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  891 individuals found for query Wood
A Leon WoodAFT 1865 Illinios 
Abby WoodAFT 1846  
Abigail Wood23 FEB 1818 Cumberland, Kentucky31 AUG 1829 Kentucky
Abigail Harriet Wood16 JUL 1832 AFT 1850 
Abraham Wood1640 Charles City Co, Virgnia 
Abraham Wood14 AUG 1610 St Mary, Bury, Lancashire, England1680 Henrico Co, Virginia
Abraham WoodABT 1838  
Abraham WoodAFT 1858 Marion Co, Arkansas Died young
Abraham Wood16 APR 1684 Concord, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts11 JUL 1742 Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts
Abraham WoodBEF 10 JUL 1768  
Abraham WoodABT 1655 Concord, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts12 SEP 1746 Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts
Abraham Wood1785 South Carolina1841 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
Abraham Wood1827 Marion Co, ArkansasABT 1867 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
Abraham Wood1746 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England Virginia
Abraham Wood19 SEP 1781 Washington Co, North Carolina12 FEB 1862 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois
Abraham Wood25 JAN 1759 South CarolinaNOV 1834 Marion Co, Arkansas
Abraham Wood1610 England1681 Malvern Hills, Henrico Co, Virginia
Abraham David Wood1844  
Abraham Tallon Wood1832 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Abram F Wood12 JAN 1858 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas5 FEB 1935 Karnes Co, Texas
Ada Elizabeth Wood2 FEB 1872  
Ada Elizabeth Wood22 FEB 1895 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas26 DEC 1970 
Agnes WoodABT 1750  
Agness C Wood6 JAN 1828 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky20 NOV 1917 Forrest Cottage, Clinton Co, Missouri
Al... Wood1859 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Albert Eugene Wood27 FEB 1855 Boone Co, Iowa15 MAY 1935 Tacoma, Washington
Albert Sydney Wood26 APR 1873 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas26 MAY 1951 Lawrence Co, Arkansas
Alda Inez Wood5 SEP 1899 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas22 SEP 1983 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co, Texas
Alexander L Wood  
Alfred Clanton Wood4 MAR 1849 Woodburn, Macouopin Co, Illinois30 OCT 1940 Cherry, Nebraska
Alfred K Wood1842  
Alice Wood2 NOV 1883 Marion Co, Arkansas22 DEC 1969 
Alice WoodABT 1850  
Alice Wood1891 Texas 
Alice Evelyn Wood26 JAN 1856 Boone Co, Iowa 
Allen Franklin Wood20 FEB 1838 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas30 JUN 1920 Calico Rock, Izard Co, Arkansas
Althea W Wood14 MAR 1836 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois 
Altie WoodABT 1877  
Amanda Emaline Wood18 JUN 1867 Marion Co, Arkansas8 APR 1904 Marion Co, Arkansas
Amanda I Wood1895  
Amanda Jane Wood1850 White Co, Tennessee1935 
Ambrose Wood27 APR 1872  
Ambrose B WoodAFT 1860 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Ambrose Sevier Wood28 MAY 1833 Marion Co, Arkansas30 NOV 1914 Marion Co, Arkansas
Ammazette Wood5 MAY 1882 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas29 JAN 1977 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
Amsted WoodABT 1830 Clinton Co, Kentucky 
Andrew WoodABT 1705  
Andrew WoodABT 1790 Tennessee 
Andrew Wood2 JUL 1817 Jarvis, Madison Co, Illinois25 AUG 1896 Madison Co, Illinois
Andrew WoodAFT 1834  
Andrew Wood1753 Monrovia, New York28 SEP 1782 
Andrew J WoodABT 1776  
Andrew Jackson Wood1859 Madison Co, Illinois1859 Madison Co, Illnios
Andrew Jackson Wood17 FEB 1816 Indiana19 MAY 1884 Searcy Co, Arkansas
Andrew T WoodAFT 1870  
Anelaine WoodAFT 1860  
Ann Wood1863 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Ann Wood26 AUG 1809 12 JUL 1851 Jackson Co, Missouri
Ann Wood11 AUG 1687  
Ann Wood1625 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Ann WoodABT 1530  
Ann E WoodABT 1878  
Ann Kate Wood1842  
Anna Wood16 AUG 1799 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Anna Elizabeth Andrew Wood12 SEP 1858 Princeton, Mercer Co, New Jersey7 AUG 1943 Dutch Neck, New Jersey
Anna H Wood3 DEC 1806 Cumberland Co, KentuckyFEB 1883 Tarrant Co, Texas
Annie Wood1876 Arkansas1908 Arkansas
Archie David Wood20 SEP 1887 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill20 JAN 1970 
Arminta WoodABT 1874  
Arminta Wood1852 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Aronette WoodAFT 1864 Illinios 
Arthur D Wood21 JAN 1886 Arkansas 
Arthur E Wood3 OCT 1886 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois3 OCT 1886 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois
Arthur Hardy WoodMAY 1874 Marion Co, Arkansas7 APR 1946 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
Arthur Leander Wood1889 Arkansas15 JUN 1928 Alicia, Lawrence Co, Arkansas
Arvilla WoodABT 1872  
Arzilla Wood4 APR 1856 Harrison, Missouri22 DEC 1927 Harrison, Missouri
Arzilla A Wood17 APR 1878 Wyandotte, Kans 
Asa Wood17 FEB 1876 Independence, Jackson Co, Missouri1880 
Asa Wood12 MAY 1811 Cumberland, Harlan Co, Kentucky6 MAY 1898 Edwardsville, Wyandotte Co, Kans
Asa M Wood14 AUG 1860 Harrison, Missouri25 JUL 1944 Atchinson, Kansas
Asenath Senah WoodABT 1780 Spartanburg, South Carolina22 SEP 1848 
Augusta M Wood1846  
Aura Eugene Wood8 JUN 1894 St Paul, Ramsey Co, Minnesota10 OCT 1894 
Barry Jackson WoodABT 1849 Marion Co, Arkansas30 NOV 1930 Kansas City, Missouri
Benjamin WoodABT 1858  
Benjamin Wood1836  
Benjamin WoodABT 1680 Long Island, New York 
Benjamin WoodABT 1795 North CarolinaBEF 1870 Locust Grove, Searcy Co, Arkansas
Benjamin Wood1841 1842 
Benjamin Wood1830 Tennesse24 JAN 1865 Alton, Madison, Illinois
Benjamin E Wood16 NOV 1879 Marion Co, Arkansas1 JAN 1918 Marion Co, Arkansas
Benjamin Moberly WoodABT 1775  
Benjamin Risner WoodABT 1834  
Benjmain Wood20 APR 1761 Shenandoah Co, Virginia 
Berry WoodABT 1857 Arkansas 
Bessie WoodABT 1878  
Bessie T WoodMAR 1891 Missouri 
Burgess Keaton Wood17 SEP 1843 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois 
Calvin Elbridge Wood12 MAY 1876  
Candice Wood1859  
Caroline Charity Wood17 DEC 1859 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkanas1 SEP 1944 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Catharine Wood1829 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Catherine Wood1836 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Catherine Wood1794 Bedford Co, Tennessee Marion Co, Arkansas
