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  327 individuals found for query Wright
Aaron Wright1793 North Carolina1844 Fentress Co, Tennessee
Aaron WrightABT 1785 North CarolinaABT 1844 Fentress Co, Tennessee
Aaron Wright21 JUL 1798 New Jersey22 MAY 1879 Pyrmont, Perry Township, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Aaron Wright1900 Hurley, Stone Co, Missouri1919 
Adam Wright29 MAR 1650 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Agnes Day Wright1828 Marlboro, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1915 Wickatunk, New Jersey
Alice Wright1519  
Alice Wright1575  
Alice Wright1614 England25 FEB 1684/85 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Aloise Gertrude WrightABT 1820  
Amos Wright2 OCT 1782 Rowan Co, North Carolina9 OCT 1870 Greencastle, Putnam Co, Indiana
Ann WrightAFT 1818  
Ann Wright29 JAN 1724/25  
Ann J Wright1858  
Anna Wright5 APR 1774  
Anna Wright1620 Hertfordshire, England 
Anna Marie WrightABT 1841 Germany6 APR 1898 Greensburg, Decatur Co, Indiana
Anne Wright5 MAY 1606  
Anthony Wright23 JAN 1607/08  
Anthony Wright27 FEB 1614/15  
Asa WrightABT 1775  
Audie Wright1899 Hurley, Stone Co, Missouri1899 
Benjamin WrightAFT 1630  
Bertha WrightABT 1880  
Betty WrightABT 1900 BEF 2010 
Bishop Milton Wright17 NOV 1828 Rushville, Rush Co, Indiana3 APR 1917 Oakwood, Monmouth Co, Ohio
Blois WrightABT 1620  
Bloyse Wright5 MAR 1680/81 Somerset Co, Maryland1737 Baltimore Co, Maryland
Bloyse Wright17 NOV 1735 Baltimore Co, Maryland1 JAN 1788 Baltimore Co, Maryland
Caleb WrightABT 1638  
Caleb Wright1786  
Caleb WrightABT 1668  
Cassandra WrightABT 1739 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Catherine Louise WrightAFT 1840  
Celia Bell WrightABT 1855  
Charity WrightBEF 1805  
Charles WrightABT 1850  
Charles P Wright14 DEC 1872 St Louis Co, Missouri31 MAR 1932 Franklin Co, Missouri
Claude B Wright27 OCT 1894 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas13 JAN 1916 
Cora Wright14 JUL 1881 14 MAR 1972 Crawfordsville, Indiana
Cornelia Lena WrightABT 1870  
Cornelius M Wright1843 Ohio 
Cynthia Wright1856  
Cynthia WrightAFT 1840  
Daniel WrightABT 1672 Hemptstead, Long Island, New YorkBEF 1724 
Daniel Wright3 SEP 1790 Thetford, Orange Co, Vermont6 OCT 1861 Fayette Co, Indiana
Daniel Wright7 APR 1757 Lebanon, New London, Connecticut 
Daniel T Wright1854  
David Wright31 MAR 1772  
Deacon Benjamin Wright6 DEC 1686  
Deborah Wright1651 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York 
Deliah Wright20 MAY 1782 Rowan Co, North Carolina 
Dorothy Wright7 NOV 1542  
Edmund WrightBEF 1642 Sandwich, Barstable Co, Massachusetts1703 Hemptstead, Long Island, New York
Edmund Wright1670  
Edward WrightABT 1650  
Elias WrightAFT 1818  
Eliphal Wright1666 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York 
Elizabeth Wright6 FEB 1872 County Armagh, Ireland 
Elizabeth Wright1766 Wilkes Co, North Carolina24 SEP 1845 Hopkins Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Wright1731  
Elizabeth Wright16 JAN 1864 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin18 MAY 1940 St Louis Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Wright23 JAN 1713/14  
Elizabeth WrightABT 1725  
