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  294 individuals found for query Young
Abraham Young17 AUG 1762  
Adaline Young10 APR 1822 Tennessee13 JAN 1889 Wanda, Newton Co, Missouri
Adaline H Young10 APR 1822 Tennessee 
Adam Young12 MAR 1791 North Carolina 
Addison YoungABT 1850  
Alexander YoungABT 1800 North Carolina or KentuckyAFT 1860 
Allison YoungABT 1785 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Almirah W Young1830 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Amanda Compton Young1874 1915 
Ambrose M Young16 MAY 1831 Missouri 
Amy Young1794 1822 
Andreas YoungABT 1722  
Andrew Young1759 Mecklenberg Co, North Carolina15 MAY 1848 Washington Co, Kentucky
Andrew YoungABT 1812  
Andrew Young3 MAR 1836 Oneonta, New York 
Andrew Young26 FEB 1797  
Andrew Lamont YoungABT 1640 Scotland County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Angeline YoungABT 1832 Tennessee 
Ann Young1805 Greene Co, Kentucky 
Ann YoungAFT 1837  
Ann Elizabeth Young14 SEP 1764 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey1 NOV 1828 Cokesbury, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey
Ann Grace Young1759  
Anna Maria YoungABT 1668  
Anna R Young23 OCT 1875 10 FEB 1962 Christian Co, Missouri
Anne Young25 SEP 1747  
Araminta YoungABT 1775 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Archibald Alexander Young2 FEB 1825 Giles Co, Tennessee16 NOV 1899 Christian Co, Missouri
Arthur Young1861 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1906 
Benjamin Allen Young1845  
Benjamin Y Young1840 Ray Co, Missouri 
Catharina YoungABT 1719  
Catherine Young24 AUG 1797 Green Co, Tennessee11 JUL 1876 Green Co, Tennessee
Catherine Young1718 Maryland 
Catherine Young1767  
Charity Young24 SEP 1744  
Charles Young1761 Frederick Co, Maryland21 SEP 1840 Mansfield, Richland Co, Ohio
Charles Young25 SEP 1804  
Charles A YoungABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey New Jersey
Charles Frances Young4 JUN 1893 Aurora, Lawrence Co, Missouri5 OCT 1968 Wheeling, Ohio Co, West Virginia
Charles Francis YoungABT 1865  
Charlotte YoungABT 1815 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Cornelia M Young1806 Calvert Co, Maryland1878 Calvert Co, Maryland
Cynthia Ann Young3 NOV 1825 Mercer Co, Kentucky6 JUL 1894 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Daisy Young1872 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1952 
David Young1774 Augusta Co, Virginia2 MAR 1840 Mercer Co, Kentucky
David YoungAFT 1833  
David Monroe Young14 FEB 1832  
Della YoungABT 1850  
Della Evelyn Young21 FEB 1856  
Della Mae Young1 MAR 1881 Newton Co, Missouri6 JAN 1924 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Ed YoungABT 1895  
Edna YoungABT 1870  
Edward YoungABT 1775 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Edward Young1749 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Eleanor YoungABT 1775 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Eleanor Young1755  
Elias Briant Young13 SEP 1791 Randolph, Morris Co, New Jersey12 JUN 1837 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Elias Jacob YoungABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey Left NJ and migrated west
Eliza Jane Young21 OCT 1833 Ray Co, Missouri6 MAY 1903 Ray Co, Missouri
Elizabeth Young1755 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Elizabeth Young6 APR 1839 Henry Co, Tennessee30 AUG 1900 Provo, Utah Co, Utah
Elizabeth Young1834 Indiana 
Elizabeth YoungABT 1775  
Elizabeth Young1712 Groten, New London, Connecticut 
Elizabeth Young1772 New York, New York1846 Canada