Catherine Wood4 NOV 1898 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas1987 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Catherine Missouri Wood11 FEB 1827 Ralls Co, Missouri 
Catherine Susan WoodABT 1856 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri1 DEC 1924 
Charity Wood11 FEB 1859 Madison Co, ArkansasOCT 1893 Texas
Charity Wood1823 Anderson Co, Tennessee1900 Marion Co, Arkansas
Charity Wood4 APR 1850 Arkansas1 JUN 1928 Arkansas
Charles WoodSEP 1882  
Charles WoodABT 1854  
Charles A Wood11 NOV 1855 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Charles D Wood1856 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Charles D Charley WoodABT 1867 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas 
Charles Derrell Wood17 DEC 1846 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas17 FEB 1919 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
Charles Derrell Wood1826 Marion Co, ArkansasABT 1865 Civil War near Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
Charles Dirl Wood15 SEP 1871 Marion Co, Arkansas11 NOV 1952 Marion Co, Arkansas
Charles Dirl Wood1847 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Charles F WoodNOV 1863 Macoupin Co, Illinois 
Charles L Wood1840  
Charles Luther Wood28 MAY 1878 Christian, Illinois21 MAR 1971 Gem, Idaho
Charles Robert Wood5 AUG 1873 Texas19 JAN 1941 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
Charles Silvers Wood1 FEB 1826 Cumberland, Kentucky27 MAY 1885 Boone Co, Iowa
Charles Terrell Wood18 MAR 1873 Texas6 AUG 1920 Karnes Co, Texas
Charley Thomas Wood17 FEB 1890 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas18 DEC 1961 Marion Co, Arkansas
Charlie Denton Wood25 JAN 1887 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas6 MAY 1936 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
Charlotte Armina Minnie Wood3 DEC 1868 Marion Co, Arkansas6 NOV 1957 Marion Co, Arkansas
Christopher WoodABT 1450 England 
Clara Delinda Wood1847 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Clarinda Clara Wood20 FEB 1820 Marion Co, ArkansasAFT 1880 Marion Co, Arkansas
Claude Wood11 SEP 1892 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill11 SEP 1892 
Clayborn Wood1827 Cumberland, Kentucky 
Coleman Wood1768 Botetourt Co, Virginia1827 Spartanburg, South Carolina
Cora Francis WoodAFT 1860  
Cordelia Wood1845 1910 
Cynrthia WoodABT 1795 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Cynthia Wood28 DEC 1817 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Daisy Adelbert Wood21 OCT 1900 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas8 JAN 1957 Galveston, Galveston Co, Texas
Daisy Jane WoodDEC 1882  
Daisy Pearl Wood1898 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Daniel Wood1702 Long Island, New YorkOCT 1773 Orange Co, New York
David Wood1847 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
David Wood1843 Kimbolton, Hunts, England 
David Bush WoodABT 1843  
David Bush Wood11 MAY 1814 Cumberland, Kentucky8 JAN 1898 Woodburn, Macoupin, Illinois
David Crockett Wood27 NOV 1851 Harrison, Missouri1944 Seward, Kansas
David Leonard Wood22 JAN 1857 Macoupin, Illinois7 OCT 1939 Maricopa, Arizona
David Tallon Wood1831 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Deborah Phebe WoodABT 1682 Jamaica, Long Island, New York1721 New York
Deborah Phebe WoodABT 1735 Jamaica, Long Island, New York 
Deborah W Wood15 SEP 1829  
Delia A WoodABT 1872  
Dollie Mae Wood1881 1971 
Dora A Wood4 APR 1884 Flippin, Marion Co, ArkansasMAY 1900 White River, Marion Co, Arkansas
Dora Bush Wood11 AUG 1878 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill21 MAR 1898 
Dovie Hortence Wood31 JUL 1856 Boone Co, Iowa 
Druscilla Wood18 AUG 1853 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee24 FEB 1940 Chaves, New Mexico
E R Wood22 JUL 1821 White Co, Tennesse18 OCT 1906 Van Buren, Tennessee
Eben B Wood29 MAY 1874 Marion Co, Arkansas13 JUL 1956 Marion Co, Arkansas
Ed WoodABT 1880  
Edmond Wood1578 Shelf, Halifax, Yorkshire, England1660 Huntington, Long Island, New York
Edmond Wood6 MAR 1545/46 Northorum, Yorkshire, England1615 
Edna WoodAFT 1867  
Edna WoodABT 1876  
Edward Wood1623 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Edward Wood1585 Norwich, Norfolk, England27 NOV 1642 Charleston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
Edward B WoodAFT 1870  
Eleanor Nelly C Wood21 OCT 1822 Cumberland Co, Kentucky6 JAN 1853 Wayne Co, Kentucky
Elender Wood1856 Kentucky 
Eli WoodABT 1811 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elijah WoodABT 1750  
Elijah WoodABT 1850  
Elijah Wood1800  
Elijah Wood1823 Tennessee20 NOV 1910 Everton, Boone Co, Arkansas
Eliza Wood30 JUL 1816 Cumberland Co, Kentucky17 JUN 1891 Humboldt, Tennessee
Eliza A Wood1856 1857 
Eliza Ellen Wood1862  
Eliza Jane Wood2 NOV 1825 Cumberland Co, KentuckyAFT 1850 
Elizabeth WoodABT 1772 Botetourt Co, Virginia 
Elizabeth Wood16 FEB 1818 White Co, Tennessee25 DEC 1909 Miller, Missouri
Elizabeth Wood11 MAR 1813 Indiana7 JAN 1894 Marshall, Searcy Co, Arkansas
Elizabeth Wood1645 Huntington, Suffolk Co. New York 
Elizabeth WoodABT 1850  
Elizabeth WoodABT 1860 Arkansas 
Elizabeth Wood1631 Huntington, Suffolk Co, New York 
Elizabeth Wood1841 1848 
Elizabeth Wood26 FEB 1667/68  
Elizabeth Wood1814 North Carolina1880 
Elizabeth Wood1850 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Elizabeth WoodABT 1838  
Elizabeth Wood1620 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Elizabeth Wood1738 22 MAY 1801 Florida, Orange Co, New York
Elizabeth Wood1808 Anderson Co, TennesseAFT 1860 
Elizabeth Wood1745 Hampshire, Virginia3 JAN 1841 Carter Co, Tennessee
Elizabeth WoodABT 1805  
Elizabeth WoodABT 1755  
Elizabeth Wood21 SEP 1849 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee9 JAN 1920 Milam, Texas
Elizabeth Wood12 NOV 1880 Wyandotte, Kans 
Elizabeth Wood1817 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth C Wood1844 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Elizabeth Gilpin Wood9 FEB 1829 St Helena Parish, Lousiana23 APR 1903 McComb, Mississippi
Elizabeth Hiter Wood13 SEP 1844 TennesseeFEB 1942 Tangier, Oklahoma
Elizabeth Lauraney Wood1840 Madison Co, Illinois1922 
Elizabeth Mary Wood3 FEB 1835 Macoupin, Ill29 APR 1906 Macoupin, Ill
Elizabeth Sarah Wood1631 Charles City Co, Virgnia1676 Virginia
Elizabeth Totter Wood1782  
Elizabeth West Wood12 MAY 1846 Ralls Co, Missouri10 OCT 1950 Marlow, Stevens Co, Oklahoma
Ella Marinda Wood1878 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Ellen WoodAFT 1858 Amarillo, Bexar Co, Texas Died young
