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  31 individuals found for query de Nassau
Amalia de Nassau1581 1616 
Anna de NassauAFT 1561  
Catharina Belgica de Nassau1578 1648 
Charlotte Brabantine de Nassau17 SEP 1580 1631 
Charlotte Flandrina de Nassau1579 1640 
Elizabeth de Nassau1577 1642 
Emila Secunda de Nassau1581 1657 
Emilia de Nassau10 APR 1569 1629 
Filips Willem de Nassau1554 1618 
Fredrick de Nassau13 MAR 1639/40  
Fredrick Henry de Nassau1584 1647 
Fredrick William de Nassau28 FEB 1583/84 12 MAR 1646/47 
Heinrich de Nassau12 JAN 1482/83 The Netherlands1538 
Henrietta de Nassau31 JAN 1636/37  
John de Nassau9 NOV 1455 The Netherlands30 JUL 1516 The Netherlands
John de Nassau22 NOV 1536 1606 
John de Nassau1485 The Netherlands1504 
Juliane de Nassau11 FEB 1545/46  
Justinus de Nassau1559 1631 
Lodewijk de Nassau1602 1665 
Louise Juliane de Nassau13 MAR 1575/76 1644 
Maria de Nassau1553 1554 
Maria de Nassau1556 1616 
Maria de Nassau5 SEP 1642  
Maurits de Nassau14 NOV 1567 1625 
Maurits de Nassau1564 1566 
Willem de NassauABT 1601 1627 
William de Nassau10 APR 1487 The Netherlands6 OCT 1559 
William I de Nassau25 APR 1533 Dillenburg, Nassau (Germany)10 JUL 1584 Delft, The Netherlands
William II de Nassau27 MAY 1625 The Hague, The Netherlands6 NOV 1650 Binnenhof Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands
William III Henry de Nassau14 NOV 1650 Binnenhof Palace, The Hague, The Netherlands19 MAR 1701/02 Kensington Palace, London England

* Individual - family ties unknown

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