Elizabeth Young10 AUG 1794 North Carolina Washington Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Young1794 Tennesse31 MAR 1857 Shelby Co, Illinois
Elizabeth Young1820  
Elizabeth Young12 APR 1842  
Elizabeth YoungABT 1770 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Elizabeth Young8 MAY 1801  
Elizabeth Young14 JUL 1825 TennesseeAFT 1867 
Elizabeth YoungABT 1714  
Elizabeth Betsy Young1755 Abbeville, South Carolina1833 Bowling Green, Warren Co, Kentucky
Elizabeth Jane Young1796 Virginia30 MAR 1845 Montgomery Co, Kentucky
Esther Breun Young27 MAR 1810  
Etherlinda YoungABT 1820 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Eva YoungABT 1684  
Eva Ann YoungABT 1790 North Carolina 
Felix Warner Young1868 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1932 
Franky YoungABT 1740  
Friederich YoungABT 1720  
George Monroe Young27 SEP 1850  
Grace YoungABT 1769  
Hannah YoungABT 1760  
Hans Nicholas YoungABT 1678  
Harriet Bell Young19 MAR 1862  
Harrison Young1846 1916 
Harry E Young1860 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1860 
Harvey T Young5 DEC 1846 Mercer Co, Kentucky 
Hendrick Young17 AUG 1762  
Henretta Young1722 Maryland 
Henry YoungABT 1850 Germany 
Henry Clay Young23 FEB 1842 18 SEP 1913 
Henry Clay Young15 SEP 1884 Albion, Orleans, New York15 SEP 1884 
Herbert Young1870 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1871 
Hester P YoungOCT 1836 Virginia11 JUL 1919 Taney Co, Missouri
Homer Young29 MAY 1899 Missouri29 JUL 1966 Missouri
Isabella Young1847 Ray Co, Missouri 
Jack YoungABT 1900  
Jacob YoungABT 1677  
Jacob Young1710 Jones Falls, Baltimore, MarylandDEC 1781 Armstrong Co, Pennyslvania
Jacob YoungABT 1750 Jones Falls, Baltimore, MarylandMAR 1816 Clermont Co (Brown Co), Ohio
Jacob Young5 AUG 1796  
Jacob Young1764 Mecklenburg, North Carolina24 AUG 1836 Tampico, Jackson Co, Indiana
Jacob YoungABT 1801 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Jacob Young1807  
Jacob YoungABT 1785 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
James Young19 APR 1754  
James Young1806 Floyd Co, Kentucky 
James Young19 MAY 1788  
James Harvey YoungABT 1849 Johnson Co, Indiana 
James Wiley Young28 APR 1818 Strait Creek, Brown Co, Ohio27 MAY 1908 Eskride, Wabaunsee Co, Kansas
James Wilson Young9 FEB 1848  
Jane Young1720 Maryland 
Jane YoungABT 1770  
Jane Young1768 1798 
Jane Young1767 Augusta Co, Virginia 
Jesse Young1806 Brown, Ohio3 MAR 1903 Fairfield, Jefferson Co, Iowa
Jesse Young12 MAR 1782 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland7 MAY 1856 Farifield, Monroe Co, Iowa
Jesse W Young19 FEB 1800 Virginia 
Jessie C Young1894 2005 
Johann Adam Young17 MAY 1717 Foxtown, Schoharie River, New York1790 Seneca Township, Haldimand, Ontario, Canada
Johannes Young1675 Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany 
John YoungABT 1600  
John Young30 NOV 1750  
John Young20 NOV 1806  
John YoungABT 1590  
John Young12 MAR 1791 North Carolina 
John Young1716 Maryland 
John Young10 NOV 1776 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
John YoungABT 1670 County Antrim, Northern Ireland1747 County Antrim, Northern Ireland
John Young19 OCT 1793  
John Young1755 Long Canes, Abberville, South Carolina 
John Hendrick YoungABT 1671  
John Henry YoungABT 1851 Johnson Co, Indiana 
John Henry Young22 NOV 1845  
John J Young1802 Floyd Co, Kentucky 
John R Young25 DEC 1803 Green Co, Tennessee 
John Russum Young1755 Virginia1813 Green Co, Tennessee
John Taylor Young12 JAN 1800 Louisville, Fayette Co, Kentucky7 AUG 1854 Ray Co, Missouri