Ellie S WoodAPR 1894 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Elliott WoodABT 1790  
Elvira J WoodABT 1855 Arkansas 
Elzada WoodABT 1878  
Emaline Wood1838 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Emanuel Wood15 MAR 1899 Bradleyville, Taney Co, Missouri 
Emily A WoodABT 1869  
Emily C Wood1834 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky27 AUG 1858 
Emily Jane Wood3 AUG 1851 Woodburn, Macouopin Co, Ill27 APR 1933 Montgomery, Ill
Emma WoodABT 1855 Boone Co, Iowa 
Emma WoodABT 1880  
Enly Emily Wood1853 Madison Co, Illinois1929 
Ephraim C Wood1843 Arkansas 
Erelina I WoodAUG 1891 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Esther WoodABT 1650 29 APR 1701 Piscataway, Middlesex Co, New Jersey
Ethel Pearl Wood27 AUG 1893 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill26 MAY 1917 
Ethia E Wood18 JAN 1862 17 JAN 1906 Lawrence Co, Missouri
Ezra Wood23 NOV 1789 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Ezra Wood14 APR 1762 Middleboro, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts Murray, Orleans Co, New York
Fannie WoodFEB 1870 19 DEC 1924 
Fannie I Wood1895  
Fed WoodABT 1852  
Felix Russell Wood30 SEP 1900 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas22 MAY 1939 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas
Florence Wood25 OCT 1862 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee15 MAR 1943 Chaves, New Mexico
Florence WoodABT 1870  
Florence Wood11 JUL 1878 Texas9 MAR 1916 
Frances Wood1833  
Frances Wood4 MAR 1812 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Frances Wood29 APR 1672  
Frances Wood10 MAY 1645 Sudbury, Middlesex Co, Massachusett 
Frances Augusta Wood10 JUL 1872 Izard Co, Arkansas14 OCT 1933 
Frances Lee Wood10 JUL 1869 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas31 JAN 1941 
Francis Wood1847  
Francis Wood18 DEC 1582 Potternewton, Leeds, Yorkshire, England 
Francis WoodABT 1795  
Francis Wood12 DEC 1582 Leeds, Yokshire, England18 SEP 1608 Bury, Lancashire, England
Francis M WoodABT 1840 Missouri18 JAN 1906 San Bernardino, California
Francis M Wood1842 Madison Co, Illinois1884 
Frank WoodABT 1882 Texas 
Frankin Burr WoodABT 1879  
Frederick M Wood1859 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Fredrick T Wood1855 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Generva Jane WoodMAR 1891 Missouri 
George WoodABT 1852  
George Wood1842 Arkansas 
George Wood10 SEP 1787 Jonesboro, Washington Co, Tennessee24 FEB 1854 Effingham, Effingham Co, Illinois
George WoodABT 1841  
George Wood1740 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England 
George Wood29 JUL 1813 Cumberland, Harlan Co, Kentucky28 AUG 1880 Lead Hill, Boone Co, Arkansas
George Franklin Wood25 DEC 1859 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas14 DEC 1912 Bandera Co, Texas
George S WoodABT 1874  
George Thomas Wood1847 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee 
George Titus Wood1840 Macoupin, Illinois 
George Titus Wood1840  
George W WoodABT 1859 Arkansas 
George W WoodMAR 1855 Arkanas 
George W Wood1840  
George W WoodABT 1849  
George W WoodABT 1840  
George W Wood10 NOV 1875 Birch Tree, Shannon Co, Missouri1963 
George Washington Wood5 NOV 1853 Woodburn, Macouopin Co, Illinois15 FEB 1924 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois
George Washington Wood1845 Madison Co, Illinois1846 
George Washington Wood1805 Anderson Co, Tennesse Jefferson Co, Arkansas
George Washington Wood20 DEC 1863 Calumet, Canadian Co, Oklahoma20 MAY 1923 Granby, Newtown Co, Missouri
George Washington Wood1839 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
George Washington Wood1780 Wake, North CarolinaAFT 1849 Union, Marion Co, Arkansas
Gideon B Wood1832 Marion Co, Arkansas1870 Spain or Myanmar ?
Granville WoodABT 1842  
Guy Daniel Wood9 JUN 1889 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill23 DEC 1943 Arkansas Co, Ark
H F Wood  
Hamilton Wood1 JUL 1824 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Hannah WoodABT 1840  
Hannah WoodABT 1848  
Hannah WoodABT 1844  
Hannah Wood1690 Bristol, Massachusetts 
Hannah E WoodABT 1880  
Harold Winifred Wood1891 Minnesota22 MAY 1922 Tacoma, Washington
Harriet L Wood1849  
Harriett Wood3 JAN 1899 Arkansas21 FEB 1906 Arkansas
Harrison Wood1847  
Harrison Gerome Wood19 FEB 1876 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas24 MAY 1952 Wewoka, Seminole Co, Oklahoma
Harry Wood24 OCT 1802 Spartanburg, South Carolina1880 
Harvey WoodABT 1890 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas died in childhood
Harvey F WoodNOV 1888 Marion Co, Arkansas13 MAY 1961 Marion Co, Arkansas
Harvey Walton Wood28 DEC 1878 Wideman, Izard Co, Arkansas21 DEC 1944 Pineville, Izard Co, Arkansas
Hattie Florence WoodAFT 1879 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Henrietta WoodABT 1895  
Henry WoodABT 1750  
Henry WoodABT 1627 Surrey, England29 OCT 1670 Middleboro, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts
Henry B WoodSEP 1869 Izard Co, Arkansas1896 Luling, Caldwell Co, Texas
Henry Franklin Wood14 APR 1877 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas13 MAY 1961 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
Henry H Wood1873 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Ark14 JAN 1897 Ava, Douglas Co, Missouri
Henry Wise Wood31 MAY 1860 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri10 JUN 1941 
Hester Ann Wood29 DEC 1882 Texas11 MAY 1942 Austin, Travis Co, Texas
Hester Ann WoodABT 1848  
Hiram Wood1818 Wilks Co North CarolinaAFT 1864 Kentucky
Hiram WoodABT 1850  
Hiram Dougherty Wood8 APR 1828 Cumberland, Kentucky31 MAY 1894 
Holland Seymour Wood5 SEP 1870  
Ichabod WoodOCT 1784 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Ida Alice Wood16 AUG 1895 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois15 JAN 1974 Morton, Morton Co, Illinois
Ida M WoodABT 1874  
Ida Mae Wood26 APR 1868 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri10 MAY 1943 Keokuk, Lee Co, Iowa
Ila Emily Wood22 AUG 1892 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas6 APR 1987 Bangs, Brown Co, Texas
Infant WoodABT 1870 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
infant WoodABT 1885 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas died in infancy
infant Wood1822 1822 
Ira Wood8 FEB 1869 Independence, Jackson Co, Missouri 
Ira Warner Wood20 JUN 1877 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill3 APR 1954 Macoupin, Ill
Irene M Wood1834  
