 
Frances Heath WestABT 1647 Middleton, Monmouth Co, New Jersey 
Francis West1694 Albemarle Co, Virginia1738 Amelia Co, Virginia
Francis West1624 James City, Virginia 
Francis West9 FEB 1725/26 Bristol, Prince George Co, VirginiaJUN 1794 Amheast Co, Virginia
Francis West1757 Chesterfield Co, Virginia 
Harriet WestABT 1825 Ohio 
Jack Sherman West1 SEP 1898 Van Buren, Crawford Co, Arkansas3 NOV 1975 Van Buren, Crawford Co, Arkansas
James West1806 1880 
Jane WestABT 1755  
Jean WestABT 1723  
Jennie WestABT 1775  
Jesse Nigthon West9 JAN 1829 Covington Co, Mississippi11 MAY 1904 Granite, Green Co, Oklahoma
John WestABT 1716 Stafford, Virgina18 AUG 1777 Virginia
John WestABT 1654 Wisbeach, Isle of Ely, England 
John C WestABT 1790  
John Wesley WestABT 1840  
Lucille West1908 1967 Iola, Allen Co, Kansas
Lucy Ann West23 SEP 1812  
Martha WestABT 1685  
Martha Louise West26 JUN 1857 Macks Creek, Camden Co, Missouri15 JAN 1933 Oregon Co, MIssouri
Mary WestABT 1670  
Mary WestABT 1825  
Mary Ann Davie West1839  
Mary F WestABT 1835  
Matthew West1598 England1676 New Port Co, Rhode Island
Nancy WestABT 1780 Virginia 
Newton C West7 OCT 1810 8 SEP 1826 
Oliver Perry West17 SEP 1889 1966 Butler Co, Missouri
Rachel WestABT 1875  
Rhoda Brizee West1781  
Richard WestABT 1540 England Edelsworth, Buckingham, England
Robert West1624 New Port, New Port Co, Rhode Island1697 Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Sarah WestABT 1800  
Sarah West1747 Pennsylvania 
Sina Jane West19 NOV 1857 Hendricks Co, Indiana3 DEC 1925 Newtonia, Newton Co, Missouri
Susan D West19 MAR 1858 Corsicana, Navarro Co, Texas 
Susannah WestABT 1778 Lawrence Co, Arkansas 
Thomas West1564 Harsworth, Buckingham, England 
Ulysses Dewey West1897 1968 
Unity WestABT 1700 King William Co, Virginia Elsing Green, King William Co, Virginia
Unk WestABT 1830  
Velma Melissa West12 NOV 1902 Luling, Texas1983 Shreveport, Louisana
Virginia R WestABT 1814 Virginia 
Walter Sylvanus West1867 Unionville, Putnam Co, Missouri 
Washington West1828 1892 
William K West1799 Kentucky25 OCT 1861 Missouri

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