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  32 individuals found for query Yeast
Adam B Yeast2 MAY 1773 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Alnora Yeast1877  
Catherine YeastABT 1815  
Catherine YeastABT 1778 Frederick Co, MarylandABT 1870 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Catherine Yeast1823 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Celetha Yeast18 OCT 1854  
Daniel Scott Yeast7 JAN 1853 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Yeast1816 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Elizabeth Yeast20 OCT 1776 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Elizbaeth YeastABT 1839  
George Peter Yeast16 APR 1728 Hesedeongradt, Palatinate, Germany25 OCT 1811 Middletown, Frederick Co, Maryland
Jacob Yeast1775 Frederick Co, Maryland Mercer Co, Kentucky
Jacob P Yeast1810 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
James YeastABT 1859  
James YeastABT 1815  
Johan George Yeast2 FEB 1759 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Johan Jacob Yeast15 JUN 1755 Maryland15 APR 1829 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Johan Leonhardt YeastBET 18 AND 31 MAR 1766 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Johan Michael Yeast20 JAN 1771 Frederick Co, Maryland 
John H Yeast1810 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Leonard Yeast18 DEC 1786 Frederick Co, Maryland14 NOV 1849 Middletown, Frederick Co, Maryland
Leonard YeastABT 1826 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Maria Elizabeth Yeast20 JAN 1757 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Martha YeastABT 1837  
Mary Yeast16 OCT 1812 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Mary Jane YeastABT 1837  
Mattie YeastABT 1875  
Michael YeastABT 1817 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Peter YeastOCT 1775 Frederick Co, Maryland 
Sarah B YeastABT 1814 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Susan Jane YeastJAN 1824 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Theresa YeastABT 1855 BEF 1914 

* Individual - family ties unknown

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