Isaac Wood1807 Kentucky Clay Co, Missouri
Isaac Wood4 APR 1795 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Isaac B Wood5 JUL 1750 Albermarle Co, Virginia25 JUL 1813 Albermarle Co, Virginia
Isaac B WoodABT 1860 Arkansas 
Isaac James Wood7 AUG 1838 Troy, Madison Co, Illinois1842 
Isabel Ibbey Wood1839 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Isabell Wood17 FEB 1815 Indiana9 MAR 1831 Monroe Co, Indiana
Isham WoodABT 1781 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Isobel WoodABT 1525 Bonnyton, Scotland 
Issac Wood1751 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England 
Issac WoodABT 1838  
Issac Wood1816 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky 
Issac Wood1812 1870 
Iva May Wood13 MAR 1885 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois23 SEP 1956 Madison Co, Illinois
Jack Wood1886 Birch Tree, Shannon Co, Missouri1929 
Jackson A Wood1868 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Jacob Wood1838 Wood Walton, Hunts, England 
James Wood2 JAN 1792 North Carolina4 OCT 1874 Benton, Oregon
James WoodAFT 1846  
James Wood1864  
James Wood1844 Kimbolton, Hunts, England 
James Wood1782 North Carolina11 OCT 1852 Marshall, Tennessee
James Wood18 APR 1778  
James Wood15 OCT 1777 Botetourt Co, Virginia9 APR 1866 Ralls Co, Missouri
James Wood1837 Madison Co, Arkansas 
James WoodABT 1780  
James WoodABT 1817 Anderson, Tennessee 
James A Wood1811  
James Abraham Wood1856 Marion Co, Arkansas Not with mother in 1870 Census
James Albert Wood23 APR 1884 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas2 DEC 1938 Charco, Goliad Co, Texas
James B Wood17 JUN 1874 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkanas 
James B Wood1840 11 SEP 1857 Mountain Meadow Massacre in Utah
James C WoodABT 1848 Arkansas 
James Cole Wood1806 Kentucky1840 Shoals, Martin Co, Indiana
James E Wood26 OCT 1774 Great Falls, Loudon Co, Virginia6 SEP 1849 Macoupin Co, Illinois
James E Wood23 OCT 1809 Cumberland, Kentucky13 JUN 1891 Macoupin, Co, Illinois
James E Wood22 JAN 1856 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas29 APR 1931 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
James Edward Wood7 NOV 1860 Macoupin Co, Illinois 
James F Wood1859 1912 
James H Wood25 JAN 1866 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas7 JUL 1936 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
James Harvey Wood6 DEC 1819 Cumberland Co, KentuckyABT 1886 White Co, Tennessee
James Irvine Wood3 FEB 1850 Marion Co, Arkansas10 FEB 1918 Pittsburg, Kansas
James M WoodABT 1831 Indiana 
James Marion Wood4 SEP 1838 Tennessee25 JAN 1910 Mt Vernon, Lawrence Co, Missouri
James Monroe Wood9 MAY 1849 LIberty, Union Co, Indiana1 FEB 1935 Sheridan, Hamilton Co, Indiana
James Monroe Wood26 NOV 1823 Cumberland Co, Kentucky18 MAY 1887 Christian Co, Illinois
James Perry Wood6 JUL 1854 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri18 JUN 1895 
James R Wood1817 Clinton, Cumberland Co, KentuckyBEF 1888 Lamar, Texas
James R Wood1850  
James Rector Wood2 JAN 1896 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas4 NOV 1986 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
James Renfro Wood1808 Warren Co, Kentucky1864 
James Samuel Wood1853 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
James Thruman Wood1888 1921 
James Turner Alexander Wood1 AUG 1814 Spartanburg, South Carolina22 NOV 1853 Fannin Co, Texas
James W WoodABT 1853  
James W WoodABT 1864  
James W WoodABT 1844  
James William Curtis Wood28 NOV 1853 Marion Co, Arkansas26 DEC 1924 Hasse, Comanche Co, Texas
Jane Wood1840 Wood Walton, Hunts, England 
Jane Wood12 JAN 1778 12 JAN 1778 
Jane WoodABT 1630 England 
Jane Wood15 SEP 1800 Spartanburg, South Carolina1899 
Jane Seay Wood10 FEB 1780 Spartanburg, South CarolinaDEC 1879 Forsyth Co, Georgia
Jasper Wood1846  
Jasper N Wood2 JAN 1841 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois 
Jefferson Wood1826 Anderson Co, TennesseBEF 1866 
Jefferson H Wood23 JUN 1853 Kentucky 
Jeremiah Wood6 JAN 1618/19 Shelf, Halifax, Yorkshire, England28 DEC 1686 Huntington, Long Island, New York
Jeremiah Wood18 AUG 1679  
Jeremiah Wood1641 Hempstead, Long Island, New York1710 Queens Co, Long Island, New York
Jeremiah Wood1607 England 
Jerusha Wood6 JAN 1758 Morristown, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Jesse Wood12 SEP 1779 2 JUN 1863 
Jesse WoodABT 1794 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Jesse WoodABT 1765 Shenandoah Co, Virginia 
Jesse WoodABT 1780  
Jesse WoodABT 1853  
Jesse Hunt Wood7 MAR 1814 16 SEP 1839 New Orleans, Louisiana
Jesse Hunt Wood1837 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Jesse Willis Wood25 OCT 1836 Clinton, Cumberland Co, KentuckyAFT 1900 
Jessie Pearl Wood6 JUL 1899 Marion Co, Arkansas28 OCT 1920 
Jessis Wood1898 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas11 DEC 1924 Bangs, Brown Co, Texas
Joanne WoodBEF 1 DEC 1775  
Job Wood10 MAY 1797 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Joe E Wood27 JUL 1886 Texas1 DEC 1929 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas
Johathon Long Wood1835 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
John WoodAFT 1859  
John WoodABT 1750  
John Wood1758 Prince William Co, Virginia13 JUN 1821 
John WoodABT 1877 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
John WoodABT 1610  
John Wood1735 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, EnglandNOV 1816 Spartanburg Co, South Carolina
John Wood20 SEP 1883 Texas20 OCT 1921 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
John Wood1730 Florida, Orange Co, New York1794 Sugar Loaf, New York
John WoodABT 1660 Derbyshire, England 
John WoodABT 1760  
John Wood1769 Maryland1839 Tennessee
John Wood5 APR 1677  
John WoodABT 1844  
John Wood1718  
John WoodABT 1782 1812 War of 1812
John WoodAFT 1846  
John Wood1844  
John Wood1649 Huntington, Suffolk Co. New York 
John Wood1847 Marion Co, Arkansas 
John Wood1814 Anderson Co, TennesseABT 1865 
John Wood15 OCT 1777 Botetourt Co, Virginia27 MAY 1809 Kentucky
John Wood1839 Wood Walton, Hunts, England 
John WoodABT 1853 Marion Co, Arkansas 
John WoodABT 1846  
John WoodABT 1876  
John WoodABT 1785  
John WoodBET 22 MAY 1801 AND 1802 Clark Co, Kentucky Irvine, Estill Co, Kentucky
John Wood1730 Bedford, VirginiaMAY 1780 Washington, Tennesse
John Wood28 SEP 1783 Little Creek, Washington Co, North Carolina31 JAN 1861 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky
John WoodABT 1845 Marion Co, Arkansas 
