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  35 individuals found for query Wolford
Albert Alexander Wolford22 APR 1823 Kentucky24 JUL 1897 Hustonville, Casey Co, Kentucky
Anna May Wolford1865 1922 
Catherine WolfordABT 1780 West Virginia 
Dale Wolford8 AUG 1856 Casey Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth WolfordABT 1770 West Virginia1822 Adair Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Ann WolfordABT 1824 Kentucky 
Ellender Wolford23 OCT 1799 Kentucky 
Emily Thomas Wolford10 MAR 1814 Kentucky 
Francis Marion Wolford11 APR 1869 Kentucky 
Francis Marion Wolford13 OCT 1838 Kentucky 
Frank Lane Wolford2 SEP 1817 Kentucky 
George T Wolford4 JAN 1830 Kentucky 
Harlan Lane Wolford8 SEP 1858 Casey Co, Kentucky 
Hettie Boyd Wolford26 JAN 1873 Kentucky 
Jacob Wolford15 FEB 1772 West Virginia9 AUG 1852 Shepardstown, Jefferson (Berkley) Co, West Virginia
Jacob W Wolford15 APR 1803 Kentucky 
James Lapsley Wolford12 JAN 1809 Kentucky 
Johan Martin WolfordABT 1750 21 DEC 1780 Shepardstown, Jefferson (Berkley) Co, West Virginia
John Wolford22 DEC 1774 West Virginia26 JUL 1848 Liberty, Casey Co, Kentucky
John Milton Wolford7 MAR 1802 Kentucky 
Laura Wolford7 MAY 1854 Casey Co, Kentucky 
Letha Wolford31 MAY 1860 Casey Co, Kentucky 
Lucenda Wolford25 JAN 1812 Kentucky 
Mary WolfordABT 1810  
Mary Ann Wolford1806 Kentucky 
Minerva Allie Wolford26 SEP 1877 Kentucky 
Modelena WolfordABT 1740 The Netherlands 
Nancy Cordelia Wolford23 DEC 1867 Kentucky 
Page Wolford11 MAY 1871 Kentucky 
Rachel Wolford24 MAY 1829 Kentucky 
Roberta Ann Greyham Wolford4 AUG 1875 Kentucky 
Sarah Ermine Wolford29 JAN 1853 Casey Co, Kentucky 
Sarah W WolfordMAR 1836 Kentucky 
Silas WolfordABT 1806 Kentucky 
William Claiborne Wolford10 APR 1866 Kentucky 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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