Elizabeth Wright26 APR 1799 Barren Co, Kentucky15 JUN 1856 Missouri
Elizabeth Wright18 NOV 1667 Weatherfield, Hartford, Connecticut8 NOV 1712 
Elizabeth Wright30 JAN 1856 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio 
Elizabeth WrightABT 1736 Baltimore Co, Maryland 
Elizabeth Wright12 MAY 1672 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Elizabeth Wright1653 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Elizabeth Wright1828 1880 
Elizabeth Wright1768 Baltimore Co, Maryland1846 Gibson Co, Indiana
Elizabeth Wright11 AUG 1526  
Elizabeth WrightABT 1670 Story, Rockingham, Virginia 
Elizabeth Jane Wright1820 Brownsville, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania 
Elmer Anderson Wright12 APR 1896 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas19 JUL 1949 
Emily Adaline Wright5 MAY 1829 Cumberland, Ky26 JAN 1901 Lamar, Texas
Emmaline WrightABT 1825  
Enoch H WrightBEF 1870  
Eunice Wright3 JUN 1835 9 SEP 1871 
Frances Wright2 FEB 1682/83 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Frances WrightABT 1815  
Francis WrightABT 1890  
Frank Edward Wright8 SEP 1889 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas18 NOV 1972 Boulder, Boulder Co, Colorado
Fred WrightABT 1885  
Fretwell Wright1714 New Jersey 
Frideswold WrightABT 1490  
Gabriel WrightABT 1745 Scotland20 JUN 1803 Ross Co, Ohio
George Wright1774 East Windsor, Ontario Co, New York1844 Clinton, Vermillion Co, Illinios
George W Wright1819 Virginia 
George Washington Wright28 MAY 1822 Brandywine, Caroline Co, Virginia27 OCT 1898 New Holland, Perry Township, Picaway Co, Ohio
Gideon Wright1638 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts1685 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Gowen WrightABT 1728  
Grace Wright15 FEB 1611/12  
Grace Wright26 AUG 1604  
Hannah Wright4 FEB 1667/68  
Hannah Wright1868 1916 Meade Co, Kentucky
Hannah WrightAFT 1655 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York 
Hannah Wright1646 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Hannah Wright24 JAN 1708/09  
Helena Wright1509  
Henry WrightABT 1455  
Henry Wright1630 Solihull, Warwickshire, England21 DEC 1715 Queens Co, Long Island, New York
Henry Wright1424 Upminister, Essex, Englad Upminister, Essex, Englad
Henry WrightAFT 1818  
Hiram Wright1877 Newton Co, Arkansas1907 
Horace Freeman Wright1877 1948 
Hosea WrightABT 1803  
Howard Enoch WrightJAN 1844 Indiana 
Hugh WrightAFT 1840  
Ida WrightFEB 1870 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio 
Ida B Wright30 MAR 1869 DEC 1954 New Holland, Perry Township, Picaway Co, Ohio
Ignatius Wright21 APR 1621  
infant WrightABT 1900 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas 
Infant WrightAFT 1891 Sullivan, Franklin Co, Missouri Sullivan, Franklin Co, Missouri
Isaac Wright25 MAY 1723  
Isabella WrightABT 1720  
Isadora Mary WrightMAY 1864 Pennsylvania1 AUG 1938 Pond Creek, Greene Co, Missouri
Jacob WrightABT 1674  
Jacob Wright14 DEC 1774 Laurens Co, South Carolina 
James WrightABT 1632  
James Wright3 JUN 1668 Chester Co, Pennyslvania15 JUL 1759 Fredrick Co, Virginia
James Wright17 JUN 1873 Portadown, County Armagh, Ireland 
James Wright1639 Springfield, Massachusetts 
James Wright4 NOV 1716  