John WoodABT 1790  
John WoodABT 1746 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England 
John WoodABT 1854  
John Wood1664 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. Virginia 
John A Wood1815 Bedford Co, TennesseeBET 1850 AND 1860 Marion Co, Arkansas
John Boulton Wood1729 Manchester, England1785 Maryland
John Clark Bishop Wood26 SEP 1865 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas30 JUN 1937 Coleman, Coleman Co, Texas
John E Wood1856 Madison Co, Illinois 
John F Wood22 MAR 1841 Marion Co, Arkansas23 DEC 1916 Marion Co, Arkansas
John Francis Wood1845 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
John Franklin Wood5 NOV 1875 Goliad Co, Texas4 JAN 1954 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
John H Wood1859  
John Henry Wood11 JUN 1854 Overton, Tennessee2 SEP 1935 Taney Co, Missouri
John Irwin Wood8 AUG 1816 Franklin, Simpson Co, Kentucky14 APR 1892 Harrison Co, Missouri
John Jefferson Wood1827 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky 
John M WoodABT 1890 Arkansas 
John N Wood1858 Marion Co, Arkansas 
John Oliver Wood15 JUL 1821 Spartanburg, South Carolina9 OCT 1911 New London, Ralls Co, Missouri
John Ralph Wood2 MAR 1888 Boone Iowa16 FEB 1971 
John S WoodABT 1857  
John S WoodABT 1795  
John S Wood1838 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois 
John Scott Wood29 DEC 1872 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri23 NOV 1957 
John T Wood1848 Arkansas 
John Tapley Wood7 JUN 1875 Arkansas9 JUN 1942 Franklin Co, Arkansas
John Tilghman Wood23 DEC 1858 Macoupin Co, Illinois 
John Tillman Wood26 OCT 1800 Cumberland Co, Kentucky2 FEB 1867 Macoupin Co, Illinois
John W WoodABT 1814  
John W Wood25 JUL 1897 Marion Co, Arkansas28 SEP 1967 Marion Co, Arkansas
John Wesley Wood17 JUN 1881 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkanas 
Jonah Wood10 SEP 1614 Halifax, Yorkshire, England12 JUN 1689 Brookaven, Suffolk Co, New York
Jonas Wood1643 Huntington, Suffolk Co, New York 
Jonas Wood8 DEC 1681  
Jonas Wood1658 Jamaica, Long Island, New York13 JAN 1731/32 Jamaica, Long Island, New York
Jonathan WoodABT 1723 Morristown, Morris Co, New Jersey2 JAN 1804 Morris Co, New Jersey
Jonathan Baldwin WoodBEF 17 NOV 1765  
Jonathan Lucas Wood1803  
Jonathon W WoodABT 1874  
Joseph WoodBET 1835 AND 1862 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Joseph Wood1854 Harrison, Missouri6 JUL 1931 Harrison, Missouri
Joseph WoodABT 1760 Pennsylvania 
Joseph WoodJUL 1837 Marion Co, Arkansas30 MAY 1904 Adair Co, Kentucky
Joseph WoodABT 1865 Arkansas 
Joseph WoodABT 1720  
Joseph WoodBEF 13 APR 1760  
Joseph Alexander Wood3 FEB 1865 St Clair, Franklin Co, MissouriABT 1909 Oklahoma
Joseph B Wood26 SEP 1870 Macoupin Co, Illinois 
Joseph Carlin WoodAPR 1896 Arkansas 
Joseph Franklin WoodABT 1857 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Joseph K WoodABT 1879  
Joseph Palmer Wood13 NOV 1896 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas12 MAR 1966 Coleman, Coleman Co, Texas
Joseph Ray Wood5 OCT 1895 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas7 NOV 1977 
Josephine WoodJUL 1854 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee10 OCT 1910 Tarrant, Texas
Joshua Wood15 OCT 1773 Shenandoah Co, Virginia 
Josiah Wood1629 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Joyce Wood1775 Botetourt Co, Virginia 
Judah Wood1707 Newtown, Long Island, New York 
Julia Ann WoodABT 1855 Arkansas 
Julia Esther Wood1846 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Kate WoodABT 1845 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Katherine Wood1734 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England 
Kittie Wood19 OCT 1899 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas Died young - Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas
Kitty WoodABT 1885 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Lafe F WoodABT 1896  
Laura Abigail Wood26 JUL 1872 Macoupin Co, Illinois 
Laura Ellen WoodAUG 1887 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri1980 Picher, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Laura Jane Wood20 MAR 1852 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri5 JAN 1938 
Laura May Wood15 JAN 1896 14 NOV 1988 Arkansas
Laurance WoodAFT 1830 Madison Co, Illinois 
Lee W Wood29 JUL 1880 Marion Co, Arkansas9 OCT 1957 Marion Co, Arkansas
Lena Wood1890 Tennessee 
Lena Louise Wood5 APR 1875 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas16 NOV 1968 
Lennie Wood1795 Montgomery Co, North Carolina1850 Johnson Co, Arkansas
Leota WoodABT 1887  
LeRoy Vernon Wood4 APR 1866 Barry Co, Missouri2 JUL 1941 Checotah, McIntosh Co, Oklahoma
Lesley WoodSEP 1899  
Lester Alford Wood11 JUN 1900 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas1982 Marion Co, Arkansas
Letitica Wood1763 Shenandoah Co, Virginia 
Lewis Wood1850  
Lewis WoodAFT 1846  
Lewis S Wood1850  
Lidia WoodJAN 1885  
Lillie D WoodJUL 1878 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Lilly WoodABT 1882  
Lorene Sanner WoodABT 1895  
Louisa WoodABT 1847  
Loy Wood3 OCT 1895 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas2 AUG 1976 Marion Co, Arkansas
Lucinda Wood1849 Marion Co, Arkansas (Texas)
Lucinda WoodABT 1851 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Lucinda Emeline Wood16 SEP 1838 Tennessee20 JUN 1887 Newton Co, Missouri
Lucretia Wood17 OCT 1817 Marion Co, Arkansas3 SEP 1911 Cabanal, Carroll Co, Arkansas
Lucretia Elizabeth Wood15 APR 1823 North Carolina28 AUG 1856 Montgomery Co, Illinios
Lucy WoodABT 1730  
Luke Wood1815 North Carolina1865 
Luke Wood1716  
Lula WoodABT 1890 Arkansas 
Lulu WoodABT 1855 Boone Co, Iowa 
Luta Bailey Wood20 MAY 1863 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri28 JAN 1958 
Luther WoodAFT 1846  
Lydia Wood1 JUN 1805 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Mable Wood1665 Albermarle Co, VirginiaBET 1687 AND 1689 Virginia
Mable Noama Wood11 JAN 1892 Boone Iowa31 MAR 1977 
Magdelena WoodABT 1659 EnglandAFT 1680 Marbletown, Ulster Co, New York
Maggie WoodABT 1876  
Maggie WoodABT 1850 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Maggie May Wood9 NOV 1887 19 JAN 1919 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas
Maiden Wood8 MAR 1819 Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Mamie A WoodABT 1884  
Manchester WoodABT 1695 Bristol, Massachusetts 
Margaret WoodABT 1725  
Margaret WoodABT 1876 Marion Co, Arkansas1954 
Margaret Wood26 DEC 1845  
