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  49 individuals found for query Wise
Anna Catherine Wise1805 North Carolina1860 
Anna Mae Wise26 MAY 1892 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri16 JUN 1971 Lubbuck, Texas
Catherine Wise8 DEC 1658 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Charles WiseABT 1890  
Christian Wise13 JUL 1890 Aagtekerke, W25 JAN 1958 Domburg, The Netherlands
Cynthia Dixon Wise21 OCT 1829 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Ebeline Wise30 APR 1838 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Elizabeth Wise1762 1826 
Elizabeth Wise23 JAN 1829  
Elizabeth WiseJUL 1866 Waxahatchie, Ellis Co, Texas1952 
Emily E Wise1 DEC 1831 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Emma WiseABT 1840  
Frances Corilla Wise16 JAN 1887 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1967 Pampa, Gray Co, Texas
Francis WiseABT 1837 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
George WiseABT 1835  
Henry Wise1795 Pennsylvania1850 
Henry Wise1855 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Henry J Wise28 DEC 1833 Bedford Co, Tennessee28 DEC 1913 Clever, Christian Co, Missouri
Humphrey Wise1591 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England26 MAR 1639 Ipswitch, Essex, Massachusetts
Hyson Wise1880 1964 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Isabelle Nancy Wise28 JUN 1882 Washington Co, Arkansas6 FEB 1940 Jasper Co, Missouri
Jacob Wise1764 Frederick Co, Maryland1850 Jerfferson Co, Missouri
Jacob Wise1803 Breckingridge Co, Kentucky1860 Johnson Co, Arkansas
Jacob A Wise15 FEB 1776 German Valley, New Jersey30 JUL 1852 German Valley, New Jersey
James Wise1859 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
James Henry Wise26 JAN 1864 17 JUN 1899 Arkansas
James T Wise17 NOV 1827 Bedford Co, Tennessee11 JAN 1903 Kent, England
Jessie Franklin Wise26 MAY 1888 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri1977 Indio, California
John G WiseABT 1885  
John Sebastian Wise1878 Arkansas16 FEB 1951 San Francisco, San Francisco Co, California
Joseph Wise1617 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Julia WiseABT 1820 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Lavina WiseABT 1823 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Mamie Rebbeca Wise1892 1966 
Margaret Wise1874 Arkansas 
Margaret WiseABT 1826 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Martha Wise1872 Arkansas 
Martha E Wise18 JUN 1852 Bedford Co, Tennessee3 NOV 1910 Missouri
Mary Ann Wise18 FEB 1777 19 JUL 1856 Logansport, Cass Co. Indiana
Mary Caroline WiseABT 1835  
Nancy Wise19 AUG 1840 Bedford Co, Tennessee4 NOV 1920 Christian Co, Missouri
Nancy C Wise1861 Missouri 
Naomi Evaline Wise1869 Arkansas 
Nathaniel Pappy WiseABT 1840  
Robert J Wise1868 Missouri 
Sidney WiseABT 1841 Bedford Co, Tennessee 
Susannah Wise1614 Ipswitch, Essex, Massachusetts17 JUL 1699 New Castle, New Castle Co, Delaware
Valentine Wise1730 Lancaster, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania1793 Jefferson Co, Kentucky
Valentine Wise1842 Madison Co, Arkansas15 JAN 1909 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri

* Individual - family ties unknown

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