James Alva Wright1875 1966 
James Henry Wright20 JUL 1885 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas5 JUL 1956 Athchinson, Atchison Co, Kansas
James Henry WrightABT 1845  
James Henry Wright1843 County Down, Ireland 
James Virgil WrightJUL 1855 Iowa 
Jane WrightABT 1797 New JerseyAFT 1880 
Joane Wright27 MAR 1572  
Job WrightAFT 1630  
Job Wright1636 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Joeb WrightBEF 1805  
John WrightABT 1650 England1736 Isle of Wright Co, Virginia
John Wright1602  
John Wright13 SEP 1577 Brook Hall, South Weald, Essex, England30 MAY 1640 South Weald, Essex, England
John Wright1540  
John Wright27 OCT 1450 Upminister, Essex, Englad9 MAY 1509 Dagenham, Essex, England
John Wright28 JAN 1714/15  
John Wright1781  
John Wright1524  
John WrightABT 1488 Brentwood, Wealside, Essex, England4 OCT 1551 Kelveden Hatch, Essex, England
John Wright10 OCT 1510  
John Wright19 JUN 1522  
John Wright1821 Kentucky 
John WrightABT 1755  
John WrightABT 1800  
John Wright16 MAY 1679  
John Wright1636 Sandwich, Barstable Co, Massachusetts1707 
John A Logan Wright29 JAN 1866 17 SEP 1886 Meade Co, Kentucky
John Emmet Wright16 JUL 1895 Sullivan, Franklin Co, Missouri27 MAY 1969 Franklin Co, Missouri
John H WrightAFT 1630  
John H WrightAFT 1840  
John L Wright10 JUL 1888 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas18 DEC 1888 
John M Wright3 OCT 1853 Montgomery Co, Indiana 
John R Wright24 APR 1816 Kentucky (Virginia)6 NOV 1896 Meade Co, Kentucky
John W Wright1850  
John W WrightABT 1830  
John William WrightFEB 1866 St Louis Co, Missouri1901 Franklin Co, Missouri
Jonathan Wright18 JUN 1681  
Jonathan Wright13 NOV 1766  
Jonathan Wright1710 Windsor, Connecticut 
Jonathan Wright18 DEC 1686 Northampton, Massachusetts 
Jonathan W Wright1847 Tennessee 
Joseph Wright1834 1898 
Joseph Wright10 FEB 1870 County Armagh, Ireland 
Joseph Wright14 FEB 1668/69  
Joseph Wright3 MAR 1638/39 South Weald, Essex, England17 DEC 1714 Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Joseph Wright1818 Lincoln Co, Tennessee Newton Co, Arkansas
Joseph Wright1871  
Joseph Paul Wright4 SEP 1899 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas10 DEC 1965 
Joseph Samuel Wright1819 Kentucky29 APR 1894 Hale, Chautaugua Co, Kansas
Joshua F WrightABT 1700 Virginia Fentress Co, Tennessee
Judith Wright12 JUL 1670 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Katherine Wright1524  
Katherine Wright19 AUG 1874 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio 
Katherine Wright1832 1908 
Katherine Wright19 AUG 1573  
Katherine Wright24 FEB 1832 Tennessee7 MAY 1903 Stone Co, Missouri
Katherine Wright19 JAN 1542/43  
Katie Wright1893 Kansas 
Kennth Wright  
Lena Wright19 MAY 1809 Rowan Co, North Carolina7 DEC 1888 Putnam Co, Indiana
Lois WrightABT 1735  
Lora Lane Wright1 SEP 1894 13 MAY 1974 
Lorin Wright18 NOV 1862 Fayette, Boone Co, Indiana1 DEC 1939 
Louidsa Wright10 SEP 1821 Washington Co, Indiana 
Louis Wright1873  
Lydia Wright1633  
Lydia WrightABT 1664 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York1713 New Jersey
Lydia Wright1655 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Lydia Wright31 OCT 1730  
Lydia Margaret Wright5 NOV 1900 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas 