Margaret WoodABT 1845 1901 
Margaret WoodABT 1853  
Margaret Wood1683 Kingston, Ulster Co, New York 
Margaret B Wood12 DEC 1810 Cumberland Co, Kentucky28 NOV 1897 Clinton Co, Kentucky
Margaret Lewellyn Wood1641 Chelmsford, Essex, England4 MAY 1718 Malvern Hills, Henrico Co, Virginia
Margarett Wood15 DEC 1846 Madison Co, Arkansas22 MAR 1924 Okemah, Okfuskee, Oklahoma
Margarite WoodABT 1850 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas 
Margarite WoodABT 1845 BET 1873 AND 1882 Texas
Margie WoodAUG 1897  
Maria WoodAFT 1830 Madison Co, Illinois 
Mariam Wood1829 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Marion D WoodOCT 1896 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Marion O WoodABT 1833  
Martha WoodBEF 8 APR 1612 Halifax, York, England 
Martha Wood1612 Halifax, Yorkshire, England 
Martha WoodABT 1770 Botetourt Co, Virginia 
Martha Wood26 JAN 1673/74  
Martha WoodABT 1788 North Carolina 
Martha Wood1851 Fannin Co, Texas 
Martha Wood14 MAY 1809 Cumberland Co, Kentucky7 DEC 1865 Chapaign, Illinois
Martha Wood1696 Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Martha A Wood15 APR 1862 Arkansas1902 
Martha Ann Wood16 JUL 1867 Izard Co, Arkansas3 MAY 1885 Izard Co, Arkansas
Martha Ann Wood20 OCT 1840 Macoupin, Illinois19 FEB 1932 Shelly Co, Illinois
Martha Ann Wood1859 Harrison, Missouri1935 
Martha Curtis Wood27 AUG 1806 Warren Co, Kentucky8 MAR 1871 Macoupin, Co, Illinois
Martha E Wood1862  
Martha E WoodMAR 1856 Marion Co, ArkansasAPR 1856 Marion Co, Arkansas
Martha Ellis Wood1757 Fluvanna Co, Virginia1846 
Martha J WoodABT 1847  
Martha Matilda Wood4 OCT 1853 Marion Co, Arkansas1 FEB 1926 
Martha Minnie WoodABT 1824  
Martha Rachel Wood1822 Marion Co, Arkansas1857 Marion Co, Arkansas
Martha Washington Wood27 FEB 1898 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois26 OCT 1966 St Louis Co, Missouri
Mary Wood1849 Fannin Co, Texas 
Mary WoodABT 1646 Charles City Co, Virgnia 
Mary Wood24 FEB 1799 Cumberland, Kentucky14 OCT 1867 Madison Co, Illinois
Mary WoodABT 1826  
Mary WoodABT 1864 Boone Co, IowaABT 1958 
Mary WoodABT 1715  
Mary Wood1832 Wood Walton, Hunts, England 
Mary Wood1764 Leicester, England 
Mary Wood1605 England 
Mary Wood30 AUG 1634 England 
Mary WoodABT 1770  
Mary WoodAFT 1846  
Mary WoodABT 1790 Jonesboro, Washington Co, Tennessee 
Mary Wood1690 Bristol, Massachusetts 
Mary WoodABT 1640 Long Island, New York 
Mary Wood1856 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Mary Wood1763 1763 
Mary A WoodABT 1874  
Mary Ann Wood24 MAY 1862 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas27 JAN 1955 San Diego, California
Mary Ann WoodABT 1830 Marion Co, Arkansas Died young
Mary Ann Wood1815 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky20 JUL 1910 
Mary Ann Wood9 AUG 1786 Spartanburg Co, South Carolina11 JUN 1827 Englewood, McMinn Co, Tennessee
Mary C Wood1854 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Mary E WoodABT 1853 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Mary E Wood1852  
Mary Elizabeth Wood16 SEP 1829 AFT 1845 
Mary Elizabeth Wood1 JUN 1881 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas27 SEP 1967 San Antonio, Bexar Co, Texas
Mary Gibson Wood14 JUN 1816 Cumberland Co, Kentucky5 JUL 1889 
Mary Isabel Wood1850 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Mary Margret Wood5 APR 1862 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas27 FEB 1925 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
Mary Olivia Wood13 JAN 1867 Marion Co, Arkansas10 FEB 1918 Marion Co, Arkansas
Mary Susan Wood6 DEC 1849 Marion Co, Arkansas1904 Marion Co, Arkansas
Mary Tyler WoodABT 1786 North Carolina 
Mary Virginia WoodABT 1715  
Matilda J Wood10 NOV 1824 Madison, Illinois1912 
Maud Belle Wood10 JUN 1882 Izard Co, Arkansas20 MAY 1960 Mississippi Co, Arkansas
Maude WoodABT 1879  
May WoodJUL 1882 Birch Tree, Shannon Co, Missouri 
McKinnley Wood4 SEP 1897 Bradleyville, Taney Co, Missouri21 JAN 1980 
Melinda E WoodABT 1877  
Melze Ray Wood1876 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Memory Wood1783 Spartanburg Co, South Carolina 
Meribah Mariba Wood22 AUG 1820 Cumberland Co, Kentucky15 MAR 1920 Clinton Co, Kentucky
Michael WoodABT 1625  
Mike Wood25 NOV 1881 20 SEP 1901 
Mille WoodABT 1750  
Minerva WoodAFT 1858  Died young
Minnie Wood27 OCT 1891 Newton Co, Missouri16 JUN 1968 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Minnie A Wood22 APR 1889 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas22 MAR 1974 
Miranda WoodABT 1849  
Missanier Wood1827 1902 
Missouri Wood1833 Marion Co, ArkansasAFT 1873 Marion Co, Arkansas
Mizzana Ann Wood5 MAR 1821 Cumberland Co, Kentucky18 DEC 1892 Taney Co, Missouri
Myrtle Mary Wood22 DEC 1890 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill7 NOV 1959 Macoupin, Ill
Myrtle Minnie Wood11 FEB 1900 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas20 SEP 1979 
Nancy Wood27 FEB 1803 Warren Co, Kentucky29 MAR 1803 Warren Co, Kentucky
Nancy Wood1775 Shenandoah Co, Virginia 
Nancy Wood1852 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Nancy WoodABT 1783 Shenandoah Co, VirginiaFEB 1863 Cocke Co, Tennesse
Nancy Wood1859 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee1909 
Nancy WoodABT 1770 Botetourt Co, Virginia1851 Henry Co, Tennessee
Nancy WoodABT 1790  
Nancy Wood8 OCT 1802 Cumberland, KentuckyABT 1802 
Nancy Wood20 APR 1809 Cumberland, Harlan Co, Kentucky22 JUN 1855 Van Buren County, Tennessee
Nancy Wood1810 Bedford Co, TennesseeBET 1860 AND 1870 Marion Co, Arkansas
Nancy Ann Wood1831 Kentucky 
Nancy Jane Wood1830 Marion Co, ArkansasAFT 1870 
Nancy L Wood1844 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Naomi Wood1812 Cumberland, Kentucky23 SEP 1835 Macoupin, Illinois
Nathaniel Wood18 APR 1725 Middleboro, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts25 JUN 1803 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont
Nehemiah Wood1731 Prince William Co, Virginia3 AUG 1816 Rileyville, Shenandoah Co, Virginia
Nehemiah Wood1770 Shenandoah Co, Virginia 
Nellie WoodAFT 1860  
Newton J Wood1868 Macoupin Co, Illinois 
Nichola WoodABT 1580 2 JUL 1645 Scotland
Nina Lamatha Wood18 OCT 1895 Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, Minnesota26 SEP 1975 Port Angeles, Challam Co, Washington
Nivenard E Wood4 NOV 1844 Marion Co, Arkansas27 NOV 1900 
Obadiah Wood1625 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Obediah WoodABT 1855 Arkansas 
Obediah WoodABT 1842  
Obediah Wood2 NOV 1821 Anderson Co, Tennesse17 NOV 1909 