John Tully Young1747 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Jonathan YoungABT 1806 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Jonathon Edwards Young1825  
Joseph Young1733  
Joseph Young11 MAR 1856  
Joseph Young1678 Cecil Co, Maryland1727 Cecil Co, Maryland
Joseph Young1753  
Joseph Bruner YoungJAN 1842  
Joseph P Young20 APR 1829 Tennessee5 APR 1876 Benton Co, Arkansas
Julia YoungABT 1825  
Keziah YoungABT 1740  
Laura Young13 APR 1864 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri15 FEB 1925 Carthage, Jasper Co, Missouri
Lemuel Anderson Young24 AUG 1882 Missouri7 JUN 1929 Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri
Lydia YoungABT 1810 Mercer Co, KentuckyABT 1868 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Maggie Lee YoungABT 1875  
Mahala Young24 JUL 1807  
Malinda Young24 JUN 1808  
Malinda Condit YoungJUL 1813 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Young1779 1857 
Margaret YoungBEF 1803 Anderson Co, Tennesse 
Margaret YoungABT 1804 Washington Co, Kentucky 
Margaret YoungABT 1798 Green Co, Tennessee 
Margaret YoungABT 1701 Scotland 
Margaret YoungABT 1810 Amwell, Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Margaret Young1822  
Margaret Clara Young13 JUN 1859  
Margaret Eaton Young1822  
Margaret J Young29 JUN 1841 27 OCT 1913 
Margaretha Young26 JUL 1751 Hunterdon Co, New Jersey 
Maria Catherine YoungABT 1675  
Maria Margaretha YoungABT 1687  
Mark Young1781 Botleourt, Augusta Co, Virginia 
Martha Ellen Young25 NOV 1852 Parish Farm, Jackson Co, Missouri26 JUL 1947 Grandview, Jackson Co, Missouri
Martha Jane Young12 OCT 1852  
Martin YoungABT 1730  
Mary Young1769 Augusta Co, Virginia1822 Kentucky
Mary YoungABT 1835  
Mary YoungABT 1750  
Mary YoungABT 1771  
Mary YoungABT 1802 Green Co, Tennessee 
Mary YoungABT 1610  
Mary Young1793  
Mary YoungAFT 1837  
Mary YoungABT 1800  
Mary Young1857 Indiana1939 
Mary Young30 JUL 1799 28 FEB 1859 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York
Mary Young19 DEC 1782 Virginia1860 Missouri
Mary YoungABT 1676  
Mary Young17 JUN 1787  
Mary YoungABT 1795  
Mary Young1809  
Mary YoungABT 1775 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Mary A Young1838 21 DEC 1913 Montgomery Co, New York
Mary B Young1867 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1867 
Mary Ellen YoungABT 1852 Johnson Co, Indiana 
Mary Ellen Young1859 1920 
Mary Jane Young1875 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1875 
Mary Jane Young6 DEC 1797 San Francisco, California12 APR 1834 Highland Co, Ohio
Matilda Young1804 Floyd Co, Kentucky 
Matilda Isabell Young22 NOV 1887 Newton Co, ArkansasJAN 1959 Commerce, Ottawa Co, Oklahoma
Matthew M Young1880 Kansas 
Michael Young1757  
Michael YoungABT 1785 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Morgan Young3 JAN 1762  
Morgan Young1713 Craigforth, Aberdeen, Scotland20 NOV 1792 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey
Nancy Young10 NOV 1808 Washington Co, Kentucky1 AUG 1877 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Nancy Young1813 Floyd Co, Kentucky Lawrence Co, Kentucky
Nancy Young1785 Pendelton Co, South Carolina Rhea Co, Tenessee
Nancy C Young4 FEB 1835 Oneonta, New York1 FEB 1916 Benton Co, Michigan
Nancy Jane Young1844 Kentucky 
Nancy Penelope Young1773 Jones Falls, Baltimore, Maryland 
Naomi A Young1816 Kentucky 
Napoleon YoungABT 1820 Chester, Morris Co, New JerseySEP 1861 
Nellie YoungABT 1775  
Newton Watts Young31 AUG 1830  
Noble Watts Young1846  
Oliver M Young25 JAN 1825 Tennessee 
Patience Young1749 1825 
Perry Young1856  
Peter YoungABT 1770  
Peter Young1702 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York1764 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York