Maggie WrightABT 1870  
Maltida WrightABT 1825  
Margaret Wright1734 Pennsylvania 
Margaret Bell Wright11 AUG 1869 Dry Fork, Carroll Co, Arkansas28 NOV 1935 Elk City, Montomery Co, Kansas
Marjorie WrightABT 1900  
Martha WrightABT 1715 Prince George Co, Maryland28 OCT 1794 Fredrick, Berkeley Co, Virginia
Martha Wright12 APR 1607  
Martha Eliza Wright1867 1969 
Martha Jane Wright24 AUG 1848 Ohio Co, Kentucky 
Martha LeeAnn WrightABT 1890  
Mary Wright2 AUG 1708  
Mary Wright9 JUL 1868 County Armagh, Ireland 
Mary Wright1680 1724 
Mary WrightABT 1811 North Carolina 
Mary WrightABT 1726  
Mary WrightAFT 1818  
Mary WrightABT 1755 Ireland 
Mary Wright15 APR 1663  
Mary Wright1671 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey1760 Middletown, Monmouth Co, New Jersey
Mary WrightAFT 1655 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York 
Mary Wright25 DEC 1853 Batavia, Genesse Co, New York2 NOV 1907 St Louis Co, Missouri
Mary Wright4 JUN 1651  
Mary WrightABT 1668 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York 
Mary Wright1854  
Mary WrightABT 1631  
Mary Wright1642 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Mary WrightABT 1568  
Mary Wright1878  
Mary Ann WrightABT 1845 Ohio 
Mary Ann Wright27 MAR 1884 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas8 JUL 1958 
Mary Elizabeth Wright18 SEP 1825 Rhea Co, Tennessee10 JAN 1892 Cave Springs, Greene Co, Missouri
Mary Molly WrightFEB 1878 Kentucky 
Matthew Wright1580  
Matthew Wright13 MAR 1684/85 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Melissa Wright1840 Tennessee 
Melissa J Wright1848  
Mitchell Moses Wright1743 North CarolinaBEF 1820 North Carolina
Mordecay Wright1649 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Nancy WrightABT 1825  
Nancy Wright1779 26 MAR 1831 Beaver Co, Pensylvania
Nancy Wright1860  
Nancy Jan WrightABT 1804 Lincoln Co, Kentuck 
Nathaniel Wright16 OCT 1688  
Nathaniel Wright28 JAN 1580/81 Wrightbridge, Essex, England15 AUG 1643 London, England
Nathaniel Wright19 JAN 1617/18  
Nellie Wright22 MAR 1874 Ira, Cayuga Co, New York 
Nicholas WrightABT 1666  
Nicholas Wright1609 Barton Turf, Norfolk, EnglandBEF 18 OCT 1682 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Olive WrightABT 1545  
Olive Wright1569  
Ony Edward Wright10 DEC 1879 Kansas 
Orville Wright19 AUG 1871 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio30 JAN 1948 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
Otis WrightFEB 1870 Dayton, Montgomery Co, OhioDayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio 
Patrick WrightMAR 1825 County Wicklow, Ireland24 DEC 1904 Sullivan, Franklin Co, Missouri
Permelia WrightABT 1800  
Peter Wright1612 EnglandAFT 1660 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Peter Wright28 FEB 1650/51 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
Phebe Eliza Wright1851 1915 
Prudence WrightABT 1738 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Rachel Wright11 AUG 1826 Ohio 
Reathel Wright1896 Hurley, Stone Co, Missouri1988 
Rebecca WrightABT 1644  
Rebecca Wright1829 Illinios 
Rebecca Ann Wright7 MAY 1811 Bucks Co, Pennsylvania3 FEB 1873 Cincinnati, Hamiltion Co, Ohio