Ola Vester WoodABT 1886  
Olin W WoodABT 1880  
Oliver Crittington Wood3 FEB 1840 Marion Co, Arkansas11 FEB 1909 Marion Co, Arkansas
Oliver Josephus Wood4 MAY 1850 Monroe, Ralls Co, Missouri26 JAN 1930 
Oliver P Wood16 DEC 1847 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois 
Onesiphorus Oney Wood7 FEB 1805 Spartanburg, South Carolina1880 
Orrin Clanton Wood17 JAN 1880 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois21 AUG 1935 
Oscar WoodABT 1842  
Oscar D Wood14 AUG 1883 Marion Co, Arkansas28 MAY 1910 Marion Co, Arkansas
Pamela WoodABT 1824 Indiana 
Paralee Wood1854 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Patsy WoodABT 1770 Botetourt Co, Virginia 
Pearl WoodABT 1878  
Peleg Wood1686 Bristol, Massachusetts 
Perminda WoodAFT 1846  
Perminda Caroline Wood18 JAN 1827 Cumberland Co, Kentucky10 FEB 1906 Macoupin Co, Illinois
Phebe Wood2 JUN 1725  
Phebe WoodABT 1800 29 APR 1858 
Phoebe Wood1648 Huntington, Suffolk Co. New York 
Phoebe Wood14 MAY 1671  
Phon WoodAFT 1830 Madison Co, Illinois 
Rachel WoodABT 1750  
Rachel Wood1857 Marion Co, Arkansas Died young
Rachel Wood4 FEB 1788 Bedford Co, Tennessee13 SEP 1866 Marion Co, Arkansas
Rachel Wood27 AUG 1861 Marion Co, Arkansas26 FEB 1903 Marion Co, Arkansas
Rachel Ann Wood1868 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas1870 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
Randall Wood6 JUL 1802 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont 
Rebecca Wood11 APR 1792 Woodstock, Winsor Co, Vermont3 FEB 1849 Ottawa, Dousman, Waukesha Co, Wisconsin
Rebecca Wood1648  
Rebecca WoodABT 1685 Middlesex Co, Massachusetts 
Rebecca J Wood1838 Marion Co, Arkansas12 JAN 1907 Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana
Rhoad Wood1861 Madison Co, Arkansas 
Richard Wood7 JUN 1893 Texas2 DEC 1927 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
Richard WoodABT 1750  
Richard WoodABT 1480 8 JUL 1553 Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Richard WoodABT 1515 Halifax, Yorkshire, England 
Richard P Wood1837  
Robert Wood25 SEP 1679 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. Virginia 
Robert Wood1650 Richmond Co, Virginia1710 Richmond Co, Virginia
Robert Alonzo Wood15 JUL 1872 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas15 JUL 1957 Miami, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Robert Euel Wood15 SEP 1897 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, Arkansas22 MAR 1955 Miami, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Robert Franklin Wood11 JUN 1874 Izard Co, Arkansas14 NOV 1959 Izard Co, Arkansas
Robert H Wood1857 Harrison, Missouri1874 
Robert Jefferson WoodABT 1825  
Roman Wood1846 Fannin Co, Texas 
Rorian Wood1846 Fannin Co, Texas 
Rosa Wood23 JUN 1871 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Rosanna Wood24 SEP 1809 Spartanburg, South Carolina27 AUG 1900 
Rosannah Wood1829 Cumberland, Kentucky 
Rosie WoodABT 1900 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Rovert Wood1866  
Roxy Myrtle Wood18 JUL 1879 Goliad Co, Texas1 MAY 1948 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
Ruben WoodABT 1830 Clinton Co, Kentucky 
Rueben Bayless Wood22 JAN 1805 Cumberland Co, Kentucky4 DEC 1861 Clinton Co, Kentucky
Russell Wood12 AUG 1826 Cole (Moniteau) Co, Missouri 
Ruth Wood1748 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England 
Ruth Wood1636 Charleston, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts 
Ruth WoodBEF 19 APR 1762  
Salitha P Wood1842 Marion Co, Arkansas15 APR 1925 Izard Co, Arkansas
Sally WoodAFT 1815  
Samuel WoodABT 1828 Indiana 
Samuel WoodBEF 20 JAN 1754  
Samuel Wood25 DEC 1804 Cumberland, Kentucky23 NOV 1895 Macoupin, Co, Illinois
Samuel Wood2 MAY 1737 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, EnglandAUG 1800 Johesboro, Washington Co, Tennessee
Samuel Wood25 MAY 1647 Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, Massachusetts10 FEB 1717/18 Middleboro, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts
Samuel Wood19 SEP 1684 Middleboro, Plymonth Co, Massachusetts 
Samuel Wood30 MAR 1777 Loudoun Co, Virginia6 SEP 1849 Madison Co, Illinois
Samuel Wood28 MAR 1810 Warren Co, Kentucky29 APR 1828 
Samuel Commondore Wood28 MAY 1875 Lawrence Co, Missouri 
Samuel David Wood1838 1859 
Samuel L WoodABT 1876  
Samuel Luther Wood1 MAY 1862 Boone Co, Iowa23 JUL 1947 Lake Chelan, Washington
Samuel Wilburn Wood23 MAR 1831 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky22 MAR 1906 
Sarah WoodABT 5 MAY 1581 Dorking, Surrey, England 
Sarah WoodABT 1860 Arkansas 
Sarah WoodABT 1859  
Sarah Wood1685 1729 
Sarah WoodABT 1900 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Sarah WoodABT 1853  
Sarah Wood1799 Cumberland, Kentucky1799 
Sarah WoodABT 1775 Shenandoah Co, Virginia18 MAY 1845 Ray Co, Missouri
Sarah Wood23 AUG 1770  
Sarah WoodABT 1836  
Sarah Wood1844 Bates, Missouri1887 
Sarah Alice WoodABT 1855 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Sarah Ann Wood6 MAR 1851 Madison Co, Illinois7 FEB 1878 Christian, Illinois
Sarah C WoodAPR 1878 Birch Tree, Shannon Co, Missouri1939 
Sarah E Wood1849 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Sarah E Wood1852 1854 
Sarah Elizabeth Wood1860  
Sarah Elizabeth S WoodABT 1851 Marion Co, Arkansas5 DEC 1927 Wise Co, Texas
Sarah Frances WoodABT 1821 Indiana1888 Searcy Co, Arkansas
Sarah Isabella Wood23 JAN 1852 Marion Co, Arkansas30 OCT 1910 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
Sarah J Wood4 NOV 1850 7 DEC 1921 Pulaski Co, Missouri
Sarah Jane Wood1 MAR 1834 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois1920 Illinios
Sarah L Wood1853  
Sarah S WoodABT 1860 Boone Co, IowaABT 1960 Lake Chelan, Washington
Sary C Wood1852  
Silvers Charles Wood31 JUL 1826 Boone, Iowa27 MAY 1885 
Simeon Wood16 FEB 1873 Independence, Jackson Co, Missouri 
Solomon Wood22 APR 1880 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas17 AUG 1946 
Solomon R Wood11 NOV 1818 Anderson Co, Tennesse1851 Marion Co, Arkansas
Stephen Brundridge Wood1 AUG 1896 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas5 FEB 1959 Springfield, Greene Co, Missouri
Susan Wood1616 Halifax, Yorkshire, England 
Susan Wood15 JAN 1845 Fannin Co, Texas12 FEB 1927 Grayson Co, Texas
Susan Esther Wood1840 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Susanna Wood1839 1847 
Susanna Wood1832 Bunker Hill, Macoupin, Illinois 
Sylvester WoodABT 1838 Arkanas 