Peter P Young6 NOV 1800 12 FEB 1877 
Peter Sherman Young7 JUL 1864  
Peter Warren Young1734 Florida, Montgomery Co, New York17 OCT 1820 Minaville, Tryon Co, New York
Peter Warren Young12 DEC 1776 Mongomery Co, New York31 MAY 1853 Flordia, Montgomery Co, New York
Phoebe YoungABT 1815  
Priscilla Young29 OCT 1808 Floyd Co, Kentucky 
Priscilla Young12 NOV 1845 Miller Co, Missouri1921 
Rachel YoungABT 1793 North Carolina 
Rachel Clarissa Young1849  
Rebecca Young1765  
Richard Young1815  
Richard Boswell Young14 SEP 1872 15 DEC 1952 Middleburg, Casey Co, Kentucky
Robert Young1763 Augusta Co, Virginia1848 Bourbon Co, Kentucky
Robert Young1711 County Antrim, Northern Ireland1762 Augusta Co, Virginia
Robert Young8 APR 1790  
Robert Young13 FEB 1756 Mendham, Morris Co, New Jersey29 JAN 1840 Randolph Township, Morris Co, New Jersey
Robert YoungABT 1755  
Robert Bob YoungABT 1900  
Robert Earl Young5 AUG 1830 Chester, Morris Co, New JerseyFEB 1888 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey
Robert Preston Young1867 1910 
Robert Ralph YoungABT 1890  
Robert Thomas Young19 JAN 1784 Prince William Co, VirginiaDEC 1847 Harrison, Vigo Co, Indiana
Robin Hood Young6 JAN 1840 Lawrence Co, Kentucky 
Ruth Ann Young30 AUG 1835 Chester, Morris Co, New Jersey2 FEB 1914 Henry, Illinios
Samuel Young13 FEB 1785  
Samuel Young1735 County Antrim, Northern Ireland1 JUL 1793 Kentucky
Samuel YoungABT 1810 Floyd Co, Kentucky 
Samuel Young1712 Cecil Co, Maryland13 MAR 1736/37 Cecil Co, Maryland
Samuel R Young23 MAY 1858 Christian Co, Missouri26 JUN 1921 Porter, Christian Co, Missouri
Sarah Young1796  
Sarah YoungABT 1750  
Sarah Young1799 1823 
Sarah Young1640 Newton, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts1668 
Sarah Young1763  
Sarah Young1802 Brooke Co, West Virginia 
Sarah Young12 SEP 1800  
Sarah Ann Young1817  
Sarah Ellen Young27 OCT 1856  
Sarah Frances Young23 JUL 1838 New York29 APR 1926 Riverside, Riverside Co, California
Sarah W Young16 APR 1814  
Seborn Young8 FEB 1829 Missouri 
Senate Young1740  
Simeon Young29 SEP 1798  
Solomon Young24 APR 1815 Shelby Co, Kentucky26 JAN 1892 Grandview, Jackson Co, Missouri
Stephen Young15 FEB 1803  
Susanna YoungABT 1725  
Theobald Young12 AUG 1691 Dunzweiler, Nassau-Wetzlar, GermanyABT 1789 Herkimer Co, New York
Theobald YoungABT 1725  
Thomas YoungABT 1841 Ray Co, Missouri 
Thomas Franklin Young1807 Mercer Co, Kentucky1848 Mercer Co, Kentucky
Thomas S Young20 JUN 1848 Neosho, Newton Co, Missouri14 MAY 1921 Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri
Thomas Wilson Young1827  
Tom YoungABT 1860  
Unk YoungABT 1800  
Unk YoungABT 1740  
Walter G Young1877 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri1879 
Warren A Young22 SEP 1838 Ray Co, Missouri 
Wiliam D YoungABT 1850  
William Young1 JUN 1786  
William Young29 MAY 1849 New York10 MAY 1885 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri
William Young16 MAR 1741/42  
William Young28 MAR 1815 New York2 MAR 1901 St Louis, St Louis City Co, Missouri
William YoungAFT 1833  
William Young1757 Augusta Co, Virginia21 FEB 1811 Montgomery Co, Kentucky
William Young1 MAR 1815 Westmoreland Co, Pennsylvania 
William Young26 MAR 1810  
William Young1714 Maryland 
William Allison Young6 NOV 1843  
William Anderson YoungABT 1849 Johnson Co, Indiana 
William Erskine Young1841  
William Franklin YoungABT 1870  
William Harrison Young29 JUL 1810 Floyd Co, Kentucky11 NOV 1893 Lawrence Co, Kentucky

* Individual - family ties unknown

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