Rebeckah Wright15 OCT 1792 14 MAR 1859 White Cloud Township, Mills Co, Iowa
Reuchlin Wright17 MAR 1861 Farimount, Grant Co, Indiana 
Rhody Wright16 APR 1779 4 OCT 1860 
Richard WrightABT 1455  
Richard WrightABT 1730 England 
Richard Wright4 JUL 1757 Rowan Co, North Carolina12 MAY 1833 Davidson, North Carolina
Richard WrightAFT 1818  
Robert Wright1820 1899 
Robert Wright14 APR 1833 Ireland7 JAN 1887 Hanover, Jo Daviess Co, Illinios
Robert Wright30 JUN 1542  
Robert Wright9 APR 1516 Kelveden Hatch, Essex, England25 JAN 1585/86 Brook Hall, South Weald, Essex, England
Robert Wright16 JAN 1608/09  
Robert Wright1570  
Robert Edward Wright22 JUN 1864 Keithsburg, Mercer Co, Illinois2 MAR 1902 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas
Rose WrightABT 1670 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York 
Roy Arthur Wright7 OCT 1890 Cummings, Atchinson Co, Kansas 
Samuel Wright25 MAR 1634  
Samuel Wright1614 London, England1723 Northampton, Massachusetts
Sara WrightABT 1830  
Sarah Wright11 FEB 1647/48 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
Sarah Wright1685  
Sarah WrightABT 1670 1736 
Sarah WrightABT 1646  
Sarah Wright15 JUL 1727  
Sarah Wright15 JAN 1770 1 SEP 1813 Frankfort, Ross Co. Ohio
Sarah Wright1805  
Sarah WrightABT 1775  
Sarah Wright15 MAY 1727  
Sarah WrightAFT 1655 Newtown, Queens, Long Island, New York 
Sarah Wright15 MAY 1674  
Sarah Wright25 JUL 1706  
Sarah WrightABT 1715 BEF 24 AUG 1794 
Sarah T Wright1824 Ohio 
Savage Wright1788 Virginia 
Soloman WrightABT 1688 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Solomon WrightABT 1890  
Stephen WrightABT 1790  
Susannah Wright1627 1678 
Susannah WrightABT 1766 North Carolina 
Temperance Wright12 AUG 1674 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Therzah Wright20 OCT 1817 Black Mountain, Buncombe Co, North Carolina20 NOV 1883 Billings, Christian Co, Missouri
Thomas WrightABT 1455  
Thomas Wright1396 White Nottley, Essex, England 
Thomas Wright1823 1885 
Thomas Wright17 AUG 1548 St Peter, South Weald, Essex, England21 OCT 1617 St Peter, South Weald, Essex, England
Thomas Wright6 APR 1720  
Thomas Wright4 FEB 1709/10  
Thomas Wright14 MAY 1676  
Thomas Wright29 JUL 1703 Somerset Co, Maryland6 JUN 1739 Baltimore Co, Maryland
Thomas Wright13 AUG 1630  
Thomas WrightBEF 19 NOV 1610 Brook Hall, South Weald, Essex, England21 APR 1670 Weatherfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Thomas WrightABT 1737 Somerset Co, Maryland 
Thomazine Wright1573  
Unk Wright  
Unk WrightABT 1880  
Unk WrightABT 1770  
Unk Wright  
Wilbur Wright16 APR 1867 Minaville, Henry Co, Indiana30 MAY 1912 Dayton, Montgomery Co, Ohio
William Wright1645 Somerset Co, MarylandABT 10 JAN 1708/09 Somerset Co, Maryland
William Wright27 OCT 1578  
William Wright1640 Lynn, Essex Co, Massachusetts 
William Wright1 MAY 1687 Somerset Co, Maryland 
William WrightABT 1455  
William Wright1718  
William Wright1588 London, England 
William A Wright8 SEP 1846  
William Ellis Wright7 FEB 1873 Hurley, Stone Co, Missouri11 APR 1943 Hurley, Stone Co, Missouri
William Franklin Wright25 SEP 1875 Brown Branch, Taney Co, Missouri 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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