Sylvester V Wood1 JUN 1848 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Tabitha Wood17 FEB 1857 Bone Cave , Van Buren, Tennessee16 FEB 1948 Warren Co, Tennessee
Tabitha Wood1842 Fannin Co, Texas 
Tabitha E WoodABT 1842  
Theodore H Wood1842 1917 Danville, Hendricks Co, Indiana
Thomas Wood1830 Cumberland, Kentucky 
Thomas Wood1635 Norwich, Norfolk, England 
Thomas WoodAFT 1846  
Thomas Wood1830  
Thomas Wood1866 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Thomas WoodABT 1720  
Thomas Wood25 AUG 1779 Loudoun Co, Virginia14 MAY 1834 Albany, Clinton Co, Kentucky
Thomas WoodABT 1708 Bedford, VirginiaABT 1763 Bedford, Virginia
Thomas Wood1731 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England Virginia
Thomas Wood15 NOV 1673 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. Virginia 
Thomas Wood1826 1868 
Thomas Benton Wood1847 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Thomas Clayton WoodFEB 1858 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Thomas D WoodABT 1796 Knox Co, Tennessee Marion Co, Arkansas
Thomas J WoodABT 1859  
Thomas J WoodABT 1859  
Thomas Jefferson WoodMAR 1838 Macoupin Co, Illinois25 OCT 1915 Macoupin Co, Illinois
Thomas Jefferson Wood1829 Madison, IllinosJUL 1873 Macon, Illinios
Thomas Jefferson Wood7 MAR 1818 Cumberland Co, Kentucky2 APR 1877 Lamar Co, Texas
Thomas Lafayette Wood1861  
Thomas Luther Wood27 DEC 1884 Pope Co, Arkansas11 JAN 1923 Lamar, Hughes Co, Oklahoma
Thomas S Wood1836 Marion Co, ArkansasABT 1867 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
Thomas Vincent Wood1848 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
Thomas Vincent Wood3 APR 1807 Cumberland, Kentucky26 OCT 1884 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Illinois
Thomas Wilson Wood20 DEC 1826 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky18 JAN 1912 Taney Co, Missouri
Timonthy WoodABT 1705  
Timothy Wood1622 Halifax, Yorkshire, England 
Timothy Wood1698 England 
Timothy Wood17 JUL 1683 5 NOV 1727 
Tollie Wood25 FEB 1895 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Treat E Wood1855 Marion Co, Arkansas 
unk WoodABT 1885  
Unk WoodABT 1860  
Unk WoodABT 1826 Indiana 
Unk WoodABT 1824 Marion Co, Arkansas 
Unk WoodABT 1830  
Unk WoodABT 1832 Indiana 
unk WoodABT 1885  
Veda WoodABT 1884  
Verna WoodABT 1880  
Vernon Wood4 SEP 1889 Stone Co, Missouri 
Vinnie WoodABT 1880  
Viola Ann Wood27 DEC 1883 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill1884 
Virginia WoodAFT 1846  
Virginia Ann Wood12 AUG 1865 Monroe, Ralls Co, MissouriFEB 1954 
Walter WoodAFT 1846  
Walter Allen Wood27 JUN 1876 Izard Co, Arkansas24 OCT 1905 Izard Co, Arkansas
Walter Forrest Wood27 FEB 1872 Marion Co, Arkansas18 JAN 1956 Marion Co, Arkansas
Walter G Wood1893  
Walter Sidney Wood28 OCT 1898 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas4 JUL 1945 Bangs, Brown Co, Texas
Warren H Wood11 DEC 1881 Bunker Hill, Macoupin Co, Ill14 JAN 1884 
Washington Wood1794 North Carolina17 JUL 1855 Breathitt Co, Kentucky
Washington Ryan Wood30 JAN 1815 Cumberland Co, KentuckyABT 1856 Clinton Co, Kentucky
Wiliam Wood29 NOV 1780 Botetourt Co, Virginia1845 Putnam Co, Indiana
Wililam A J Wood1856  
Willa Wood20 JUL 1897 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas14 APR 1978 
William Wood1732 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England Virginia
William WoodABT 1710 Leicestershire, England9 FEB 1780 All Saints Parrish, Leicester, England
William Wood2 AUG 1871 Independence, Jackson Co, Missouri 
William Wood1807 Spartanburg, South Carolina1880 
William Wood1756 Prince William Co, Virginia 
William WoodABT 1845  
William Wood1838 BET 1850 AND 1860 
William Wood1884 Marion Co, Arkansas6 FEB 1966 
William Wood1829  
William WoodABT 1851  
William Wood1775 Wake, North Carolina1865 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
William WoodABT 1780  
William WoodAFT 1846  
William Wood1675 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. Virginia 
William Wood1703  
William Wood18 DEC 1858 Marion Co, Arkansas1 NOV 1962 Marion Co, Arkansas
William WoodABT 1821 Tennessee 
William Wood25 OCT 1795 North Carolina8 APR 1863 Cannon Co, Tennessee
William WoodFEB 1900 Nevada, Vernon Co, Missouri 
William Wood1848 Marion Co, Arkansas 
William WoodABT 1835  
William Wood1796 Washington, Tennessee1796 Tennessee
William WoodABT 1810  
William Wood13 JUN 1773 Loudoun Co, Virginia11 JAN 1851 Albany, Clinton Co, Kentucky
William Albert Gideon WoodMAY 1881 Arkansas1918 New Mexico
William Austin Wood1815  
William C Wood12 NOV 1807 Cumberland, Harlan Co, Kentucky15 SEP 1844 Macoupin, Co, Illinois
William Cargile Wood16 DEC 1827 Cumberland, Kentucky25 JUN 1864 Fort Delaware, Delaware
William E Wood1847 Madison Co, Illinois1900 
William Erwin Wood7 APR 1871 DeWitt Co, Texas17 JUL 1956 Karnes City, Karnes Co, Texas
William G Wood1813 Clinton, Cumberland Co, Kentucky1858 
William H WoodABT 1845  
William Heighter Wood1820 Sullivan Co, Tennessee1863 Missouri
William Henry Wood31 DEC 1825 FEB 1908 Marion Co, Arkansas
William I Wood1840 Madison Co, Arkansas 
William J Wood1849  
William J Wood1875 1952 
William Jim Wood1807 Madison Co, Kentucky8 SEP 1879 Marion Co, Arkansas
William Jn WoodABT 1879  
William L Wood29 NOV 1808 Cumberland Co, Kentucky25 JUL 1830 Harden Co, Kentucky
William Obediah Wood1759 Wake Co, North Carolina10 AUG 1845 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas
William Pryor Wood10 DEC 1839 Bates, Missouri13 OCT 1888 Sumner, Kansas
William R Wood3 FEB 1803 Warren Co, Kentucky7 FEB 1844 Macoupin Co, Illinois
William Regan Wood8 MAY 1893 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas27 JAN 1980 Pleasanton , Atascosa Co, Texas
William Richard Wood16 NOV 1858 Lamar, Texas13 OCT 1920 Lamar, Texas
William Robert Wood1857  
William Robert Sterling Alonzo Wood11 MAR 1890 Kingdom Springs, Marion Co, ArkansasJUN 1949 
William Robinson Wood1827 Macoupin, Ill1857 
William S WoodABT 1852 Arkansas 
William S Wood1871 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas1951 Flippin, Marion Co, Arkansas
William Southfoot Wood1823 Marion Co, ArkansasABT 1892 Comanche, Texas
William Tell Wood1842 Macoupin, Co, Illinois 
William Thomas Wood5 MAR 1854 Yellville, Marion Co, Arkansas17 MAY 1938 Runge, Karnes Co, Texas
Willie M Wood23 SEP 1896 20 SEP 1954 Marion Co, Arkansas
Willis WoodABT 1780  
Winnifred WoodABT 1750  
Zilphia WoodABT 1892 Minnesota 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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