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Herd, Martha Melinda 1894-1971
Johl, Maria 1845-1925
Klein, Dominic 1841-1908
Klein, Maria Rosalia 1869-1917
Vandiver, Glen Stephen 1952-
Vandiver, John 1819-1891
Vandiver, James Edward (Edmund) 1819-1891
Vandiver, Nelson 1841-1910
Vandiver, Nelson Merle 1889-1965
Vandiver, Roy William 1893-1958
Vandiver, Roy William Jr 1927-
Vandiver, William Henry 1868-1902
Vandiver, William Nelson 1916-


Mercer Co. Ky 1850 Census (Vandiver excerpts)
Mercer Co. Ky 1830 Census (Vandiver - Worthington excerpts)
Mercer Co. Ky 1820 Census (Vandiver - Worthington excerpts)
Mercer Co. Ky Tax Rolls 1818 thru 1835 ( Vandiver - Worthington excerpts)


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Vandivers of Mercer Co. Ky 1795-1850
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